Mysterious: of obscure nature, meaning, origin. Puzzling; inexplicable.
"Mysterious lives in his own world. If you become close enough maybe he'll invite you there."
– Ambition

The special job that uses this personality requirement is Scientist Helper for 04:00.

Personality Requirements

Kindness Naughtiness Elegance Flamboyance Toughness
300 400 600 200 0
Bashfulness Cheerfulness Shyness Curiosity Frankness
0 0 0 600 0

Personality Reactions

Level Up

Level 05:

Level 10:

Level 15:

Level 20:

Level 25:

Level 30:

(Normal) [Student] reached level 30 and you went to aquarium
in-game sentence, possibly supposed to be "to an aquarium"
to celebrate it.
  • "It's like we are on the bottom of the sea..." [Student] is quite mystified.
  • "!!! This is...!!" [Student] is interested in the starfish.
  • "Is this a fish? Or is it a crab...?" [Student] is interested in molluscs.

Level 35:

(Normal) [Student] reached level 35 and you went to a
in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "an"
amusement park to celebrate it.
  • "Amazing... It's just as if we're not in Japan anymore." [Student] is blinking in amazement.
  • "That is... A really interesting looking ride. What is it called?" You told [Student] about the Ferris wheel.
  • You rode the Ferris wheel with [Student]. "This ride is cute from the traffic around it but on the other hand it's inside the traffic. Truly amazing."

Level 40:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 40 and you went to a restaurant to celebrate it.

  • "This place... I need to be careful not to be out of place." [Student] winced.
  • "Amazing interior design... It's as if we went to a cathedral...!" [Student] is confused.
  • "As expected, the taste was amazing as well. So many new things to grasp... I have learned a lot today." [Student] looks a bit tired...

Level 45:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 45 and you went to a planetarium to celebrate it.

  • "It looks like a cinema. The ceiling is white, but... This is the screen, right...?" [Student] is excited.
  • Planetarium has started. [Student] is enjoying it.
  • "It was really fun. I didn't expect artificial lights, but it was much better than I thought. I want to come here again!" [Student] enjoyed the planetarium.

Level 50:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 50 and you went to a cinema to celebrate it.

  • "We got good seats." [Student] likes sitting near the screen.
  • The movie has started. [Student] is devouring the movie with his eyes.
  • "It was really good. The big screen was great, but the speakers were the best. I wonder if you can replicate this experience at home." [Student] is very satisfied.

Level 55:
(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 55 and you went to a zoo to celebrate it.

  • "This zoo... Is it possible..." [Student] is feeling something.
  • "Just as I thought. This is the number one work place for the beasts from the laboratory." [Student] is feeling very nostalgic.
  • "There are both beasts that became humans and beasts that are still animals working here." [Student] is very happy.

Level 60:
(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 60 and you went for a drive to celebrate it.

  • "I'm not too fond of cars, but if it's you who is driving, I can try it." [Student] is nervous.
  • You drove the car slowly. "I was really surprised. It felt really good. Are you a good driver?"
  • "It was really fun. If I'm with you, anything can be enjoyable." [Student] was relieved.

Level 65:
(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 65 and you went to the race track to celebrate it.

  • "I thought only humans are interested in horse racing, but I see quite a few beasts who became humans as well." [Student] is looking around.
  • You watched the race with [Student]. "...There is way more beasts that became humans here than I thought. Some of those riders were beasts as well."
  • "Their passion for racing was amazing... The fight during the last 50 meters was stunning. I wanted to ask you to explain me what's happening." [Student] is dumbfounded.

Level 70:
(As Good Friends) [Student] reached level 70 and you went to hot springs to celebrate it.

  • "Oh, they have a sauna here. I guess I'll sweat for a bit.." [Student] went to the sauna.
  • 20 minutes later... [Student] is still in the sauna.
  • 30 minutes later... "...I wonder... If I'll be able to make friends in Finland...." [Student] is pretending to be stoic... But you made him replenish his fluids.

(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 70 and you went to hot springs to celebrate it.

  • "Oh they have the bath heated directly for beneath here. Do they want to make a pot out of it?" [Student] went to try it.
  • You heard [Student]'s voice from afar. "The... Temperature is higher than I expected..."
  • "...I bet that udon feels like that when it's boiling in a kettle." [Student] is completely exhausted.

Level 75:
(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 75 and you went to a museum to celebrate it.

  • "World clay figures exhibition... I found something interesting again." [Student] is happy.
  • You walked around the building with [Student]. "Each figure has it's own story behind it."
  • "I'm captivated by these figures. How about we try making out own in that experience it yourself corner?" [Student] liked the clay figures.

Level 80:
(As Good Friends) [Student] reached level 80 and you went to a botanical garden to celebrate it.

  • "It's
    in-game mispelling, word is supposed to be "Its"
    seems like they're doing an exposition of Japanese gardens. Let's go." [Student] is happy.
  • You walked around the garden with [Student]. "Amazing... We're inside a botanical garden and yet there is a dry landscape garden here."
  • "I'm happy that I was born in this country where I can experience the four seasons. But I want to experience other seasons as well." [Student] was satisfied.

Level 85:

Level 90:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 90 and you went hiking to celebrate it.

  • "What a giant mountain... We need to brace ourselves." [Student] is looking at the top.
  • You started hiking with [Student]. "this road is maintained surprisingly well, but look out not to trip."
  • "Ah, what a beautiful view...Our small worries disappear when looking at the horizon." You watched the scenery with [Student].

Level 95:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 95 and you went to the seaside to celebrate it.

  • "The sea... So with no one around it's quiet like this." [Student] is looking at the sun.
  • You walked the sandy beach with [Student]. "The sea was a terrifying thing when I was a beast"
  • "But it's different now. I think having fun on the beach is really enjoyable." You watched the setting sun with [Student].

Level 100:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 100 and you went on a calm meal to celebrate it.

  • "Finally, level 100..." [Student] is sad.
  • "It hasn't really hit me. Do you think that I actually grew?" [Student] is looking directly at you.
  • "One thing I know for sure is that you were my teacher so it's thanks to you that I was able to grow Thank you, I'm really grateful." You've felt a strong bond with [Student].


  • [First Time Confession] You were called by [Student] who looks worked up. Could I have a bit of your time? I was able to grow this much thanks to you. I also respect you as a senior human ...That's a lie... I can't really think about you as a senior human. I love you.
    • [I would love to] Really?... This is like a dream. I will try my best to become your Sun. You are now in a love relationship with [Student].
    • [Let's be friends first] Really? I'm so happy. I hope we'll get along well from now on as well. You and [Student] became friends.
  • [Second Time Confession] You were called by [Student] who looks worked up. Could I have a bit of your time? A lot of time has passed since last time, but my feelings haven't changed. I really love you. Can I stay by your side?
    • [I would love to] (need info)
    • [I want to be your friend] (need info)


  • How much time has passed since we've met... Since we started calling each other friends I believed we have had a close tie.
  • Despite belonging to different species, our lives were intertwined together like branches on a tree.
  • That's how it felt and that's why I won't forget you. And I hope that you won't forget me either.

Special: Valentine's Day 2016

  • "Huhu, it's almost that time of year again... Do you know which, though?" He looks fidgety. What could it be?
  • "Valentine's Day, of course. It's a little early, but... would you accept these chocolates?" [Student] gave you some chocolates!
    • [I'll take them home.] "I used the best ingredients I could get my hands on. I'm sure you'll love them. ... Hmm? I don't remember putting that in there..." Ah! Something fell out of the chocolates! → [Love Cookies]x1
    • [I'll eat them right now] "I don't think you should open them here. They're very... special, you know. ... Hmm? I don't remember putting that in there..." Ah! Something fell out of the chocolates! → [Chocolate Box type 2]x1


2015 Events

Dark Easter Night

  • [Reply] Hm...? It seems we're not alone...
Stage 01:
  • ... Is it just me or is it peculiarly dark out?
  • An Easter card is a card with a nice message you give out a Easter.
  • I could swear the wind is warning us against entering this castle.
  • Well, let's go in then. I can sense adventure.
Stage 02:
  • Watch your step, there's rubble everywhere.
  • I feel like someone's watching... and has been here, for a very long time...
  • Did that statue's eyes just light up...?
  • That kid just now... didn't feel altogether human.
Stage 03:
  • Is this a ballroom? Quite a lavish one at that.
  • Huhu, kind of feels like an adventure...
  • I sense something, but I don't think it's human... Let's be careful/
  • Don't worry, I'm here to protect you.
Stage 04:
  • This room, it smells like... sadness.
  • You can hold onto my hand if you're feeling scared, [Teacher].
  • ... Is that a door by the stairs there? It's pretty well hidden.
  • Behind the door there's some kind of underground passage. Let's go in.
Stage 05:
  • That secret door must lead down to this underground passage.
  • Huhu... The wind tells me the exit is near.
  • I wonder where it leads to...
  • ... Why is there a passageway down here...?
Stage 06:
  • It feels good to breathe again... that passageway was so dank.
  • The way that castle was built... It's almost as if they want people to get lost.
  • ... We met a lot of strange "people" on our way down here.
  • Is this a laboratory?

Let's go shopping! 2

  • I really like this one.
    • [Buy the K bag] Thank you. I'll treasure it.
    • [Buy the Jin bag] I really appreciate it. Thank you.
    • [Don't buy anything] I guess I don't deserve any gifts from you yet.
  • [Conversation] It's so nice to see you.
  • [Conversation] Any stores you recommend? There's just so many.
  • [Reply] That store over there is pretty interesting.
Stage 01:
  • What a beautiful street.
  • Is that...?! What a rare find!
  • That store looks interesting. Shall we have a look?
Stage 02:
  • Shopping malls really are convenient.
  • This place has great atmosphere.
  • Did you check the floor guide? Which way should we go then?
Stage 03:
  • This is Kilimanjaro coffee... Delicious.
  • Shopping together, having coffee together... What a perfect day, fu fu.
  • How long exactly do you plan on resting?
Stage 04:
  • We do need to think of summer clothing.
  • Hm, how about this color?
  • Mr. Mannequin here has quite a nice outfit, don't you think?
Stage 05:
  • It looks like they have coffee-flavored sweets too.
  • There's tasters here too. That's a good thing.
  • Which do you recommend?
Stage 06:
  • What a tiring day... We sure did have fun though.
  • It's good to go out, but it's great to come back home.
  • I really don't like tidying up... Thanks for always helping out.
Stage 07:
  • [Conversation] Are you guys resting too?
  • Hm, an aquarium? Inside the mall?
  • How about relaxing with these tropical fish here?
  • We're the only ones here. Did we buy tickets or rent out the place?
  • Shall we get back to shopping?

