Quotes from Animal Boyfriend Events for the Intelligent Personality. Because this personality was added to Animal Boyfriend on January 7, 2016, event dialogue before then does not exist.

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2016 Events

Gods of the Mountain

Stage 01:

Forest of Ambi

  • Humans say matsutake mushrooms are like diamonds of the mountain. It does make me wonder how they taste.
  • The phytoncide produced by these trees is great for the skin. Let's take a walk amongst it all.
  • It's like a scene from a hanafuda card out here. Deer and Maple.
Stage 02:

Inari Shrine

  • There are so many shrine gates around. Like long, red tunnels.
  • "Relaxed study brings reward"... Trust me to receive a fortune like this one.
  • Let's follow these shrine gates up to the top of the mountain. I imagine the view must be incredible.
Stage 03:

Ambi Summit

  • Let's take a short rest. I'll go and buy us something to drink.
  • This is the kind of view that really puts life in perspective. I'm so glad we came up here.
  • The days get shorter as the nights get longer this time of year, you know.
Stage 04:

Garden Of Gods

  • Red leaves in full force... How mysterious.
  • This garden exists in its own bubble of peace and quiet.
  • I feel blessed, to enjoy beautiful views like these at this time of year.
Stage 05:

Shrine Path

  • Beautiful trees, lit up by dazzling lanterns. What a spectacular view.
  • Does this path stretch to the heavens themselves? How long must it be exactly?
  • It's hard to imagine we'll be meeting a true god, protector of this mountain itself.
Stage 06:

The Mountain God

  • So this is where the god lives... I've never seen such a large house before in my life.
  • It does make me wonder what these gods do in their spare time, though. Maybe I should take this chance to ask.
  • I wonder how high up we are exactly... More than 1000m, perhaps...?

Literary Works

Stage 01:

Second-Hand Books

  • I've never really been to a second-hand bookstore before. This should be quite an experience.
    • [Look at textbooks] So you enjoy reading books like these, [Teacher].
      • [Medical book] You're interested in the medical sciences, are you?
      • [Philosophy book] There do seem to be a lot of beginner's guides to science these days.
    • [Look at manga] Hmm? Is that another floor above us?
      • [Stay here] Yes, good idea. Let's keep exploring here first.
      • [Go up] These stairs are scarily unstable.
Stage 02:


  • Let's begin our search for literature.
    • [Go inside] All of these books have quite a deal of thickness to them.
      • [History book] History books... It's always important to learn from the past, to help prepare for the future.
      • [Encyclopedia] Any books filled with details on the human world interest me greatly.
    • [Don't go inside] Where do you think this author might be from?
      • [Japan] So perhaps this is one of those pennames I've heard about...!
      • [America] America...? I think I'd like to visit one day.
Stage 03:


  • Well then, how exactly should we begin searching for books?
    • [Bookshelves] It appears this is the area for children's books.
      • [Search here] Yes, well... I don't think I'll be reading any of these...
      • [Move on] Yes, we still have plenty of time. Let's continue searching.
    • [Counter] It appears we can search the library books from this computer here.
      • [Search by genre] I must admit I enjoy that genre myself.
      • [Search by author] So these are your favorite authors, I see. I'll have to do some research of my own later.

Animal Onsen Mystery Tour

Stage 01:

Onsen Ryokan

  • The owner seems peculiar.
  • This is quite the ryokan. I imagine that clock must have stood there some 40, 50 years at least.
  • There's quite a number of baths here. Which would you like to enter first?
Stage 02:


  • This room is quite large indeed. I'd say it's at least 33 square meters, perhaps 35.
  • Even the view from the window here is incredible.
  • We have some time until dinner. We can rest here, or take a walk. It's up to you.
Stage 03:


  • Let's try to figure out what's happened here.
  • There's no water in the baths...?
  • It doesn't appear to be a simple mechanical malfunction, to me at least.
Stage 04:

Onsen Town

  • There appears to be quite a distance to our destination. I wonder how many steps in total...
  • I wonder why exactly seeing red lanterns in a small town like this is quite so exciting.
  • It appears the source of the spring is somewhere near the mountain summit.
Stage 05:

Stone Steps

  • I don't think this path is meant for regular use. It's entirely covered with fallen leaves.
  • It appears as if we've almost reached our destination.
  • I can hear something, from up ahead. It sounds like a person.
Stage 06:

Summit Shrine

  • It appears this gentlemen is the one who has been siphoning all the spring water.
  • He appears genuine in his regret. Perhaps he's not such a bad person after all.
  • He smells much the same as I do. Peculiar...
Stage 07:


  • Today's events had nothing to do with the tour... It appears I was mistaken.
  • It appears the mystery tour doesn't start until tomorrow.
  • Most importantly, we solved the problem calmly, quickly and logically.
Stage 08:

Outdoor Bath

  • This water is still too hot to enter... It must be around 45 degrees Celsius right now.
  • We should probably wait a while longer for it to cool down.
  • This is quite the luxurious bath.

The Legend of GIJIN

Stage 01:

(Towns:) Kingdom of Amsha, Sakura Metropolis, Helios City, Chenqian Palace, Temple of Zalaam

  • Teleportation... Exactly how was it achieved...? I must find out.
  • Such a wonderful town. Under different circumstances, I'd have loved to have gone sightseeing.
  • There's so much here I do not know... I'm sorry, I need to study more.
Stage 02:

(Battle:) Krizsa Mountains, Forgotten Shrine, Soul Valley, Shanyang Ravine, Ruins of Oscuro

  • A dead end... Oh no... is this an enemy trap?!
  • I feel considerably safer knowing you're with me, [Teacher].
  • I've predicted the movements of the enemies to 100% accuracy. We'll be fine.
Stage 03:


  • ... Are you feeling tired too?
    • [Take a rest] Unbelievable! An egg, right here!
    • [Give a drink] I suppose I could have a sip.
    • [Give your lap] I... That's... Yes, well. If you insist.
  • It seems as if I've lost one of the eggs...
    • [Search together] You found it, really? Thank you very much.
    • [Cheer him up] ... I'm sorry for all this trouble...
    • [Tickle him] Uwa?! Wh-what are you doing?!
  • Eggs? I can find a few eggs, I'm sure.
    • [Search here] As I thought. Here's an egg already.
    • [Search there] Wh-what...? There's not a single egg here...
    • [Just pretend] I'll just be over here reading some journals, then.
Stage 01:


  • The weather is quite something today. I feel almost sleepy in the heat.
  • So we're here to search for eggs. I'm sure we can streamline the process by you listening to everything I say.
  • I bet this field has all manner of rare herbs and spices waiting to be picked.
  • These here are pansies. They're said to symbolize true love.
  • So you found an egg. I must say, I was quite hoping to find one myself, too.
Stage 02:

Shopping Street

  • There is no problem I cannot solve.
  • Could we try out that herbal tea store over there?
  • Leave this searching to me. I know the most effective ways to conduct these sorts of experiments.
  • Do you know the true history of Easter? Well, it all began with Pascha, a festival in the late 2nd Century...
  • I've found the most intriguing novel here. I think I'll stop and read a while.
Stage 03:

Theme Park

  • I'll find you those eggs, efficiently and speedily.
  • The mascots are all too rough with their approach. We are all strangers, after all.
  • They say Easter has it's roots far, far back in history. Fascinating.
  • I'd like to ride the Ferris wheel. Will you join me, [Teacher]?
  • Did you know? There are actually quite a few different types of Easter eggs all around the world.
Stage 04:


  • I wonder what is truly out there, deep in the midst of uncharted space.
  • All of the stars you see in the sky today are mere reflections of a rapidly fading past.
  • They say that Easter carries symbology of rebirth, of new life and fresh starts.
  • If there's anything you want to know about space, just ask. Or allow me to explain anyway.
  • I can't believe there are actual eggs hidden around an actual spaceship, too...

School Festival

Stage 01:

School Gate

  • I can't wait to see what kind of culture festival is at a circus training school.
  • I wonder what kind of culture we'll see... This is going to be fun.
  • Circus, huh? Now that I think about it, there is a poem with that name.
Stage 02:


  • Wh-what a strange menu. This is the first time I've even seen this.
  • There sure are a lot of different stands. I think the stats on which are the most popular would be interesting.
  • There are a lot of people doing different performances. This feels like a festival and not just because of the stands.
Stage 03:


  • A maze, huh? And time trial... Okay I'm about to set a new record!
  • A house of hypnotism, huh... That's just placebo. It has no effect on me.
  • There's a bunch of exhibitions inside the school. Now this is a culture festival.
Stage 04:


  • There are some performances being done on the stages in the gym.
  • Wow, that performer is putting on a show as a guest.
  • A concert, huh... Why don't we go somewhere else before it gets too noisy?
Stage 05:

(EX Stage) Circus

  • It's said clowns originated from the Italian masked improvisational theater known as Commedia dell'arte.
  • What an amazing sense of balance. That must take so much practice.
  • Both the jumper and the catcher must be in sync to succeed at the trapeze. What a difficult move.

