Taisho romance mini gacha
Taisho Romance Mini Gacha - Banner

Taisho Romance Mini Gacha is an inactive Mini Gacha, connected to the Taisho Romance Normal Gacha.

End DateEdit

  • EST: 12/17/14 1:00
  • PST: 12/16/14 22:00
  • GMT: 12/17/14 6:00
  • AEST: 12/17/14 16:00

Normal Items Edit

12 types
Drop rate 940/1000

Image Name
Official student's school cap
Official Student's School Cap
Official military policeman's cap
Official Military Policeman's Cap
Borsalino type1
Borsalino Type1
Borsalino type2
Borsalino Type2
Flag of japan type1
Flag of Japan Type1
Flag of japan type2
Flag of Japan Type2
Ornamental flower hairpin type1
Ornamental Flower Hairpin Type1
Ornamental flower hairpin type2
Ornamental Flower Hairpin Type2
Faithful dog saitou type1
Faithful Dog Saitou Type1
Faithful dog saitou type2
Faithful Dog Saitou Type2
Chinese camelia type1
Chinese Camelia Type1
Chinese camelia type2
Chinese Camelia Type2

Rare Items Edit

3 types
Drop rate 60/1000

Image Name
Silver grass moon
Silver Grass Moon
Dazzling shoji screen
Dazzline Shoji Screen
Nostalgic gramophone
Nostalgic Gramophone

Stamp Prizes Edit

Image Name
In front of the reception hall
In Front of the Reception Hall
In front of the reception hall night
In Front of the Reception Hall Night
Police two tailed cats
Police Two Tailed Cats

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