Picnic Party

Stage 01:
  • Such perfect weather for a picnic.
  • I hope we don't end up in some strange world this time...
  • I think I'll make heart-shaped sandwiches. What do you want inside them?
Stage 02:
  • I think this is the station we need.
  • Fresh air, green trees… this place is nice.
  • I don’t see any staff, but then again, maybe they’re wearing invisibility cloaks...
Stage 03:
  • The path is gradually sloping upwards… Are we heading towards a summit?
  • Such beautiful birdsong. Do you hear it?
  • I wonder what’s on the other side of this forest...
Stage 04:
  • This place is almost magical.
  • Watching the fish swimming downriver feels so relaxing.
  • I think this water looks safe to drink. Let’s fill up our bottles.
Stage 05:
  • I was expecting to eat in just a regular field, but this...! It's a flower meadow!
  • They call this flower a "poppy", a name as cute as it looks.
  • Picnicking alone... I suppose it's a good way to relax and meditate.
Stage 06:
  • What a beautiful lake.
  • This korokke is perfect.
  • The water in the lake is sparkling in the sun...!

Work Experience

Stage 01:
  • Being in contact with all of these students seems really difficult.
  • This class is so interesting. I'm paying more attention than I thought I would.
Stage 02:
  • Hehe, seeing kids innocently playing together really soothes my soul.
  • Hey, they gave me some oragami. How nice.
  • I cried a little when I realized I'm only here today, huhu.
Stage 03:
  • This building is like a maze... We've got to be careful not to get lost.
  • So a makeup artist is a professional at makeup? I'd love to hear stories from them.
  • Making people look beautiful is a huge responsibility. I have so much respect for them.
Stage 04:
  • Oh hey, this looks like a television studio.
  • There sure are a lot of performers... It's amazing to think one person handled all the makeup.
  • What do you think I should do? I could probably wipe their sweat, I guess.
Stage 05:
  • This is a nice room.
  • A cartoonist? I wonder what they're drawing.
  • So I just have to erase the pencil lines?
Stage 06:
  • This cafe has a wonderful atmosphere.
  • What a charming barista. I hope I can learn a lot from them.
  • Coffee roasted by a pro and coffee roasted by me... taste different. How strange.

Flower Promenade

  • ... This would be nice, haha.
    • [Buy the K bag] You got it for me? Thanks.
    • [Buy the Jin bag] You're so strange... Thanks.
    • [Don't buy anything] Well then, perhaps another time.
  • [Conversation] Meeting interesting people is one of the joys of travel.
  • [Conversation] Oh, did you buy some souvenirs too?
  • [Reply] We agree. Well then, how about we go together?
Stage 01:
  • Haha, wow. This is like a dream.
  • The color and shape... The nemophila are so beautiful.
  • Hey, do you want to try the nemophila ice cream too?
Stage 02:
  • Looks like there's a fun festival going on.
  • I'm going to go say hello to the garden's owner.
  • How about we take a break at that teahouse?
Stage 03:
  • Where should we go first? There's so much here that I feel lost, haha.
  • This place is so big. I'm so excited. I feel like I'm lost in some sort of paradise.
  • There's an azalea section, too. Let's go there.
Stage 04:
  • The flowers, the food,... There are just so many lovely scents.
  • I'll have a coffee, of course.
  • This flower cuisine looks as beautiful as it is delicious. My regards to the chef.
Stage 05:
  • This is clearly the Queen's garden. The roses and tulips are so beautiful.
  • The queen and a knight... Haha. Interesting.
  • I'm wishing that knight luck.
Stage 06:
  • What a lovely time, haha.
  • Going so many places was so fulfilling and fun. What do you think?
  • Dinner? I'll cook today.
Stage 07:
  • [Conversation] What a mysterious place... It satisfies my spirit.
  • [Conversation] So you're here too. What a coincidence.
  • [Reply] What tranquil beauty... It really is a great thing.
  • What splendid wisteria trellis. It's so beautiful.
  • Do you want to go to the castle tower?
  • This place is beautiful, but it feels a bit like a prison...

After School Game

  • [Reply] So have you two decided to join in on the game?
Stage 01:
  • Going home after school gives me a strange, regretful feeling.
  • I can't wait to find out what was hidden.
  • What am I looking for?
Stage 02:
  • What floor are we on? I feel like we're just going around the same place again and again.
  • Hey, you can see the schoolyard from here. Let's go later.
  • Hm, that's an odd odor. Could this be... the science lab?
Stage 03:
  • This is such a calm, quiet place.
  • Okay, where should we begin looking?
  • Whenever I pick up a book, all I want to do is start reading.
Stage 04:
  • Seeing all the students five their all at their clubs makes me want to move around too.
  • I went and looked in the storeroom too, but ti doesn't seem like there' anything there.
  • How about we go look outside the gym too?
Stage 05:
  • Looks like we made it to the final spot.
  • We've been to so many places, but are there still thing to look for?
  • I'd love to watch the sun set from here...


  • [Reply] Gelatin is only needed for one recipe... I won't say which, though. Haha.
  • [Reply] It seems like making cookies just involves adding flour to the macaroon recipe.
Stage 01:

Elven Mountain Stage

  • The light coming through the branches is strikingly beautiful.
Stage 02:

Elven Grotto Stage

  • There's a mystical smell about this place... It's really quite beautiful.
Stage 03:

Elven Town Stage

  • This atmosphere is so brutal... I can't say I hate it, though.
Stage 04:

Elven Meadow Stage

  • These animals... It looks like they're trying to say something.
Stage 05:

Elven Beach Stage

  • The fish are swimming all around us...
Stage 06:

Elven Forest Stage

  • I can hear birdcalls coming from somewhere.

Tropical Vacation

Stage 01:


  • Haha, did you get nervous when they checked your passport? You looked suspicious.
  • Is everyone in the waiting room going to the same place we are?
  • There's so much at the duty-free shop. Shall we go?
Stage 02:


  • What a lovely place. I'm quite happy.
  • The view from our room is amazing... Oh, what's that person doing?
  • How about we relax with some coffee in the garden... Flights are exhausting, aren't they?
Stage 03:


  • There are a lot of people really enjoying their beach vacation.
  • I don't know why, but I never tire of looking at the water. The Mother Sea... I suppose...
  • There are those marine sports you like, [Teacher]. Let's do some together.
Stage 04:

Ocean Floor n/a

Stage 05:

Shopping Mall

  • There are so many things here I've never seen before. How about we buy some of them?
  • This coffee sure seems popular. We have to buy some.
  • Haha, this carved wooden cat... It looks like it's talking to me.
Stage 06:

Beach Restaurant

  • Mmm, this tomato sauce is delicious.
  • The barbecue was delicious. I think I'll have some coffee with dessert.
  • It sounds like the sea-breeze and waves are talking... I wonder what they're saying.

Looking After Teacher

Stage 01:

Convenience Store

  • Is this the convenience store? I'm getting all lost by myself...
  • I've got to do my best to help.
  • I'm glad I could buy all this ice, but will it melt before I get home?
Stage 02:


  • This drugstore has a splendid assortment.
  • I could just look at all these kinds of medicine all day. Oops, I gotta hurry and find something for [Teacher].
  • Is that person in white a pharmacist? I suppose I should go talk to them.
Stage 03:


  • I must select books carefully.
  • Haha, I wonder if reading this book of fairy tales before bed will help.
  • I wonder if I can make okayu taste good. Of course, it looks extremely plain.
Stage 04:


  • The quietness of churches really calms me down.
  • That's right. I should ask the priest about tending the sick.
  • Well, since I came here, I may as well pray for [Teacher]'s cold to get better soon.

Music Festival

  • ... Huhu, I like this.
    • [Buy] Oh, for me? Thank you.
    • [Don't buy] I hope it's still here next time...
  • [Reply] Oh, it's you guys.
Stage 01:

Idol Stage

  • This must be where the idols perform.
  • If you really wanted me to, I suppose I could try my hand at becoming one of these idols.
  • I wonder how it must feel being adored by millions of strangers...
Stage 02:

Anime Song Stage

  • That was quite an experience. Very, very fun.
  • This must be the anime song stage.
  • Huhu, the fans seem very energetic in here.
Stage 03:

Rock Stage

  • I think this hall might have the most intense atmosphere so far.
  • ... There certainly are a lot of female fans here.
  • ... I think my ears are still ringing...
Stage 04:

Jazz Stage

  • Well this is a completely different atmosphere to the last show's.
  • This stage is for the live jazz performances.
  • It's almost as if the instruments are speaking to us through song...
Stage 05:

Acoustic Stage

  • The stars have come out just for us.
  • ... There's something sad about a day of fun coming to an end.
  • Wonderful music, wonderful view... together with a wonderful person...

Summer Camp

  • [Reply] It looks like we're in the same group together, huh.
Stage 01:


  • Good morning. huhu, it sounds like the birds are just as excited as us.
  • We have to be careful not to make any loud noises, or we might scare the birds away.
  • Huhu, it's not often you get to hear this beautiful a birdsong... How fascinating.
Stage 02:


  • We just have to pass through each checkpoint and make our way to the goal.
  • We don't even need a map, these trees will surely show us the way...
  • Hmm, this was a fairly simple route, actually.
Stage 03:

Mess Kit Lunch

  • It looks like we're making curry. I'll try to make it good.
  • Hmm... I've never tried cooking with these utensils before.
  • Huhu, I think it looks quite delicious, actually. Don't you?
Stage 04:


  • There's nothing quite as relaxing as the sound of a flowing stream.
  • Huhu, I made a daisy crown for you, [Teacher]. I thought it might suit you. What do you think?
  • We should certainly take it slow and enjoy ourselves, but lest' be sure to get back before the sun goes down.
Stage 05:


  • Huhu, the night is still so very young...
  • Would you like to dance, [Teacher]?
  • There's something very lonely about a sparkler...
Stage 06:

Scary Walk

  • Are you scared? Don't worry at all, I'm right here with you.
  • Hmm... There may well be some ghosts out here, too...
  • I think the scariest noise out here is your screaming, [Teacher].


  • [Reply] Dressing up is quite interesting indeed.
Stage 01:

Laboratory Hall

  • A Halloween party... I can't wait to see what's in store for us.
  • It feels a little strange seeing so many Teachers and Students in one space.
  • Halloween is all about dressing up though, isn't it? I wonder what costume would suit you best...
Stage 02:

Ambi Hills

  • I could walk forever and ever, with a view like this to keep me fresh.
  • Take a look at that cloud over there. What a peculiar shape it has.
  • Your home-made bentos are what makes a great picnic, [Teacher].
Stage 03:

Abandoned Building

  • Finally, somewhere with some Halloween spirit. I was waiting for this.
  • What would you do if you turned around and suddenly... I was gone?
  • I wonder what "they" think of a huge group like this... It wouldn't surprise me at all if "they" suddenly got angry.
Stage 04:

Ephemeral Cave

  • Are we finally here? I just keep getting more and more excited.
  • Through ruins and a dark tunnel... I bet "they" have joined our ranks along the way...
  • Almost there. Are you ready, [Teacher]?
Stage 05:

Nightmare Town

  • This looks fun. Maybe we should move here, [Teacher]. What do you think?
  • You know, there might well be a real ghost hidden amongst all these fake ones...
  • I suppose in a way, it's like I've come dressed as a human, right...?