The Beast Boys

Stage 01:

To the Hallowed Ground!

  • Scientifically, ghosts and the like should not exist... So, why...
  • I's like to thoroughly search Onibimaru's body. Is that all right?
  • Cooperating is fine, but doesn't seeing a real one make you think anything?
Stage 02:

The Garden of Grief

  • Oh, graves. The cultures of humans and the dead is nothing but interesting.
  • By the way, about Onibimaru's body... Ah, no, it's nothing...
  • Such unscientific things just... Can't be...
Stage 03:

The Room of Swords

  • The floor is rotting. Be careful not to fall.
  • What makes you give off that light, Onibimaru...?
  • This building... has just been left behind. The oxidation progress has gone quite far.
Stage 04:

The Room of Shields

  • Yoaki and ghosts are basically entirely different.
  • It's cool here even though it's summer... Could there be something here?
  • Hey, there's someone other than us here. Be careful.
Stage 05:

The Master's Courtyard

  • A well. And it looks like it hasn't been used for a while.
  • Fire doesn't float. I believe that is plasma.
  • I will not accept the unscientific!
Stage 06:

The Endless Corridor

  • We're in a new place now. Something strange will probably happen again. Keep your guard up.
  • No matter how complex it is, if we walk along the left-hand side, we will escape this maze.
  • Didn't we just... no, that's impossible... We shouldn't be ending up here, but...
Stage 07:

Hunting for the Exit

  • We've been walking for so long. We'll surely find the exit soon.
  • Where could the exit be... I want to refill our water supply...
  • ... It's okay. I can still walk.
Stage 08:

The Room of Gold

  • The architecture is... amazing. I'd love to just take it all in.
  • That guy was at the Animal Laboratory. He liked pranks and I heard he was a big pain.
  • Well, we've got a promise to fulfill. let's take this place back.
Stage 09:

The Last Battle with the Macaroni Gang!

  • Since his animal ears pop out when he's surprised, well, he still has a ways to go.
  • It would be better to study hard than to do pointless things like this.
  • Okay, let's hurry up and take this back so we can thoroughly inspect Onibimaru's body.
Stage 10:

Test of Courage!?

  • We're finished here. Now I can finally inspect Onibimaru...
  • We walked quite a bit, so we should eat for the nutritional support.
  • You're going to do the test of courage? Let's prove all of this scientifically.

Invitation to Wonderland

Stage 01:

To Wonderland!

  • The entrance to Wonderland is a rabbit hole...? That sort of makes sense.
  • This must be the infamous rabbit hole. What an odd sight indeed.
  • I've calculated the gravitational force at which we're traveling. I approximate we'll reach the bottom in about 27 minutes.
Stage 02:

Mushroom Forest

  • The Amanita mmuscaria is as red and colorful as I thought it would be.
  • What do we have here. That white mushroom is most likely an Amanita virosa.
  • The different vantage point from waking under the mushroom is also quite pleasant.
Stage 03:

Tea Time

  • I am absolutely outraged. Who were those people just now?
  • They say it's a full house, yet the seats are clearly empty. When we try to leave, they offer us more tea. I simply cannot comprehend their actions.
  • Let us continue our journey. I've had enough of this odd place.
Stage 04:

Palace Gardens

  • What a strange sign "Be wary of the Queen" is.
  • I wonder what purpose white roses painted as red would serve.
  • Oh, my. What are playing cards doing here? Oh, yes. By the way, did you know that the pictures on playing cards are modeled after real-life people?
Stage 05:

Face the Queen!

  • The radiance of the Queen is so amazing, even I am a little nervous...
  • These sweets are handmade by the Queen herself? H-how kind...!
  • My pulse is rising... Could this be the effect of being in a red room...?

Rainy Day Shopping

Stage 01:


  • We don't usually see fog build up in this area of town. What a strange experience.
  • Are we heading to a nearby store, at least?
  • A crowd of people... IS something happening over there?
Stage 02:


  • This umbrella... It says it can withstand up to a typhoon-level winds! ... "but protection of the holder is not guaranteed", says the small print...
  • The best shopping trip is an efficient shopping trip. I of course have my list right her--- Never mind... I should have it memorized at least.
Stage 03:


  • Apparently this aquarium has the largest indoor tank in the world. Would you like to take a look?
  • Dolphins... these dolphins...!
  • I think I prefer killer whales to dolphins, myself.
Stage 04:


  • So many exquisite exhibits.
  • A lot of these exhibits are of international renown, you know.
  • So many of these artists found very little recognition in their time. It's a shame they had to pass for people to truly appreciate their skill.
Stage 05:

(EX Stage) Meadow

  • This is quite the hydrangea field indeed.
  • I hear the noise of a crowd. Something must have happened.
  • Do I hear screams coming from the back of the meadow...?

Life's A Game

  • [EP] This work wasn't any trouble at all for me.
  • [Treasure] You get compensation based on your work. That is basic.
Stage 01:


  • [Heart] The surgery was a success.
    • His desire to live is the most important factor.
    • Hurry, please let us hear you speak.
Stage 02:


  • [Heart] I've come to deliver a package.
    • Excuse me, but could you sign here?
    • That's everything. We hope to have your business again.
Stage 03:

Baseball Player

  • [Heart] (9th inning, two outs, last-chance swing.)
    • Okay, based on the previous pitches... the next one should be...
    • Okay, perfect.
Stage 04:


  • [Heart] So based on the evidence here, in this area there should be... nothing?! Is my reasoning wrong?
    • What! The culprit was caught?! That's entirely different from profiling?!
    • I guess fact is stronger than fiction.
Stage 05:


  • [Heart] The cards that have been discarded... and the cards that can be checked now...
    • The last face down card and... the total result of my opponent's win-loss percentage is... 82%!
    • Clearly... victory is mine.

Field Trip!!

Stage 01:


  • ... You look like a mess. Do i even have to help you with sleeping?
  • The weather today is great. It's so pleasant it should boost our spirits quite a bit.
  • So first we're going strawberry picking? Lots of people pass over strangely shaped ones but those are sweet and ripe.
Stage 02:


  • Strawberries are grown in vinyl greenhouses where the temperature and humidity can be controlled.
  • I see, we can eat the strawberries we pick over there. They've thought of everything.
  • ... Your back hurts? That's because you don't know the proper way to bend down.
Stage 03:

Main Street

  • It's quite busy here. This kind of human atmosphere is quite interesting.
  • It's difficult to speak highly of this alley. This kind of darkness in a city is...
  • Hm. we should reach the park after we go through this chopping center.
Stage 04:


  • There's plenty of space to sit down in this park. Let's have lunch soon.
  • You made bentos...? Thank you so much... That's just like you.
  • Next time you make bentos, please allow me to help you.
Stage 05:

Theme Park

  • This is an amusement park...?! This heat... Humans sure are amazing...
  • The whole park has a concept that even goes to the staff costumes.
  • [Teacher], do you like the attractions or shows more?
Stage 06:


  • Today was quite fantastic. I learned a lot.
  • Oh yeah, what do you think dinner will be?
  • Goodnight, [Teacher].

The Heian Scrolls

Stage 01:

Heian Theme Park

  • I really had no idea there was a theme park in this area.
  • I think a kimono like this would suit you well, [Teacher]. Though they are very hevy.
  • I could tell you all about the history behind why these buildings are all so red, if you have the time.
Stage 02:

Spring Room

  • Quite the beautiful sakura... but we're far from spring already. They must be fake.
  • Hmm, that is a strange smell indeed. Incense?
  • It says people used to play kemari in their gardens here. Quite the hobby.
Stage 03:

Summer Room n/a

Stage 04:

Autumn Room n/a

Stage 05:

Winter Room n/a

Stage 06:

Storage Room

  • Hmm, it appears to be a simple storage room. We must have gotten lost.
  • Wax models? I could have sworn I was talking with one of them, though...
  • What kind of place is this...?

Back to the Mansion

  • [EP] I'm sure it'll turn out useful later. Let's hold on to it.
  • [Treasure] Oh, look. We do always seem to find things like this in places like these.
Stage 01:


  • Ahh... Where are we...?
  • It seems as though we've been abducted.
  • We're underground... which means there must be a staircase leading back above ground.
  • I will find a way out of here. Leave it to me.
Stage 02:


  • ...Hmm...? Footsteps...
Stage 03:

Kitchen n/a

Stage 04:


  • This must be some kind of courtyard. There has to be a way out through here.
  • Hmm, there are quite a few statues here--- Hmm. [Teacher]. Did that one just move?
  • I think I see a building over there. Let's head that way.
Stage 05:


  • This is quite the interesting laboratory indeed. Though all the equipment does seem very old...
  • I wonder what they were researching here. I'd love to find out.
  • [Teacher], do you smell that? I think it's fresh air... This way!

