Mischievous: Maliciously or playfully annoying.
According to how Gijin Kareshi named the personality, which was "やんちゃ", and how the reaction for this personality type is, it might be better to say "naughty" or "rascal".
"Mischievous is very positive and full of energy. He might not always be a good boy, but that makes him even more interesting!"
– Ambition

The special job that uses this personality requirement is Basketball Helper for 04:00.

Personality Requirements

Kindness Naughtiness Elegance Flamboyance Toughness
0 300 0 0 0
Bashfulness Cheerfulness Shyness Curiosity Frankness
0 500 0 500 500

Personality Reactions

Level Up

Level 05:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 5 and you went shopping to celebrate it.

  • "This shop is full of interesting things!" [Student] is having a great time shopping with you.
  • [Student] has stopped in front of a home center. "Wow, this place is huge!!"
  • [Student] looks interested in a blanket, so you bought it for him. "It's so soft and warm~! I love it!"

Level 10:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 10 and you watched a movie at home to celebrate it.

  • "Time for some head blowing action!" [Student] is excited.
  • The movie has started. [Student] is hyped.
  • "Oh, that was super amazing! We should watch it in a movie theater next time!" [Student] is very satisfied.

Level 15:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 15 and you went to a cafe to celebrate it.

  • "This place seems to be pretty calm and cozy." [Student] is looking around the cafe.
  • You added some milk to [Student]'s coffee. "That's better. Thank you!" [Student] seems to be liking the taste.
  • [Student] is very satisfied.

Level 20:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 20 and you went to a park to celebrate it.

  • "This park used to seem so wide before..." [Student] is nostalgic.
  • "Hey, check this out!" [Student] rushed to the swings.
  • "These swings are really nostalgic..." [Student] is lost in old memories.

Level 25:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 25 and you went to a park to celebrate it.

  • [Student] is holding a microphone and staring at the speakers. "What are these?!"
  • "I can hear my own voice in this room!" [Student] is speaking into the microphone.
  • [Student] enjoyed talking into the microphone. "I still don't know how to sing but it was fun!"

Level 30:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 30 and you went to karaoke to celebrate it.

  • "Wow... So much fish! !!" [Student] is staring into the fish tank.
  • "I used to be scared of water, but looking at it now, it seems to be very fascinating." [Student] is remembering his childhood.
  • "The water was so shiny! Maybe we should buy a fish tank and raise some fish at home, what do you think?" [Student] enjoyed the aquarium.

Level 35:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 35 and you went to an amusement park to celebrate it.

  • "Wooow, so cool! Hey, I've seen this guy somewhere before!" [Student] ran off closer to the mascot character.
  • "I wanna ride that!!." [Student] is pointing out the Jet Coaster.
  • You took the Jet Coaster ride with [Student]. "That was way more scary than I imagined!!"

Level 40:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 40 and you went to a restaurant to celebrate it.

  • "W-what is this place?!" [Student] is wincing.
  • "What is this? A blanket?" [Student] is confused.
  • "Hmm... If the place wasn't that stiff I'd like to come here again..." Looks like [Student] was feeling uncomfortable.

Level 45:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 45 and you went to a planetarium to celebrate it.

  • "Aren't we inside a room? Why can I see the stars?" [Student] is amazed.
  • The show has started. [Student] is very surprised.
  • "So stars have names...! I never knew that~!" [Student] is enjoying the planetarium.

Level 50:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 50 and you went to a cinema to celebrate it.

  • "Cinema! Cinema!" [Student] is filled with excitement.
  • "The movie started." [Student] is looking at the screen with his eyes wide open.
  • "What a great movie! The main character was so handsome~!" [Student] looks very satisfied.

Level 55:
(Normal) [Student] reached level 55 and you went to a zoo to celebrate it.

  • "A zoo... Well, this brings back memories. Did you know it's the most popular place for us beasts to work?"
  • "Wow, look! It's my childhood friend! I'll go chat with him!" [Student] ran off to talk to his friend.
  • "Life here seems to be such fun...! But I really like the life I am leading now, so I don't feel any regrets!" [Student] had a lot of fun chatting to his old friend.

(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 55 and you went to a zoo to celebrate it.

  • "Zoo... This place is pretty nice. Some of my acquaintances work here." [Student] seems to feel nostalgic.
  • "Speak of the devil! One of them is over there! I'm going to go talk to him!" [Student] ran off to chat to his friend.
  • "He invited me to work here, but I refused! I want to live with [Teacher]!" [Student] is more motivated to become a human.

(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 55 and you went to a zoo to celebrate it.

  • "This zoo... Could it be that... " [Student] is feeling something.
  • "I knew it! My senior used to work here when I was still a cub and he would always give me the most useful advice!" [Student] wants to meet his old friend.
  • "I'm so glad we could meet again! He looks happy as well!" [Student] is having fun.

Level 60:
(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 60 and you went for a drive to celebrate it.

  • "To be honest... I am a bit scared..." [Student] is nervous.
  • You drove slowly. "This is much less scary than I though
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "thought"
    ! If you drive slowly I can enjoy the view from the window!"
  • "I had a great time! Anything I do together with [Teacher] is very special!" [Student] could relax.

Level 65:
(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 65 and you went to see a horse race to celebrate it.

  • "Wow, this place is so crowded! I wonder if there are any people here who used to be beasts..." [Student] is excited.
  • You watched a race with [Student]. "No way!"
  • "The horses were chatting about humans while running, can you believe it!" [Student] is feeling amazed.

Level 70:
(As Good Friends) [Student] reached level 70 and you went to hot springs to celebrate it.

  • "Sauna? Saunas are the places they often test your guts on TV, right?" [Student] rushed to the sauna.
  • 20 minutes later...[Student] is nowhere to be seen.
  • 30 minutes later... "Now I see... Guts might not be the most important thing in the world..." Seems like [Student] overdid it a little. Make sure he drinks a lot of water.

(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 70 and you went to hot springs to celebrate it.

  • "A stone bath? What's that? Sounds interesting!" [Student] took off in the direction of the stone bath.
  • You can hear [Student]'s voice coming for
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "from"
    the stone bath section.
    "Why didn't you tell me it's so freaking hot?!"
  • "It was absolutely boiling there..." [Student] looks tired.

Level 75:
(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 75 and you went to the museum to celebrate it.

  • "Look! A world clay figure exhibition? We have to check it out! He-he-he~!." [Student] looks kind of excited.
  • You walked around the museum with [Student]. "Look at this face it's great! It
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "I"
    gotta figure out how to make it!"
  • "I think I should start making clay figures too! I will definitely make one of you, so be prepared!" [Student] enjoyed the exhibition.

Level 80:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 80 and you went to a botanical garden to celebrate it.

  • "Hmm... It's like we were suddenly teleported to the Jungles!" [Student] is staring around.
  • You walked around the gardens with [Student]. "Hey, check this out! A bonsai! Let's come closer."
  • "This bonsai is way to
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "too"
    hip! I was imagining bonsai differently!" After all [Student] really liked the Western-style bonsai.

(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 80 and you went to a botanical garden to celebrate it.

  • "Carnivorous plant! That one is must see!" [Student] is staring around.
  • You walked around the gardens with [Student]. "This one is huge!I bet it eats not only insects!"
  • "I wonder if it will drink water if I pour it inside?" [Student] is interested in the monkey cups.

Level 85:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 85 and you went to a church to celebrate it.

  • "I wonder if God will hear me out." [Student] is bracing himself.
  • You prayed with [Student]. "........"
  • "For some reason I am feeling super motivated right now! I'll do my best, so please support me, okay, [Teacher]? [Student] enjoyed the church.

(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 85 and you went to a church to celebrate it.

  • "I have done no evil, so I should be spared on Judgement Day!" [Student] is kind of worried.
  • You prayed with [Student]. "I wish to spend all my life with [Teacher]..."
  • "I was a good boy, so please make my wish come true! [Student] is desperate.

Level 90:
(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 90 and you went hiking to celebrate it.

  • "So this is where our adventure begins!" [Student] is excited.
  • You started climbing with [Student]. "Still not the peak... Hey, are you okay? If you aren't feeling well, let's take a break, okay?"
  • "We've made it! Look at this amazing view! It was worth the struggle! You reached the top and [Student] looks happy and feels accomplished.

Level 95:
(As Good Friends) [Student] reached level 95 and you went to the seaside to celebrate it.

  • "So I've heard that the sea water is salty. I wonder how it tastes..." [Student] is excited.
  • You walked along the sandy beach with [Student]. "So all of us actually came from the sea?"
  • "And then we have left the sea and started living on the shore. So the next destination should definitely be the sky!" [Student] is watching the sunset.

(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 95 and you went to the seaside to celebrate it.

  • "The waves look so beautiful today..." [Student] is excited.
  • You walked along the sandy beach with [Student]. "C-can we hold hands...?"
  • "I am so happy right now! I wish that time would just stop!" [Student] is gazing into the sunset.

Level 100:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 100 and you went on a calm meal to celebrate it.

  • "Finally I've reached level 100..." [Student] is looking down.
  • "I was able to make it this far because [Teacher] was by my side." [Student] is looking straight into your eyes.
  • "I will work extra hard and one day I will become a great human... So I want you to stay with me and wait for that moment." [Student] felt a strong connection between you.

(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 100 and you went on a calm meal to celebrate it.

  • "Finally I have reached level 100..." [Student] is looking down.
  • "I was able to make it this far because you always stayed by my side and supported me. [Teacher], Thank you!" [Student] is looking straight into your eyes.
  • "I am so thankful to you! Please take care of me from now on too!" [Student] felt a strong connection between you.


  • [First Time Confessing] [Student] jumped out looking extremely nervous. Hey, I... I was looking for you! Listen... All the time we have spent together... It has made me kind of interested in [Teacher]! Em... So how should I put it... Can you date me?
    • [I would love to] For real...? Wow!! Super! I can't express how happy I am right now, [Teacher]! You are now in a relationship with [Student].
    • [Let's be friends first] Oh... I get it. Let's be good friends... You became friends with [Student].
  • [Second Time Confessing] [Student] asked you to come out for a talk. He sounded unusually nervous. I thought a lot about it, but you see, I just can't give up on you, [Teacher]... So would you give me a chance and date me? I promise to make you happy!
    • [It would be my pleasure] (need information)
    • [I'm sorry] (need information)


  • Graduation... Hard to believe that it's really happening.
  • [Teacher], always being together as friends... Ah, never mind, I'm not good at this!
  • [Teacher], I won't forget you, so don't forget me! Please, promise me that. See you!

Special: Valentine's Day 2016

  • "Hey... you do know what day it is soon, right?" He looks fidgety. What could it be?
  • "You really don't know?! Valentine's Day! So... here, I made you some chocolates!" [Student] gave you some chocolates!
    • [I'll take them home.] "Just don't say a word if disgusting, okay? ... Hmm? Did I put that in there...?" Ah! Something fell out of the chocolates! → [Chocolate Box type 3]x1
    • [I'll eat them right now] "Y-you're gonna eat them right here?! ... Hmm? Did I put that in there...?" Ah! Something fell out of the chocolates! → [Chocolate Box type 1]x1


2015 Events

Dark Easter Night

  • [Reply]
Stage 01:
  • Hm? Was the sky really this dark a second ago?
  • People write each other messages at Easter, hence Easter cards.
  • And where did that rabbit go?
  • Don't tell me you're scared, [Teacher]? Don't worry, I'm here with you!
Stage 02:
  • What was with that guy?
  • Wow~, the chandeliers are amazing!!
  • Is there someone else here? Am I just going crazy?
  • Hmm... I get the feeling something might jump out at us.
Stage 03:
  • I don't even know which way we came in now.
  • Party preparations? I'm not sure the mood is quite right...
  • That rabbit just keeps hopping off elsewhere...!
  • ... Looks like quite a party, for a supposedly empty castle.
Stage 04:
  • Wow, this room is huge! What kind of house is this?
  • Be careful in here, [Teacher].
  • Hey, [Teacher], is that a door by the stairs there?
  • Well, I guess we should try this door then. And... there! Huh?! Wooahhhh~!!
Stage 05:
  • Ah, I think I see a light! That must be the exit.
  • I think we'll need more than candlelight to see our way through here...
  • I guess that door led to this underground passage.
  • Oww!... Hm? Where are we...?
Stage 06:
  • Do you think that castle was abandoned, [Teacher]?
  • I wonder why there's a laboratory so far underground.
  • The paranormal... I'd say this a good place to research...
  • That rabbit... he's just so fast...