Driving on the Moon

Stage 01:

Moonwatch Manor

  • This room has such a great view.
  • The sound of crickets is so relaxing, almost rejuvenating.
  • You made us dango? Thank you so much.
Stage 02:

Moon Ruins

  • The atmosphere seems different here. Where are we?
  • Is that the Earth up in the sky?
  • I think we've gotten lost. Let's turn back.
Stage 03:

Temple of the Moon

  • This is a very big building. Could it be a temple?
  • It doesn't seem like there's anyone here...
  • Let's try exploring a little further.
Stage 04:

Moonlit Garden

  • This must be one of those Japanese zen gardens. Perhaps a hobby?
  • This is quite a beautiful garden.
  • I think I see another building over there... Let's go and take a look.
Stage 05:

Moonlight Villa

  • This house is certainly very stylish. I wonder who owns it.
  • The Earth looks so beautiful from the window here.
  • There are many more rooms in this house. Shall we take a look?
Stage 06:

Moonwatch Manor n/a

Of Wind and Shadow

  • [Reply] I'm so happy to see you two.
Stage 01:

Eerie Forest

  • This forest has a peculiar aura about it... we should be very careful and look for the exit.
  • I could have sworn I felt someone nearby, just for a second... Was it the Merchant?
  • Don't worry. I'm here to protect you.
Stage 02:


  • This appears to be a bat cave... and we appear to be unwelcome guests. We should leave here quickly.
  • It's so dark. I imagine the ghosts will be coming out soon... Huhu, only joking.
  • Give me your hand. It's slippery in here, we should be careful.
Stage 03:

Bamboo Grove

  • What a large grove this is. I wonder how we're going to find our way out.
  • The way these bamboo trees grow so perfectly straight is just... Sorry, this is not the time, is it?
  • Could that be... a wild panda? How exceedingly rare.
Stage 04:

Way out

  • It's getting dark. We should leave, before the creatures of the night come to greet us...
  • I'm so glad we've made it to the exit safe and sound. The mountain must be on our side.
  • We've walked such a long way. Are you okay? Legs holding up?
Stage 05:

Walk Home

  • Well, this is a breathtaking sight if I ever saw one. What beautiful stars.
  • I just want to get back home as fast as we possibly can.
  • What's the matter? Come on, we're nearly there. You can do it.
Stage 06:

(EX Stage) Edge of Time

  • Well this place is a very mysterious place indeed.
  • Huhu, the Merchant's finally shown us another side to him...
  • I can't sense a single living thing anywhere near us...

A Merry Night's Work

Stage 01:

Santa's village

  • What a magical place we've come to.
  • I never would have thought this is where Santa lives. I'm really quite surprised.
  • We can't pass up a chance to ride his sleigh, right?
Stage 02:

Winter Guest House

  • This guest house has a really nice feeling to it.
  • I could see myself relaxing in a place like this, most definitely.
  • It looks like we have lot of work to do. We're going to have to do our best.
Stage 03:

Sightseeing Spot

  • These lights are amazing. No wonder there are so many people here.
  • Could we hold hands? We don't want to lose each other.
  • Looking out for popular trends... This is not an easy task.
Stage 04:


  • You can really feel a chill in the air here.
  • These stained glass windows are incredible. Really worth a visit to see.
  • Writing Christmas cards... Should I not use a quill and ink?
Stage 05:

Another World

  • I never thought I'd ever get to ride on a cloud.
  • ... I don't think clouds really have any flavor, you know.
  • Let's give some gifts to all the little angels and demons.
Stage 06:

Xmas Eve Party!

  • That was a very productive day, I think.
  • Every country has its own unique Santa, huh.
  • Is there anything you want to eat? I'll bring back a plate.
Stage 07:

(EX Stage) Santa's Secret House

  • A secret house, on a desert island like this...?
  • A secret, hidden house... How romantic.
  • Hidden houses under the sea, too... With aquatic reindeer... Fascinating.
  • There are secret Santa houses all over the world, apparently. ... Even in space, it says...
  • There are a lot of delicious-looking sweets around. I'm sure we could have one, right?
  • Shifty-looking Santa...? ... Are you sure he wasn't just... old?

Alchemy School

  • [Reply] Oh, hi. I didn't expect to see you here.
Stage 01:


  • Huhu... you're enchanting enough already, you don't need to use any alchemy on me.
  • I think I'll go for some coffee. What about you?
  • These sweet, delicious roses can be used in synthesis, it seems.
Stage 02:


  • Hmm... This place is just too big. I feel on edge.
  • If you ever lose your way, just listen to the wind... It'll always guide you home.
  • Hmm, there's something on the ground there... Let's see what it is.
Stage 03:


  • This library is filled with all manner of books and tomes used throughout the long history of the school.
  • The smell of these old books tells the whole story of this magnificent library, you know.
  • What kind of books do you read? I'd love for you to tell me some time.
Stage 04:


  • ...I must say, the air is not exactly the cleanest down here.
  • I do wonder who exactly build this place... and for what purpose...
  • The echo of the water... it almost seems to be foreshadowing something...
Stage 05:


  • ... If we can't find any materials around, maybe we could try asking that person for help.
  • The flowers of this garden seem very pleased with all the care and attention they receive.
  • The glow of the setting sun really sets a perfect mood for this garden, I think.
Stage 06:


  • Look up at the skies, feathers are raining down.
  • I wonder how exactly these rainbow-colored feathers are made.
  • There are a few too many, though... I can't see where I'm going.

2016 Events

Gods of the Mountain

  • [Reply] Huhu, a mysterious coincidence, if you ask me.
Stage 01:

Forest of Ambi

  • To experience nature with all five senses like this is an entirely unique experience, don't you think?
  • They say white deer are a kind of familiar, you know. I'd love to see one myself.
  • It's so exciting to watch these elegant deer in their natural habitat.
Stage 02:

Inari Shrine

  • What a fantastic shrine gate this is.
  • This shrine must have a long, long history. I don't imagine many people come to pray here anymore, though...
  • I got Great Fortune from this omikuji. "Destiny is waiting"... Huhu, exciting.
Stage 03:

Ambi Summit

  • It's getting a little cold. Are you okay?
  • It's getting late already. I suppose the days are shorter this time of year.
  • My, what a beautiful view. I'm glad we came up here.
Stage 04:

Garden Of Gods

  • These ducks look adorable, idly swimming across the pond.
  • It's just so relaxing, watching a scene like this. Don't you feel the same?
  • This garden certainly receives a lot of care. I wonder who owns it.
Stage 05:

Shrine Path

  • The traditional style of this pathway is just incredible. It's so filled with emotion.
  • What a long path this is. I wonder how much longer it takes to reach the skies.
  • I just cannot believe we actually have the chance to meet a real god. I'm so excited.
Stage 06:

The Mountain God

  • Huhu, what's the matter? Are yo scared of heights?
  • I do wonder what this god does in his spare time, though. I suppose this is a good time to ask.
  • This place is so big. It's nice and relaxing too, though.

Literary Works

Stage 01:

Second-Hand Books

  • Well this bookstore is just filled with cheap books.
    • [Look at textbooks] I don't think these books here count as novels.
      • [Medical book] ... I didn't think you read things like this.
      • [Philosophy book] Philosophy is a very deep and rich field of study.
    • [Look at manga] There's another floor above us.
      • [Stay here] Yeah, let's keep looking around here.
      • [Go up] There's CDs and tapes and stuff up there.
Stage 02:


  • Let's get right to finding some books.
    • [Go inside] Hmm, there's a lot of very big books around here...
      • [History book] History books... I can almost hear the voices of greats of ages past.
      • [Encyclopedia] I could finally master the human world if I read all of these.
    • [Don't go inside] Where could this author be from?
      • [Japan] Hmm... So he must be using a penname.
      • [America] America? Fufu, you certainly know a lot.
Stage 03:


  • And where do we head to now?
    • [Bookshelves] I suppose these are the children's books.
      • [Search here] I'm sure I've no interest in anything here.
      • [Move on] Yes, let's continue our search elsewhere.
    • [Counter] It appears we can search the library from this machine.
      • [Search by genre] I see you like this genre, yes.
      • [Search by author] Would you say this is your favorite author?

Animal Onsen Mystery Tour

Stage 01:

Onsen Ryokan

  • The owner seems quite mysterious.
  • Open baths, private baths, outdoor baths... So many in just one place.
  • It's certainly a unique ryokan, at least. Filled with so many curious ornaments.
Stage 02:


  • This room is nice and large.
  • I'm excited for dinner already.
  • Take a look out of the window. The color view from here is simply beautiful.
Stage 03:


  • Find the culprit...? Sounds interesting.
  • The water isn't running? Something mysterious is afoot.
  • Are you saying there may be an intruder in the ryokan...?
Stage 04:

Onsen Town

  • Apparently the source of the spring is up the side of this mountain.
  • I think I quite like the atmosphere in this town.
  • Seeing the red lanterns everywhere feels me with a weird excitement. It feels like a festival.
Stage 05:

Stone Steps

  • We must be close.
  • It's pitch black up here.
  • I can hear something coming from up there... You don't hear it? Mysterious.
Stage 06:

Summit Shrine

  • I guess that's case closed, then.
  • So this is the mysterious being who blocked our water?
  • Why does he smell just like me...?
Stage 07:


  • Hmm, I thought today's events were all part of the mystery tour...
  • Apparently the mystery tour starts tomorrow.
  • What an exciting day that was.
Stage 08:

Outdoor Bath

  • I cannot wait for the water to fill.
  • What an incredible bath this is.
  • It says we should wait after filling it, to let it cool a little.

The Legend of GIJIN

  • [Reply]
Stage 01:

(Towns:) Kingdom of Amsha, Sakura Metropolis, Helios City, Chenqian Palace, Temple of Zalaam

  • Gather information? Don't worry about that, I'll do it myself.
  • This world is filled with all kinds of new discoveries... How fascinating.
  • Huhu, how incredible, to move around space and time in an instant like that.
Stage 02:

(Battle:) Krizsa Mountains, Forgotten Shrine, Soul Valley, Shanyang Ravine, Ruins of Oscuro

  • Don't worry. There's a barrier around here that should... not be completely broken like this...
  • Well we've certainly come somewhere mysterious now, haven't we.
  • Are you feeling okay? You're looking very pale.
Stage 03:


  • ... Time to take a rest, I think.
    • [Take a rest] Such fortune. I found an egg right here, of all places.
    • [Give a drink] My thanks.
    • [Give your lap] I suppose I could take you up on that.
  • I apologize. I've lost one of the eggs...
    • [Search together] ...And it finds its way back into my hands.
    • [Cheer him up] You always make me feel better when you say things like that.
    • [Tickle him] ...?! Mmm... no, nothing.
  • Hmm? Where are all the eggs?
    • [Search here] I didn't expect to find one here.
    • [Search there] Where could they be hiding?
    • [Just pretend] I think we're still a long way from finding what we need...
Stage 01:


  • Fill your eyes with the floral beauty of spring.
  • My ideal world would be filled to the brim with dancing flower petals.
  • Eggs...? Now that you mention it, I think I saw one amongst the flowers there.
  • Do you like flowers too?
  • This way, come along now.
Stage 02:

Shopping Street

  • Why is it that humans "want"...?
  • Hmm, this little container seems quite useful...
  • You found more eggs for me? Thank you.
  • I feel like I'm in a dream when we spend time together like this. I hope I always feel this way.
  • Can we walk a little slower? I'd just like to make the most of the day together, that's all.
Stage 03:

Theme Park

  • I'm not really used to places like this. I hope I can count on you to help us through, [Teacher].
  • Hmm... This rollercoaster contraption is incredible... It'll need some more research.
  • It looks like a parade has started. Would you like to go and watch?
  • Where even is... that... thing that we were looking for?
  • I really do have a lot of fun together with you, [Teacher].
Stage 04:


  • Hmm? There's an egg floating out there in space.
  • I wonder what's going on out there, in the depths of space...
  • How does a ship like this even continue moving forward? I must find out...
  • Humans just keep on advancing. First on Earth, now into space... Where next?
  • The Earth is just an explosion of countless near-impossibilities... You being one of them [Teacher].