Merry in Matrimony

Stage 01:

Tropical Island

  • Blue skies, blue seas... You know, the color blue helps focus and concentration in humans. Fascinating, isn't it?
  • This isn't a real wedding, you know. I don't think there's any need to start feeling nervous.
  • I must admit, I don't know much about weddings and marriage at all... I hope this goes okay.
Stage 02:

Exchanging Rings

  • Did we really have to dress up like this for a simple rehearsal...?
  • I have to put this ring on your finger now, [Teacher].
  • Hmm, I did not expect something as simple as putting a ring on your finger to be quite this difficult...
Stage 03:

Exchanging Vows

  • Apparently all it takes is two signatures here and the marriage contract is complete. Fascinating.
  • D-don't you think you're a little close...? Wh-what? This is the tradition?!
  • What exactly are we supposed to do during this ceremony?
Stage 04:

Chorus Singing

  • Perhaps we should think more carefully next time before accepting a task as great as this one.
  • What language is this even? Where do these hymns come form? Oh, I'm sorry... I suppose this isn't the place.
  • I do love the way everyone's voices echo around the church. I wonder if they were built with this purpose in mind...
Stage 05:

Outfit Change

  • There appears to be a tradition of handing out candles to the guests a their tables... Fascinating.
  • Apparently they've prepared a video of our history together... I'm not sure I can bring my self to watch it...
  • They certainly haven't spared any expense on the food, either... It all looks so delicious.
Stage 06:

Cake Cutting

  • I didn't think cutting a cake could be this difficult. The cream is just getting everywhere.
  • ... This might be easier if you could try moving in time with me, [Teacher].
  • They said we could keep the cake... but I see you've already started eating. Very brave of you.

Enjoy Vietnam

Stage 01:


  • I knew that I'd be able to see movies during the flight, but I had no idea that they would be recent releases.
  • I learned some simple Vietnamese, so ask my
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "me"
    if you need something.
  • We pick up our luggage over there. Make sure to check the numbers so you don't pick up the wrong luggage.
Stage 02:


  • I knew about this from prior research, but... there really are so many motorcycles here.
  • ... Hm? If you pay attention, you'll see there are no traffic lights here. I should have looked up how we're supposed to cross the road.
  • I'm a bit thirsty. I wanted to try this drink called nuoc mia. What do you think?
Stage 03:


  • What a great room. So you looked at reviews before picking...? This hotel was the right choice.
  • I heard that the brightly lit place over there is the market, so why don't we check it out later?
  • Are you getting hungry? Just wait until I finish with the luggage and checking our valuables.
Stage 04:


  • This market is even busy at night. Let's eat and then check out the shops.
  • These fresh spring rolls are pretty good... I think we could make these at home, so we should look up a recipe.
  • Pho is probably the most famous Vietnamese food. I've always wanted to try it once.
Stage 05:

Lotus Pond

  • I just heard from a local that there is a nearby shop that serves lotus tea.
  • These flowers look so lovely. But more than that is how surprisingly big lotus flowers grow.
  • ... You know, the lotus seed kind of looks like a honeycomb.
Stage 06:

Ha Long Bay

  • n/a

Pinocchio's Adventure

Stage 01:

Geppetto’s House

  • So this is the original work. That means it's okay because there's no copyright.
  • Pinocchio... The most famous thing is probably the animated movie.
  • The animated movie and original work are quite different.
Stage 02:

Puppet Troupe

  • The next place Pinocchio is going is called The Red Lobster Inn.
  • Pinocchio had two siblings in the original story, and they had names too.
  • Those bandits... Well, it goes without saying who they are.
Stage 03:

Turquoise Girl

  • I don't know anything about Crickets. Why is that one still alive. I wonder...
  • Lying makes your nose grow. That's a famous tale.
  • In the original story the Turquoise Girl lived near a thousand years.
Stage 04:

The Land of Toys

  • This land of toys was foreshadowed at the beginning of the story.
  • Do you know how Pinocchio turns back from a donkey?
  • At the end he'll reunite with his friend who became a donkey.
Stage 05:

Finished Reading

  • What do you think? The original story seems so different from the film, doesn't it?
  • Thanks for reading the book. We even finished it in one sitting.
  • Okay, what should we read next?

Electric Town

Stage 01:


  • [Teacher], you look to be unhurt. Well then, please help me try to figure out what is going on here.
  • Hm... There are several designs drifting through the air... it seems to be constructing a story... This must be some sort of alternate world.
  • Hm... I don't recall seeing these characters before. This does not to
    in-game sentence, probably supposed to be "not seem to"
    be a system that uses kanji.
Stage 02:


  • All these stores means this must be the shopping district right? Now, how can we get some of this place's currency?
  • I was able to barter at one of the shops and get some food. I don't know what's in it, but... Let's take a break.
  • For now let's just look for a way to get back. Right now we've only got problems.
Stage 03:


  • I turned right on a whim, but... our surroundings changed kind of drastically.
  • Let's come back to search here later. We can do that if we don't find anything else.
  • Nothing here really stands our, so I don't think we're going to find any hints here.
Stage 04:


  • This wide-open space must be some kind of park. Let's take a break and try to get some info.
  • It'd be nice if we could find a library... Well, right now we can't afford such luxuries.
  • If I sketch some of the words that stick out I think I should be able to understand a little bit.
Stage 05:


  • Hey, it's a school. I wonder if we could use the library.
  • What nice rabbits they've raised here. But is it okay that we're not looking right now...
  • I tried to persuade them... but they didn't understand me. I suppose I need another plan.
Stage 06:


  • I'm not completely certain just yet, but I think this should gives us a hit
    in-game sentence, probably supposed to be "give us a hint"
    on how to go back to our world...
  • Getting a top down look on the city is a pretty good idea.
  • The view is pretty great, but I'm more curious about the design of the art in this observatory.

Nightmare On Animal Street

Stage 01:

Nightime shrine

  • For some reason I just can't come up with the right words, (animal noise)... And I can't read, (animal noise)?
  • Is this physical or some outside cause... I'm unsure, (animal noise).
  • I don't this
    in-game sentence, possibly supposed to be "don't think this"
    place is a place we'd like to be, (animal noise). What's the reason, (animal noise)?
Stage 02:

Torii road

  • This place is colder than it should be, (animal noise). we should get out of here quickly, (animal noise).
  • With all the strange things that keep happening, nothing can surprise me now, (animal noise).
  • Is someone there, (animal noise)? Come out. I want information, (animal noise).
Stage 03:

Lost In Town

  • Not only is this area complicated, I believe we ave been this way,.. What kind of area is this, (animal noise)?
  • We need to make notes about this maze and eliminate our options, (animal noise).
  • Where is that shamisen and flute music coming from, (animal noise)...?
Stage 04:

Upper Floors

  • As someone who prefers reading to exercise, these stairs are ridiculous, (animal noise).
  • Let's catch our breath, (animal noise)... I hope there's something worth going up there for, (animal noise).
  • The view below is beautiful and a bit comforting still, (animal noise). Huhu... Oh my, (animal noise).
Stage 05:


  • If we go this way... (animal noise)... More stairs means, (animal noise)...
  • I can't read he signs but if I had a dictionary... Well, I can't read the dictionary either, (animal noise).
  • Instead of wandering around, why don't we just check out that one building, (animal noise).
Stage 06:

Camellia Prison

  • This looks like a prison, (animal noise). I'm so glad that it's empty, though, (animal noise).
  • These letters... This shape... Could this be my name, (animal noise)?
  • ... I feel like this has nothing to do with our goal, (animal noise). Let's go look somewhere else, (animal noise).


Stage 01:

Theme Park

  • n/a
Stage 02:

Dark Forest

  • This sign says Halloween Town. This has to be the right way.
  • It's completely dark... Be careful not to trip over any of the tree roots.
Stage 03:

Halloween Town

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Castle Gate

  • n/a
Stage 05:

Great Hall

  • I was given a key by someone from the castle. It seems like I need to look for the room by myself.
  • That's a big pumpkin pie. I wonder how many pumpkins were needed to make that.
  • People will give you candy if you say "trick or treat".
Stage 06:

Secret Chamber

  • So this is a secret room.
  • If there is a room like this hidden in the walls...
  • We sure moved around a lot today. we should probably go to bed early.

Looking After Teacher Again!

Stage 01:

Convenience Store

  • To think I spent all of hat time explaining the importance of taking care of yourself... Well, no point talking about it now. I'll come up with something.
Stage 02:


  • [Teacher] broke out into a fever... I will need to prepare something to bring that down.
  • "What symptoms do you have you
    in-game sentence, possibly supposed to be "you have"

?" ... The coughing started three days ago, so it must be that.