Let's go shopping! 2

  • Hey hey~ Buy me this one!!
    • [Buy the K bag] Wahoo! Thanks!!
    • [Buy the Jin bag] Thanks so much! I really wanted it!
    • [Don't buy anything] Mmm fine. I'll forget about it.
  • [Conversation] I really like that store there!
  • [Conversation] I'm so glad I came with [Teacher]!
Stage 01:
  • This place is stunning!
  • Let's look over there!
Stage 02:
  • It's so big! I don't even know where to start!
  • Let's try that store!
  • Found the floor guide! Hmm... Where are we now?
Stage 03:
  • Ahh, finally... A chance to sit down!
  • W-wait! I can't drink coffee!
  • Can I get some ice cream?
Stage 04:
  • That ice cream totally recharged me!! Where's next?
  • I didn't even know there were so many types of clothing...
  • I want this T-shirt!
Stage 05:
  • Sweets too?! Yay~!!
  • Tonight's dessert is gonna be amazing!
  • This one doesn't look right... It's kinda... squid-shaped...
Stage 06:
  • Today was such fun!! Tiring... but fun!
  • Tidy up? Now?! Aww~...
  • Let's go out again soon!!
Stage 07:


Picnic Party

Stage 01:
  • Do you know what kind of bento you want~?
  • Let's use this bento box! The one with five layers!
  • My tamagoyaki, it fell apart... How did you make yours so well?!
Stage 02:
  • Here we aaaare!
  • This train is so peaceful I can hardly keep my eyes open!
  • Hm? I don't see any staff here. Who am I supposed to give my ticket to?
Stage 03:
  • Woah!... Oh, it was a ladybug!
  • Did you hear those birds? I wonder what kind they are...
  • The sunlight feels so warm!
Stage 04:
  • A waterfall! I thought I could hear water...
  • Did something scare the fish? I just heard them swim away.
  • This sound makes me feel sleepy~
Stage 05:
  • Wow, so many flowers!
  • I guess we're not allowed to take the flowers home, are we...
  • I didn't expect we'd be alone, but I certainly didn't expect a solo picnicker! Amazing.
Stage 06:
  • Wahoo, we're here!
  • This korokke is amazing! Did you make it, [Teacher]?
  • What a great view! No better place to have a picnic!

Work Experience

  • [Reply] They're all so exciting! I just can't decide!
  • [Reply] Oh, hey, are you also going to the work experience?
Stage 01:
  • Teaching classes is hard. I don't know the answers.
  • What subject do you think suits me?
  • If I were a teacher, I'd make the whole day free study!
Stage 02:
  • Whoa! I wasn't expecting all these little kids to come out!
  • They're so cute. I'm going to play blocks with them.
  • Oh, it's nap time? I think I'll go join them.
Stage 03:
  • This building is huge! What goes on here?
  • Oh, wow! Look over there! That person looks amazing!
  • Wow, the people who do makeup sure are stylish!
Stage 04:
  • So, this is a TV studio! Wow! I wonder if I could get on air.
  • So, everyone looks strange because they're going to be on TV.
  • What should I be doing? ... What is a "fix"?
Stage 05:
  • What a spacious room!
  • Ah, a cartoonist! I wonder what comic is being drawn here.
  • So you want me to erase the pencil lines? Okay, I got it!
Stage 06:
  • Ooh, this cafe looks great! It smells so nice!
  • So this job is called a barista? Sounds like a soldier's name!
  • Wait, can I try doing latte art? Let me, let me!

Flower Promenade

  • I'd like to get this... Is that okay?
    • [Buy the K bag] Yay! Thank you!
    • [Buy the Jin bag] --
    • [Don't buy anything] I knew it... Okay, I won't ask again.
  • [Conversation] Let's take a picture together!
  • [Conversation] Yo! Did you buy some souvenirs?
Stage 01:
  • The breeze feels so good!
  • Nemophila ice cream...?! I want to try that!
  • What! This is amazing! It's all flowers!
Stage 02:
  • It's a festival! But it's some kind of quiet festival.
  • How many ponds are in the garden!? Isn't this amazing!?
  • So that person is the garden's owner. He looks so cool!
Stage 03:
  • What flowers did you say you like, [Teacher]? Let's go see them!
  • It seems we definitely need a map of the park to get around here...
  • First let's go see the moss pink! Now is the best time to see it!
Stage 04:
  • Wow, [Teacher], your food looks amazing! Let me have a bite!
  • Yes! Time to eat! I'm starving!
  • A flower hamburger...? What is that?
Stage 05:
  • I'm going to meet the Queen...! I feel like I'm dreaming!
  • This... place feels like an imperial court... I'm so nervous!
  • THat knight is so cool! But he's just running back and forth... Is he okay?
Stage 06:
  • Since we're both tired, you want to order a pizza for dinner?
  • We went to so many places! I had a blast!
  • Let's do something like this again sometime!
Stage 07:
  • [Conversation] What a big castle! Wow...!
  • [Conversation] Did you meet the castle's lord?
  • How did I not notice this huge castle until now!?
  • Okay! Let's go to the castle tower!
  • The wisteria trellis here is amazing!

After School Game

  • [Reply] School gets me all excited!
  • [Reply] This game is hard, but at least it's pretty fun!
Stage 01:
  • So, it's club time? I want to join in!
  • We're going to get something? I the fun in trying to find it?
  • Where should we start looking? All these desks are confusing me!
Stage 02:
  • This place is so big and maze-like.
  • There are so many classrooms! I'm getting lost!
  • I can see the schoolyard from here! Let's go there later!
Stage 03:
  • I get sleepy whenever I'm in the library.
  • Wouldn't reading all of these wordy books just be a big hassle?
  • Where should we start looking?
Stage 04:
  • Hm, if there was one place I'd look in the gym, it'd be the... storeroom?
  • They're playing badminton over on that court! It looks like so much fun!
  • Ooh, they're playing basketball! Can I go and play with them?
Stage 05:
  • What a great view!
  • We've made it to the last place!
  • Hey, hey, how many things did we find?


  • [Reply] All of these recipes use eggs, so we'd better get plenty.
Stage 01:

Elven Mountain Stage

  • The mountains are so much cooler than I thought.
Stage 02:

Elven Grotto Stage

  • What beautiful crystals!
Stage 03:

Elven Town Stage

  • With all these machines, this town just feels a bit cold.
Stage 04:

Elven Meadow Stage

  • This doesn't seem like a bad place to go on a relaxing walk.
Stage 05:

Elven Beach Stage

  • Whoa! I can breathe under the sea!
Stage 06:

Elven Forest Stage

  • That is a creepy looking mushroom...

Tropical Vacation

Stage 01:


  • Hm? The luggage? It's not heavy at all! It's all summer clothes.
  • So we can watch movies and eat on the plane? I can't wait!
  • Is it still not boarding time yet? I think even the plane wants to take off already!
Stage 02:


  • A pool! And it's just for us! Amazing!
  • The butler will get anything for us! Isn't that great?
  • We can see the ocean from our room! Let's go swimming later!
Stage 03:


  • Surfers are so cool... I want to try too!
  • Alright! I'm going to ride the banana boat at least five times!
  • Hey, [Teacher], let's do the marine walk! We can see pretty tropical fish!
Stage 04:

Ocean Floor

  • All these different tropical fish and corals are so pretty!
  • Oh! The fish came near us! This is so fun, [Teacher]!
  • Whoa! I touched a starfish! ...But it felt harder than I thought it would.
Stage 05:

Shopping Mall n/a

Stage 06:

Beach Restaurant

  • Let's go for the all-you-can-eat! Everything looks good!
  • I wonder what beer tastes like...

Looking After Teacher

Stage 01:

Convenience Store

  • Made it to the convenience store!
  • Drinks and ice and... Ack, what else did I need?
  • Huh? That's all the change? I bought way too much... Oh well!
Stage 02:


  • Whoa... There are so many different medicines. What should I buy?
  • Is that person wearing white a doctor? ...Hmm? should I call them a doctor?
  • Um... I need medicine to make someone feel super better!
Stage 03:


  • Hm, which section should I start with?
  • I'm so worried that if I do the wrong thing, [Teacher] will get worse!
  • Hm, okayu is the best for a cold! Even I can make that!
Stage 04:


  • Hm? I here
    in-game mispelling, word is supposed to be "hear"
    someone over there... Is that a priest?
  • I hope that [Teacher] feels better!
  • Now what can I do?

Music Festival

  • Hey! This looks great!!
    • [Buy] Alright!! Thanks!
    • [Don't buy] Yeah... No worries...
Stage 01:

Idol Stage

  • Music festivals really fill you with energy, huh? I wonder why that is...
  • This must be the idol stage, then.
  • This place is filled with girls... Maybe I should hang back a bit.
Stage 02:

Anime Song Stage

  • I can't get enough of this excitement! Everyone's so pumped!
  • Apparently this stage is for famous anime songs and stuff.
  • That was amazing! A real unique festival experience.
Stage 03:

Rock Stage

  • That guitarist is so cool~!
  • Alright, this is more like it!
  • There's nothing better than real singing at a real live performance!
Stage 04:

Jazz Stage

  • A jazz show? I dunno anything about jazz...
  • I've never been to a live show without all the shouting and singing before.
  • I thought this would be really boring, but it's actually not that bad!
Stage 05:

Acoustic Stage

  • Ahh, I'm feeling pretty tired after all that rocking.
  • Apparently there's another festival on next year. I hope we can go together again.
  • Wow, it's gotten so dark already.


  • [Reply] Make sure you get a lot of sweets!
Stage 01:

Laboratory Hall

  • This feels like a little trip! I can't wait!
  • I'm gonna eat my fill of candy!
  • What exactly is a Nightmare Town anyway?
Stage 02:

Ambi Hills

  • All this walking has made me hungry~!
  • This is the perfect place for a picnic!
  • Did you make all this food yourself, [Teacher]...? It tastes amazing!
Stage 03:

Abandoned Building

  • Woah, it's suddenly pitch black!
  • This is pretty fun, it's like a maze!
  • What was Hayato talking about, anyway? Is there some kind of surprise waiting for us?
Stage 04:

Ephemeral Cave

  • We're almost at Nightmare Town! I can't wait!
  • This feels like a secret entrance! It's so cool!
  • I see a light!I wonder what it could be!
Stage 05:

Nightmare Town

  • Look at that! A witch flying through the sky! Do you think she'll let me try her broom
  • They said we're gonna get tons of sweets! I hope there's some pumpkin-flavor ice cream, too.
  • "Woah, your wolf costume is amazing!!" [Student] is talking to a man in costume.

Driving on the Moon

Stage 01:

Moonwatch Manor

  • It's still pretty hot for fall, isn't it?
  • The Moon looks huge~!
  • Can I eat those dango yet?
Stage 02:

Moon Ruins

  • Huh? Where's this?
  • That's not the Earth up there, is it?
  • Ow! Huh, I guess I'm not dreaming after all...
Stage 03:

Temple of the Moon

  • This building's huge~! I bet the final boss is in here.
  • Let's just take a look around first.
  • I can't hear a sound... Is there no one here?
Stage 04:

Moonlit Garden

  • Hey, there's a pond in this garden. Can I go for a swim?
  • Suddenly everything's Japanese-style. What a weird place we're in.
  • I can see another building over there.
Stage 05:

Moonlight Villa

  • Wow! All of the walls are made of glass. This must be a rich man's house for sure.
  • There's a bunch more rooms here too. Shall we have a look around?
  • This top-floor room is the most amazing of all.
Stage 06:

Moonwatch Manor

  • Hmm? Is this... the manor?
  • Ah, and the Moon's come back too!
  • I guess somehow we found our way back!