School Festival

Stage 01:

School Gate

  • A culture festival... I can't wait to see what's here.
  • A circus. I wonder what sort of brilliant thrills we'll see.
  • There's so many people... Even non-students are looking forward to this.
Stage 02:


  • There sure are a lot of stands.
  • There's a lot of stuff worth seeing.
  • Wow, that performer over there doing pantomime is amazing. It's like they can really see things that aren't there.
Stage 03:


  • It's real busy inside too.
  • Why don't we find a cafe and take a break?
  • Oh, a fortune teller..., I have no interest in fake stuff.
Stage 04:


  • It's a little noisy in here...
  • A concert? So that's why there's so much noise.
  • There's going to be some large-scale magic performed on this stage.
Stage 05:

(EX Stage) Circus

  • Dancing in the air with your leg entwined with a dropped cloth... That is unbelievably beautiful.
  • This is still a... beautiful and thrilling show.
  • Can people really do those high altitude stunts? That movement.. That has to be be something only humans can do.

The Beast Boys

Stage 01:

To the Hallowed Ground!

  • Onibimaru... was it? Do you believe in ghosts?
  • I think it would be good to call this place a power spot.
  • This atmosphere's not bad. Pretty traditional for summer, right?
Stage 02:

The Garden of Grief

  • Oh, this is quite the bustling area.
  • A graveyard... Isn't mourning the dead a lovely custom?
  • Are you scared? ... Well, everyone has their own things they're afraid of, I suppose.
Stage 03:

The Room of Swords

  • This place is decaying. How fleeting...
  • Hey, was there someone at that window... Or am I imagining things?
  • Onibimaru's glow is so helpful in places like this.
Stage 04:

The Room of Shields

  • A cool wind is blowing.
  • Oh, there's someone else here, Huhu, will a demon or snake show up?
  • Yokai and ghosts are similar but different, right? Although, they both are similarly strange.
Stage 05:

The Master's Courtyard

  • I sense something. Could this be a supernatural power?
  • Isn't this beautiful? Look at that floating flame over there...
  • Wells are pretty rare recently, but they do seem to have a wonderful charm to them.
Stage 06:

The Endless Corridor

  • Onibimaru, do you know where the exit is?
  • We've found ourselves in quite the strange place.
  • We previously walked this way. When did we return here... What an interesting place.
Stage 07:

Hunting for the Exit

  • It's not easy having the moonlight blocked out like this.
  • I'm sure there is no maze without an exit in this world.
  • I wonder if this is what the Labyrinth of Knossos felt like...
Stage 08:

The Room of Gold

  • What a magnificent place. This was a strange experience up to now, so it was worth it, but...
  • It's about time to make him get out of these hallowed grounds.
  • Could that be... I see, it he's the culprit then that explains a lot.
Stage 09:

The Last Battle with the Macaroni Gang!

  • His teacher must be trying to teach him about free will.
  • This is bad for him... but we have our reasons as well.
  • Oh, his animal ears poke out when his emotions rise. I guess that's a personal thing.
Stage 10:

Test of Courage!?

  • I feel like we've been here all day...
  • The ghosts here really seem to enjoy making people happy.
  • Now it's time for the test of courage? Huhu, what an interesting day filled with mysteries.

Invitation to Wonderland

Stage 01:

To Wonderland!

  • Huhu, what a strange, deep hole.
  • I wonder what's beyond the hole.
  • The very thought of what we'll encounter the deeper we go intrigues me.
Stage 02:

Mushroom Forest

  • You see, despite that mushroom's color, you can safely eat it.
  • Who would've thought I would be smaller than a mushroom... Huhu, it feels like I've turned into a fairy.
  • Huhu, it will eventually fly as a splendid butterfly one day.
Stage 03:

Tea Time

  • Can you find the beauty in their poems?
  • To really enjoy a tea party, it seems you need a couple of offbeat characters.
  • I wonder which is the right one.
Stage 04:

Palace Gardens

  • Let's hurry up before we get tangled up in the roses.
  • I wonder what kind of Queen rules over these gardens.
  • What do we have here... Playing cards? Were the card soldiers having some sort of fight?
Stage 05:

Face the Queen!

  • A room based off a red design, huh... It seems the Queen really likes the color red.
  • Don't tell me... you're nervous? Don't worry. The Queen is very, very nice.
  • The Queen has a certain aura about her.

Rainy Day Shopping

Stage 01:


  • I just love the sound of rain echoing around these buildings.
  • We haven't been shopping together in a long time... I'm quite excited.
  • Well, standing out here is only going to get us soaked... Maybe we should head inside a shop.
Stage 02:


  • Well then, where should we start?
  • Let's be careful not to get split up amongst these crowds. Perhaps we could hold hands?
  • It must be the sales drawing all these big crowds.
Stage 03:


  • This place is just filled with beautiful fish.
  • I've heard the way penguins walk is efficiently streamlined. I wonder if it's true.
  • Hmm... I think I'd like to go and greet some of the old tortoises first.
Stage 04:


  • You can really feel the progress of history here...
  • Do you think these guards are on edge from all the talk of thieves?
  • All of these exhibits are just sparkling with beauty...
Stage 05:

(EX Stage) Meadow

  • Water guns... I suppose those children must have gotten bored of watching the flowers.
  • I can hear some noise from over there... I wonder what it could be?
  • The hydrangeas look beautiful in the sunset.

Life's A Game

  • [EP] I won't stop getting better.
  • [Treasure] n/a
  • You can't pick your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Is this okay?
Stage 01:


  • [Heart] That is quite broken.
    • Well, there is a way for me to cure you with medicine.
    • Do you want to try?
Stage 02:


  • [Heart] I've got a delivery for you.
    • Ah, it's fine. I already signed for you.
    • Hm? Something wrong?
Stage 03:

Baseball Player

  • [Heart] (9th inning, two outs, last chance swing.)
    • So it came to this. Oh well.
    • Sorry, but... I'm taking this.
Stage 04:


  • [Heart] You shouldn't do that.
    • What do you mean, "You know"?
    • Well, I'm the one who heard your cries for help.
Stage 05:


  • [Heart] Everyone is so noisy that there shouldn't be any trouble...
    • Anyway, this scenario has already been decided.
    • Which means I win this one.

Field Trip!!

Stage 01:


  • Good morning. Are you a little sleepy this early? How about some coffee to wake up with?
  • So first is strawberry picking. I suppose I'll enjoy the scenery until we arrive.
  • Is this seat okay? Huhu.. Well then, I'll go right ahead.
Stage 02:


  • Strawberry flowers are so small and cute. Huhu, kind of like you.
  • I'm going to make some strawberry jam with these when I get back home. It's going to be so good.
  • This variety of strawberries seems to be a rarely kept breed.
Stage 03:

Main Street

  • You can hear the many voices of passers-by in busy places like this...
  • The wind has told me that passing through this shopping center will bring us to the park we're looking for.
  • Even in the afternoon, alleyways are a bit dim and frightening. I sense an unpleasant aura as well.
Stage 04:


  • Okay, let's set up here and have lunch.
  • This bento you made is good. I'm always looking forward to them.
  • Eating a lot always makes me so sleepy...
Stage 05:

Theme Park

  • So we're at an amusement park. I haven't been to many, so this is exciting.
  • Do you prefer the attractions or shows?
  • The concept for this park has given the staff cute costumes.
Stage 06:


  • Thanks for everything today. It was a real good time.
  • Dinner... Hm, I wonder what it could be.
  • Goodnight, see you tomorrow.

The Heian Scrolls

  • [Reply] Did you come to explore here too?
  • [Reply] This is quite exciting.
Stage 01:

Heian Theme Park

  • n/a
Stage 02:

Spring Room

  • Those sakura really are beautiful, but... are they really real...?
  • The people in this town used to play "kemari", apparently. I'd like to try a game.
  • Hmm, what is that smell? Some kind of incense...?
Stage 03:

Summer Room

  • Is this the summer-themed area? I do feel strangely warm already...
  • It looks like some folks are enjoying fishing in the courtyard here.
  • I didn't know shaved ice was such an old invention. I think our modern flavors are probably better, though.
Stage 04:

Autumn Room

  • The red leaves look incredible. Almost as real as sakura from before.
  • So many cats... Are they having some kind of meeting? We shouldn't impose.
Stage 05:

Winter Room

  • Now it's even colder than before...
  • I think we should have brought those kimonos after all.
  • It really does feel like winter has come.
Stage 06:

Storage Room

  • Where are we now...?
  • Wax models? But I was just speaking to one of them earlier.
  • I think this must be a storage room. Maybe we took a wrong turn.

Back to the Mansion

  • [EP] Here, take this. I don't need it.
  • [Treasure] This is... very useful indeed...
Stage 01:


  • Stay behind me. Don't go wandering off alone, okay?
  • We just have to find a way out. We'll never get anything done just sitting around in here.
Stage 02:


  • This must be some kind of mansion. But where exactly...?
  • ... Let's keep moving. There has to be a way out somewhere.
Stage 03:


  • n/a
Stage 04:


  • n/a
Stage 05:


  • n/a

Merry in Matrimony

Stage 01:

Tropical Island

  • Huhu, a fake wedding together... This is going to be quite the experience.
  • The whole scenery here is just beautiful. We'd never find a sight like this back home.
  • Don't worry about a thing. If you get stuck, I'll be there to help.
Stage 02:

Exchanging Rings

  • Wow. You look really different wearing that.
  • I didn't think putting a ring on someone's finger would be this... difficult.
  • I've taken your hand so many times before, but... something feels different this time.
Stage 03:

Exchanging Vows

  • Kiss the bride...? I suppose a kiss in a place like this is the purest of all.
  • Well... close your eyes then... Huhu. did you really think I was going to kiss you?
  • All we do is sign on the line here and we're officially married.
Stage 04:

Chorus Singing

  • Apparently the guests are going to be throwing flower petals at us as we leave. It's some sort of celebration, apparently.
  • ... Your voice just has this amazing power to calm me down, [Teacher].
  • I'm so happy to see you smiling today, [Teacher].
Stage 05:

Outfit Change

  • Next we have to greet all of the guests, it says... There's no one here though. Skip.
  • Apparently people read letters to their parents at this point of the reception. Thanking them for all of their help and such.
  • They did prepare a lot of great food for us, it seems.
Stage 06:

Cake Cutting

  • Our first act as a married couple... Huhu, are you blushing? How cute.
  • Sorry... Could you try moving a little more in-tune with me...?
  • They said we could eat the cake... but... I see you've already started. Huhu.