  • I have everything I need but... I should probably buy some cooling strips just in case... Reducing the body's temperature may prove to be beneficial.
Stage 03:


  • Well then... I don't have to research what I already know about the cold. I should gather information on recipes that help when sick.
  • Insightful... Other than okayu, ginger and udon are also good... Now which one does [Teacher] like out of those three...
  • It appears this cooking book can be used not only for foods that fight the cold. I'll get this and be on my way.
Stage 04:


  • A church, huh. I heard that humans who pray here are able to attain some type of tranquility... Heh, maybe I'll try it out.
  • ... This place surely has a calming effect. Well then, it 's time to return to [Teacher]'s side.
  • There are some people talking to the priest. Does it help getting things off your chest? ... Will I get advice on how to tend to the sick if I talk?

Culture Festival

Stage 01:

Script Reading

  • (Prince)
    • So I'm playing the princes. Well, first I'll have to study the basic image of a prince.
    • "Princess, where are you?!" ... That doesn't feel right? Acting is quite difficult.
    • I seem to grasp the basics. Now i just need to efficiently practice in order to reach my goal.
  • (Princess)
    • Well, my role is... the princess?! Wh-what is the intention here?!
    • Now what to reference for female acting... Kabuki should be a good reference, don't you think?
    • There's no point in discussing qualified persons... If this is the role i was given I must play the best princess that I can.
  • (Demon)
    • I will be playing the archfiend. I shall play it so the whole audience shall shiver with trepidation!
    • "There is no way for you to defeat me!" ... What do you think, [Teacher]? Does it need to sound heavier?
    • Performing is more difficult than I imagined. I need to obtain some reference documents as soon as possible.
Stage 02:


  • (Prince)
    • Just looking at this costume makes me feel like I must succeed. I must devote myself as well.
    • I think this costume really fives off the high class image of a prince.
    • Not only is it comfortable, the motion of range was well considered for ease of performance. This costume is so easy to move in.
  • (Princess)
    • Oh... This is just exactly what I imagined a princess would look like.
    • This is a wonderful costume. I want to work on my performance so I don't disgrace the costume.
    • I tried it on but... what do you think, [Teacher]? I'm not quite sure, myself...
  • (Demon)
    • So this is the archfiend's costume. Being able to figure it out so quickly is good design.
    • Contrary to how it looks, this is easy to move around in. Everything else just depends on me.
    • I just put on the costume, now if i can do a good job acting, we should get a good evaluation.
Stage 03:


  • (Prince)
    • The set is amazing. I need to consider movement enough to be able to go to the proper locations immediately.
    • This is different from putting on the costume and practicing. There's a difference from thinking about the positioning, and that is important to consider.
    • Was I able to properly express the prince's feelings towards the princess? I do hope that I did.
  • (Princess)
    • I have committed all of my lines to memory. All that's left is the actual performance.
    • There are so many things in the script that are hard to imagine in the script but dhow up during rehearsal.
    • Now that I'm wearing the actual costume, it's so much more fluttery than I had imagined. I need to be careful not to fall.
  • (Demon)
    • This costume has quite the amount of decorations. They are applied to all these detailed places and it makes the costume quite heavy...
    • I had not expected the interior scenes of the archfiend's castle to be so detailed. It's more amazing than I had imagined.
    • Now I have memorized the proper acting behaviors for the archfiend. All that is left is to put them to use in the performance.

Christmas Dreams

Stage 01:

Santa’s Dispatch Office

  • Unfathomable! Impossible! I should've been home... How did I get here?
  • Santa's dispatch office, huh... Things are becoming clear. This is all their fault. Why weren't we given prior warning?
  • Santa Claus is a made-up story. It's not possible for him to exist... No, the person over there... must be cosplaying.
Stage 02:

Santa’s House

  • May I confer with you about the delivery route? It simply isn't the most efficient route we can take.
  • Checking the checklist, sorting and shipping have all been taken
in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "care"
of. Leave this type of work to me.
  • I'm a little worried about how my stamina will hold up... I cannot think of an appropriate solution.
Stage 03:

Reindeer Area

  • The reindeer I know aren't able to stand up on two legs.. .Are my studies lacking?
  • I can't believe this. I really cannot.
  • ... Is this really where we're supposed o rent reindeer? We didn't take a wrong turn anywhere along the way?
Stage 04:

Christmas Night

  • We're really flying in the sky... How is this possible? ...Huh? Will power? No, that can't be right.
  • This present is up next... This size... What are we going to do?
  • Shh! You'll wake the kids if you're not quiet, you know? Once we set the present, we're leaving, okay?

Traditions of Kyoto

Stage 01:


  • Before departing for the trip, I took the liberty of making a guidebook. Please peruse through it.
  • We will arrive at our station soon. Double check to make sure you didn't forget anything, [Teacher].
  • Time is of the essence. I believe we'll need to be efficient to travel to as many places as possible.
Stage 02:


  • [Teacher]? You would like to go there, too? ... well, if we tweak our other place, it'll work itself out...
  • I had already foreseen such a detour. That's why I brought a guidebook for this area. We'll have no problem looking for the information we need.
  • It's almost time, [Teacher]. Let's go to the next spot.
Stage 03:


  • This tofu... tastes exactly how it's supposed to. The kombu and dashi are also pivotal... I'll try it with some added spice next...
  • Is this... ofu...? I was surprised by how sticky it is...! Oh, and the miso soup is delicious as well.
  • Is this... a fish in the bowl...? Its rich taste makes me feel at ease.
Stage 04:

Snack Store

  • For a building of this stature along with its craft to have survived until now... it's a testament to its long-standing nature.
  • Sweets, tea, sweets... I see things clearly now. That's the reason why I am unable to stop eating... How fearful indeed.
  • ... The goal of the trip was to find something good to eat... Are you sure it's okay if we eat something like this...?
Stage 05:


  • Hu... Huhu... [Teacher] is showing lots of resilience. I can't be the one lagging behind...!
  • ... Can you see the top yet? ... Huhuhu, since we've come this far, we have to go all the way to the top...!
  • I believed red... *pant pant* was the color that prevented danger... Is that way... (pant*... all the torii are red...?
Stage 06:


  • We somehow finally made it back to the ryokan... I just hope we're not sore tomorrow...
  • Let's go to sleep early today, so we're better prepared for tomorrow. We won't get anything done if we're tired.
  • Before we go to sleep, let's go over our plan for tomorrow. That way, we'll be able to roll with the punches even if we have to take a detour.

2017 Events

New Year's Banquet

Stage 01:


  • Are you making osechi? I'll help you out.
  • I see. SO this is where you put the ingredients. It's quite fascinating just thinking that every dish has a meaning behind it...
  • It was faster leaving everything up to you, [Teacher]... But it was a worthwhile experience.
Stage 02:


  • Why are you so skilled at this game, [Teacher]? Is it possible... I'm sorry, can we switch paddles?
  • ... Are you sure this wooden paddle isn't defective? Or maybe it's the birdie. Why does it go where I'm not hitting it...?
  • A bad workman always quarrels with his tools... It's my fault for thinking things would somehow get better...
Stage 03:

Shrine (Noon)

  • Is that a mochi-pounding contest? It appears even amateurs may enter. Since we're already here, what do you say?
  • It came out pretty good. The mochi by itself... is slightly lacking...
  • I'm sorry... I actually hit your finger, [Teacher]. It's a good thing the mallet is quite light.
Stage 04:

Shrine (Evening)

  • Omikuji, huh... I'm a little started as to why people would want such unscientific things.
  • I got daikichi... How about you, [Teacher]? ... Heh, we got the same thing. That's quite improbable.
  • Is it really something to get that excited about? I think finding out whether it's effective or not is rather difficult.
Stage 05:

Shrine (Night)

  • Who is that persistent person? ... It's not a pleasant feeling being forced to take detours.
  • Is he an acquaintance of yours, [Teacher]? ... The fortune-teller from the station? What is he doing here, though...?
  • Maybe he's predicting where we're going to next? There's o way something as unrealistic as that would be possible.
Stage 06:

Night Walk

  • In the end, what was that? I really can't find it in my heart to believe him.
  • Predicting the future can be explained with science. If you say there's an unpleasant future waiting, there should also be a way to avoid it.
  • At any rate, as long as you're with me, [Teacher], I don't believe there will be an unpleasant future.

Delicious Fruit!