Of Wind and Shadow

  • [Reply]Oh man, it's so great to see you guys!
  • [Reply] Really? You saw a ninja?!
Stage 01:

Eerie Forest

  • Huh...? Any idea where we are, [Teacher]?
  • Right, let's get ourselves out of here! All we need to do is follow the Merchant, right?
  • ...Hmm? Is that a Power Stone?! No, wait.. the color's not quite right.
Stage 02:


  • Wow, it's so dark in here...! let's get out of here quick, [Teacher]!
  • ... Wah! Look, [Teacher]! Have you ever seen so many bats?!
  • Do you hear water? Maybe there's a pool back there... I wonder where this cave even leads to...
Stage 03:

Bamboo Grove

  • A bamboo grove? Alright, let's just blast straight through this place!
  • Suddenly I feel like eating some bamboo snacks...
  • Is that a wild panda?! I've never seen one before! Can I take a picture?!
Stage 04:

Way out

  • It's night time already, huh~... Wow, and we've been walking this whole time, too.
  • We've really gotta hand it to this Merchant though, he's helped us out this whole way!
  • Ah, [Teacher]! I see the way out!
Stage 05:

Walk Home

  • Wow, the stars look amazing! I guess we're actually pretty lucky to see this.
  • I'm so hungry! I just wanna go home and enjoy some of [Teacher]'s delicious cooking!
  • Weirdo alert... Wait, he's not a ninja, is he?
Stage 06:

(EX Stage) Edge of Time

  • What?! The world around us just changed completely!
  • The Merchant's got a strange look on his face. Is he feeling sick or something?
  • There's these weird lanterns all around. Is there a festival on?

A Merry Night's Work

Stage 01:

Santa's village

  • I can't believe Santa's really real!
  • Woah look, a flying sleigh!
  • This place is amazing...
Stage 02:

Winter Guest House

  • What a beautiful guest house.
  • Alright! Time to get helping!
  • Santa sure has a lot of staff...
Stage 03:

Sightseeing Spot

  • Wow! That tree is amazing!
  • So this is where we look for popular items as gifts? Let's get to it!
  • There's a lot of people around. Let's hold hands so we don't get split up.
Stage 04:


  • There's a real chill in the air here...
  • Huh, so this is Santa's base...?
  • Amazing stained glass windows!
Stage 05:

Another World

  • What is this place? It's amazing!
  • Wait, what...? Are we riding a cloud right now?!
  • Alright! Let's give this angels and demons some gifts!
Stage 06:

Xmas Eve Party!

  • Wow, there are Santas from all over the world gathered here... What's with the power-suit Santa?!
  • I don't think I've ever eaten caviar before.
  • So tired~. But that was great fun!
Stage 07:

(EX Stage) Santa's Secret House

  • I saw a real shifty-looking Santa!
  • I never would have thought there'd be an actual secret house under those pipes!
  • Apparently there's secret houses all around here!
  • Let's take a break.
  • I'd love a secret house like this...
  • Ahh, so sleepy... Let's keep resting just a little longer...

Alchemy School

Stage 01:


  • So we need to gather up materials, huh? Let's get to it!
  • These amazing-smelling roses are used in synthesis, apparently!
  • I want some cola! The hard part is choosing what to eat~♪
Stage 02:


  • Woah! What a fancy entrance... I think we might be a little out of our depth here...
  • There's way too many doors here, I think we're gonna get lost...
  • Hmm? Hey, [Teacher]! Is there something on the ground over there?!
Stage 03:


  • Wow... I've never seen so many gigantic bookshelves...
  • I guess it makes sense there's no manga here, but still...
  • [Teacher], if you have any book recommendations, I wanna hear them♪
Stage 04:


  • I can't believe places like this really exist underground!
  • Haha! You got water splashed all over!
  • ... Does this place smell funny to you?
Stage 05:


  • What a beautiful garden! It must be so tough keeping it all tidy...
  • Once we find all these materials, we should come back and enjoy this garden properly.
  • Hey, I see someone! [Teacher], let's ask if they know of any materials around here!
Stage 06:


  • Woah! There's feathers falling from the sky!
  • I've never seen rainbow-colored feathers before... How are they even made?
  • I can't even see where I'm going for all the feathers around here.

2016 Events

Gods of the Mountain

  • [Reply] Did you find any interesting spots around?
Stage 01:

Forest of Ambi

  • I just love the cool breeze out here!
  • Look! A deer! It's staring over at us!
  • I'm gonna find a bunch of matsutake mushrooms and give them all to you, [Teacher]!
Stage 02:

Inari Shrine

  • Coming to a place like this just makes me wanna eat inari-zushi... Heheh.
  • There are more gates behind the shrine? I wonder how far they stretch... Let's check it out!
  • Huh? You saw the statue move> Th-that's impossible...!
Stage 03:

Ambi Summit

  • It's gotten dark so quickly! It's almost evening already.
  • The air up here's so fresh, I wanna carry it back down the mountain!
  • Summit reached! Wow! This view is amazing!
Stage 04:

Garden Of Gods

  • Hmm? whose garden is this? It's amazing!
  • Woah! Look at all the beautiful leaves around!
  • Look at those ducks paddling in the pond! They're so cute.
Stage 05:

Shrine Path

  • The traditional style of this pathway is just incredible. It's so filled with emotion.
  • What a long path this is. I wonder how much longer it takes to reach the skies.
  • I just cannot believe we actually have the chance to meet a real god. I'm so excited.
Stage 06:

The Mountain God

  • Look! The other mountains look so tiny from up here! We really might be up in heaven!
  • I really wanna ask the god what he does here in his free time!
  • Wow! This place is so big! I wonder how many football fields could fit in here...

Literary Works

Stage 01:

Second-Hand Books

  • This store does have some very cheap books.
    • [Look at textbooks] These are the kind of books you study from?
      • [Medical book] Hmm... This looks pretty difficult...
      • [Philosophy book] What exactly is philosophy anyway?
    • [Look at manga] Ah! There's another floor above us!
      • [Stay here] I guess, we still haven't searched everywhere here yet.
      • [Go up] It looks like there's CDs and stuff up there!
Stage 02:


  • Let's go looking for books!
    • [Go inside] Nothing but huge books around this area...
      • [History book] History books... I'm not a big fan myself, really.
      • [Encyclopedia] I bet I'd become the perfect human being if I read all of these.
    • [Don't go inside] I wonder where this author comes from.
      • [Japan] Really? I had no idea. This must be a penname.
      • [America] America... Where is that again?
Stage 03:


  • Alright then, where's next?
    • [Bookshelves] I think these are the children's books!
      • [Search here] These books should be much easier for me to read~!
      • [Move on] Alright then, let's keep on searching♪
    • [Counter] So we can use this machine to search for books!
      • [Search by genre] So this is the kind of genre you're into, huh.
      • [Search by author] You like this author?

Animal Onsen Mystery Tour

Stage 01:

Onsen Ryokan

  • This place has quite an atmosphere to it. I wonder how long it's been here.
  • There's so many types of baths here. What even is "hinoki"?
  • The owner's a bit of a weirdo... I like him!
Stage 02:


  • The view from up here is amazing!
  • How much longer till dinner gets here?
  • What a huge room! We could easily get like 10 people in here!
Stage 03:


  • No water? But this is a ryokan, famous for baths!
  • Is someone just taking all the water for themselves?
  • Let's help find whoever did this!
Stage 04:

Onsen Town

  • The ryokan owner's coming with us? Sure, why not! He's great!
  • So the spring starts high up on this mountain here?
  • Something smells strange up here. Like boiled eggs.
Stage 05:

Stone Steps

  • It's suddenly gotten way darker...
  • Hey, do you hear that noise? It's coming from up there.
  • Just a little further!
Stage 06:

Summit Shrine

  • Found the culprit~!
  • He didn't seem like a bad guy, actually.
  • Is that it then? All this walking has made me really hungry.
Stage 07:


  • Wait, that wasn't the start of the mystery tour?
  • What a bizarre thing to happen to us...
  • Do you think the ryokan owner's okay?
Stage 08:

Open-Air bath

  • Ouch! It's boiling hot! Maybe we should wait for it to cool a little.
  • This bath is huge!
  • Finally, it's filled with nice, hot spring water!

The Legend of GIJIN

Stage 01:

(Towns:) Kingdom of Amsha, Sakura Metropolis, Helios City

  • I think I see someone over there. Should we go say hi?
  • Alright, it's time for some adventure! Come on, [teacher]!
  • Woah! We came here in an isntant! That God of Time is pretty incredible!
Stage 02:

(Battle:) Krizsa Mountains, Forgotten Shrine, Soul Valley

  • Something about a battle just sounds so exciting.
  • Did you hear that sound? From over there?
  • Are you scared, [Teacher]?
Stage 03:


  • Ahh, I'm tired!
    • [Take a rest] Woah! Lucky me, I found another egg!
    • [Give a drink] Thanks! I feel much better!
    • [Give your lap] Really? You're the best, [Teacher]!
  • Hello~? Eggs? Come out, come out, wherever you are!
    • [Search here] Woah! Lucky break, found one already!
    • [Search there] Hmm... There's nothing here...
    • [Just pretend] I guess I'll just have to find enough for the both of us!
  • I-I lost one of the eggs... This is not good...
    • [Search together] Ahh, phew, I found it~!
    • [Cheer him up] I-Im sorry...
    • [Tickle him] Hya~?! Wh-why are you...?!
Stage 01:


  • Eggs~! Come out, come out, wherever you are!
  • Hey, [Teacher]! I've got an egg over here!
  • Look at that, [Teacher]! Flowers as far as the eye can see!
  • Hey! This flower would really bring out your eyes, [Teacher]!
  • M-my nose... it won't stop running...
Stage 02:

Shopping Street

  • I love spending time together like this!
  • Let's try... this store next!
  • Ah! I found an egg inside these shoes!
  • I think I'm getting tired... Time for a break!
  • [Teacher]! I bet there's another egg in that store there!
Stage 03:

Theme Park

  • Let's go on the rollercoaster first! Huh? Eggs...? We can look for them later~!
  • [Teacher]! Wanna share some popcorn?
  • Woah! That mascot's holding one of the eggs!
  • We've just gotta go to the haunted house, too!
  • Let's go over that way next! Come on, [Teacher]!
Stage 04:


  • W-woah?! I-I can't control my body...!
  • Spaceship [Teacher], ready for liftoff!
  • Captain [Teacher]! Egg recovery successfully completed!
  • The stars look so pretty out here...
  • Can we visit Jupliter? I wanna visit Jupliter! Huh...? It's Jupiter?!

School Festival

Stage 01:

School Gate

  • Wow! There's so much fun looking stuff going on here!
  • What happens at the circus?
  • Hey, let's go look around.
Stage 02:


  • I love how there are so many stands!
  • Juggling is amazing! I wonder how can they keep throwing and catching all those things!
  • This gyoza-hot-dog is delicious! Let's go to the frankfurter stand next!
Stage 03:


  • There's a cafe and a haunted house inside the school!
  • There's a maze, too! Let's go!
  • The stuff inside the school is pretty fun too!
Stage 04:


  • There's a lot going on in the gym too!
  • Ooh, a live concert!
  • Anyone can just join in? I think I might go.
Stage 05:

(EX Stage)Circus

  • Clowns are really interesting to look at!
  • Wow! How can you do those things on a trapeze?!
  • How can that bike go around freely in that ball?! I have no idea how it works but it's awesome!

The Beast Boys

Stage 01:

To the Hallowed Ground!

