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Sleepy Sheep is an active Limited Period Gacha.

Availability PeriodEdit

  • EST: 3/4 0:59
  • PST: 3/3 21:59
  • GMT: 3/4 5:59
  • AEST: 3/4 15:59
Type No. of Items Drop Rate
Normal 9 Types 895/1000
Rare 4 Types 100/1000
Super Rare 3 Types 5/1000

Normal ItemsEdit

Image Name
Sleepy Sheep N1
Fluffy Pajama Red
Sleepy Sheep N2
Fluffy Pajama Green
Sleepy Sheep N3
Fluffy Pajama Purple
Sleepy Sheep N4
Sheep Pajamas Type1
Sleepy Sheep N5
Sheep Pajamas Type2
Sleepy Sheep N6
Sheep Pajamas Type3
Sleepy Sheep N7
Sheep Cushions Type1
Sleepy Sheep N8
Sheep Cushions Type2
Sleepy Sheep N9
Sheep Cushions Type3

Rare ItemsEdit

Image Name
Sleepy Sheep R1
Calming Down before Sleep White
Sleepy Sheep R2
Calming Down before Sleep Orange
Sleepy Sheep R3
Good Night Set Type1
Sleepy Sheep R4
Good Night Set Type2

Super Rare ItemsEdit

Image Name
Sleepy Sheep S1
Sleepy Sheep
Sleepy Sheep S2
Classical Room Noon
Sleepy Sheep S3
Classical Room Night

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