  • Please let me know when you would like to use the fertilizer.
  • Don't forget to stay hydrated.
Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • [Planting Seed] When you're planting seeds, its direction is quite important.
  • [Using Fertilizer] Be sure to use a moderate amount of fertilizer.
  • [After Planting] If the seeds germinate properly, there's no such thing as failing.
Stage 02:

Tree Shaking

  • [Fertilizer] But why is there fertilizer here... Perplexing indeed.
  • [Seed] I'd like to gather some more seeds.
  • [Strong Shake] To think we would be able to get this many. We must be really lucky.
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] From the looks of things, we can already start harvested the stuff here.
  • [Item Get] We were able to get some harvesting done.
  • n/a

Winter Wonderland

Stage 01:


  • This station is old and really used, but the weathered away parts have been repaired, so it should hold up fora while longer.
  • The more secluded a place is, the more hidden the interesting places are. I do hope we can see a lot of interesting things this time, though.
  • Do you know what that thing attached to the front of the train is? It apparently pushes snow out of the way while the train is driving.
Stage 02:

Abandoned Grounds

  • If this closed school has been kept up like this, that means it is probably going to be used for something else.
  • Instead of tearing down a place of learning filled with memories, finding another use for the building is much better.
  • Instead of destroying closed schools, recently they have been turned into disaster prevention centers or workshops.
Stage 03:

Guest Room

  • This hanging scroll and this vase... Are they antiques? there's just this feeling that they aren't brand new things.
  • Doesn't this tatami feel a bit warm? I've heard there's a way to apply a heating element beneath the tatami, so I'm sure that's what this is.
  • Doesn't seeing the snow trough a small window in a Japanese-style room have such a feeling to it?
Stage 04:


  • The warm lights coming from the buildings make for an even lovelier view.
  • Look over there, is that a family of snowmen?
  • [Teacher], are you cold? You can't afford to catch a cold, so let's go back in.
Stage 05:

The Bath

  • Hot springs are highly effective at relaxing the body, but there are also those that have positive effects on injuries, skin conditions as well as anemia.
  • Outdoor bath are more than hot springs. they allow one to enjoy nature and are therefore quite relaxing.
  • Once we get out would you like to try the hot spring water designated for drinking? It seems good for the body, so I would like to try it once.
Stage 06:

The Roof

  • The Milky Way is quite visible. Did you know that is actually a cross section of the actual galaxy?
  • The Milky Way is composed of roughly two billion stars. It is a bit of a mystery of why it appears to us as a river.
  • Right now there are few obstructions and little atmospheric current, so the dry stability allows for this beautiful view of the stars.

Chinese Labyrinth

Stage 01:

Shopping Street

  • I'm sure most of these stores are violating several trade laws.
  • We should be careful not to eat or drink anything while we're here.
  • It's hard to gauge what time of day it is without being able to see the sky.
Stage 02:

The Alleyway

  • n/a
Stage 03:

Feng Shui's Room

  • ... Is this really the price?! If you think I'm handing that much money over to this snake oil salesman you are mistaken.
  • I suppose it's our fault for not checking the price before saying yes. Lesson well learned.
  • The way he performs almost makes me think this hocus-pocus might be real.
Stage 04:

Doctor's Room

  • Is this surgical equipment? With medical books, too. This must be a doctor's house.
  • What is this inside these bottles here... Ah, I-I suggest you do not look for yourself.
  • We haven't found anything of use. Let's move on somewhere else.
Stage 05:

The Manager's Room

  • I had so many backup plans... I didn't expect it to all finish so quickly.
  • That all went far too well for my liking. We should watch out for traps.
  • Let's head down. Very, very carefully.
Stage 06:

The Dungeon

  • I'm fairly sure we are headed directly towards the exit.
  • I think we need to take the next right... Oh no, wait, we passed it already. This darkness!
  • If it wasn't so dark down here this would all be considerably easier.

Minimum Panic 2

Stage 01:

Dining Room

  • What on earth is going on?! The tea cups and saucers are enormous!
  • Something like this has happened before. The two incidents must be related.
  • Not only has everything been gigantified, we've been turned miniscule.
Stage 02:

Living Room

  • Goodness, these newspapers are precious sources of knowledge yet they're strewn everywhere.
  • So Mole is the culprit. What sort of science could do this?
  • A small bit of unevenness on surfaces will give us a lot of trouble at this height while walking.
Stage 03:


  • Waah! T-that scared me, that teddy bear! It's so menacing at this height.
  • It's difficult to walk on the bed at this size. It's almost like walking on sand.
  • Are we going to jump down? Then first we'll need to place a pillow for a soft landing.
Stage 04:

Study Room

  • There should be some clue to the secret passage. Do you see anything out of place?
  • This equation... It's the probability theory. Hmm, quite a unique use of equations here.
  • Gasp! This is the thesis by that well known scientist! If only I had time to read it...!
Stage 05:


  • This place is quite messy for a study. No idea who you could do experiments in here.
  • The centrifuge is moving. I wonder what sort of substances are being separated.
  • Take care to not touch any of these chemicals. They may be poison.

Town of the Butterflies

  • If we're going to help others, we should give it all we've got.
  • It's difficult to know just how many scales we should be using...
Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • [Planting Seed] When you're planting seeds, its direction is quite important.
  • [Using Scales] Adding scales helps the flowers grow... Fascinating.
  • [After Planting] I suppose we just wait for them to grow, now.
Stage 02:

Tree Shaking

  • [Scales] These must be scales, I presume.
  • [Seed] I have found some more seeds.
  • [Special] Well, I didn't expect to find this here.
  • [Strong Shake] To think we would be able to get this many. We must be really lucky.
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] The flowers are blooming, it seems. Quite well, too.
  • [Item Get] There's an overpoweringly sweet smell of nectar here.
  • n/a

Student's Day Off

Stage 01:


  • [Teacher] seems to be out today. Maybe I could clean up the garden, as a surprise.
  • Hmm? These plants shouldn't grow naturally anywhere near this area. How strange.
  • ... Ah! I've spent so long studying the plant life, I forgot to actually do any gardening!
Stage 02:


  • The library is a far better environment to do homework in than, say, your own bedroom.
  • ... This is all much easier than I thought. I should have brought some extra work to do.
  • What an interesting book... I'll have tomorrow it to show [Teacher] later.
Stage 03:


  • Okay, I've studied enough art theory to be able to do this. Let's get started.
  • ... Hmm, it's not going very well... Did I miss a step...?
  • There must be a problem with this canvas. Or perhaps its these paintbrushes...
Stage 04:


  • Hmm, where am I now... According to this map... Ah, I found it! I'm here!
  • I see! that path leads right back around to here... What an amazing shortcut that is.
  • Amazing. This street actually used to be a river... Navigating with old maps is very exciting.
Stage 05:


  • My research tells me that this style of hat should be in fashion this season.
  • Youta. Please share with me any data you have on purchasing habits this season.
  • Hmm, all calculations point to this exact combination of clothes being the most stylish.

Feeling Thankful

Stage 01:


  • n/a
Stage 02:

Main Street

  • n/a
Stage 03:

Station Front

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Animal Lab

  • Well, I should start by gathering intel. After listening to various opinions, I should be able to come up with the perfect gift!
  • Excuse me, Shion. Sorry to bother you while you're so busy. I was wondering if you could lend me advice on what sort of gift to buy for [Teacher].
  • Oh, Youta. Excellent timing. I actually had a question I wanted to ask you.

Life's No Cruise

  • [Reply] Are you alright? Not seasick? This huge ship seems unaffected by the sea's waves.
Stage 01:


  • This is quite the strange turn of events. Well, let's be optimistic and hope things take a turn for the better.
  • Just who on earth is this thief?
  • I know about that crown. I believe I saw something about it on a TV program once.
Stage 02:


  • First let's ask around for information. Proper data and intelligence will make or break our chances!
  • Thievery is a mortal sin. That being said, we're not dealing with larger than life characters here. Anyone could have committed this act.
  • Things have taken quite a turn for the unexpected. Let's think careful about what to do next.
Stage 03:

Captain's Room

  • Now that you mention it, we should have had dinner by now. I am starving.
  • So this is the Captain's Room, is it? Quiet the ostentatious room, don't you think?
  • Now, how to approach this scene of the investigation... Hmm.
Stage 04:

Boiler Room

  • So this is the power source of this gigantic vessel.
  • There might be some clues in here. Let's explore, but be careful.
  • Different size ships have different make ups and layouts. This calls for more research once we get home.
Stage 05:


  • Well, we've quite the large deck here. Makes sense considering the size of this vessel.
  • I suppose we can draw the curtains on this caper. It was hardly what I was expecting, but was quite the interesting cruise.
  • It would appear that we have you between a rock and a wet place, Garuze. Don't look at me like that, [Teacher]. I'm not a writer.

Singing in the Rain

Stage 01:

Forest Entrance

  • It's extremely easy to get lost with no markers... and that's the very situation we find ourselves in.
  • Let's hurry up and find Rain. When we do, we'll also be able to ask him how to get out of here...!
Stage 02:

Frog Lake

  • It affects the frogs too if it doesn't rain, right? At this rate, the pond will dry up.
  • The frogs also don't know where Rain is.
  • We're just wasting time being here. Let us search somewhere else.
Stage 03:

Hydrangea Meadow

  • There are withering hydrangea due to the lack of water. We must hurry...
  • To see the hydrangea in their beautiful glory, let's do all we can!
  • Do you think the person taking care of the hydrangeas is Rain?
Stage 04:

Mushroom House

  • There are mushrooms being cultivated in the garden as well. Should we assume they'll be as big as the mushroom we're looking at now?
  • We couldn't satisfy our curiosity, but I did find something quite interesting.
  • It appears that the owner has stepped out. It's unfortunate we can't inquire about Rain...
Stage 05:

Outside Shrine

  • We finally found it. All we have to figure out now is how to wake Rain up!
  • So this is the shrine... I'm getting a little nervous.
  • How should we wake Rain up...?
Stage 06:

Inside Shrine

  • I-is this where Rain lives? ...We must be careful not to do anything disrespectful...
  • There may be a clue as to how to wake Rain up. Let's look for one.
  • Which one is Rain's room? With this many rooms, it'll be hard for us to get a fix on his location.