  • What is this place? There's nothing here.
  • This is my first time hanging out with ghosts!
  • I wonder if there's a ghost that could surprise me.
Stage 02:

The Garden of Grief

  • Hehe! Now, a graveyard is a place to test your courage!
  • Hey, ghosts! Come on out! ... Oh, I think I see something over there!
  • Falling in a graveyard shortens your life?!
Stage 03:

The Room of Swords

  • We won't get lost with Onibimaru guiding us!
  • This is so rundown. It'd make a perfect secret base.
  • Hm? Was someone rattling on the window?
Stage 04:

The Room of Shields

  • Hm? Is there someone here?
  • It's a little cold for summer!
  • Hey, Onibimaru, are you a ghost? Or a yokai?
Stage 05:

The Master's Courtyard

  • Hey, what's all this talk about grudges?
  • Ooh! Now this place has some atmosphere!
  • Alright, let's see a bunch of stuff come out! Huh? It'd be better if they didn't?
Stage 06:

The Endless Corridor

  • What is this place? It feels like a secret underpass!
  • We;ll be in trouble if we get separated from Onibimaru.
  • Huh? Didn't we just come this way?
Stage 07:

Hunting for the Exit

  • Where's the exit? This way?
  • Well, it's alright. We'll probably get out!
  • Hey, we're near the exit right? This was pretty fun. Even though it was like a maze.
Stage 08:

The Room of Gold

  • This is the exact opposite of the places we were just at.
  • Huh, that guy... I always saw him causing trouble at the Animal Laboratory.
  • Okay, let's take this back!
Stage 09:

The Last Battle with the Macaroni Gang!

  • Does Macaroni's teacher take a hands-off approach?
  • Pranks are fun. But this time he's just a pain!
  • He has animal ears pop out when he's surprised. Let's surprise him some more.
Stage 10:

Test of Courage!?

  • Finally time tot test our courage! Where are the ghosts?
  • Actually, the ghosts here aren't that scary.
  • I'm so hungry from all the walking we did. I can't wait to eat.

Invitation to Wonderland

Stage 01:

To Wonderland!

  • What a strange hole.
  • Will we see big furniture, too?
  • I wonder if that butler will properly show us around.
Stage 02:

Mushroom Forest

  • Look! Look! That mushroom has an amazing color to it.
  • Ever since I saw that caterpillar, I've been thinking how nice and fluffy it must be on top of the mushroom.
  • Hey, you think we can eat the mushrooms here?
Stage 03:

Tea Time

  • Well, that was a strange tea party...
  • We just happened to pass them, and they offer us tea and sweets? They're awesome!
  • You say the tea party never ends, but don't you get tired of drinking only tea?
Stage 04:

Palace Gardens

  • "Stay away from the queen..." Why...? What kind of monster is she?
  • The real action is on the other side of the road, but I don't think we'll be able to go with all the thorny roses.
  • Wait a minute... These red roses are... painted?
Stage 05:

Face the Queen!

  • I-is this... the Queen's room? I-I'm a little nervous~.
  • I thought the Queen was super scary, but she's totally a nice person. She even gave us sweets!
  • There's no doubt the Queen's favorite color is red. The flower that we passed by was also red!

Rainy Day Shopping

Stage 01:


  • I hate the rain... I don't like not being able to play outside.
  • I haven't been shopping with you in a long time, [Teacher]!
  • Something about walking around with an umbrella really lifts my spirits... I've no idea why!
Stage 02:


  • Hmm, I do like shopping, but... we've gotta be careful not to buy too much, okay?
  • So, what are we buying first?
  • Hmm? Is that... a gigantic candy castle...?
Stage 03:


  • Apparently this place has a huge tank filled with all kinds of fish!
  • Look at these tropical fish, they're beautiful!
  • Look! Penguins, just walking around!
Stage 04:


  • Wow, a real medieval armor replica... I've just gotta try it on! Ack... I can't... move...
  • I just love the slick, sharp coolness of a real katana.
  • There's a sword fighting workshop going on over there! Can we go and check it out?
Stage 05:

(EX Stage) Meadow

  • Woah! What is this place?! It's amazing!
  • Water guns! ...Wait, isn't it a little early in the year for a water fight?
  • Hmm? Is that a crowd gathering over there? I wonder what it could be.

Life's A Game

  • [EP] I feel like I've leveled up!
  • [Treasure] A bonus reward. Working's not so bad if we're going to get lots of stuff.
  • Ah... this is bad...
  • Well, I'll just have to try for now.
Stage 01:


  • [Heart] Tell me your symptoms!
    • Hm, hm... Sounds like a cold!
    • A run should fix you up.
Stage 02:


  • [Heart] Package delivery!
    • Signature please. Your signature!
    • Thank you for using our service♪
Stage 03:

Baseball Player

  • [Heart] (9th inning, two outs, last-chance swing.)
    • I'll be a hero if I get this hit.
    • Okay, now's the time to do it!
Stage 04:


  • [Heart] What, are you lost? Okay, leave it to me.
    • *sniff*... This way. There, over there!
    • This turned out well. Next time, don't let go of your mother's hand.
Stage 05:


  • [Heart] Hm... I think this should be good!
    • Ooh, Lucky! I won!
    • Sorry, looks like I won again.

Field Trip!!

Stage 01:


  • Hey, [Teacher]! The weather is so great today!
  • I was so excited I couldn't sleep... Huh? You too, [Teacher]? Yay, we're sleepless-twins!
  • Hm... The bus is pretty shaky. But it feels good and is making me sleepy...
Stage 02:


  • Ooh... This strawberry looks so big and juicy...!
  • We can pick as many as we want within the time limit! I'm going to show you what I can do!
  • I was able to pick a whole basket. I've got to decide how to eat these♪
Stage 03:

Main Street

  • This place is so busy. Ooh, I smell something good...
  • It's the afternoon but the alleyway is dim. [Teacher], be careful like always.
  • We're going to reach the park after we go through this shopping center!
Stage 04:


  • We've walked a lot. Why don't we take a break soon and have lunch?
  • Ah, we've got to put something on the ends of the picnic sheet or it is going to blow away.
  • You made this bento, [Teacher]?! It's so good!
Stage 05:

Theme Park

  • Hey, [Teacher]! Where do you want to go first? The roller coaster? How about the haunted house?
  • You know, I've been looking forward to this part of today so much!
  • The sun is starting to set. Sigh, but there's so much I still want to do...
Stage 06:


  • Thanks so much for today! It was really fun.
  • Ooh, I wonder what is going to be for dinner~.
  • Goodnight, [Teacher]!

The Heian Scrolls

Stage 01:

Heian Theme Park

  • Wow, I had no idea there was a theme park this nearby.
  • I kinda thought old-fashioned buildings were more boring than this. I'm liking all this red!
  • These kimonos really are amazing... I can't imagine how hard they must be to put on, though.
Stage 02:

Spring Room

  • Wow! Look at that, sakura! Is it... real...?
  • Hmm? What is that smell? Incense...?
  • What even is "kemari" anyway? Some kind of sport? Should we try it out?
Stage 03:

Summer Room

  • Wow, look! They're fishing in the courtyard there! do you think we could join?
  • Summer-themed area is up next... Hmm? Is it just me or did it get much hotter?
  • I had no idea shaved ice was popular back then, too. What flavor do you want?
Stage 04:

Autumn Room

  • Woah, so many cats! Sorry, are we interrupting...?
  • The next place is autumn-themed, huh? It feels much cooler.
  • The red leaves here are just amazing! It really feels like fall.
Stage 05:

Winter Room

  • Whoa! It's freezing cold!
  • It really does feel like winter out here... Do they really have to make icicles out of us?
  • We really should have brought some of those kimonos from earlier...
Stage 06:


  • What kind of room is this now?!
  • Are we in some kind of storage room? There's dust everywhere!
  • Wax models...? Where?!

Back to the Mansion

  • [EP] I got something! Lucky!
  • [Treasure] Hey! I found something!
Stage 01:


  • Where are we?! What are we doing here?!
  • It's so dark and cold... We've gotta get out of here, [Teacher]!
  • I-I just saw someone! Someone crazy-looking!
  • Let's just keep quiet and get out of here, [Teacher]...!
Stage 02:


  • [Reply] Exit's this way! Probably!
  • What a strange mansion... It really doesn't feel like anyone lives here any more.
  • It looks like we can't just leave through the front door.
  • Don't worry, [Teacher]! I'll see us both home safe and sound!
  • ... Ack! Wh-what is that?! Oh... just my shadow...
Stage 03:


  • Eugh! This place is gross!
  • [Teacher], it's dangerous in here, stay back behind me!
  • Let's get outta here, [Teacher]!
Stage 04:


  • Finally, we're outside!
  • Is that statue staring at me?! Or am I just seeing things...?
  • So which way is it to get back home?
  • Hmm... All these roses are blocking my sense of smell...
Stage 05:


  • What is this place? A laboratory?
  • [Teacher]! Any idea what this thing here is?
  • An experiments room...? Maybe let's not go in there, [Teacher]. It smells weird.
  • ... Ah! I can smell fresh air, [Teacher]!

Merry in Matrimony

Stage 01:

Tropical Island

  • I just wanna go hang out on the beach! But... I guess I've gotta get through this first.
  • I mean, I've never even been to a wedding...
  • It's not like any of this is for real though, right? No need to get nervous!
Stage 02:

Exchanging Rings

  • Wow, [Teacher]. You look so different wearing that!
  • Hmm... It's not going on. Is it the wrong size or something?
  • So what, now I put this ring on your finger do I, [Teacher]?
Stage 03:

Exchanging Vows

  • Alright, now this is what I call a wedding!
  • K-kiss?! What, really...?! A-are you alright with this, [Teacher]...?
  • Oh... it's just a pretend kiss, huh. Yeah, no, of course...
Stage 04:

Chorus Singing

  • I'm pretty nervous, there's no doubt about that, but I'm having a lot of fun too♪
  • It's amazing how everyone's voices echo around this church!
  • Your singing voice really does relax me, [Teacher].
Stage 05:

Outfit Change

  • There really is a lot of great food lined up here...
  • Hey, a new outfit! I think I like this one even better!
  • What's next? Greeting all of the guests? What, all of them...?! Can we not just cut that bit...?
Stage 06:

Cake Cutting

  • So this is part of that, first act as a married couple stuff? [Teacher], are you blushing?
  • You look kinda cute when you blush. Haha.
  • Hey, they said we can eat the cake! I'll be taking the strawberry.

Enjoy Vietnam

  • [Reply] There's delicious food everywhere you look!
Stage 01:


  • So this is Vietnam! I'm so excited!
  • What does this even say...? I can't read anything...
  • I'm a little hungry... Hey, can we get something to eat?
Stage 02:


  • Whoa?! There are so many motorcycles... Are they popular in Vietnam?
  • There are so many stands! They look like they're worth checking out!
  • Apparently this colorful drink is called che. It smells sweet and looks so good.
Stage 03:


  • Ooh! What a lovely night view!
  • I'm so hungry. Isn't it about time for dinner? Let's go eat something?
  • I wonder what's over there in that bright area. Let's go and check it out!
Stage 04:


  • There are a lot of people here even at night... We have to be careful not to get lost!
  • This sandwich looks so good! It's called a bahn mi?
  • All these lantern looking things are so colorful! Let's see if we can find a souvenir version!
Stage 05:

Lotus Pond

  • There are so many lotuses in bloom... I wonder if we could grow some at home?
  • Wow, there aren't just pink lotuses but white ones too!
  • What! This is the flower that we get lotus root from?!
Stage 06:

Ha Long Bay

  • Wow, it's just so vast! There's so many things that look like islands!
  • There are boats all over, but can we ride any of them?
  • I'd love to go swimming, bu you can't without permission? That's too bad...

Pinocchio's Adventure

  • [Reply] That was pretty interesting!
Stage 01:

Geppetto’s House

  • There's nothing really surprising about a talking cricket, right?
  • Old man Gepetto is wearing a wig!
  • Don't laugh at a master carpenter's wig!
Stage 02:

Puppet Troupe

  • The Red Lobster Inn... I'm getting hungry~...
  • Hey! How could he sell that textbook that Geppetto worked so hard to buy?!
  • Aren't the Cat and Fox... a little suspicious?
Stage 03:

Turquoise Girl

  • Pinocchio's nose is growing? Why?!
  • What? The Cricket is back?!
  • Oh, good! Pinocchio's been saved!
Stage 04:

The Land of Toys

  • A country where all you do is play... N-no, I'm not interested at all!
  • Pinocchio never changes. What a troublesome boy.
  • Pinocchio turned into a donkey?! Hm? If you think about it, aren't I a bit similar?
Stage 05:

Finished Reading

  • I'm so glad Pinocchio became a real boy!
  • I can't believe how he turned back from a donkey!
  • So the Turquoise Girl won't live with them?