Enjoy Vietnam

  • [Reply] So you all decided to come as well?
Stage 01:


  • Huhu, maybe it was because we were in the airplane for so long? But I feel like I've been floating in space... This feels so strange.
  • That heat the second we left the airport... so that's what this country is like, huh...
  • Okay then... It looks like we'd have to wait a long time for a bus... Should we take a taxi?
Stage 02:


  • Um~, it seems all the popular shops according to the guidebook are sold out. Want to go walk around and look at the stalls?
  • I's interesting how all these bikes are going around without getting hit. Everyone is working together perfectly.
  • Huhu, you wanted to try banh flan, [Teacher]? I'm glad to see you so happy.
Stage 03:


  • I wonder if it's because this country is so hot. Even the lights at night look really hot... Don't you think it looks pretty?
  • Did you have a nice break? There's so much good looking food outside so let's go get something to eat.
  • Is that the street we just took? It seems so small that it looks like a model.
Stage 04:


  • My skin's getting red... I put on sunscreen but... Hm.
  • I'm still not used to all the herbs, but there are a lot of things that taste just like Japan.
  • Everyone is just sitting down wherever and eating... What a relaxing atmosphere.
Stage 05:

Lotus Pond

  • The smell is so heavenly. Pictures don't do these justice.
  • On top of being so big, they're so colorful, and just looking at the lotuses makes see
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "me"
    feel like I'm enveloped in them.
  • Are you interested in the lotus tea? I heard that there's a famous shop around here...
Stage 06:

Ha Long Bay

  • [Teacher], being able to see your face and this sea at the same time is incredibly lovely.
  • Wow... There are people going around checking this out on their own while riding kayaks.
  • The gems the the
    in-game misspelling, probably supposed to be only a single "the"
    dragon spat out turned into these rocks... Huhu, what a lovely thing to believe, isn't it?

Pinocchio's Adventure

Stage 01:

Geppetto’s House

  • I wonder if the Cricket represents the author.
  • This is the moment where Pinocchio became Pinocchio.
Stage 02:

Puppet Troupe

  • Is it normal for puppets like Pinocchio to exist in the world?
Stage 03:

Turquoise Girl

  • That girl is so mysterious.
  • So the Cricket is still around to save Pinocchio, huh?
  • That's so funny how his nose grows.
Stage 04:

The Land of Toys

  • Anything that sounds too good to be true probably has a catch.
  • So if you don't work hard and study you'll turn into a donkey.
  • If he just didn't succumb to temptation he would have become a real boy... What a waste...
Stage 05:

Finished Reading

  • So animals can also talk in this world.
  • Where did the Turquoise Girl go?
  • Good job, Pinocchio. You became a real boy.

Electric Town

  • [Reply] The food in this world isn't too bad, actually. I'm becoming a fan.
Stage 01:


  • Huh? My dreams tonight are... a bit more colorful and odorous than usual.
  • You look like you think this is a dream too. Maybe this... isn't a dream.
  • I would laugh if I woke up in a place like this.
Stage 02:


  • The people here look like they're living in the future. Wait, are we in the future?
  • What kind of coffee are they drinking here? I'm kind of excited.
  • Even the pets are wearing strange clothes... Hm, I'm just not used to the fashion here yet.
Stage 03:


  • Um, no one understands us so it's going to be hard making friends.
  • Your curiosity is nice, but how about a different place next time?
  • There's also people in this world who like dark places. Makes sense considering how bright it can be.
Stage 04:


  • Well, since we have no idea where to go, we might as well be somewhere with happy=looking people.
  • Seems like street performers are similar in this world. Really gives some sense of intimacy.
  • Huhu, applause is the same too. Everyone seems to be getting along.
Stage 05:


  • Wow, what a big school. I wonder what the bell sounds like here.
  • Um, I thought they wouldn't be suspicious if I got my feelings across, but... I guess I need more work.
  • Huhu, since this rabbit here was so kind, I'll need to repay the kindness in our world.
Stage 06:


  • We found a way to get back to our world, so now we can drink coffee whenever.
  • Is this a globe? Hm, the different shapes of the continents is so exciting.
  • There are so many useful things here, and there are still many floors until the observatory. How unique.

Nightmare On Animal Street

Stage 01:

Nightime shrine

  • Oh, we're looking in this dark space? This seems fun, (animal noise).
  • Huh, I can't read this, (animal noise). Um, this'll be bad when it's time to order, (animal noise).
  • Oh... (animal noise)? I seem to be talking in a weird way today, (animal noise).
Stage 02:

Torii road

  • Since it's too late to go back, am I just going to have to get used to this place, (animal noise)?
  • This blue light is pretty, (animal noise). It's a good balance to the red gates, (animal noise).
  • Ooh, it's kind of chilly right now, (animal noise). I want some nice hot tea, (animal noise).
Stage 03:

Lost In Town

  • I feel lost, but I think I just want to wander around anyway, (animal noise).
  • I can't read this... Can... you look for a cafe for me, (animal noise)?
  • Hey, the people here sure are quick, (animal noise). I lost them, (animal noise).
Stage 04:

Upper Floors

  • So many steps, (animal noise). This might go into outer space, (animal noise).
  • Wow, the town looks so incredibly pretty from up here, (animal noise).
  • Are we almost at the top, (animal noise)? I can't wait to find out what we can see, (animal noise).
Stage 05:


  • I still can't read anything, but this design is really nice, (animal noise).
  • Um, let's go this way, (animal noise). Well, that again, (animal noise).
  • Well, it seems like stairs are our fate today, (animal noise).
Stage 06:

Camellia Prison

  • Is this a... prison, (animal noise)? Who's the one who committed the crime, (animal noise)?
  • Hm~, I can't read this, but I feel like I've seen this before... (animal noise)?
  • Huhu, maybe I'll get trapped in here if I peek around too long, (animal noise).


Stage 01:

Theme Park

  • n/a
Stage 02:

Dark Forest

  • Look. those cute bats are looking our way.
  • This sign says Halloween Town. This seems to be right.
Stage 03:

Halloween Town

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Castle Gate

  • This looks like one of those beautiful castles from fairy tales.
  • I can hear people singing... It sounds like they're calling for us.
  • Well, this looks like our destination.
Stage 05:

Great Hall

  • n/a
Stage 06:

Secret Chamber

  • n/a

Looking After Teacher Again!

Stage 01:

Convenience Store

  • I have to make sure I don't catch anything.
  • Even though I'm used to coming this way, it's indeed lonely by myself...
Stage 02:


  • I'm sure I'll find what I'm looking for with this much variety.
  • "What symptoms do you have?" ... If memory serves me right, the problem was a runny nose.
  • Now then... I wonder where they keep the cold medicine.
Stage 03:


  • If I had the knowledge of all these books in my head, curing the cold would be a piece of cake..
  • If it's easy to make, I want to try making it.
  • I want to find something... that will allow me to relieve the cold symptoms, even if it's a little.
Stage 04:


  • Whenever I come to church, I feel as if I can't hide anything.
  • I always feel at ease when I see a priest.
  • I wonder if my feelings will get through.

Culture Festival

Stage 01:

Script Reading

  • (Prince)
    • n/a
  • (Princess)
    • n/a
  • (Demon)
    • n/a
Stage 02:


  • (Prince)
    • n/a
  • (Princess)
    • n/a
  • (Demon)
    • n/a
Stage 03:


  • (Prince)
    • n/a
  • (Princess)
    • n/a
  • (Demon)
    • n/a

Christmas Dreams

Stage 01:

Santa’s Dispatch Office

  • n/a
Stage 02:

Santa’s House

  • n/a
Stage 03:

Reindeer Area

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Christmas Night

  • n/a

Traditions of Kyoto

Stage 01:


  • n/a
Stage 02:


  • n/a
Stage 03:


  • n/a
Stage 04:

Snack Store

  • n/a
Stage 05:


  • n/a
Stage 06:


  • n/a

2017 Events

New Year's Banquet

Stage 01:


  • n/a
Stage 02:


  • n/a
Stage 03:

Shrine (Noon)

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Shrine (Evening)

  • n/a
Stage 05:

Shrine (Night)

  • n/a
Stage 06:

Night Walk

  • n/a

Delicious Fruit!

Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • [Planting Seed] n/a
  • [Using Fertilizer] n/a
  • [After Planting] n/a
Stage 02:

Tree Shaking

  • [Fertilizer] n/a
  • [Seed] n/a
  • [Strong Shake] n/a
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] n/a
  • [Item Get] n/a
  • n/a

Winter Wonderland

Stage 01:


  • We're here. It's pretty cold... I feel like the cold pierces deep inside.
  • There's quite a bit of snow. Huhu, there's a lot of snowmen. They're so cute.
  • Okay, let's just keep moving for now. Keeping your body going helps distract you from the cold.
Stage 02:

Abandoned Grounds

  • Wow, look at all the care that's been taken here. I was honestly expecting it to look a little worse.
  • When I think about my youth, school is one of the cornerstone of my memories. To see this building in such a state is sad.
  • Huhu, why are ruins and this orange color so attractive... Yeah, the setting sun is beautiful.
Stage 03:

Guest Room

  • Japanese style rooms are so calming. The snow is beautiful as well. There's this warm simplicity to it all.
  • You brewed some tea? Thanks, I'll take some. ... Mm, this is good. I'm feeling warm all around.
  • Oh, isn't it a little early to go to bed? I have some thing to do after this. well, I've got to prepare my pillow...
Stage 04:


  • You can see the white breath of the people outside. Huhuhu, everyone is enjoying the snow even though it is so cold.
  • ... Ah, I wonder it
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "if"
    it'd be better to talk about something. Huhu, we both became speechless staring at the scenery.
  • Isn't it a bit cold? Here, put on this jacket. Ah, I'm fine.
Stage 05:

The Bath

  • You warm yourself up too. Today was really cold. And it's going to get even colder tonight.
  • Yeah, this warms me up... I heard submerging down to your shoulders feels good, but I sure feels like an idiot.
  • You can't stretch out? Sorry, I didn't notice. Feeling a bit of the wind is nice. Don't get cold after your bath.
Stage 06:

The Roof

  • I didn't think we could see all these stars. Huhuhu, is this thanks to you?
  • What a beautiful starry sky. I'm glad there are no clouds.
  • Aren't you cold? I brought a long scarf. Let's wear it together.