Essence Of Cool

Stage 01:

Adult Escalator 38F

  • First of all, what does being an adult mean? Then it will be necessary to confirm the theory.
  • A... cool adult? They clearly have lots of knowledge, a high position... No, there has to be something more important.
  • [Teacher], do you have an image of the ideal adult?
Stage 02:

Adult Escalator 45F

  • Let's listen to lots of people. Statistics first requires the gathering of lots of data.
  • An important part of being an adult is sexiness? C-could it really be that simple...?
  • That was a really interesting talk. What did you think, [Teacher]?
Stage 03:

Adult Escalator 52F

  • Th-this is intimidating... I see, so this is the weight of experience.
  • I see... It's said that seeing is believing, but you can only see as much as you have the opportunity to.
  • I learned much that can't be found in books. There are many things that even I don't know.
Stage 04:

Adult Escalator 65F

  • I feel nervous but different from before... But there's a gentle feeling here as well.
  • Will the quietness and comfort lead to a cumulative experience...
  • I feel like I somehow have seen my path. Thank you so much for the great talks!

Wish Upon A Star

Stage 01:

Tanabata Festival

  • What would be your ideal date, [Teacher]? A case study might well help us out.
  • Why don't we ask down at the mall? I'll prepare a quick survey.
  • I'm sure we can use our own past data to plan the perfect date.
Stage 02:


  • I think meeting up in a common place like up among the stars is a sensible idea.
  • Use the time before Orihime arrives to study up on psychological conditions. It may help.
  • The first step is waiting for her. Once you find success here, the rest will come.
Stage 03:


  • It's nice to revisit childhood like this, playing at the park. Perhaps we should try it too.
  • The park is a common and popular location for a date, I've found,
  • The key advantage to a park is being able to sit on a bench together and just talk.
Stage 04:

Night Sky

  • We've spent the whole day thinking and come up with nothing. What do we do now...?
  • I can't believe myself... How could I lose track of time just chatting like this...?
  • I know. I've got it. You should go stargazing together. Looking up at the night sky. Perfect!
Stage 05:

Milky Way

  • Wow! I had no idea it was so beautiful up here! It looks way different than from down there.
  • We're here with you till the end, Hikoboshi! That's what friends are for right?
  • I don't know a lot about this kinda thing, but... just let her know your true feelings, okay?

By The Seaside

Stage 01:


  • We can't find it at all... Where in the world did it go off to?
  • I thought I found it, but it was someone else's hat... Let's bring it to the police at least.
  • I suppose it could have ended up close by. Let's search everywhere.
Stage 02:

Main Street

  • All these big buildings lined up must have an effect on how the wind blows. based on that we could figure out where the hat went...
  • [Teacher], it's too early to give up. Even after trying all the possibilities, it won't be too late.
  • I didn't find any useful hints... Maybe I should ask around a bit more.
Stage 03:


  • We've been walking this whole time. I know you're feeling impatient, but we should probably take a break now.
  • I don't want to think that it fell onto the tracks, but... Just in case, we should probably check.
  • We should probably go back to where we started and look again.
Stage 04:


  • Coming here makes me want to cling to divine trust... but I can't. It just isn't logical.
  • The delightful view is quite the relief. Even with all this searching I do not feel disappointed.
  • Oh? It got quite chilly all of a sudden. How strange at a time like this...
Stage 05:


  • If it fell into the ocean, we would have to study the tidal currents to see where the hat would end up.
  • If it washed out to see we have no choice but to give up. There'd be nothing we could do...
  • It's getting chillier. It must be a cold front coming... But no, according to today's weather chart...
Stage 06:


  • The sun is setting soon. If we don't find something soon before then...
  • I thought about getting on ships and looking around, but the area to search would be so large...
  • What is it? This chill... The weather today is so strange.

Romelio & Julietta

Stage 01:

Petting Zoo

  • I've heard that love grows stronger the more difficult the situation is. Irrational, isn't it?
  • A link between a human and an animal... It's nobody else's business...
  • First, we need information. Once we know more, it'll be easier to evade them and escape.
Stage 02:

Back Streets

  • If you can get past your differences, I'm sure your family will understand.
  • You need to understand that they're thinking about your behavior of late.
  • If you think about it calmly, you'll see that spending time with everyone in the park is he best option.
Stage 03:

City Limits

  • Mercu, Ben... If you're really your friends, they should be able to understand how you feel.
  • So your friends are also your enemies... How problematic.
  • We've come a long way, but we should still be cautious. that mob is desperate to catch us.
Stage 04:

Julietta's Town

  • Just as I thought, you chose to be with Julietta.
  • That kind of passion is beyond reason. Perhaps that's why it's so attractive.
  • If this were a fairytale, you would've had a happy ending upon meeting, but those things just don't happen.
Stage 05:

Julietta's House

  • I understand that you're worried about Julietta, but you can't let her see that.
  • I wish you the greatest happiness . From now on, your problems are shared.
  • I have a peculiar feeling of being ovserved
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "observed"
    . Perhaps I'm imagining it.

Memories of Summer

Stage 01:

School Field

  • Since the roads aren't paved, isn't that a problem for cars? ... There aren't many to begin with? Ah, I see...
  • I see things here that I'd never see in a city.
  • The results formed by people putting their hands together, are they good or bad... That difference is remarkable. Mountain villages sure are good.
Stage 02:


  • What a lovely mountain stream. The water flow is brisk, and there seems to be many creatures living around here.
  • You came here to play by yourself as a child? I have a feeling this would be dangerous for a child, but... perhaps this is just normal for the countryside?
  • That tree's movement is not due to the wind... There is something on top of it, I believe.
Stage 03:


  • Mountains, then the ocean... this is a treasure trove of nature.
  • What are the tricks to catching fish? Well, it depends on the kinds of fish you want to catch,
  • Let's change our tactics. This should greatly change the kinds of fish we can catch.
Stage 04:

Friend's House

  • Tatami smells so good. [Teacher], do you like it too?
  • I can hear the frogs outside. There are some people who hate the sound, but I like it.
  • I put on sunscreen, so I'm fie. That doesn't seem to be the case for you, [Teacher]...

Moonlight Date

Stage 01:


  • There is an intimacy associated with the moon, and truthfully, not all of its mysteries have been uncovered.
  • Don't you think this is the perfect spot to view the moon? There are few lights, and you can really see the moon and the stars.
  • There is quiet some history to the pampas grass. I think some still hear about how the withered plants are the true forms of ghosts.
Stage 02:

Moon Entrance

  • [Teacher], please do not stray from me.
  • A moon world? The possibility of that is... No, we should consider every single possibility.
  • What possibility could have happened to put us in this situation? First I believe we should look around.
Stage 03:

Moonlight Park

  • A contest for rabbits pounding mochi on the moon... So that's not just folklore...?!
  • A mochi pounding contest... Unfortunately we don't have that kind of time... [Teacher]? You want to participate?
  • This mochi is quite good... However, eating mochi in this kind of situation is quite unique.
Stage 04:

Lunar Bar

  • This bar has quite a nice atmosphere. This intellectual feeling is perfect for me.
  • [Teacher], let's order together once you've decided.
  • ... All of this bartender's motions seem to flow together...
Stage 05:

Crescent Shrine

  • I wonder what are the manners for visiting a shrine here. Could they be the same as our own world?
  • Shrines have a deep connection to the cultures and beliefs of an area. If we want to know more about the moon, we should visit the shrine.
  • No matter what we feel, we should look around us and attempt to emulate the etiquette.

