Fresh Fruit Collection Mini Gacha
Fresh Fruit Collection Mini Gacha - Banner

Fresh Fruit Collection Mini Gacha is an inactive Mini Gacha, connected to the Fresh Fruit Collection Normal Gacha.

End DateEdit

  • EST: 12/3/14 1:00
  • PST: 12/2/14 22:00
  • GMT: 12/3/14 6:00
  • AEST: 12/3/14 16:00

Normal Items Edit

9 types
Drop rate 940/1000

Image Name
Grape phone - type 1
Grape Phone - Type 1
Grape phone - type 2
Grape Phone - Type 2
Grape phone - type 3
Grape Phone - Type 3
Lemon table - yellow
Lemon Table - Yellow
Lemon table - green
Lemon Table - Green
Lemon table - red
Lemon Table - Red
Light fruit stand - orange
Light Fruit Stand - Orange
Light fruit stand - kiwi
Light Fruit Stand - Kiwi
Light fruit stand - apple
Light Fruit Stand - Apple

Rare Items Edit

3 types
Drop rate 60/1000

Image Name
Fresh drink lemon x grape
Fresh Drink Lemon x Grape
Fresh drink kiwi x grape
Fresh Drink Kiwi x Grape
Fresh drink apple x grape
Fresh Drink Apple x Grape

Stamp Prizes Edit

Image Name
Fresh Squash - Fresh
Fruit Squash - Fresh
Fresh Squash - Cool
Fruit Squash - Cool

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