Taisho Romance
Taisho Romance Gacha - Banner

Taisho Romance is an inactive Normal Gacha, connected to the Taisho Romance Mini Gacha.

End DateEdit

  • EST: 12/17/14 1:00
  • PST: 12/16/14 22:00
  • GMT: 12/17/14 6:00
  • AEST: 12/17/14 16:00

Normal Items Edit

9 types
Drop rate 940/1000

Image Name
Elite actory type1
Elite Actor Type1
Elite actory type2
Elite Actor Type2
Elite actory type3
Elite Actor Type3
Prodigy police detective type1
Prodigy Police Detective Type1
Prodigy police detective type2
Prodigy Police Detective Type2
Prodigy police detective type3
Prodigy Police Detective Type3
Country gentleman type1
Country Gentleman Type1
Country gentleman type2
Country Gentleman Type2
Country gentleman type3
Country Gentleman Type3

Rare Items Edit

4 types
Drop rate 60/1000

Image Name
Imperial military police type1
Imperial Military Police Type1
Imperial military police type2
Imperial Military Police Type2
Arts student type1
Arts Student Type1
Arts student type2
Arts Student Type2

Stamp Prizes Edit

Image Name
Street peddler type1
Street Peddler Type1
Street peddler type2
Street Peddler Type2
Young officer
Young Officer

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