Gothic Horror

Stage 01:

Shopping Mall

  • Raffle tickets? I see. You get them as a bonus when you buy something.
  • What is the benefit of collecting raffle tickets?
  • Collecting raffle tickets would likely be efficient. However, there is something strange when calculating them as an extra.
Stage 02:

Theme Park (Start)

  • What is this place/ Everything is completely terribly managed.
  • We shouldn't be here any longer. It would be more constructive to leave and go to a different park.
  • We should not get on any of the attractions. There is clearly no safety control here.
Stage 03:

Theme Park (Chance)

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Ruined Hill

  • n/a

Sports in Fall

Stage 01:

Opening Ceremony

  • It's so noisy. I think you shouldn't waste any energy, but...
  • [Teacher]... Please don't be so noisy... Sigh, you're not a child.
  • With me here. there's no one else that'll be getting first place. Everyone's going to get a good view of my ingenuity.
Stage 02:

Scavenger Hunt

  • So, "Someone you like." ... I see, first of all I must determine what I like. Then I must continue from that definition.
  • In conclusion, [Teacher] seems suitable. Ah, I should remain quiet about the topic.
  • However, what was the person who prepared this note thinking? It does not seem suitable for an event like this.
Stage 03:

Lunch Break

  • [Teacher], you made this bento all by yourself? Thanks, I'm sure it was a lot of work.
  • Even while eating I cannot avoid the upcoming events... I must handle all the data that is available.
  • I'm going to eat this bento and be prepared for the second half. the sports even really begins now.
Stage 04:

Relay Race

  • Here comes the big event. The people who take this take the sports event isn't that hard to imagine.
  • Everyone is more energetic than I imagined... I've got to keep my plan of holding on to my energy and winning this relay.
  • This may be part of revitalizing the town, but you cannot complete something just through feelings.
Stage 05:

Closing Ceremony

  • First place, naturally. Nothing to be surprised about... Huhu...
  • I thought that fighting spirit had no connection to logic, however... I am unsure that I can say that at this point.
  • My opponents were clearly strong. This required changes to numerous plans, as my opportunities were already locked into place.

Wacky World of Mushrooms!

Stage 01:

Fall Forest

  • First I'm covered in mushroom spores and then I'm in a different place... Could this be some sort of hallucination?
  • Upon talking
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "talking"
    a closer look, this forest has quite the number of mushrooms. P-perhaps we will be showered in these mushroom spores too...
  • [Teacher], has anything strange happened to your body? Because of the spores we should watch out for any signs of poisoning.
Stage 02:

Mushroom Forest

  • A mushroom forest? I see. This number of growing mushrooms makes for an accurate appellation.
  • The entire forest seems so boisterous. Are they busy preparing for hibernation?
  • That squirrel is gathering mushroom and nuts. Perhaps it is preparing for hibernation?
Stage 03:

Mushroom Party

  • A tea party in he forest seems quite graceful and intellectual. We could have quite a wonderful time.
  • We definitely would like to participate. All we need to do is gather mushrooms and nuts?
  • So we are giving these mushrooms and nuts as a thanks for the tea. Well then, we should find some adequate items.
Stage 04:

Party Entrance

  • Ugh... This tea is just... I feel like my tongue exploded.
  • The tea here is fine, right... If it's like the tea from before I think I'll pass.
  • However, this tea smells even better. Although that doesn't assure the taste.
Stage 05:

Party Area

  • So this is the taste of this forest's autumn. It's quite good food. This is a nice forest.
  • The organizer seems to be here. I'd like to chat with them if I have the chance.
  • The organizer brewed this tea... I see. I'm looking forward to that.

Cyber Heroes

Stage 01:

Standby Screen

  • What is going on? Being trapped inside a phone is completely unscientific!
  • [Teacher], please put all of your files in order. It's quite a mess, you realize?
  • I need to locate the cause of this. If I'm here, then I'm here.
Stage 02:

Level 1 Access

  • What is this tasteless, awful art. Even graffiti should have more of an aesthetic to it.
  • This graffiti and the strange person... Clearly this must have something to do with me being in your phone.
  • You saw a strange person? Which way did they go?
Stage 03:

Level 2 Access

  • So the mischievous virus is behind all of this. Then I'd better delete it quickly.
  • There's graffiti here too. I must be getting closer to the mischievous virus.
  • You forgot virus protection? Sigh, I recommend you take security more seriously next time.
Stage 04:

Root Access

  • So that virus is the leader? If I capture it soon, I should be able to leave this phone.
  • The mischievous virus looks like a young boy. Sorry, but I am going to have to treat it and deal with it like a program.
  • Ah, ah... I'm supposed to be the brains... Why am I running all around like this...?!


  • Needing love to grow is very similar to humans.
  • Is the number of ornaments being properly managed?
Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • [Planting Seed] When you're planting seeds, its direction is quite important.
  • [Using Ornaments] Magical ornaments... I am curious about how this all works.
  • [After Planting] It'd be nice if it grows well.
Stage 02:

Tree Tending

  • [Ornaments] Do we absolutely need the ornament I just found?
  • [Seed] How should a seed be stored?
  • [Special Drop] Something good fell down.
  • [Love the Trees] A tree that grows with love is quite rare.
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] It looks like it's almost time to harvest.
  • [Item Get] We received the gift of the White Tree.
  • n/a

2018 Events

New Year's Vacation

Stage 01:

Tropical Beach

  • Southern countries truly have beautiful beaches. But do be careful, as staring at the sparkling reflection too long can damage your eyes.
  • Flying always feels so cozy... But I wonder if something could be done about that noise pollution. Perhaps that should be my next subject to research.
  • It's warm even though it's New Year's? But of course. Due to the axis of the earth, there's nothing strange about the strength of the sun's rays.
Stage 02:

Tropical Cruise

  • I never imagined there would be so much food abroad. The facilities on this ship are amazing.
  • According to the guide, that kind of spray is from a sperm whale. It's so interesting that you can determine the kind just from the spray.
  • [Teacher], are you seasick? It looks like preparing some medicine was a good idea. Here, have some.
Stage 03:


  • There are so many tourists besides us out buying souvenirs. We should probably scope out all the shops
  • If we're going to buy souvenirs, it should be something that ties to the history of this place.
  • What should I get for [Teacher]? Something that reminds us of this trip would be nice...
Stage 04:

Night Lounge

  • This shop is so stylish. I feel a bit better that there' no dress code.
  • New Year's this year has been a really special day. We're starting off the new year in a really wonderful way.
  • Have you decided on your goals for the new year? If you decide quickly, you'll be more efficient in working towards your goals.

Dream Chocolate Town

Stage 01:

Chocolate Town ~Sightseeing~

  • Are you looking for popular chocolate? I think you should first check out a magazine or talk to shop clerks. This will lead you the right way naturally.
  • This is a lovely assortment of chocolate designs... This chocolate must be used to attract people.
  • Of course Chocolate Town is filled with a variety of wonderful chocolate. I wonder if we'll find something that will lead us to what chocolate is popular.
Stage 02:

Chocolate Workshop

  • Going to a chocolate factory... This is a great chance to learn about the manufacturing of chocolate and its history.
  • Originally, our ancestors took the very bitter cocoa bean and came up with a way to make it palatable. We should be very thankful.
  • After this, we can apparently go to a chocolate sampling area. That would be a good reference for when we make chocolate, so why don't we go?
Stage 03:

Chocolate Town ~Cater~

  • There is so much chocolate to choose from. Since we're making sweets, we must be sure to keep quality in mind.
  • So these are the ingredients we need... We should have no problem getting them all in Chocolate Town.
  • We're going to make chocolate rocher, correct? I've written down the ingredients we need, so let's go to Chocolate Town.
Stage 04:

Event Hall ~Lobby~

  • Isn't that a famous chocolatier over there? Seeing someone who even appears on television so close is...
  • [Teacher]... It's fine to be nervous, but if you are excessively so it will lead to our failure. Show me what you can do without fear.
  • For all these chocolatiers to assemble... This event is so much bigger than I imagined. However, that means there is even more value in our hard work.
Stage 05:

Event Hall ~Final Review~

  • This turned out fine. As long as your estimates and procedure are without mistakes, things go fine if you follow the recipe.
  • This is our carefuly prepared chocolate rocher. I think we have nothing to worry about when it comes to the results.
  • We learned from the history of chocolate and used that knowledge in our work... This chocolate making was a splendid experience.

The Eternal Mage

Stage 01:

Solfia City

  • This town is so incredibly lively. Looking at it, I can't even begin to imagine what kind of problem is going on.
  • This town seems fairly developed, but all the discussion seems to be abou magic. Science and magic... They aren't compatible, are they?
  • There's a few stores I'm interested in. Well, we' have something to do now, so we'll go to them later.
Stage 02:

Winstock Cafe

  • Forest erosion... I must imagine something magicial is involved. In that case, this will be difficul for us.
  • This is a pretty nice cafe. Let's have something to eat before we go to the forest.
  • At any rate, we clearly must search the forest first. Let's prepare for that.
Stage 03:

Aveda Forest

  • This is terrible... The forest is in shambles. The environment contaminated, so we'll have to use all of our power to solve this.
  • This forest was originally quite lush. What could be the cause of this terrible situation...?
  • Now then, where is this self-proclaimed god of the forest? If we don't hear the details of this situation, we won't be able to proceed.
Stage 04:


  • Not only can we see the forest from the observatory, but we can view the entire town as well. This scenery looks like a painting.
  • I do not think that anyone would would
    in-game sentence, possibly supposed to be "who would"
    ravage this sacred forest is an intelligent person.
  • The forest's problem will surely have a negative effect upon the town. We need to put a stop to this before that happens.
Stage 05:

Solfia City

  • Well, it's only natural that we were able to safely solve the problem. It is quite good that the forest is once again restored to its former beauty.
  • Solving problems logically is my specialty. Being able to accomplish this brings me nothing but joy.
  • The townsfolk are also happy... It seems that they were even more hurt than us to see the forest in such shambles.