Electric Town

Stage 01:


  • Hey, [Teacher], wake up! We're in real trouble here!
  • These shining letters... Are they floating? I don't feel anything when I touch them...
  • What?! Isn't this place so strange?!
Stage 02:


  • We're in some fancy looking place!Well, since we've been here we haven't seen anything but fancy looking stuff...
  • For now... why don't we find a cafe or something? Although, I have no idea what is written on the signs.
  • That hairstyle looks like a candle... Is that the in style here?
Stage 03:


  • Whoa, it seems there are bad places everywhere...
  • We have no idea what'll happen here so... Um, where's the way out?
  • We need to get out of here fast. Hey, [Teacher], hold my hand!
Stage 04:


  • Hey, that fountain's statue is moving. What a lively park!
  • Hey, there's a crowd gathered over there. Maybe there's some sort of concert?
  • Whoa, this is amazing! There's like a rainbow of lights on that stage!
Stage 05:


  • Is that a glowing bag... a school bag? Wait, I guess this is a school.
  • Even though I'm telling them I'm not a weirdo, they don't seem to understand...
  • Ooh, this rabbit is so friendly! I finally found someone I can talk with!
Stage 06:


  • Ooh! Just being up this high is much cooler and has a lovely view!
  • Even the inside of this tower has all these lights and machines... It's a bit flashy.
  • Huh? Look, [Teacher]! This might get us back home!

Nightmare On Animal Street

Stage 01:

Nightime shrine

  • Wh-wha... Is there something here, (animal noise)? Even if nothing comes at this moment...
  • What? I know this but I can't read it, (animal noise).
  • Why, (animal noise)? I was talking normally up until just a bit ago, (animal noise).
Stage 02:

Torii road

  • [Teacher], are you cold, (animal noise)? You okay, (animal noise)?
  • (animal noise)! ...Ah, it's some statue, (animal noise). Don't scare me like that, (animal noise).
  • Everything's looked the same the whole time, (animal noise)... Am I going the right way, (animal noise)?
Stage 03:

Lost In Town

  • Um... How did I get here, (animal noise)?
  • ... Hm? I feel like I just saw that building, (animal noise)...
  • It looks like that picture is staring at me, (animal noise)...
Stage 04:

Upper Floors

  • We've just hit surprise after surprise, but... What an interesting view, (animal noise).
  • Phew!... We're going to reach the top soon, (animal noise)... Just gotta do a little more, (animal noise)!
  • Stairs... rough, (animal noise)... Must try, (animal noise)!
  • These steps are awful right after that maze... Alright, let's do this, (animal noise)!
Stage 05:


  • Signs... colorful, (animal noise)... What's this, (animal noise)?
  • What a flashy sign, But what's written on it, (animal noise)?
  • Stairs... Ugh, (animal noise).
  • (animal noise)~, more steps... No, I'm used to it, (animal noise)! Let's go, (animal noise)!
  • Hm!, I got a feeling something is here, (animal noise)! Some can-thing, (animal noise)!
Stage 06:

Camellia Prison

  • A jail, (animal noise)? It's... empty, (animal noise).
  • Is this... a prison, (animal noise)? It looks completely empty.
  • Whoa~, who in he world was this made to hold, (animal noise)...?
  • I know... these letters, (animal noise)... Can't read, (animal noise).
  • Huh, I've seen these letters before, (animal noise)... This is my name, (animal noise)!


Stage 01:

Theme Park

  • Huh? There's no one here... Did we get the address on the invitation wrong?
  • This doesn't feel like a Halloween party, does it?
  • Oh hey, that ride over there still seems to be going!
Stage 02:

Dark Forest

  • It sure is dark. Whoa! That's a grave!
  • It looks like ghosts are going to pop out from the trees! Ahh!
Stage 03:

Halloween Town

  • So this is Halloween Town!
  • Aren't there a lot of strange looking people? What's that? Are they hurt?
  • Everyone is walking towards that castle. Let's go!
Stage 04:

Castle Gate

  • Something smells real good!
  • This castle is huge. Who lives here?
  • I can hear voices from inside. Sounds like a crowd.
Stage 05:

Great Hall

  • This pumpkin pie looks so good!
  • You can get a lot of candy just by saying "trick or treat!"
  • Some strange-looking person gave me a key.
Stage 06:

Secret Chamber

  • Whoa! So this is a secret room!
  • This chandelier looks expensive!
  • We're staying here tonight?

Looking After Teacher Again!

Stage 01:

Convenience Store

  • The convenience store is so awesome cause it's open 24/7.
  • What's good to have... when you're sick...?
  • Ooh, if I remember correctly, this is what [Teacher] likes! I'll grab this, too!
Stage 02:


  • Cold meds... cold meds... I-I don't see any!
  • There are difficult medicine names at the drug store. I'm a little nervous going by myself~.
  • "What symptoms do you have?" ... [Teacher] has a sore throat! Probably!
Stage 03:


  • The new issue of that manga might be out~ ... Wait, now's not the time for that!
  • Maybe there's a book about cure
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "curing"
    the cold in a jiffy~.
  • Oh! "Easy foods that will help cure a cold!"... I wonder if it's easy enough that even I could do it.
Stage 04:


  • I wish someone up there would just cure the cold already.
  • I'm sure saying a prayer would help!
  • I might as well try talking to the priest.

Culture Festival

  • (Prince) [Reply] An unsuitable role makes me so nervous. Well, we can only do our best.
Stage 01:

Script Reading

  • (Prince)
    • My role is... the prince! Great, isn't that perfect for me?!
    • "Hahaha! Archfiend, prepare to taste my blade!" ... This is the prince's line? Doesn't it sound kind of evil?
    • These lines are so long... And if I don't remember them...
  • (Princess)
    • Of all the things, I'm playing the princess... No, I'll take it seriously!
    • Reading this script makes me feel like this princess is really strong at her core.
    • "Ack! Help me, my prince!" ... Hey, don't laugh! these are the lines!
  • (Demon)
    • Hey, I'm the villain! I always wanted to try that out!
    • Just reading these archfiend lines give off such pure villainy! How interesting!
    • ... Hey, how do you pronounce this? This role seems to have a lot of difficult words.
Stage 02:


  • (Prince)
    • Oh, what an awesome costume! So I'm going to put his on to perform...!
    • Whoa, there was some serious care used in making this... I need to use this with respect.
    • Wearing this is a little difficult but... Well, it's just for this so I'll make do.
  • (Princess)
    • Whoa! A c-corset? That is rough! We don't need to take it this seriously...!
    • Hey, did I just hear a camera shutter?! No pictures!
    • ... So this is what I'm wearing... No, I'll do it and I'll take it seriously...
  • (Demon)
    • Ooh, so this is the archfiend's costume! It's a bit over the top, but it's good! It's good!
    • This is heavier than I thought. And it's hard to see out of the mask... this is going to make the performance difficult.
    • "Well met... Prince." What do you think? I'm getting pretty good, right? Well, the costume helps too.
Stage 03:


  • (Prince)
    • Um... This should be my spot. I need to get a sense for this...
    • This role really moves around a lot. I'm going to look bad if I don't do it right.
    • Whoa, I hit someone?! Are you okay? I made a mistake, sorry!
  • (Princess)
    • I won't be able to act if I get all nervous. Ive got to use my willpower to overcome this!
    • Was that bad? Sorry, I'll try again. ... Phew, the female roles really are difficult...
    • ... I got it, just like now! I feel like this is starting to get easier!
  • (Demon)
    • Oh wow...! I thought this was heavy but it's really hard to move around in too...!
    • This mask really lowers my field of vision and makes it hard to walk. I need to be careful.
    • A little bit bigger actions really show up on the stage. I should try to do some more movement on purpose!

Christmas Dreams

  • [Reply] Getting the chance to experienece being Santa is a one in a lifetime opportunity!
Stage 01:

Santa’s Dispatch Office

  • The person at reception is a... guy, right? Or is it a girl? I can't really tell...
  • It looks like we're Santa now. Does that
in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "mean"
we gotta give out presents?
  • Wah! Everywhere you look there's someone in a Santa outfit. Can I go get an autograph?
Stage 02:

Santa’s House

  • Is he the one who brought us here? So that means he's our predecessor!
  • There are so many presents. Do you think my present is here, too? Hehe.
  • I don't understand things like checklists or allocation sheets! My head is starting to hurt~...
Stage 03:

Reindeer Area

  • Whoa, so this is where you're able to rent reindeers. There are a bunch of weird ones.
  • Renting a reindeer means a reindeer like the foreman will pull the sleigh?
  • The foreman is so cool! His aura is otherworldly! I think I saw him on TV the other day.
Stage 04:

Christmas Night

  • Hey, look! This sleigh is really flying in the sky! And flying pretty high too! I can't believe it!!
  • It's really warm in this sleigh! Wahh! Wen the sleigh descends it gets cold! What's going on?
  • Where to? We're of course going down the chimney, right? What about the houses that don't have one?

Traditions of Kyoto

Stage 01:


  • Going in search for delicious food is an awesome goal to have for a trip! I want to be there already~!
  • What was the name of the food that was on TV the other day again... Ah, I remember. I want to eat Kinshidon!
  • Oh! I smell something good already, and we just got off the train! Um, where are we going first again?
Stage 02:


  • That's a huge Shrine~. Isn't it about double the size of the shrine I normally go to visit?
  • It's peaceful and the view is great! ... Hey, why don't you say we start looking for something to eat?
  • ... My stomach can't take the smell coming from the food stalls...
Stage 03:


  • This is no good! Why is a simple grilled fish this good?
  • The amount of salt is just right... The smell of this shichimi is to die for!
  • I heard that this tsukemono is done by someone who works here! The tiny hint of sweetness is delicious, right~?
Stage 04:

Snack Store

  • Oh, I thought green tea candy would be bitter bu... it's actually pretty sweet!
  • The parfait looks really good. It's the perfect size for both of us!
  • It's here, it's here! Time to eat... Hm? Ah, that's right! I should take a picture of it first!
Stage 05:


  • Phew, we really walked quite a bit. There's no end to the torii! I don't see an end in sight!
  • [Teacher], looking at the town from here, you really feel like you're high up~.
  • There are a couple places that are selling omamori... Do you think we think should get one for our safety?
Stage 06:


  • After spending a day of looking around and coming back to a ryokan is the best!Great job today! Let's have more fun tomorrow!
  • Hey, hey, let's look at all of the pictures we took together! We took a lot!
  • I'm kinda... sleepy from being so tired... Ah, I have to take a shower first... zzz...

2017 Events

New Year's Banquet

Stage 01:


  • Whoa! What is this feast? Did you make everything yourself, [Teacher]?
  • So this is called osechi... Whatever this swirly thing is, it's delicious!
  • This black bean is pretty sweet. Does osechi have more variety?
Stage 02:


  • The hagoita is also a charm for good health!
  • I'm supposed to hit the birdie with this wooden paddle, right? I got it. It's kinda like badminton!
  • Uwa! It went somewhere completely different... Aw man, it's now stuck in a tree... I'm going to get it so wait a minute!
Stage 03:

Shrine (Noon)

  • Ooh? It kinda seems like something is going on over there... I wonder what they're doing.
  • They're having a mochi pounding contest! Let's sign up for it, [Teacher]!
  • Freshly pounded mochi tastes this good, huh... I wonder if it's all right if I get seconds...
Stage 04:

Shrine (Evening)

  • My heart races every time I draw an omikuji... I hope I get anything higher than shokichi.
  • Woot! I got a daikichi! I feel much better about this year!
  • You got daikichi, too, [Teacher]? We're both pretty lucky to get it!
Stage 05:

Shrine (Night)

  • Wh-what's with that person...? No matter how many times we decline, he doesn't stop... Isn't he kinda suspicious?
  • Eh, that's the forune-teller always in front of the station? ... What is he doing around here?
  • Hey, shouldn't we make a run for it after we turn the corner? I know he'll follow us!
Stage 06:

Night Walk

  • If that fortune-teller wasn't so suspicious, we wouldn't have had ot be on guard...
  • He was a pretty weird person, but I'm glad he didn't turn out to be a staler or someone dangerous!
  • Are you interested in being able to see your own future, [Teacher]?