Chinese Labyrinth

Stage 01:

Shopping Street

  • Hmm... Are we lost already?
  • Hmm. This store seems interesting. Shall we take a look inside?
  • Something smells great, but I'm not sure where it's coming from...
Stage 02:

The Alleyway

  • I think we should probably start memorizing the paths soon enough.
  • Ah, don't touch that rail there. It's crumbling away from rust.
  • I think living down here would make me feel nostalgic for windows.
Stage 03:

Feng Shui's Room

  • I think I can smell incense. It must be all the atmosphere here.
  • Hmm. That's quite a price for a little bit of fortune telling.
  • I think we should be a little more careful around these fortune tellers in the future.
Stage 04:

Doctor's Room

  • Why would anyone leave the house with the door unlocked like this?
  • Dragon-painted doors... piles and piles of books... I do wonder who lives here.
  • Huhu... I just couldn't help myself, I had to check inside.
Stage 05:

The Manager's Room

  • At last, we can go through.
  • I wonder how long his friend has been trapped down here...
  • It must feel great to see a friend after such a long time.
Stage 06:

The Dungeon

  • It's really very dark... Please try not to trip over.
  • I just wish it were a little brighter... Maybe we should look for a light.
  • Don't worry, I made sure to memorize the route we took.

Minimum Panic 2

Stage 01:

Dining Room

  • Looks like we're in for some fun now, huh? Now how do we get outta this one?
  • I feel like something like this has happened before. How did it turn out last time, again?
  • Looks like we're on the table. It's going to be tough getting down from here.
Stage 02:

Living Room

  • Mole, I bet he's the one behind this.
  • Let's start by searching this room. I'm feeling a little adventurous.
  • Let's climb up this fake plant. Uhuhu...Feels like Jack climbing the beanstalk.
Stage 03:


  • It's a little dark. Turn on the side lamp, would you?
  • Boy, this huge teddy bear sure looks impressive.
  • I don't think we should jump down from this height. let's use a pillow to fall on.
Stage 04:

Study Room

  • Hmm, tons of really high level looking books here. This place is perfect for studying.
  • The owner of this house must be a real bookworm. Every book is filled with bookmarks.
  • There aren't many places to hide in here. So that guy must be in the basement.
Stage 05:


  • I think we hit the dangerous substance lottery here. We'll have to be careful.
  • Looks like some sort of chemical symbol but I don't know which one.
  • Close your ears and eyes fast if you smell something really strong. It could be poison.

Town of the Butterflies

  • Hmm, it looks like we can plant some more seeds.
  • This is quite a unique experience. I like it!
Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • [Planting Seed] I wonder which one we should plant.
  • [Using Scales] Strange. The scales seem to make the flowers more beautiful.
  • [After Planting] I can't wait to watch the flowers grow.
Stage 02:

Tree Shaking

  • [Scales] Huhu, I found some scales.
  • [Seed] I found some more seeds.
  • [Special] Ah... Now this looks very interesting indeed.
  • [Strong Shake] There are quite a number of seeds falling down.
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] They're starting to bloom. I wonder how they'll turn out.
  • [Item Get] I suppose this incredibly sweet smell is to attract the butterflies?
  • n/a

Student's Day Off

Stage 01:


  • These weeds really are getting out of control... Maybe I should clean up out here once in a while.
  • Phew... That should do it. It feels nice to get in touch with nature like this.
  • Hmm? I don't remember seeing these flowers before... Huhu, I suppose someone must have planted them.
Stage 02:


  • Right. I should try to get as much done as I can before using any study guides.
  • ... Phew. That's about as much as I can do. Time to check the answers.
  • I did much better than I thought. I suppose it goes to show just how good a teacher I have.
Stage 03:


  • This should make for a nice picture. Let's get started.
  • Drawing light is more difficult than I thought... Maybe I need more shadow...
  • ... Oh, I've run out of green paint. Thinking about it now, I really should have brought extra.
Stage 04:


  • I always walk past this street, but I never go down it. Maybe I should do a little exploring.
  • What exactly is this statue here? there's no plaque or anything to explain it...
  • I didn't know there was a new store here... Let's take a look.
Stage 05:


  • These t-shirts have all kinds of different sayings on them... How fascinating.
  • Ah... I think I wanted to buy this accessory before, but it was out of stock.
  • Maybe I should try reinventing my look. How about this jacket, and these pants...

Feeling Thankful

Stage 01:


  • n/a
Stage 02:

Main Street

  • n/a
Stage 03:

Station Front

  • Boy , this is hard. Just what would be the perfect gift for this sort of situation?
  • I'll say it again, picking the right gift here is HARD.
Stage 04:

Animal Lab

  • I should be able to get some choice advice here. now then, whom to ask?
  • So, I've been having trouble choosing a gift to show my thanks to someone.
  • Oh, OK. Thanks, that helps. I never would have thought of that.

Life's No Cruise

Stage 01:


  • Crowns and Master Thieves... Ufufu, things really are turning interesting now.
  • Well, I'm impressed. Not only the outside but the inside is this well made. This is a real luxury cruise liner, alright.
  • Boy, is that dinner that I smell? It's heavenly. Ooh, it's making my mouth water.
Stage 02:


  • Let's start questioning with the galley staff.
  • You there, could I ask you a couple of questions? It won't take much of your time.
  • Well then, let's start the hunt for this thief. he's lurking here somewhere. Where should we look first?
Stage 03:

Captain's Room

  • A single Captain, huh? Pretty big room for just one guy.
  • Is that your stomach rumbling? How cute. Hang in there. We gotta earn our dinner tonight.
  • Hmm, uh uh. You can't just jump to conclusions just because you fixate on one thing in a case, [Teacher].
Stage 04:

Boiler Room

  • Uh oh, there are switches everywhere so be careful not to accidently
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "accidentally"
    set anything off.
  • I sure hope this oil smell comes out of my clothes.
  • This doesn't seem like a good place to play hide and seek. There are tons of hiding places but they all are dark and smelly.
Stage 05:


  • What a beautiful view of the sea.. I could spend the whole day up here.
  • That Garuze has quite the skills, disguising himself as the Captain like that.
  • Well, I don't know about you but I'm starving. Let's go eat dinner, hm?

Singing in the Rain

Stage 01:

Forest Entrance

  • I can't believe someone actually resides in such a deep forest.
  • It's a little difficult to see where you're going to due to the low visibility. Be sure to watch your step.
  • All right, let's go wake up the sleeping beauty.
Stage 02:

Frog Lake

  • I'm sure even the frogs are eagerly waiting for it to rain.
  • Shall we ask the frogs where Rain is?
  • I'm surprised by the number of frogs. With these many frogs, we can surely hear a circular canon.
Stage 03:

Hydrangea Meadow

  • What beautiful hydrangeas. Let's appreciate them for a bit.
  • Hm? Wait, was that a...? Was it just my imagination?
  • I'm surprised Rain isn't here, either... Where exactly is he then?
Stage 04:

Mushroom House

  • It
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "It's"
    that a real mushroom? It's awfully big.
  • A mushroom house, huh... That's like something from a fairy-tale novel.
  • I wonder who lives here. Let's go find out.
Stage 05:

Outside Shrine

  • So this seems to be Rain's shrine. Is it all right if we go inside?
  • The vibe is definitely different from anything I've felt before.
  • If you're planning on singing, I'll join you. I don't think I'm all that good, though.
Stage 06:

Inside Shrine

  • Huhu, we actually came in. I absolutely love the situation we find ourselves in.
  • I was expecting something majestic, but... this place has quite the relaxing vibe to it.
  • I wonder where Rain's bedroom is. We shouldn't wander around too much in the shrine.

Essence Of Cool

Stage 01:

Adult Escalator 38F

  • Cool adults, huh... What does it mean to be an adult, anyway?
  • A beard makes you an adult? Huhu... Now there's a unique idea.
  • I still know very little. I think the road to being an adult is a long one.
Stage 02:

Adult Escalator 45F

  • Sexiness, huh... Now that's interesting.
  • All the people talking have been so humble. Everyone seems like they have more to learn. It's really impressive.
  • That was an eye-opening talk. There are still so many things for me to ask.
Stage 03:

Adult Escalator 52F

  • This place feels so heavy... I wonder if this is the weight of the life of the people here.
  • The secret to staying young forever. Huh, that's something I could be doing now.
  • That person has a core strength... This heavy feeling is proof of that strength.
Stage 04:

Adult Escalator 65F

  • This ocean of kindness and pride... I wonder if this is the feeling of a person who is complete.
  • I think I hear a lot of really good stuff today.
  • I learned lots from so many people. I feel like I'll go on and use lots of this in a good way for my future.

Wish Upon A Star

Stage 01:

Tanabata Festival

  • Orihime and Hikoboshi, on a lovely Tanabata date... How romantic, huhu.
  • I'd love to hear what you think too, you know. Any ideas so far?
  • Let's do all we can to help out young Hikoboshi with his relationship woes.
Stage 02:


  • Yes, it's a good idea to practice their meet. Let's go through a trial run right here.
  • So Hikoboshi. What is it that you like most about Orihime?
  • You should take the time before she arrives to gather your nerves and try to relax.
Stage 03:


  • This park seems like a good place for a date. It's got that certain air about it.
  • I know you want to show off for her, Hikoboshi. But just remember to be yourself, okay?
  • I always like to take walks through the park. How about you?
Stage 04:

Milky Way

  • For so long I've wanted to see the stars up this close. They really are amazing.
  • Your actions are so honorable, Hikoboshi. So pure. You really are a good person.
  • At times like these, you just have to speak from the heart. Let her know how you feel.

By The Seaside

Stage 01:


  • It doesn't seem to be around here. Is there some place we didn't look?
  • Oh no, the wind is getting strong again. With wind like this, you really can't help but have things getting blown away.
  • We just can't seem to find it. From the way the wind was blowing I would have figured it'd be here.
Stage 02:

Main Street

  • I wonder if walking down the street while we look might cheer you up.
  • Your field of vision narrows when you are rushed. It is important to remain calm when looking for something.
  • I saw those people on the beach earlier. Maybe they know something.
Stage 03:


  • Want to take a break? I think you might be feeling a bit down.
  • I went to ask the staff, but I didn't get the answer you're looking for.
  • I had the tracks checked, but there was nothing like a hat there. I guess that's a bit of a good thing.
Stage 04:


  • There are so many gates. I wonder how many there are in total.
  • We could be surprised to find that hat hanging on one of the gates as we go along.
  • Climbing all these stairs is tough, but at least the view we get isn't that bad.
Stage 05:


  • The sounds of the waves is lovely. Just that sound makes for lovely background music.
  • Everyone seems to be having fun. I'm kind of interested in surfing.
  • We should ask the people on the beach about the hat. Maybe someone saw where it fell.
Stage 06:


  • It's so magnificent to see so many boats lined up. It seems a perfect fit for the ocean.
  • Are you interested in steering a boat? I figured riding a boat would suit you.
  • Are those people about to head out on a boat? Maybe we should ask them about the hat.

