Ranking Rewards**

Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Ranks 4001 - 7000
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Ranks 1001 - 4000
Trickster at Work
Ranks 301 - 1000
Demons' Day Off
Ranks 1 - 300
Festival Spirit

**Rewards up to designated rank will be sent to Closet after maintenance.

Achievement Rewards: Reach this EP amount to get

Exchange Ticket
Exchange Ticket x3
Electric Cable Fireworks
Electric Cable Fireworks
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Barrier Wall
Barrier Wall
Free Gacha Ticket
Free Gacha Ticket
Beast Boys' Leader
Beast Boys' Leader
Available Avatars
[Members Card]x3 per attempt
Rare Rarity
Graceful Gardener Orange
Graceful Gardener Blue
Graceful Gardener Green
Gardener's Scissors Gold
Gardener's Scissors Silver
Gardener's Scissors Black
Ghost Kitten Yellow
Ghost Kitten Pink
Ghost Kitten White
Lil' Mariko (Dark)
Normal Rarity
Beast Boys Soldier Type 1
Beast Boys Soldier Type 2
Beast Boys Soldier Type 3
Dead Man's Clothes Type 1
Dead Man's Clothes Type 2
Dead Man's Clothes Type 3
Fresh Style Blue
Fresh Style Wine Red
Fresh Style White
Ghost Hair Ornament Gray
Ghost Hair Ornament Pink
Ghost Hair Ornament White
Ancient Ward Yellow
Ancient Ward Red
Ancient Ward White
Dancing Candles Gold
Dancing Candles Silver
Dancing Candles Copper
Stage Choices



Stage 01 - To the Hallowed Ground!: 1 Energy for 1 EP; [Members Card]x1 on clear

Onibimaru came to talk to you.
"Huh? Something over there is shining.... Let's go look!"

Go and look. → 100K OR [Members Card]x1
Don't go. → [Refreshing Chewing Gum 5]x1
Go by yourself. → Nothing
You encountered Shion.
"The courage testing grounds have stolen from us... Things are not calm at all."

We'll get it back! → Nothing
Let's go home then... → 100K
Let's take it over ourselves! → 100K OR [Members Card]x1

Stage 02 - The Garden of Grief: 2 Energy for 2 EP; [Members Card]x1 on clear

Onibimaru came to talk to you.
"This is the Garden of Grief.
It belongs to the Garden Guardians!"

The Garden Guardians? → 100K
They sound strong. → Nothing
They sound weak. → 100K OR [Members Card]x1
You encountered the garden keeper!
"Ah... I want to prune... I want to cut..."

Ah! → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR [Members Card]x1
Go ahead. → [Business Smile 5]x1
... → Nothing

Stage 03 - The Room of Swords: 2 Energy for 2 EP; [Members Card]x1 on clear

Onibimaru came to talk to you.
"This is the Room of Swords.
The Grim Reaper trainee is always wandering around here."

Wandering? → 100K
Trainee? → Nothing
Is he strong? → 100K OR [Members Card]x1
You encountered the Grim Reaper!

Hello. → Nothing
The G-Grim Reaper!? → [Moody]x1
You look weak. → [Moody]x1 OR [Members Card]x1

Stage 04 - The Room of Shields: 3 Energy for 3 EP; [Members Card]x1 on clear

You encountered a mysterious group member!
"Hey, hey, hold up!"

Who are you?! → Nothing
Ignore them. → [Love Nuts]x1
What are you doing? → [Love Nuts]x1 OR [Members Card]x1
You encountered Mole.
"Have you seen Mariko~?
She's a talkative cockatiel~?"

I haven't. → [Members Card]x1
I think I have... → Nothing
What are you doing? → [Peppermint Candy]x1

Stage 05 - The Master's Courtyard: 4 Energy for 4 EP; [Members Card]x1 on clear

Onibimaru came to talk to you.
"This is the owner's courtyard.
It's the territory of my sign ghost!"

Sign ghost!? → Nothing
Seems strong. → 100K
Seems weak. → 5JIN OR [Members Card]x1
You encountered a spirit!
"Hm? Who are you?"

A ghost...? → Nothing
What are you doing? → Nothing
That looks fun. → 100K OR [Members Card]x1

Stage 06 - The Endless Corridor: 5 Energy for 5 EP; [Members Card]x1 on clear

Onibimaru came to talk to you.
"It looks like we're lost in the Endless Corridor... Do not get separated from me!"

Follow him. → [Refreshing Chewing Gum 5]x1 OR [Members Card]x1
Don't follow him. → Nothing
Endless Corridor? → Nothing
You encountered a mysterious parakeet!
You've made it here, now come inside!"

Where are we?! → Nothing
Mariko...? → Nothing
Time for some yakitori! → 100K OR [Exchange Ticket]x1

Stage 07 - Hunting for the Exit: 6 Energy for 6 EP; [Members Card]x1 on clear

Onibimaru came to talk to you.
Do we go right? Or was it left?

Right! → Nothing
Left! → 100K OR [Members Card]x1
Are you okay? → 100K OR [Members Card]x3
You encountered Mole.
"What are you doing here?
The exit is this way~."

Follow him. → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR [Members Card]x1
You're not lost? → Nothing
Where's Mariko? → Nothing

Stage 08 - The Room of Gold: 7 Energy for 7 EP; [Members Card]x1 on clear

Onibimaru came to talk to you.
"We've finally cornered the boss of these weirdos!"

Let's defeat him! → 100K
Let's drive him out! → Nothing
Let's make him our servant! → 5JIN OR [Members Card]x1
You encountered Macaroni!
"Who are you?!
Are you attacking despite knowing that I am Macaroni, leader of the Macaroni Gang?!"

Prepare yourself! → Nothing
I got the hallowed ground! → [Love Nuts]x1
You're surrounded! → 100K OR [Members Card]x1

Stage 09 - The Last Battle with the Macaroni Gang!: 8 Energy for 8 EP; [Members Card]x1 on clear

Onibimaru came to talk to you.
"Well, how are we going to get them out of here?!"

Persuade him. → Nothing
Spank him. → [Moody]x1
What about the others? → [Members Card]x5
Macaroni confronts you!
"You sure are persistent!"

Aren't you going to say sorry? → Nothing
Time for your punishment. → [Moody]x1
Rabbit Cross Attack! → 100K OR [Members Card]x1

Stage 10 - A Test of Courage?!: 9 Energy for 9 EP; [Members Card]x1 on clear

Onibimaru came to talk to you.
"We safely took the Hallowed Grounds back with your help!"

What about the test of courage? → Nothing
See you next year! → 5JIN OR [Members Card]x1
Where's the thanks? → [Members Card]x3
A suspicious rabbit is following you.
"The Macaroni Gang is... immortal... The Macaroni Gang is..."

Are you going to do the test of courage with us? → Nothing
Why do you do bad things? → Nothing
A Rabbit Gang? → 100K OR [Peppermint Candy]x1



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