Delicious Fruit!

  • It looks like we can give it some fertilizer. What do you want to do?
  • Uwa! I got dirt on my clothes!
Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • Hm? The seeds haven't been planted yet.
  • [Planting Seed] Let's try planting different kinds of seeds!
  • [Using Fertilizer] I didn't know there were different kinds of fertilizers. Which one should we use?
  • [After Planting] Whew, we're finally finished!
Stage 02:

Tree Shaking

  • [Fertilizer] This is fertilizer, right?
  • [Seed] Yay! A seed fell!
  • [Strong Shake] Omg! I got so many seeds!
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] Ah! I think we can already start harvesting from that soil over there!
  • [Item Get] We harvested some stuff that looks delicious!
  • n/a

Winter Wonderland

Stage 01:


  • Whoa, look at all that piled up snow!
  • There's no footprints anywhere, so there must not be many people around.
  • [Teacher], tah-dah! A snowman that fits in the palm of your hand! Well? Isn't it adorable?
Stage 02:

Abandoned Grounds

  • This abandoned school is kind of exciting!
  • Ah, this classroom isn't locked! Let's go inside!
  • Ah, it's no use. Of course the door to the roof is locked. Tsk, and that seemed so interesting.
Stage 03:

Guest Room

  • A Japanese-style room! Ah, rolling around on tatami feels so good!
  • Ooh, the heater is already on! Now this is hospitality
  • This place has small windows...Hm? There's smoke coming from that building... Wait, that means there's a hot spring over there!
Stage 04:


  • Whoa, it's already completely dark. The sun sun
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "sun"
    sure sets early in winter.
  • Wow, [Teacher], look! There are icicles on the balcony!
  • *achoo!* Hehe, it sure is cold. Let's go back to our warm room.
Stage 05:

The Bath

  • A hot spring! Actually, gotta be sure to wash before getting in.
  • Wow, this hot spring washes away fatigue. this is what brings all the customers to this hotel.
  • Since there's no one else here now... I can swim!
Stage 06:

The Roof

  • Whoa! [Teacher], look! It's so beautiful!
  • This night sky looks so different from what we see at home. Ah, is the brightest one the North Star?
  • Oh, [Teacher], are you could? Here, take my jacket then! Don't overdo it!

Chinese Labyrinth

Stage 01:

Shopping Street

  • Woah! Buildings inside buildings inside buildings inside...?!
  • Look at all the different kinds of stores around here...
  • There's nowhere near enough time to get all this shopping done!
Stage 02:

The Alleyway

  • All these paths look the same... Ah, I think that one's the one we came in on!
  • I guess this place is atmospheric, if nothing else.
  • Hey, I think I found a shortcut! Should we try it out?
Stage 03:

Feng Shui's Room

  • Oh yeah, feng shui. it's that circle thing with the black half and white half, right?
  • These objects all look pretty weird, huh... Should we even be in here?
  • ... There's something moving inside this crystal!
Stage 04:

Doctor's Room

  • Hey, if you see a door wide open like this, you just have to check inside, right?
  • I guess whoever lives here isn't home right now.
  • Look at all these books... I can't even understand the titles.
Stage 05:

The Manager's Room

  • That sofa looks really expensive...
  • There's something strange about the air in here. It's making me feel sick.
  • Hey, looks like we can go on ahead!
Stage 06:

The Dungeon

  • Is he really here? I mean... really?
  • Brrr... It's colder down here than I thought it'd be....
  • It's hard to believe, but it's even darker down here than up there...

Minimum Panic 2

Stage 01:

Dining Room

  • What the-?! Why is the teacup so huge?! Wait a minute, I've shrunk?!
  • That cookie over there is huge... We'd be full for weeks!
  • Just getting from here to there is gonna be a killer workout!
Stage 02:

Living Room

  • Man, traveling around while tiny is fun! Now, where's that Mole dude?
  • See that huge jump? We'd land right on the remote control. Haha, this is too crazy!
  • Woah, let's slide down that fake plant's huge leaf! Hey, looks like we can climb up from here!
Stage 03:


  • Whoa! Get a load of this huge mirror!
  • It's noon now, isn't it? Oh man just looking at that bed... sleepy. How about a nap?
  • This teddy bear is so fluffy~.
Stage 04:

Study Room

  • I don't know what exactly, but something is fishy about this place.
  • Wow, check out all these books. I've never seen these ones before.
  • Man, this pen isn't just huge, it's crazy heavy too!
Stage 05:


  • Man, something smells funky! Is it that green bottle over there?
  • That machine over there is puffing out colorful smoke. Is that what we're looking for?!
  • It's all sticky over there, so I think it'd be easier to walk barefoot. Whadda you think?

Town of the Butterflies

  • I'm pretty sure we can plant some more seeds, right?
  • We've got to make these butterflies happy!
Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • [Planting Seed] Let's try planting different kinds of seeds!
  • [Using Scales] Those scales made the flowers even better looking!
  • [After Planting] I bet we'll get some pretty flowers this time~♪
Stage 02:

Tree Shaking

  • [Scales] Hey, are these scales?
  • [Seed] Got some seeds!
  • [Special] There's something pretty special over here!
  • [Strong Shake] Omg! I got so many seeds!
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] Woah! Look at the flowers go!
  • [Item Get] We got some nectar from this one! It smells great!
  • n/a

Student's Day Off

Stage 01:


  • Alright! I'm gonna surprise [Teacher] by cleaning up this whole garden!
  • I'm gonna try cutting these bushes into animal shapes, like they do on TV!
  • Cutting complete! All that's left is to rake up the leaves and water it all.
Stage 02:


  • *yawn* ... All this reading is making me tired...
  • Argh! I don't get this question at all~! I really need [Teacher] with me to do this stuff.
  • Maybe I just need to find some better study books. Let's look around!
Stage 03:


  • Hmm, what to paint, what to paint... Ah! I know exactly what to paint!
  • Ack, I've not got enough paint! Hmm... I guess I'll just have to make do!
  • All done! Not bad at all! I can't wait to show [Teacher]!
Stage 04:


  • Wow, that is a huge tree! I can;t even get my arms around it, haha!
  • *Sniff sniff*... Something smells amazing! Is it coming from that store there?
  • Hey, found a shortcut! I should definitely give it a try. It might come in handy some time!
Stage 05:


  • Man, this is a nice wallet! Oh hey, look at those sunglasses too!
  • Hey, how's this for an outfit? I've gotta go try it on!
  • This would look great on [Teacher]. We'll have to come back together next time.

Feeling Thankful

Stage 01:


  • Alright! I won't let this secret slip, no matter what!
  • Mmm, what to choose~?
  • No use worrying about it now!
Stage 02:

Main Street

  • Hmm. Oh yeah! I remember this place. Me and [Teacher] went here before. They might have something good!
  • Let's see here... Holy crap! That junk's expensive! Think I'll hold off on that one for now.
  • Man, it's tough to decide. Alright, let's go check that other store across the way.
Stage 03:

Station Front

  • Maybe [Teacher] would enjoy getting some tasty candy.
  • Man, it sure is tough picking out a gift.
  • Agh! All I did was end up wandering around the stores with out picking out anything!
Stage 04:

Animal Lab

  • I should've asked the guys in the lab in the first place! Wait... Anybody here?
  • Why is it that nobody's around when you need 'em! What, are they out to lunch or something?
  • Ah ha ha. So yeah, this is kinda weird but uh... You got any ideas?

Life's No Cruise

Stage 01:


  • Holy wow! This ship is huge! I mean, can it even float OK how big it is?!
  • Wow... That sounds like SOME crown!
  • Wait... What?! You say we can't eat dinner until they catch that thief?!
Stage 02:


  • Whoa, man! Us helping in a real investigation? It's like we're in a cop show or something.
  • Maybe we should ask the workers down here in the galley first. [Teacher], what do you think?
  • OK, the first step in an investigation is asking around for info.
Stage 03:

Captain's Room

  • Whoa, cool! So this is the Captain's Room! Really can tell that it's the main man's room by how regal it looks.
  • Wait, in cop shows don't they normally start searching around for clues by this time?
  • You think that one of the Captain's right hand men might be Garuze? Aw c'mon, [Teacher]. Suspicious much?
Stage 04:

Boiler Room

  • Hey, thief! Show yourself! Well, I guess I shouldn't have expected that to work.
  • So this is what makes the ship moves
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "move"
    ? Cool! So this is the workhorse, the engine, huh?
  • So it's called the "boiler", huh? I wonder how exactly it works.
Stage 05:


  • So you were the thief all along! Give it up!
  • When did that Garuze disguise himself as the captain, anyway?
  • Wow, heck of a view! Man, I could watch this all... Nah, let's get dinner.

Singing in the Rain

  • [Reply] I was freaking out cause we got lost in the forest! It's all good now since we found our way, though!
Stage 01:

Forest Entrance

  • Whoa! Watch where you're going, [Teacher]. There's a tree root by your foot!
  • That's weird. I could've sworn we came through here already...
  • We're lost! We should've gotten a map or something.
Stage 02:

Frog Lake

  • None of the frogs seem to know where Rain is.
  • I'm gonna ask around one more time just to be sure!
  • The frogs are telling us that they want it to rain, so we have to make sure we don't let them down!
Stage 03:

Hydrangea Meadow

  • Hey, hey, did you know that hydrangeas are poisonous?
  • I'm really surprised that it doesn't rain here.
  • Ahh! This hydrangea looks like it's about to die! We have to hurry up and make it rain!
Stage 04:

Mushroom House

  • Whoa! There are mushrooms everywhere! It's like a breathing ground for mushrooms!
  • This mushroom isn't poisonous or anything, right?
  • No matter how many times I call out, I don't get a response... I guess no one is home...
Stage 05:

Outside Shrine

  • We finally made it! This is Rain's shrine!
  • Whoa... the vibe I'm getting from the shrine is unlike anything I've felt before!
  • How should we wake him up? Should we just make noise?
Stage 06:

Inside Shrine

  • C'mon, Rain! Everyone in the forest is counting on you to wake up!
  • Hm? ... I wonder what this is used for? Maybe it's used for making it rain!
  • How can he not wake up after us making this much noise? I wonder what time he went to bed last night.

Essence Of Cool

Stage 01:

Adult Escalator 38F

  • n/a
Stage 02:

Adult Escalator 45F

  • Ahaha, I feel like I'm near even cooler adults now! I can't wait to see what kind of person I hear from next!
  • If the last person was a sexy adult, then... there has to be other kinds of cool adults, right?
  • I've just started to ask about being a cool adult! Let's keep going!
Stage 03:

Adult Escalator 52F

  • Wh-what is this... This floor feels a bit more tense than the others...
  • Once we started talking, I realized he was really nice. Phew~... Ahaha, my shoulders were so tense.
  • Whoa, I was so nervous! I felt so much more pressure than before!
Stage 04:

Adult Escalator 65F

  • n/a

Wish Upon A Star

Stage 01:

Tanabata Festival

  • Wow, that Hikoboshi's got some courage, asking out a girl like that!
  • I don't know a lot about love, but I know how to help out a friend, that's for sure.
  • I'm gonna be counting on you too, [Teacher]! There's no way I can do this alone.
Stage 02:


  • What's even up there in the galaxy? I should probably have looked that up first.
  • I wonder what he should do while he waits for her... Play around with a star or something?
  • Come on, we're down here for a trial run. Just pretend we're out among the stars, okay?
Stage 03:


  • This sandpit is the best. I bet I could make a huge castle right here right now!
  • Look at this! A two-person swing set. Perfect for Hikoboshi and Orihime, right?
  • It's been so long since I played on a swing set! Ah, but, not forgetting why we're here...
Stage 04:

Night Sky

  • Wow, we really spent too much time at the park... It's getting dark already...
  • We haven't decoded any kind of date plan either... Come on, think, think...
  • ... Look at the stars, [Teacher]... Ah, that's it, a stargazing date!
Stage 05:

Milky Way

  • Wow! I had no idea it was so beautiful up here! It looks way different than from down there.
  • We're here with you till the end, Hikoboshi! That's what friends are for right?
  • I don't know a lot about this kinda thing, but... just let her know your true feelings, okay?