Romelio & Julietta

Stage 01:

Petting Zoo

  • Huhu, it looks like an ambush. Don't worry, there's go to be a way out.
  • Playing tag with rabbits... It's like the opposite of that Alice story.
  • Human-animal love is complicated, but if you won't give up, neither will I.
Stage 02:

Back Streets

  • Are you prepared to give your family and friends the pain of watching you hurt yourself?
  • As long as you work at it, I believe you will come to understand each other.
  • It's your family and friends' job to put an end to relationships that could be harmful to you. They're not doing it to hurt you.
Stage 03:

City Limits

  • Hmm, aren't they just grasping at straws at this point? It would be nice if they could just be on your side.
  • They seem to be good friends and I'm sure they care about you.. .So why are they doing this?
  • There is no greater feeling than knowing your best friends understands and accept you.
Stage 04:

Julietta's Town

  • By the way, are we almost there? We need to do something about the mob.
  • I thought about what I would do if I were in the same situation... I need to think about it some more...
  • I will never forget your decision.
Stage 05:

Julietta's House

  • I'm worried about Julietta too. You want to get there quickly, don't you?
  • I wonder what the person watching this unfold plans to do.
  • I wish you everlasting happiness. I hope you can overcome your troubles.

Memories of Summer

Stage 01:

School Field

  • The electric poles in the countryside are the same as those in the city, but they somehow feel different.
  • I wonder if the kids from the nearby elementary school grows thing in this field.
  • Your childhood friend... I'm sure I could hear a lot of great stories.
Stage 02:


  • What a beautiful river. For the creatures in this forest, it is an important source of water.
  • Did you notice the slight difference in height? Huhu... So Basically it just means you grew that much.
  • Lend your ear to the voice of nature and you'll hear so much... Oho, this is hardly something I need mention to someone like you who grew up here.
Stage 03:


  • That river flows out all the way to the ocean. Nature is alive... that's the feeling I get.
  • Oh? Your fishing rod... seems to be moving. Maybe you should pull it in and see what happened?
  • It looks like you got something big on the hook. Need some help? ... Huhu... Seems like there was no need to worry.
Stage 04:

Friend's House

  • I'm feeling a bit tired. We did a lot today, so I suggest we get some good rest.
  • I can hear the sound of wind-chimes beneath the sounds of insects. I guess it's fairly common, but it is a kind of lovely harmony.
  • I bet you can get a lovely view of the stars here at night. Why don't we all enjoy them together tonight.

Moonlight Date

Stage 01:


  • I'm glad that you seem to like this place too.
  • The night breeze brushes against the pampas. The moon floats in the night sky. This looks like some sort of fantasy.
  • Going moon viewing with you feels so refreshing. Both your heart and the moon are shining upon me.
Stage 02:

Moon Entrance

  • What is this place? If we were led by the moon then this is some moon world, but... Is that really true?
  • Since ancient times it's been said the moon holds strange powers, and it seems that's really true.
  • Well, this should be a fun adventure. We know nothing about this place but it should be fun as long as I'm with you.
Stage 03:

Moonlight Park

  • What a strange sight. Moon rabbits and moon people... It seems like this really is the moon.
  • The moon rabbits are are holding a mochi pounding contest. We might as well join since we have the chance to, right?
  • So I guess that light was the moon bringing us here. I f that's true, there must be some meaning behind it.
Stage 04:

Lunar Bar

  • So the bar's name is Moonlight.I see, the light of the moon on the moon... It's kind of romantic.
  • I quite admire the technique of this bartender. Ah, this kind of casual coolness truly is the sign of a real adult.
  • I'm a bit thirsty. I think this bar would be fine place
    in-game sentence, possibly supposed to be "a fine place"
    to quench my thirst.
Stage 05:

Crescent Shrine

  • So there are shrines in this world. Full=Moon Shrine is a perfect name, huh?
  • I hope that we can live fun lives like the people and rabbits of this world.
  • You want to get an omikuji? ... Huh, I pulled the best luck. If I take care of this, it should definitely pay off.

Gothic Horror

Stage 01:

Shopping Mall

  • Wow, this's pretty interesting. Since we're here we should gather these raffle tickets.
  • I wonder what wonderful things we can get with enough raffle tickets.
  • Are you enjoying shopping? ... Huhu, that's good.
Stage 02:

Theme Park (Start)

  • Huh... well look at this. I wonder what happened here.
  • We shouldn't stay here too long. We should just quietly go back.
  • This is supposed to be a place of amusement, but it seems more horror-like than anything else. this place would send children away crying.
Stage 03:

Theme Park (Chance)

  • A talking tin toy? Now that's surprising. I wonder if it contains some spirit. Maybe that's the kind of toy it is.
  • A talking tin toy. It's broken, but... if we play with it a bit maybe we'll feel more child like?
  • Okay, do you think talking to this tin toy is the right thing to do?
Stage 04:

Ruined Hill

  • Oho, watch your step. As you can see, this place is in ruins.
  • This place is pretty desolate. But even a view like this isn't terrible.
  • All the rusted machines and metal here, I wonder what it looked like back when it shined.

Sports in Fall

Stage 01:

Opening Ceremony

  • It's time for the sports event... Sigh, time is leaving me behind...
  • Huhu, this event looks fun. I'm going to do everything I can to have a good time.
  • Oh, you came too... You're going to be cheering for me from the crowd? That's reassuring.
Stage 02:

Scavenger Hunt

  • Hey, the note says to bring "Someone you like." So will you come with me?
  • I was honest because I wanted to see your expression. This was kind of fun(note)
  • Someone you like. Huh... Huhu, of course there's only one answer for me.
Stage 03:

Lunch Break

  • Hm? Ah, the bento is really delicious. I just got all into it. You eat some too. It's okay to praise yourself a little, you know?
  • Once again, what a splendid bento. Now I'm sure I'll do wonderfully during the second half.
  • Huhu... Getting all this exercise outside, eating outside... This is really great.
Stage 04:

Relay Race

  • During a relay, the team becomes one. More so than winning, it's important to work together to win.
  • Okay, I introduced myself to the person who will be giving me the baton and who I'll give the baton to.
  • This is what I've been waiting for. I've really got to show my spirit now.
Stage 05:

Closing Ceremony

  • A day of exercise sure puts a hurting on the body. Well, I feel fulfilled so that's more than enough.
  • We won thanks to everyone. But we shouldn't act too proud. That's rude to the losers, right?
  • It's strange that you're happier than me about the victory. Although it is heartwarming.

Wacky World of Mushrooms!

Stage 01:

Fall Forest

  • That mushroom was a doorway to this forest? What a strange connection to a mushroom foret, but it also feels somewhat romantic.
  • Look, there are mushrooms growing everywhere. I wonder if this forest is related to that mysterious mushroom.
  • The air is so fresh. I feel so relaxed... I need to be thankful for that mysterious mushroom.
Stage 02:

Mushroom Forest

  • I see,"mushroom forest" is a really easy to understand name. It's important for names to match reality.
  • Have you noticed how lively this entire forest is? I wonder if some sort of lovely event is going on.
  • There are people are gathering mushrooms and nuts, too. How about we help them out and ask them a lot about this forest while we do.
Stage 03:

Mushroom Party

  • Having a tea party in the forest sounds like a fairy tale.
  • It seems we can join the tea party if we gather mushrooms and nuts too. What do you think? Would you like to join?
  • Since we'll be given tea for the mushrooms and nuts we gather for them, we should get the best possible ones.
Stage 04:

Party Entrance

  • Huh... What a lovely smell. It's calming, and quite pleasant.
  • This is quite an original taste. Although that sensational taste might just not be for me...
  • Everyone here looks like they're having a good time. Is this the actual power of tea?
Stage 05:

Party Area

  • We must give thanks to this forest. We must also not forget how important this feeling is.
  • The organizer is here. I'd like to talk about so many things... There would be a lot of useful conversations.
  • Wow, the organizer is brewing their own tea? That's exciting.

Cyber Heroes

Stage 01:

Standby Screen

  • So this is the inside of your phone... Huhu, what a lively place.
  • Am I showing up on the screen? Maybe I should reach my hand out to you.
  • Okay, I should probably go a bit further. I'm excited to see what I find.
Stage 02:

Level 1 Access

  • Oh? This is a strange picture... What could it be trying to display?
  • There are strange pictures drawn deep inside as well. could the artist be ahead?
  • A strange person's shadow? Huh, now that's interesting.
Stage 03:

Level 2 Access

  • That strange picture was made by a mischievous virus? Huh, that's really important information.
  • A mischievous virus? I wonder what it looks like.
  • There's still graffiti. Could these be... Directions?
Stage 04:

Root Access

  • Oho, I lost it. The virus has a home advantage, so this is pretty hard.
  • Is this tag...? Huhu, how interesting. Even though I'm inside data, this is decent exercise.
  • I think the virus might actually want to play with me...


  • Responding to love is a really amazing thing.
  • If I plant more seeds, something special might happen.
Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • [Planting Seed] I wonder which one we should plant.
  • [Using Ornaments] Ornaments with magic is quite strange.
  • [After Planting] How about we pray for it to grow strong.
Stage 02:

Tree Tending

  • [Ornaments] I found a glittery and sparkling ornament.
  • [Seed] I have been waiting to find this seed.
  • [Special Drop] Huh, something wonderful dropped down.
  • [Love the Trees] With lots of love it will grow to be very big.
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] If I sing a song of love, they might grow even better.
  • [Item Get] We received wondrous gifts from the White Tree.
  • n/a

2018 Events

New Year's Vacation

Stage 01:

Tropical Beach

  • What lovely air travel. The view of the ocean from the sky was marvelous.
  • Truly beautiful oceans have such clear water. The sun's light makes the ocean surface sparkle.
  • I already know about this, but it being warm during New Year's still feels strange.
Stage 02:

Tropical Cruise

  • Look, you can see the head of a whale over there. I think we're lucky to get to see a whale in person.
  • I wonder if it's almost time to eat. A cruise lunch is provided, so I'm excited to see what's included.
  • I prepared some medicine for motion sickness. Tell me if you start feeling bad.
Stage 03:


  • Strolling around thinking about the souvenirs is entertaining. Why don't we take a nice little walk?
  • This really is a tourist spot. There are so many kinds of souvenirs that I can't even decide on anything.
  • I wonder what kind of souvenir would make [Teacher] happy... Huhu, thinking like this is kind of fun.
Stage 04:

Night Lounge

  • This store has a wonderful atmosphere. It's so calming and I feel relaxed.
  • Even though we took a flight this vacation, to run into people who had helped us last year is such a happy coincidence.
  • [Teacher], spending New Year's like this is different, but also kind of dreamlike.

