General Information

Specific Details:

  • Starting Energy: 30
  • Maximum Energy: 300
  • Energy recovers 1 every 5 minutes
  • Using 1 Event Boy will fully recover Energy
  • Using 1 Event Boy Jr. will recover 100 Energy

Event Availability:

  • EST/EDT: 05/08 04:00 to 05/20/2015 02:00
  • PST/PDT: 05/08 01:00 to 05/19/2015 23:00
  • GMT: 05/08 08:00 to 05/20/2015 06:00
  • AEST: 05/08 18:00 to 05/20/2015 16:00

Rewards List
Early Clear: Clear 6 stages within 48 hours and receive Prepared Lunch.
Prepared Lunch

Ranking Rewards**: Reach a certain rank at the end of the event and receive

Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Ranks 4001 - 7000
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Ranks 1001 - 4000
Picnic Table Set
Ranks 301 - 1000
Fairy House
Ranks 1 - 300
Eating Homemade Sandwiches

**Higher rank ranges will receive all lower rank rewards in addition to their current rank reward.

Achievement Rewards: Reach this EP amount to receive

Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Floral Head Wreath
Floral Head Wreath
Rope Swing
Rope Swing
Free Gacha Ticket
Free Gacha Ticket
Teacher's Homemade Lunch
Teacher's Homemade Lunch
Stage Reactions



Stage 01 - Kitchen: 2 EP per 1 Energy; 30 to clear; 500K on clear

Student A speaks to you.
"Teacher! What do you call that food there?"

They're octopus sausages → N/A
They're cheese korokke (croquettes) → 100K OR [Natural Hat Beige]
They're meatballs → 100K
Student B speaks to you.
"I'm in charge of the desserts! What do you want to eat, Teacher?"

Fruit salad → [Refreshing Chewing Gum 5]x1 OR [Natural Hat Blue]
Cupcakes → [Business Smile 5]x1
Donuts → Nothing
Student C is staring at the bentos.

Want to try? → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR [Natural Hat Brown]
Feeling hungry? → [Business Smile 5]x1
Hate vegetables? → Nothing
Student D speaks to you.
"What should I put in the onigiri (riceball)~?"

Tuna mayo → 100K
Umeboshi (Dried Plum) → Nothing
Up to you → 100K

Stage 02 - Empty Station: 4 EP for 3 Energy; 96 to clear; 10JIN on clear

Student A speaks to you.
"I think... if we head north from the station, we should be able to see a sign."

Which way is north? → Nothing
Did you plan a route? → 100K
What kind of sign? → 100K OR [Cold Drinks Red]
Student B speaks to you.
"The station is completely empty... Are we the only ones picnicking?"

I wonder... → [Business Smile 5]x1
People might already be there → Nothing
Maybe we're early → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR [Cold Drinks Blue]
Student C is staring into the distance.

What's the matter? → [Love Nuts]x1
Did you find something? → [Love Nuts]x1 OR [Cold Drinks Green]
Are you feeling okay? → Nothing
Student D speaks to you.
"I can't believe I fell asleep on the train~..."

Walking will wake you up! → Nothing
Did you get up too early? → Nothing
Just a little longer till lunch! → Nothing

Stage 03 - Forest Footpath: 6EP for 5 Energy; 170 to clear; [Gambarin 30]x1 on clear

Student A speaks to you.
"I'm pretty sure we're going the right way, there's a path and everything...!"

I'm pretty sure too! → Nothing
It was the only path... → Nothing
We can always just turn back! → 10JIN OR [Tote Bag Style Blue]
Student A speaks to you.
"Is it just me, or are we getting deeper and deeper into the forest...?"

It's just you! → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR [Poppy Cardigan Green]
This is where the path leads... → Nothing
Shall we eat here instead? → Nothing
Student B speaks to you.
"Do you hear someone shouting? It sounds like... "coo, coo~!""

That's a grouse → 5JIN OR [Tote Bag Style Blue]
That's a dove → Nothing
Your have great hearing → 10JIN OR [Tote Bag Style Green]
Student C is walking in silence.

Put a ladybug on his head. → 100K OR [Exchange Ticket]x1
Pick a flower for him → Nothing
Give him some water → Nothing
Student D speaks to you.
"All this walking has made me hungry~, huhu."

We haven't walked that far → [Poppy Cardigan Pink]
We're nearly there → Nothing
Are you that excited for lunch? → [Poppy Cardigan Yellow]

Stage 04 - Soothing Waterfall: 8 EP for 7 Energy; 252 to clear; [Business Smile 5]x3 on clear

Student A is surprised.
"What a beautiful waterfall! Such a clean stream of water!"

Let's drink it → [Carrying a Seat Red]
Let's get under it → Nothing
Let's take a break → 100K
Student B speaks to you.
"I thought I heard water, but I didn't expect a waterfall. It's beautiful."

