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General Information

Specific Details:

Event Availability:

  • EST/EDT: 09/25 05:00 to 10/14/2015 02:00
  • PST/PDT: 09/25 02:00 to 10/13/2015 23:00
  • GMT: 09/25 9:00 to 10/14/2015 06:00
  • AEST: 09/25 19:00 to 10/14/2015 16:00

Rewards List

Ranking Rewards**: Reach a certain rank at the end of the event and receive

Ranks 4001 - 7000
Log House Window
Ranks 1001 - 4000
Twig Frame
Ranks 301 - 1000
Forest Therapy
Ranks 1 - 300
A Little Break

**Higher rank ranges will receive all lower rank rewards in addition to their current rank reward.

Achievement Rewards: Reach this EP amount to receive

Event Boy Jr
Event Boy Jr
Treasure Map
Treasure Map
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Event Boy Jr
Event Boy Jr x3
Star Jewel
Star Jewel
Free Gacha Ticket
Free Gacha Ticket
Drum Bath
Drum Bath
Astronomical Observation
Astronomical Observation
Stage Reactions



Stage 01 - Birdwatching: 1 Energy to move, 30 Energy to clear, [Reward Stamp]x1 on clear

That bird,is a...?!
Look up in the logbook → 100K
Look up on your phone → 100K OR [Reward Stamp]x1 OR [Bikini Girl T-shirt A]x1 OR [Bikini Girl T-shirt B]x1 OR [Bikini Girl T-shirt C]x1

Which bird was your favourite?
Show a picture → Nothing
Mimic its song → [Business Smile 5]x1
You must be pretty hungry, huh?
I am, yeah... → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR [Beach House Gijin A]x1 OR [Beach House Gijin B]x1 OR [Beach House Gijin C] x 1 OR [Reward Stamp]x1
No, not really... → Nothing
Thanks for getting here so early in the morning~!
I'm tired... → [Business smile 5]x1 OR 100K
I can't wait! → 100K
This bird is called the blue-and-white flycatcher.
Get closer → Nothing
Ask for details → [Business Smile 5]x1

Stage 02 - Orienteering: 2 Energy to move, 70 Energy to clear, [Reward Stamp]x1 on clear

You've almost reached the goal~!
We can do it! → 100K
I'm so tired... → Nothing

It's getting hotter now the sun's come out, huh?
I guess it is summer → Nothing
It's the heat of excitement! → [Business Smile 5]x1
It's time to play a checkpoint game!
What kind of game? → 100K
Bring it on! → [Endless summer B]x1 OR [Reward Stamp]x1 OR [Business Smile 5]x1
You've reached a checkpoint~!
Finally... → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR [Reward Stamp]x1 OR [Endless summer A]x1
We're not done yet! → [Business Smile 5]x1
Did you enjoy your breakfast?
There wasn't much... → Nothing
It was a little bland... → 100K OR [Business Smile 5]x1

Stage 03 - Mess kit lunch: 2 Energy to move, 100 Energy to clear, [Reward Stamp]x2 on clear

How did it turn out?
The rice is hard... → Nothing
The rice is burned... → [Business Smile 5]x1 or 100K

Please be careful not to burn yourselves~!
Understood! → Nothing
Too late... → 100K
Next up, let's cut some vegetables!
Cut them big → 100K OR [Reward Stamp]x1
Cut them small → Nothing
How do you like your curry?
Spicy → [Business Smile 5]x1 or [Reward Stamp]x1 or [Practicing Swimming B]x1 or [Practicing Swimming C]x1
Mild → [Business Smile 5]x1
This looks delicious, don't you think?
It must be the utensils → 100K or [Beach Chair Type 2]x1 OR [Beach Chair Type 3]x1 OR [Reward Stamp]x1
Because we tried so hard → [Business smile 5]x1

Stage 04 - Hiking: 3 Energy to move, 135 Energy to clear, [Reward Stamp]x2 on clear

It's just so exciting with all these people around~.
Yeah, it's exciting! → [Business Smile 5]x1
No, it's tiring... → Nothing

I'm so glad the weather held up today.
It's a beautiful day! → [Business Smile 5]x1
I'd rather it rained... → Nothing
What kind of bento do you like the best?
Chicken → 100K
Meatballs → [Business Smile 5]x1 or [Memorable summer A]x1 or [Reward Stamp]x1 or [Memorable summer B]x1
We'd better climb back down the mountain before the sun sets!
Will we make it...? → [Business Smile 5]x1
Let's get going! → [Reward Stamp]x1 OR [Business Smile 5]x1
How about we take a break around here?
Let's keep going! → Nothing
Let's rest in the shade → [Business Smile 5]x1 or [Memorable summer D]x1 or [Memorable summer C]x1 or [Reward Stamp]x1

Stage 05 - Campfire: 3 Energy to move, 165 Energy to clear, [Reward Stamp]x3 on clear

Come on guys, let's take a picture!
Join → Nothing
Take the picture → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR 100K

The night sky is so beautiful...
It's so romantic → [Business Smile 5]x1
There are so many stars → Nothing
I have some fireworks here for everyone!
Get rocket fireworks → [Business Smile 5]x1 or [Reward Stamps]x1 or [Manly Yukata Brown]x1 or [Manly Yukata Gray]x1 or [Manly Yukata Purple]x1 or [Manly Yukata Black]x1
Get sparklers → 100K
Let's all loosen up with a bit of dancing♪
Dance together → 100K OR [Swimming Goggles A]x1 OR [Swimming Goggles C]x1 OR [Swimming Goggles D]x1 OR [Swimming Goggles E]x 1 OR [Reward Stamps]x1
Dance alone → Nothing
First of all, let's prepare a campfire!
Help out yourself → [Business Smile 5]x1
Have your Student help → 100K

Stage 06 - Scary Walk: 4 Energy to move, 200 Energy to clear, [Reward Stamp]x3 on clear

Are you okay to go on a scary, nighttime walk with us?
Of course → [Business Smile 5]x1
Not really... → 100K

Please enjoy the screams while you wait...huhuhu♪
It's scary! → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR [Memories of the Sea 2]x 1 OR [Memories of the Sea 3]x1 or [Reward Stamps]x1 OR [Memories of the Sea 4]x1
Sure → Nothing
We're gonna be passing through a graveyard tonight~!
It's so realistic → Nothing
Are there...g-g-g...? → 100K OR [Shaved Ice Table A]x 1 OR [Shaved Ice Table B]x 1 OR [Shaved Ice Table C]x 1 OR [Reward Stamp]x1
It's getting pretty late, huh...?
I'm tired → Nothing
It's so dark → [Business Smile 5]x1
The truth is, there's a hidden past to this here mountain...
Stop right there! → [Business Smile 5]x1
Go on...? → 100K



Event Gacha(s)/Prize List
10 [Reward Stamp] per play

Normal Rarity
Mountain Boy Type 1
Mountain Boy Type 2
Mountain Boy Type 3
Mountain Boy Type 4
Entrust the Heavy Lifting Black
Entrust the Heavy Lifting Red
Entrust the Heavy Lifting Orange
Entrust the Heavy Lifting White
Pillow Throwing Red
Pillow Throwing Black
Pillow Throwing Blue
Pillow Throwing Green
Mess Kit Type 1
Mess Kit Type 2
Mess Kit Type 3
Mess Kit Type 4
Mountain Guide Board Type 1
Mountain Guide Board Type 2
Mountain Guide Board Type 3
Mountain Guide Board Type 4
Mirrored Sunglasses Green
Mirrored Sunglasses Blue
Mirrored Sunglasses Red
Mirrored Sunglasses Purple

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