Dream Chocolate Town

Stage 01:

Chocolate Town ~Sightseeing~

  • What kind of chocolate do you like? Just asking so that I know.
  • In order to get a variety of people to buy chocolate, the chocolate comes in so many different flavors and shapes.
  • Popular chocolate, huh... Huhu, looking around the shops while coming up with ideas is fun.
Stage 02:

Chocolate Workshop

  • They even have a chocolate tasting area. Huhu, you don't need to panic. The samples won't run away.
  • Bitter cacao is turned into sweet chocolate... People have amazing ideas when it comes to food.
  • The process to make chocolate is amazing. Thanks to mass production, we can easily get chocolate.
Stage 03:

Chocolate Town ~Cater~

  • Making chocolate... It's an unfamiliar territory, but doing it with you I don't think I have anything to worry about.
  • I'm not surprised we could find everything we needed so quickly in Chocolate Town. I can understand why chocolatiers gather here.
  • We can get what we need in Chocolate Town. First, let' look for all the necessities.
Stage 04:

Event Hall ~Lobby~

  • Lots of participants have gathered... I don't want to lose, but I'm also excited to see what they make.
  • There's a difference in reason for participating... What I mean is, since we are participating we need to put out results. We have to do our best.
  • Participating myself would have me feeling uneasy... Huhu, having you with me makes me feel better.
Stage 05:

Event Hall ~Final Review~

  • And lastly is the final judging. It's good to get the judges on your side, but each person has their own values.
  • Okay, these came out fine with no damage to the shape. The sweetness is also fine, I think.
  • Everyone is waiting for the results... I think it's impossible to remain calm while your work is being judged.

The Eternal Mage

Stage 01:

Solfia City

  • Oh, sorry. I was following my curiosity and got a little lost.
  • This is a lovely and lively town. A town is only as good as its residents.
  • Looking at this town, I can't imagine something is going to happen in the nearby forest. How do you feel?
Stage 02:

Winstock Cafe

  • This is the cafe the young magician recommended. It's quite a nice place.
  • Huhu, panicking will get us nowhere. Let's calm down and take a good look at what's going on, okay?
  • You should probably have something to eat. I'm feeling a bit hungry, too.
Stage 03:

Aveda Forest

  • Where is the god of the forest? Diverging at random is how you get lost.
  • Most of the plants are withering. This must be making the god of the forest sad.
  • Even though they are withering the trees in this forest are beautiful. Not how they look, but the way that they are clinging to life.
Stage 04:


  • The view from this observatory allowed me to be reminded of both the suffering and the beauty of the forest.
  • Bandits being here is quite the problem. I do not intend to look down on them, but I cannot deny their actions are not suitable for this forest.
  • Well, while we take a break, why don't we discuss what we do next? The events in this forest, the bandits... There is much to think about.
Stage 05:

Solfia City

  • Now the forest has been restored to its previous power. Everything will be fine. The forest has more power than I could have imagined.
  • The townsfolk are also happy. And this is just from what you did. I think it's fine to feel proud.
  • We've received so much thanks. Perhaps I should let you have it all.

White Day Mission

Stage 01:

Shopping Center

  • Hm. What would be a good gift?
  • This would probably be nice. Ohh, but this looks good, too.
  • ...[Teacher], is you were gonna receive a present, what would you want?
Stage 02:

Outlet Park

  • So I'd like for you to help me pick out some clothes. Is that alright?
  • Uhm... I don't know.. Something like this doesn't really suit me, does it...?
  • If you could choose something that you think looks good on me, that would be great.
Stage 03:

Cake Shop

  • This place has plenty of choices in terms of cake. And they all look delicious, it's hard not to get distracted.
  • Let's get this cake. Why? Hehe, no reason e can't indulge every once in a while.
  • Sorry you've had to do so much walking around for me. Will you come along for just a bit longer?
Stage 04:

Large House

  • Alright, here we are. Heh, were you surprised? Sorry to bring you all the way here.
  • Hehe, I planned a surprise for you. I hope you like it. Judging from your reaction, seems it was a success.
  • Now if you could just humor me for a little while longer, that'd be great. I promise, you'll have a good time.

Strawberry's Holiday

  • [Reply] The sweetest strawberry in the world... How fascinating. Are you searching for it too?
Stage 01:


  • There's a lot of hops around here. Will we find any strawberries that meet my expectations?
  • Which one shall we start from? I can't wait to discover new things.
  • You want to get the fruit platter? Fufu, okay, I'll trust your judgement.
Stage 02:

Shopping Street

  • The strawberry parfait we had was delicious. The delicate layering was really a sight to see.
  • Apparently, that fruit parlor we went to gets its fruit from a fruit shop. That's the secret to their flavors.
  • Parfaits, jams... So many foods made from just one fruit. People truly are ingenious.
Stage 03:

Fruits Farm

  • What an enormous farm. So this is where they grow their delicious fruits.
  • It seems we are allowed to pick strawberries here. I wonder if we'll find the sweetest strawberry in the world.
  • Are you looking forward to eating the ones you picked? We could eat them as they are, or make jam...Hmm.
Stage 04:

Nighttime Fruits Farm

  • The fruit farm looks beautiful in the moonlight. It's fun taking a stroll at night like this.
  • Look at this strawberry. The moonlight makes it look like a beautiful red jewel.
  • Be careful, it's hard to see the ground over there. Hold my hand while you walk.

Floral EASTER Delight

Stage 01:

Shopping District

  • Oh, the street is bustling today. Who would've thought the eggs would be hidden like this...
  • The Easter eggs will be hidden in unexpected places. Fufu, perhaps right under our noses.
  • Fufu, so this is where they hid one of the eggs. The pattern on it is quite cute.
Stage 02:


  • Look over there. A strange rabbit is carrying an Easter egg. What do you make of this?
  • It would seem a charming gentleman took the Easter eggs. How fascinating.
  • That rabbit is acting strangely. It's as if it wants us to follow it.
Stage 03:

The Forest

  • Well... it seems like we've come quite far now. You're not tired, are you?
  • Even if he is a gentleman, I can't say I approve of him taking the eggs. In any case, let's hear his side of the story.
  • Look, there's an Easter egg at the top of this tree. It seems someone went to a lot of effort to hide this.
Stage 04:

A Cute House

  • What a lovely garden. Someone takes good care of these flowers. The owner of this garden must be methodical.
  • The Easter Gentleman was quite classy, I agree, but why would a person like that take the eggs?
  • Well then, let's go find the final Easter eggs. Fufu, are you anxious? Don't worry, I'm sure you and I can find them.

Rules For Peace

Stage 01:

Nearby Convenience Store

  • To leave like that... without properly assessing the situation isn't like me at all.
  • [Confide > Why You're Sad] I got into an argument with an important person, left the house, and came here to cool my head.
  • [Confide > Start From Beginning] The problem was a simple misunderstanding. I'm sure it's fixable if we can properly talk...
  • [Confide > How You Feel Now] Since I've cooled off, I realize now that I should've apologized. I can't believe I got so upset over something so trivial...
  • [Stage End] I don't think I can return home yet... I still need time to cool off.
Stage 02:

Neighborhood Park

  • I could've changed the course of things if I had just apologized... No, I can't go back and change the past.
  • [Hold Ball > Make Him Get It] Since I don't want anyone to get hurt, do you think you can come get it?
  • [Hold Ball > Play With Ball] Huhu, I remember when we used to play with a ball like this. Those memories now bring a smile to my face.
  • [Hold Ball > Put Ball Down And Leave] n/a
  • [Stage End] I'm probably getting in the way of the kids being here. I'll go someplace a little quieter to enjoy my coffee.
Stage 03:

Favorite Cafe

  • There's no way to change the past... I just have to think about what I'm going to do next.
  • [Menu > Order Lunch] I wonder if eating will change my spirits. I think I'll get the chef's recommended lunch.
  • [Menu > Order Drink] ...Drinking coffee always hits the spot. I feel much better after unloading my worries.
  • [Menu > Close Menu] I'm sorry. I don't really feel like eating anything. I need to hurry home to fix things.
  • [Stage End] I wonder if [Teacher] is mad at me. Just thinking about it makes my chest hurt.
Stage 04:

Back Home

  • Why am I this nervous to say just one word? ... But if I don't say it, I'll definitely regret it.
  • [Home > Lights] The lights aren't on. Does that mean [Teacher] isn't here?
  • [Home > Living Room] This is a... letter. [Teacher] felt as sorry as I do...
  • [Home >Bedroom] She looks like she's sleeping soundly... Ah, [Teacher] was crying. I can't tell you how sorry I am.
  • [Stage End] I will apologize in the morning, and we'll finally be able to go back to normal.

Knight's Quest

Stage 01:


  • So this is Iwor...? It's teeming with such a mystical vibe.
  • Your knight and protector... Has a nice ring to it. I'll do what it takes to become that man. You'll see.
  • If you witnessed someone needing help with your very own eyes, how would you reach out to them?
Stage 02:
in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "Sacred"
Knights' Academy
  • The student training to become a knight... They have quite a brilliant glow , wouldn't you say?
  • Look at all the interesting books they have. And every single one is about knights and the chivalric code.
  • Knights are noble in nature. One of the students taught me that.
Stage 03:

Training Grounds

  • So these are the training grounds... I wonder how many knights have crossed swords in this very place.
  • Negligence and conceit lead to injury. Time to get my head in the game.
  • Quite heavy... This sword and shield... Just reading a textbook doesn't quite convey the gravity of it all.
Stage 04:

Sanctuary of 12 Stars

  • This sanctuary is quite large... Just being in such a sacred place really soothes the soul...
  • It's finally time to come face-to-face with a real knight... Mhm, I can feel your nervousness.
  • You think I can become a noble knight like them someday?
Stage 05:
in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "Chariot"
  • Leadership, nobility, integrity... The king of knights is the embodiment of such characteristics. Amazing.
  • I feel like I, too, have found what knighthood means to me.
  • Being permitted to see the king must mean that they think I have the spirit of a knight, right?

Night Parade

Stage 01:

Theme Park ~Morning~

  • This theme park's main attraction is the night parade. We still have plenty of time to enjoy the rest, then.
  • Fufu. I cannot wait to see what exactly this theme park has in store for us today.
  • Oh, I'm sorry. I was so distracted by that beautiful pant, I almost lost sight of you.
Stage 02:

Theme Park ~Noon~

  • We're going to go on other rides after this, right? We should probably get something to eat before that.
  • What are we going to do after lunch? Enjoying the other attractions is one possibility.
  • There are tons of people waiting on
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "in"
    line. Huhu, there's no reason to rush. The food isn't going anywhere.
Stage 03:

Theme Park ~Evening~

  • Parades have the ability to put smiles on people's faces. I want to do the same with my performance.
  • What a lovely sunset. I get excited knowing that the parade is going to start.
  • I'm going to be in the parade? Are they that desperate to pick someone with no experience?
Stage 04:

Night Parade

  • The parade outfit is definitely different. I wonder if it'll look good on me.
  • Huhu... I'll put a smile on the face of anyone who watches. I hope you're looking forward to it.
  • You can tell everyone is just so used to things. I don't want to let them or the people watching down.
Stage 05:

Theme Park ~Night~

  • Huhu, it's great seeing that little sparkling in everyone's eyes. I definitely won't let them down.
  • The illumination show exceeded my expectations. it also appears that you enjoyed yourself.
  • How about checking out the Ferris wheel after the parade? I say spending some quality time together is necessary.