By The Seaside

Stage 01:


  • Let's see, is there anywhere else it could have... Huh? Did we already search this whole area?
  • Um, I guess it's not here? [Teacher], let's go look somewhere else.
  • I can't find it... Ah! A fish just jumped!
Stage 02:

Main Street

  • Where haven't we been... Ah, how about that alleyway over there?
  • We're not getting any good info. Let's go ask somewhere else!
  • Maybe someone took it to the police's lost and found. We should go and check.
Stage 03:


  • I wonder if someone made a mistake and took it home... Uwah! Sorry! I'm kidding, I'm kidding!
  • Ah... Ah... I ran all around the station, but I didn't see anything that looked like the hat.
  • Want to take a break? We could eat something sweet and that should relax us.
Stage 04:


  • Climbing up was really exhausting, but going down looks like it will be hard too.
  • Hey, isn't the air a bit cooler than before?
  • Let's take a break! Climbing all these stairs is really exhausting...!
Stage 05:


  • Let's go to that rocky area for now.
  • Ooh, there are people surfing! I want to try!
  • [Teacher], it's okay if I just put my feet into the water, right?
  • Ahaha! [Teacher], you're completely red from sunburn! ...Huh? Me too?!
  • Ah, the people surfing came back. Let's ask if they know about the hat!
  • How strange... It seems to be getting a bit chillier now and again. More than the temperature, it's kind of like in the air?
Stage 06:


  • The old men fishing also said they didn't see it... Um, where do we search now?
  • We can't give up! We came this far! Let's find i before it gets dark!
  • Um... It feels a bit colder. I'm feeling it again... What is this?

Romelio & Julietta

Stage 01:

Petting Zoo

  • It sucks not being able to see someone so important to you... I want to help too!
  • Why doesn't she get away from those rabbits and go somewhere for people?
  • Let's get out of the animal park for now. Where's the exit?
Stage 02:

Back Streets

  • They're just worried about you. That's why they ambushed you, right? It sucks, though...
  • Why don't you just sit down and talk it out? ... Or maybe not.
  • It's only a matter of time before they find us here. Let's go!
Stage 03:

City Limits

  • Huh? Your friends want to stop you, too? Can't you convince them leave it be?
  • It sucks when your best friends don't see eye to eye with you... But what can you do?
  • D-don't say that kind of stuff! If you take your own lives, you won't be abe to see each other again!
Stage 04:

Julietta's Town

  • We've come a long way. Romelio, are we getting close to where Julietta is?
  • Ah, looks like you finally made a choice! I wanna be with my love forever, too!
  • The rabbits are still coming... All right, let's talk strategy!
Stage 05:

Julietta's House

  • I wonder if Juliettta's getting sick. I hope she's okay...
  • I want you and Julietta to be happy together!
  • Hey, doesn't it feel like we're being watched? It's not just me, is it?

Memories of Summer

Stage 01:

School Field

  • This really feels like the countryside! I love it!
  • I don't see any parks or open spaces, so what do the kids here do for fun?
  • So this is your childhood friend! ... Hey, you gotta secretly tell me some bad stuff about [Teacher] later.
Stage 02:


  • Look, [Teacher]! There's a bird I've never seen before in that tree. I wonder what it is.
  • The water is beautiful. Is it okay to drink from this river?
  • whoa?! That surprised me... This rock has moss growing on it... No wonder I slipped.
Stage 03:


  • Has this place changed since way back? So basically I'm seeing the same view you did as a kid, [Teacher]!
  • Seeing this beautiful ocean makes me feel like I have to swim! Hey, [Teacher], let's go swim a little!
  • [Teacher], did you catch anything? ... Pft! You've only caught one so far!
Stage 04:

Friend's House

  • I wonder why tatami rooms are so relaxing.
  • Ouch... My sunburn is really bad. I don't know if I can take a bath like this... I don't think I'm ready for it.
  • Ah, I just want to laze around~... But that would be bad manners~.

Moonlight Date

Stage 01:


  • What a great view! I've seen this place a few times while walking, but I never imagined you could get such a view of the moon from here.
  • Is this kind of view where the phrase "When the moon is full, it begins to wane." comes from? ... Huh? Are you saying that doesn't have a good meaning?!
  • I've heard there's a rabbit on the moon, and that pattern really does look like one!
Stage 02:

Moon Entrance

  • Hey,hey, what is going on?! Suddenly I was covered in light and... the next thing I realized, we're here?!
  • This is the moon? Now that you mention it, we were enveloped in the moon's light!
  • [Teacher], are you okay? I see. I'm glad you don't seem hurt.
Stage 03:

Moonlight Park

  • Moon people? Wait, so this really is the moon?! Whoa!
  • Ooh, there's a mochi pounding contest! ... Huh? It's no rabbits pounding mochi?!
  • Hey, let's enter the mochi pounding contest! Moon mochi seems like it would be the real deal!
Stage 04:

Lunar Bar

  • So this is a bar called Moonlight! I'm thirsty, so let's stop in!
  • Ooh, this atmosphere feels all grown-up.
  • Hey, bartender! How can I be as cool as you are?
Stage 05:

Crescent Shrine

  • A shrine on the moon really has a sacred feeling to it!
  • [Teacher], you should visit the shrine, too! It'll surely pay off, right?
  • ... Okay, the shrine visit is done! Hm? What did I wish for...? That's a secret. A secret!

Gothic Horror

Stage 01:

Shopping Mall

  • Let's collect raffle tickets so we can get tickets to the amusement park!
  • We can enjoy shopping and get raffle tickets. Two birds with one stone, right?
  • Oh, we got quite a few tickets, huh? Let's count them!
Stage 02:

Theme Park (Start)

  • Hey, what's this mess of an amusement park?! Is this really the right place?!
  • Hey... Doesn't this place seem kinda bad? [Teacher], you agree, right?
  • Whoa, this attraction is all rusted. Will it even move anymore?
Stage 03:

Theme Park (Chance)

  • Whoa?! What is that...? That tin toy is talking?!
  • This seems kind of sad... I wonder if there's a way to fix this tin toy.
  • Talking toys aren't that strange. Maybe it's a new one?! ... That can't be it.
Stage 04:

Ruined Hill

  • Gah?! What is this place? An amusement park should be a bit nicer...
  • I think I smell rust... This hill is pretty desolate. Actually, is it supposed to be this way?
  • Hey, [Teacher]! Watch your step.

Sports in Fall

Stage 01:

Opening Ceremony

  • I'm confident about this. I'm going to show everyone what I can do!
  • I wonder what the events will be. I'd really be into a relay race.
  • [Teacher] is also watching. If I don't look cool, everyone's going to laugh.
Stage 02:

Scavenger Hunt

  • The note says to find "Someone you like." ... Well then, [Teacher] is perfectly fine!
  • Hey, [Teacher]! Come with me! Hurry, hurry!I'll explain later!
  • Alright! We made it to the goal! But we'd be out if you were slow, [Teacher].
Stage 03:

Lunch Break

  • Ooh, you made this, [Teacher]?! Wow! Well then, time to eat(note)
  • I was so focused on what I was doing that I didn't realize how hungry I'd gotten. I can't stop eating!
  • [Teacher], did you see me? ... Huh, so you saw when I failed too! You shouldn't have been watching then.
Stage 04:

Relay Race

  • Finally! The relay race! I've been really pumped for this! I'm going to really show what I can do!
  • This is the final event! I'm so ready!
  • Passing the baton is hard but, receiving it is dificult too.
Stage 05:

Closing Ceremony

  • n/a

Wacky World of Mushrooms!

Stage 01:

Fall Forest

  • Wh-what is this place?! One second I'm covered in spores the next second I'm in some strange forest?!
  • There are so many mushrooms on this tree!Maybe that previous mushroom is here too!
  • Ah, nothing beats the fresh forest air!
Stage 02:

Mushroom Forest

  • Wow, so this is a mushroom forest! There really are mushrooms growing everywhere!
  • Oh! Look, [Teacher]! There's a squirrel running over there! It's gathering mushrooms or nuts it looks like. I wonder where it's going.
  • Isn't this forest a bit bustling? It feels like preparations for a festival or some event are going on!
Stage 03:

Mushroom Party

  • A tea party in the forest! This feels so grown-up!
  • We'll get tea as thanks for gathering mushrooms and nuts? Well then we should find some good stuff!
  • We can join the tea party if we gather mushrooms and nuts too! We gotta do this!
Stage 04:

Party Entrance

  • This place feels even livelier. Everyone must be waiting for the delicious tea!
  • Hm, is this the tea's smell? I don't know what to say, but it's kind of a relieving smell.
  • Ugh... What is this tea... Ooh... I'm worried about saying it tastes bad, but...
Stage 05:

Party Area

  • Ahaha, today has been so much fun! I'm so grateful for this forest and the tea party!
  • [Teacher], did you hear? The organizer has personally brewed their own tea!
  • Um, the organizer is here? Let's go talk to them!

Cyber Heroes

Stage 01:

Standby Screen

  • Wow~, so this is the inside of a phone~~.... It feels like looking at the back of a stage!
  • Whoa, what's this? A folder... I'll avoid it so I don't anger somebody because I touched it.
  • Okay, let's hurry up and find the cause!
Stage 02:

Level 1 Access

  • Whoa! What's this strange picture?! Even I can draw better than this! Ahahaha!
  • There's even graffiti further in. If I follow this, I should find who did it, right?
  • The strange person went that way! Time for a chase!
Stage 03:

Level 2 Access

  • There's some graffiti over there! It looks like it's leading me somewhere.
  • That strange person was a mischievous virus... Haha, the mystery is slowly unraveling!
  • Maybe this mischievous virus is actually some sort of huge monster!
Stage 04:

Root Access

  • I finally found it! ... Wait, hey! Hold on!
  • I can't catch it! I've got to use all my strength to get it!
  • Damn, where is it hiding now? Hey, come out!


  • I'm sending so much love! Grow strong!
  • Should I plant a few more seeds?
Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • [Planting Seed] Let's try planting different kinds of seed!
  • [Using Ornaments] Ooh, this magic is amazing!
  • [After Planting] We did it, the White Tree's gifts are ripening!
Stage 02:

Tree Tending

  • [Ornaments] Ooh, it's an ornament! Hooray!
  • [Seed] I found a seed! It's from the White Tree!
  • [Special Drop] I found something good! Lucky!
  • [Love the Trees]Okay, I'm going to send all my love to the White Tree! Hey!
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] Soon we should be able to harvest the gifts!
  • [Item Get] Hey, hey ,we got gifts from the White Tree!
  • n/a

2018 Events

New Year's Vacation

Stage 01:

Tropical Beach

  • Airplanes are huge! I can't believe somethign that big can fly!
  • It's winter but it's warm! It's really true that southern countries are warm!
  • Whoa, the sea is sparkling! Hey, can we go swimming?
Stage 02:

Tropical Cruise

  • There's food prepared for us on this boat! Whoa, I don't know where to begin!
  • Seeing the blue ocean from a boat is such a lovely view!
  • That whale's huge! Hey, do you think we'll see it blow water?
Stage 03:


  • This really is a tourist spot! There are so many shops that I don't need to worry about souvenirs!
  • There are so many kinds of souvenirs that I can't decide what to buy. [Teacher], what do you think would be good?
  • Hm, what kind of souvenir would make [Teacher] happy...
Stage 04:

Night Lounge

  • It's so much fun to travel with you during New Year's, [Teacher]! This feels like a good sign!
  • This place has such a relaxed atmosphere... Am I allowed to be in a place like this? I'm feeling kind of nervous...
  • I almost forgot, but it is New Year's. [Teacher], have you decided on your goal for this year.

