After logging in for 18 days, you will start receiving rewards from the beginning.

Login Day 1 Login Day 2 Login Day 3
Refreshing Chewing Gum 5
Business Smile 5
500 K Refreshing Chewing Gum 5x1 Business Smile 5x1
Login Day 4 Login Day 5 Login Day 6
Matcha Candy
Exchange Ticket
50 JIN Matcha Candy x1 Exchange Ticket x1
Login Day 7 Login Day 8 Login Day 9
Event Boy
Super Alarm Clock
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Event Boy x1 Super Alarm Clock x1 Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Login Day 10 Login Day 11 Login Day 12
Refreshing Chewing Gum 30
Business Smile 30
3000 K Refreshing Chewing Gum 30x1 Business Smile 30x1
Login Day 13 Login Day 14 Login Day 15
Strawberry Candy
Exchange Ticket
100Jin Strawberry Candy x1 Exchange Ticket x1
Login Day 16 Login Day 17 Login Day 18
Event Boy
Comfy Pillow
Free Gacha Ticket
Event Boy x1 Comfy Pillow x1 Free Gacha Ticket x1

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