Nature is so relaxing → Nothing
Look at the fish! → [Carrying a Seat Blue]
I'll make a flower wreath → [Exchange Ticket]x1
Student B speaks to you.
"Hey, what is this flower called?"

It's a poppy → Nothing
It's lavender → 5JIN OR [Overalls Boy Green]
It's a daisy → Nothing
Student C is staring at the waterfall.

What's the matter? → 100K OR [Overalls Boy Blue]
Did you find something? → Nothing
You'll get soaked! → Nothing
Student D is sunbathing.
"Ahh, such a lovely warm day~..."

I love this fresh air → Nothing
I love listening to the waterfall → [Love Nuts]x1
You look ready to fall asleep → [Carrying a Seat Green]

Stage 05 - Flowering Meadow: 10 EP for 9 Energy; 342 to clear; [Matcha Candy]x3 on clear

Student A speaks to you.
"If we just keep on this path, we should come to the lake."

What a beautiful meadow → [Business Smile 5]x1
Just a little further → Nothing
Feels good to be on track → [Picnic Tent Red]
Student B speaks to you.
"Wow, it's like something from a fairytale! I feel like a princess♪"

What fairytale? → Nothing
A princess? → [Picnic Tent Blue]
Who's your prince? → Nothing
Student C is staring at flowers.

A butterfly! → Nothing
A snake! → Nothing
A wasp! → Nothing
Student D is eating something.
"*nom nom nom* Huhuhu~"

What are you eating? → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR [Picnic Tent Green]
You look happy → Nothing
The bento...? → Nothing
A picnicker speaks to you.
"I didn't think anyone else was here."

Who might you be? → Nothing
You're picnicking too? → [Exchange Ticket]x1
Want to join us? → Nothing
A picnicker speaks to you.
"Wow, you have so many bentos...!"

Well we have so many people... → 5JIN
Dessert too! → 10JIN
Too many...? → 5JIN

Stage 06 - Picnic Lake: 12 EP for 11 Energy; 440 to clear; [Strawberry Candy]x3 on clear

Student A speaks to you.
"After we finish eating, can I go and check out the lake?"

Sure, go ahead → 100K
Let's go together → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR [Refreshing Chewing Gum 5]x1
How about a swim? → Nothing
Student B is eating a bento.
"Ah~, delicious♪"

This korokke (croquette) is great → Nothing
This onigiri (rice balls) is great → Nothing
This dessert is great → [Love Nuts]x1 OR [Compass Boy Blue]
Student C is eating a bento.

Which do you like? → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR [Compass Boy Red]
What are you eating? → Nothing
Any foods you don't like? → Nothing
Student D looks very hungry.
"Ahh, I'm so hungry~, I guess dessert just wasn't enough~"

Dessert...? → Nothing
Did you...? → [Exchange Ticket]x1
Enjoy your bento! → Nothing
Picnicker speaks to you.
"I have three sandwich flavors here, which would you like?"

Shrimp avocado → 5JIN OR [Compass Boy Blue]
Ham and egg → Nothing
Cheese and tomato → 100K
Picnicker speaks to you.
"Thank you so much for coming today."

It was our pleasure! → Nothing
... For coming here? → 100K OR [Flower Chair]
Why thank us...? → 100K OR [Bamboo Table]

Event Gacha(s)/Prize List

Prize List

Rare Rarity
Bamboo Table
Drops in [Stage 6]
Flower Chair
Drops in [Stage 6]
Overalls Boy Blue
Drops in [Stage 4]
Overalls Boy Green
Drops in [Stage 4]
Compass Boy Blue
Drops in [Stage 4]
Compass Boy Red
Drops in [Stage 4]
Normal Rarity
Carrying a Seat Red
Drops in [Stage 4]
Carrying a Seat Blue
Drops in [Stage 4]
Carrying a Seat Green
Drops in [Stage 4]
Tote Bag Style Blue
Drops in [Stage 3]
Tote Bag Style Green
Drops in [Stage 3]
Poppy Cardigan Pink
Drops in [Stage 3]
Poppy Cardigan Yellow
Drops in [Stage 3]
Poppy Cardigan Green
Drops in [Stage 3]
Picnic Tent Red
Drops in [Stage 5]
Picnic Tent Blue
Drops in [Stage 5]
Picnic Tent Green
Drops in [Stage 5]
Cold Drinks Red
Drops in [Stage 2]
Cold Drinks Blue
Drops in [Stage 2]
Cold Drinks Green
Drops in [Stage 2]
Natural Hat Beige
Drops in [Stage 1]
Natural Hat Blue
Drops in [Stage 1]
Natural Hat Brown
Drops in [Stage 1]

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