White Day Mission

Stage 01:

Shopping Center

  • A bouquet of flowers... Quite the cliche, but perhaps that is the road to take. Certainly safer than failing while trying to be original.
  • It's fundamentally impossible to say what makes a person happy. It seems easy, but it's difficult. As they say, to each his own. That is what it means to be human.
  • This sort of thing will take serious contemplation. Huh? Uhh... Don't mind me, just discussing something with myself here.
Stage 02:

Outlet Park

  • I just want to ask you something. Do you have any thoughts on which clothes look good or which clothes you like?
  • [Teacher], let's go clothes shopping. Could be a good idea for us get caught up on fashion trends.
  • Hm... You could say those garments are fitting for your image.
Stage 03:

Cake Shop

  • My apologies, but do you mind accompanying me for a bit longer? According to the schedule, once this is done, we should be free.
  • If my data is correct, this place should have exceptionally delicious cake. Now to actually verify this information
  • Since we're here, might as well go with an entire cake. While infrequent, sometimes the extravagant choice can be better.
Stage 04:

Large House

  • Ah, my sincerest apologies, but could you accompany me for a little while longer? Of course, I plan to show m gratitude for that as well.
  • We've arrived, [Teacher]. Why are you surprised? It's not time for that yet.
  • There's no denying that I am indebted to you after all of your assistance. Neither is there hesitation in my desire to reciprocate.

Strawberry's Holiday

Stage 01:


  • These strawberries have a firm flavor. They are also quite high in sugar content.
  • So much flavor has been retained despite being processed. they must use high quality fruits.
  • It's hard to choose which fruit parlor to go to, isn't it? Let's check some reviews before deciding.
Stage 02:

Shopping Street

  • The strawberries at the fruit parlor were delicious, weren't they? I think they are worth having again.
  • There it is. I have identified the route in which that shop procures its fruit. Are you curious?
  • The part of the strawberry we eat is the receptacle, and it's technically not a fruit. How interesting.
Stage 03:

Fruits Farm

  • Strawberry picking? That sounds fun. It will be interesting to learn about the production process.
  • I wonder what kind of horticultural method they use to grow sweetest strawberry in the world.
  • They grow a variety of fruits here, not just strawberries it seems.
Stage 04:

Nighttime Fruits Farm

  • The fruit farm at night... It leaves a completely different impression than it does during the day.
  • We have almost no information on he sweetest strawberry in he world. In fact, we don't even know what it looks like.
  • We need the moonlight in this darkness. I never imagined I would depend on a light that wasn't that of civilization.

Floral EASTER Delight

Stage 01:

Shopping District

  • I wonder who hid the eggs. This smells like part of a bigger plot.
  • If my hypothesis is correct... Ah, I knew it. There's another Easter egg over here.
  • Easter and rabbits are closely connected. If you're interested, I can tell you why.
Stage 02:


  • I wonder if the rabbit is carrying that egg for a reason which connects to this incident.
  • This rabbit is acting abnormally. It's as if it's trying to guide us somewhere
  • A gentleman who was carrying Easter eggs...? This is an important lead. Let's investigate it further.
Stage 03:

The Forest

  • Gentleman or not, why would he take the eggs? There must be a reason for his actions.
  • An impressive hiding spot for an egg, but it'll take more than this to fool me.
  • Shall we take a break soon? We may have to walk further. We need to conserve our energy.
Stage 04:

A Cute House

  • I see, all of the plants in this garden are placed in ways that complement the garden's beauty. The layout is perfect.
  • We're at the final eggs, but our approach doesn't change. We deduce the location and search for them.
  • The gentleman who took the Easter eggs was the rabbit's owner. Who would've thought we'd find that connection here.

Rules For Peace

Stage 01:

Nearby Convenience Store

  • I cannot believe... I lost my cool like that. How exactly am I going to rectify this situation...?
  • [Confide > Why You're Sad] I got into an argument with [Teacher] and stormed out of the house. I cannot believe I conducted myself in that manner...
  • [Confide > Start From Beginning] It started off as us both having a difference of opinions then we both, unfortunately, got upset.
  • [Confide > How You Feel Now] I have reflected upon my actions and wish to discuss a possible solution. I will have to make the first step.
  • [Stage End] It's not coming to me... What exactly should I say to [Teacher]?
Stage 02:

Neighborhood Park

  • I can't think of a way to make things better... There's no point having a brain like mine if I can't.
  • [Hold Ball > Make Him Get It] I am not confident that I can control my power, so do you think you can come get it?
  • [Hold Ball > Play With Ball] I recall the days when I used to play catch with [Teacher]. Ah, sorry, I had something on my mind.
  • [Hold Ball > Put Ball Down And Leave] Apologizing, huh... It seems easy but is rather complex. It appears having an abundance of knowledge doesn't particularly alleviate the problem.
  • [Stage End]
Stage 03:

Favorite Cafe

  • How should I do.. .First, I need to clear my head. I'm the
    in-game sentence, possibly supposed to be "I'm sure the"
    answer will become evident after that.
  • [Menu > Order Lunch] I recall the chef's recommend lunch being [Teacher]'s favorite.
  • [Menu > Order Drink] I get the feeling that I'm talking more than I normally would. I think I'll order something to be quiet.
  • [Menu > Close Menu] I'm sorry, but I think I'll get going. There's some place I need to be... I'll come back after that's done.
  • [Stage End] I wonder what [Teacher] is thinking about right now. I can only think about negative things.
Stage 04:

Back Home

  • I've thought about it long and hard and have come up with answer. Action is what's necessary, not further thinking.
  • [Home > Lights] I'm back home. I just want to let oyu know how deeply sorr-- Hm? Is [Teacher] not here...?
  • [Home > Living Room] A letter... Judging from the contents, [Teacher] was extremely worried about me...
  • [Home > Bedroom] ...You must have tired yourself out from all of that crying... I will apologize to you again when you wake up tomorrow.
  • [Stage End] Ample reflection is necessary on my point. I will apologize as soon as [Teacher] wakes up.

Knight's Quest

Stage 01:


  • A strange ambiance. There are similar countries abroad, but this place is more like a fantasy world.
  • Nyris said that I possess the spirit of chivalry... He must have identified my genius-level intellect.
  • Over there, that person seems troubled. I'd like to lend them a hand if there's anything we can do.
Stage 02:
in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "Sacred"
Knights' Academy
  • Everyone here is studying so diligently to become a knight.
  • Having a goal in mind really is the best way to take things seriously. The students are working so hard.
  • I'll study here, and I'll become your personal knight and protector.
Stage 03:

Training Grounds

  • Warm-ups come before exercise. Those who neglect proper preparation are inviting untimely injuries.
  • I'll memorize the terrain. Even without strength, I can be victorious by using a strategy that exploits the area.
  • parring? I'd rather further my knowledge, but I guess this can be a type of experience to learn from too.
Stage 04:

Sanctuary of 12 Stars

  • An immaculate sanctuary. It's stunning. The ambiance here is quite different too. I sense an air of holiness.
  • Those guys there are real knights...! I'm sure they went through extensive training t become that dignified.
  • Such accomplished knights give me motivation to become one. Someday I'll have the mind, body and soul I need.
Stage 05:
in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "Chariot"
  • A phenomenal castle. A place as massive and as robust as this can only be described as a fortress.
  • I can't believe I'm fortunate enough to have an audience with the king of knights. I look forward to our encounter.
  • After long consideration, I believe it is fair to say that I've properly acquired the spirit and knowledge of chivalry.

Night Parade

Stage 01:

Theme Park ~Morning~

  • The night parade is what this theme park is famous for. I'm sure that's why many of the people came here.
  • I have almost grasped what's here from the pamphlet. Shall we get going?
  • How about the ride that goes up and down? I would like to experience the g-force.
Stage 02:

Theme Park ~Noon~

  • I'm impressed how efficiently we were able to see all the attractions.
  • We followed my schedule down to the letter this morning, but having no plans for the afternoon might not be a bad idea.
  • [Teacher], are you sure you want to eat that much? I recommend not getting on any roller coasters for a bit.
Stage 03:

Theme Park ~Evening~

  • The theme park lights are being turned on, as the sky stars to get darker.
  • I would've never fathomed I'd be ask
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "asked"
    to take part in the parade.
  • I will try my very best to ensure that the people watching enjoy themselves.
Stage 04:

Night Parade

  • What a fascinating parade outfit... Its vibrant colors can clearly be seen at night.
  • I need to properly observe the other performers and study as much as I can.
  • I can gather quite some data on how well I will be able to perform.
Stage 05:

Theme Park ~Night~

  • What a blinding illumination show. I'm glad everyone enjoyed it.
  • So this is what it feels like to be on this side of the fence. I wonder if that's [Teacher] over there.
  • How about we finish the night by going on the Ferris wheel? I couldn't think of a more fitting way to end the night.