Dream Chocolate Town

Stage 01:

Chocolate Town ~Sightseeing~

  • [Teacher], what kind of chocolate do you like? As long as it's not bitter, I'm okay with anything!
  • I wonder what the most popular chocolate is. I'd have to imagine here the royal sweet kind is good, right?
  • There are many different things to making chocolate. Just looking at the casts is interesting!
Stage 02:

Chocolate Workshop

  • Hey, later we definitely have to go to the tasting area! I really am in the mood for some chocolate~!
  • Chocolate has a long history... We have to be thankful for everyone involved that we get to eat this delicious chocolate.
  • Whoa! So this giant machine makes chocolate! I wonder how it's all put together.
Stage 03:

Chocolate Town ~Cater~

  • Look, [Teacher]! Huge chocolate... I wonder how much there'd be if you melted it down.
  • Okay! Making chocolate seems hard, but I know we can do it if we work together!
  • We're going to make brownies! The ingredients we need are... all stuff we can buy in Chocolate!
Stage 04:

Event Hall ~Lobby~

  • There are so many participants... So these are all our opponents? That's even more reason not to lose!
  • Just participating is fun! But of course I still want to try for first!
  • Hey, over there... Isn't that a famous chocolatier? I saw them in a magazine!
Stage 05:

Event Hall ~Final Review~

  • Okay! So did studying at the chocolate factory lead to us making something good?!
  • Our brownies will definitely be number one! Plus, we worked our hardest so I have no regrets!
  • It's time for the final judging... The tension here is even making me nervous~...

The Eternal Mage

Stage 01:

Solfia City

  • Oh, that shop looks interesting! Let's go take a look... Huh, ah, that's right! We need to listen to the young magician first, ahaha.
  • There are more people here than I thought there'd be. It's so busy that I almost doubt that there is a problem.
  • What's more is I have no idea what anyone is saying around here. Values and money stuff... I guess shopping?
Stage 02:

Winstock Cafe

  • The young magician has a problem, right? Well then, [Teacher], we have to help!
  • I cannot battle on an empty stomach! First, we eat!
  • Hey, the food is pretty much the same. I figured I'd see things I'd never seen before~.
Stage 03:

Aveda Forest

  • This is the god's forest?! ... Everywhere you look is in ruins.
  • Hey, [Teacher], what do you think the god of the forest looks like?
  • That tree over there doesn't just look bad, it looks like it has actually started to wither.
Stage 04:


  • Whoa! Wow! Look, [Teacher]! You can get a full view of that town we were just at!
  • Thinking about that bustling town I just know we have to prevent the problem in the forest from spreading further.
  • From this view, you would think this problem isn't affecting the town at all.
Stage 05:

Solfia City

  • Ahaha, now everything is settled! Ah, I feel great! Now the forest is fine!
  • The townsfolk are so happy! Doesn't it feel a bit more lively than when we first came here?
  • Ah! That's right, since we've solved the problem, why don't we take a look around the town? I saw a few things that looked interesting from that observatory.

White Day Mission

Stage 01:

Shopping Center

  • Hmm... What would make for a good present?
  • Gah! All this browsing made it harder for me to decide! Start thinking of something that would make a good gift...!
  • Oh! Look at these pretty flowers. I wonder if they'd make a nice gift.
Stage 02:

Outlet Park

  • Hey, let's go pick out some clothes together! Don't you think that'd be nice every once in a while?
  • Wouldn't this look really good on you? I'm so sure it would! Go! Go try it on!
  • Hmm, I like these, but that's really cool, too... [Teacher], which do you like more?
Stage 03:

Cake Shop

  • All that clothes shopping sure can make you hungry. Hey, why don't we buy something from that cake shop?!
  • [Teacher], don't you think this cake looks yummy? Okay, then let's buy the whole thing!
  • Uhh, they all look so good! With so many kinds of cake, there's no way I could choose.
Stage 04:

Large House

  • Okay, we're finally here! [Teacher], sorry to make you come this far, but don't give out on me now!
  • Tada~! I thought you might like... a little surprise! From me! Well, did you see it coming?
  • Uhm, I hope you can put up with me for a little while longer. I promise everything will be fine!

Strawberry's Holiday

  • [Reply] They say it's the sweetest strawberry in the world. I wonder how different it looks.
Stage 01:


  • Whoa, all these places look cool! I can't wait to have some strawberries!
  • Which one has the best strawberries? Let's ask that dude over there!
  • Ooh, this fruit platter looks good! C'mon, let's order it!
Stage 02:

Shopping Street

  • The strawberries we had at the fruit parlor were awesome! the other fruits were nice and sweet too!
  • Everything that has strawberries in it tastes good, huh? What's your favorite, [Teacher]?
  • I heard that fruit parlor gets their fruits wholesale from a fruit shop. No wonder everything tasted great!
Stage 03:

Fruits Farm

  • Man, this place is huge! I think we're gonna find that sweetest strawberry in the world here!
  • We can go strawberry picking here, right? Awesome, I'm gonna pick so many of 'em!
  • Check it out, [Teacher]! I found a massive strawberry! I love how each one is kinda different!
Stage 04:

Nighttime Fruits Farm

  • I've never been on a fruit farm at night! Don't you feel excited, [Teacher]?
  • The moon is so clear out here. Haha, walking around the farm at night is actually pretty cool!
  • Apparently, the sweetest strawberry in the world can only be found at night. We'd better check everywhere for it!

Floral EASTER Delight

Stage 01:

Shopping District

  • Hey, I found an Easter egg! Check it out, there's a cute bunny drawn on it!
  • So what's the connection between Easter and rabbits anyway?
  • Hey, someone really did hide all the eggs... This isn't cool!
Stage 02:


  • It says a handsome gentleman took the eggs... What kind of person does that make him?
  • There's a rabbit with an Easter egg over there! It's looking right at us. Think it wants us to follow it?
  • Hey, wait up! Damn rabbit. I'm having a tough time just keeping up!
Stage 03:

The Forest

  • Gah, we've come pretty far now, huh? That mysterious gentleman might be just ahead!
  • Hey, look! There's an Easter egg over here! Hehe, guess it pays off to poke about!
  • If he's really a respectable gentleman, why would he take off with the eggs?
Stage 04:

A Cute House

  • That Easter Gentleman was kinda calm and composed... I guess that's what people call refined, huh?
  • Whoa, now that's what I call a garden! The flowers are beautiful! Someone takes good care of this place!
  • Okay, let's go find that final egg! We're totally gonna find it, [Teacher]!

Rules For Peace

Stage 01:

Nearby Convenience Store

  • I left the house cause I got so upset... I'm never going back!
  • [Confide > Why You're Sad] I got into an argument with someone important to me and came here cause it's hard to go back.
  • [Confide > Start From Beginning] I got screamed at for not doing the laundry and then I heard the door slam shut.
  • [Confide > How You Feel Now] Now that I think about it, I should've just apologized since I was in the wrong...
  • [Stage End] I don't want to go back home yet... Even I do
    in-game sentence, possibly supposed to be "if I do"
    , how am I supposed to fix things...?
Stage 02:

Neighborhood Park

  • If only I was able to say sorry, this wouldn't have happened...
  • [Hold Ball > Make Him Get It] I don't want anyone getting hurt if I throw it. Do you think you can come and get it?
  • [Hold Ball > Play With Ball] I remember when I used to play with a ball like this... I used to always get excited when everyone said I was good.
  • [Hold Ball > Put Ball Down And Leave] Kids these days. It's pretty amazing they can apologize like that. I think it's pretty hard...
  • [Stage End] I'm probably in the way of kids by being here. I'll go to a cafe for a change of pace!
Stage 03:

Favorite Cafe

  • How do we even make up...? I guess I'll go home and try apologizing...
  • [Menu > Order Lunch] Eating something when I'm feeling down should cheer me up! I think I'll have the chef's recommended lunch!
  • [Menu > Order Drink] I should order more than usual as thanks for hearing me out! I am feeling a little better after coming here!
  • [Menu > Close Menu] Sorry, I shouldn't be here right now. I'm going to apologize!
  • [Stage End] I bet [Teacher] is worried about me after I stormed out like that... I don't like this at all!
Stage 04:

Back Home

  • Okay, I'm gonna say it... I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure [Teacher] will hear me out...
  • [Home > Lights] I'm back... It's pretty quiet. Maybe [Teacher] is sleeping. I have to make sure not to make any noise when I walk...
  • [Home > Living Room] Is this...a letter for me? [Teacher]...was that worried about me?
  • [Home >Bedroom] Traces of crying. I guess [Teacher] was tired from crying and fell asleep. I really have to apologize in the morning.
  • [Stage End] I'm going to apologize as soon as [Teacher] gets up. I don't want to be together with us being mad at each other!

Knight's Quest

Stage 01:


  • Wow~, look at this place. It's like a manga or a video game! A fantasy land!
  • So, what does one have to do to become a knight? Being cool is definitely part of it, I'm sure!
  • Knight or not, if someone's in trouble, I gotta help them out!
Stage 02:
in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "Sacred"
Knights' Academy
  • Ohh~, so this is the knight school! Wow... That' a lot of books. Guess there's that kind of studying too...
  • The students here are so cool! They've got a real sharp look going on!
  • Hey, I wanna become a knight too! Think about it. I'd be all noble and cool.
Stage 03:

Training Grounds

  • Time to train our minds... and bodies? Hmm, in other words, we're gonna be moving around, right?
  • I can use a sword now...? Yes! I've been waiting for this moment!
  • I know, I know. I won't get hurt! Now let me show you what I'm made of!
Stage 04:

Sanctuary of 12 Stars

  • This sanctuary is huge! It's magnificent! I start to feel all stiff and formal just being here...!
  • Wow, there are real knights over there! Oh man, they're so cool... I'm glad we came here!
  • Alright. That's it! Now I definitely gotta become a knight! I'll be cool and strong... and I can protect you!
Stage 05:
in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "Chariot"
  • I can meet with the king of knights?! As nervous as it makes me feel, that's also super exciting!
  • Whoa~, this castle's gigantic. If you tried to run a lap around a place this big, you might never make it back!
  • I may not be ready for it now, but I'll never forget the spirit of chivalry. And one day, I'll become a fine knight!

Night Parade

Stage 01:

Theme Park ~Morning~

  • Finally at the theme park! Man, I'm excited! Come on, let's go!
  • I'm just glad it's sunny out today. We can really enjoy the day, now! Where should we start?
  • Yahoo~! Haha, you gotta love the teacups! I just can't stop spinning the handle.
Stage 02:

Theme Park ~Noon~

  • All of the rides were pretty fun! I'm starting to get hungry, so let's get something to eat!
  • The food here is pretty good. Hm? I shouldn't overeat? Yeah, you have a point!
  • What am I gonna do after we finish eating? There's a ride I wanna go on. Let's go together!
Stage 03:

Theme Park ~Evening~

  • I'm going to be in the parade? That's so sudden... Fine. It'd be a shame to turn it out
    in-game sentence, possibly supposed to be "turn it down"
  • I was a bit surprised when I was asked to be in parade
    in-game sentence, possibly supposed to be "in the parade"
    , but I'm gonna give it my all now that I am!
  • The sun is starting to set. Look how lit up the park is now. Doesn't it look so beautiful?
Stage 04:

Night Parade

  • Whoa, these parade outfits really stand out! Does it look good on me, [Teacher]?
  • Everyone looks pretty comfortable in their clothes... I wanna get like that!
  • I'll definitely put a smile on the faces of all those who watch! I hope you'll be watching too, [Teacher]!
Stage 05:

Theme Park ~Night~