Fresh: Bright, alert, and healthy. Youthful or inexperienced.
"If you're looking for someone gentle and cheerful, "Fresh" is the type for you. He's so much fun to be around, that a smile will never leave your face."
- Ambition

The special job that uses this personality requirement is Male Nurse for 05:00.

Personality Requirements

Kindness Naughtiness Elegance Flamboyance Toughness
900 0 0 0 0
Bashfulness Cheerfulness Shyness Curiosity Frankness
0 600 0 0 600

Personality Reactions

Level Up

Level 05:

Level 10:

Level 15:

Level 20:

Level 25:
(Normal) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 25, you went to karaoke.

  • [Student] grabs the mike. "Aaaaaah."
  • "What? Why can I hear my voice getting louder? This is great!!" [Student] starts to play with the mike.
  • [Student] starts playing with the volume on the speaker and mike. "The sounds get bigger and smaller... humans have such strange and interesting things!"

Level 30:
(Normal) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 30, you went to aquarium.

  • "I saw so many of these fish in the picture books!" [Student] is peering through the aquarium.
  • "I saw these in the books at [Teacher]'s house. I remember!" [Student] seems to have found a fish he remembers.
  • "I've seen this thing somewhere... what was it called?" [Student] is glaring at an octopus in the aquarium.

Level 35:
(Normal) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 35, you went to an amusement park.

  • "Woah! Look, look, it's amazing...!" [Student]'s eyes are opened wide in amazement.
  • "Hey. Can we ride that one ?" [Student] is pointing towards the roller-coaster.
  • [Student] and I rode the roller-coaster. "That was fun! I've never been on a ride like that before!."

Level 40:
(Normal) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 40, you went to a restaurant.

  • " what a shop..." [Student] looks intimidated.
  • "...Well, in times like these when I have no confidence, it's best to just fake it." [Student] is laughing.
  • "...It was super good! I wanna come again!!" [Student] appears to have been satisfied.

Level 45:
(Normal) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 45, you went to a planetarium.

  • "And then? From where in this building can we see the stars?" [Student] looks anxious.
  • We began touring the planetarium. [Student] is enjoying it.
  • "That was fun! I've never seen so many stars!" [Student] seems to like the planetarium

Level 50:
To celebrate [Student] reaching level 50, you went to a movie theater.

  • "The movie is starting... I'm so excited...!" [Student] is restless.
  • The movie started. [Student] appears to be enjoying the movie.
  • "Historical dramas are so great! The sword fight was amazing and... it was so worth coming to see." [Student] looks completely satisfied.

Level 55:
(Normal) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 55, you went to the zoo.

  • "A zoo... when it comes to my fellow beasts' place of employment, this is it!" [Student] is excited.
  • "You aren't... by any chance, from that time!?" [Student] appears to have found an old friend.
  • "After talking to him, it really seems he just sleeps all day... Really, it's such an easy job, isn't it?" [Student] seems to have enjoyed himself.

(As a Good Friend) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 55, you went to the zoo.

  • "When thinking about a zoo... it's the big animals that make it stand out!! I have a friend here from my old student days." [Student] meets up with an old friend.
  • "Hey, how've you been?!? You are always having fun!" [Student] is absorbed in a conversation in front of a large lion.
  • "It turns out that working for a zoo was more difficult than expected... Maybe I'll just stay a pupil of [Teacher]'s..." [Student] is talking earnestly.

Level 60:

(Normal) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 50
in-game misspelling, number is supposed to be "60"
, you went for a drive.
  • "A car... for some reason I'm really nervous..." [Student] is uncharacteristically nervous.
  • I cautiously began driving. "If we only go this fast, it's okay..."
  • "Thanks to [Teacher]'s driving, I feel comfortable enought to watch the scenery outside..." [Student] looks relieved.

(As a Good Friend) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 60, you went for a drive.

  • "A car... it's been a while since I rode one of these..." [Student] is a little apprehensive.
  • I slowly began driving. "The view from inside the car is not bad!"
  • "It was fun once I got used to it! But you could've gone a little faster. ...Let's do it again sometime!!" [Student] seems to have enjoyed the drive.

Level 65:
(Normal) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 65, you went to the horse racing tracks.

  • "Wow!...There are so many horses!!" [Student]'s eyes light up.
  • While walking in the central courtyard with [Student] "It's such an open and relaxing place..."
  • "They're so cool... The truth is I used to adore horses!!" Spent a great time with [Student].

(As a Good Friend) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 65, you went to the horse race tracks.

  • "Every one of these horses looks so fast...! I would certainly lose in a race against them." [Student] can hardly contain his excitement.
  • Looked into the paddock with [Student]. "Hey, I know that guy!!"
  • "That horse, I thought I recognized him, he's a friend from my student days!! He hasn't anthropomorphized..." [Student] looks happy about this unexpected reunion.

Level 70:
(As a Good Friend) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 70, you went to a bath.

  • "A sauna... okay, I'll try it out!!" [Student] went running into the sauna.
  • 20 minutes later, and [Student] has not come out of the sauna.
  • 30 minutes later... "...Humans are amazing... if they can endure this kinda heat..." [Student] seems to have run low on patience, he needs to rehydrate.

Level 75:
(As a Good Friend) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 75, you went to a museum.

  • "A world fossil exhibition? ...This, I expect will be great!!" [Student] is excited.
  • Toured the exhibit with [Student]. "If the dinosaurs were around now, I would have liked to be friends with them."
  • "I'm impressed... There were so many animals that came before us and it is thanks to them that we are here now." [Student] is in deep contemplation.

Level 80:
(As a Good Friend) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 80, you went to a botanical garden.

  • "It's quite a sight to see so much green in one place!!" [Student] is excited.
  • [Student] and I tour the park. "Oh, that flower! I like that one!"
  • "What was its name again?... um... jin... gin... gentian! The name along with its bluish color strangely catches my fancy." Enjoyed the colors of the various plants and flowers with [Student].

(As Lovers) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 80, you went to a botanical garden.

  • "Insectivorous plants...! It's the first time for me to see them, which ones are they?" [Student] is apprehensive.
  • You continue around the park with [Student]. "When they said insectivorous plants, I didn't know there would be so many types...!!"
  • "The... insectivorous plant gets its nutrition from captured insects. ...Even among plants there are smart ones!!" [Student] is impressed after reading the explanations.

Level 85:
(As a Good Friend) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 85, you went to a church.

  • "This place... has kind of a sacred feel to it." [Student] smiles softly.
  • Prayed together with [Student]. ".........."
  • "I prayed that I would try my best to become human... Maybe if I return here later, I can rekindle that feeling?" [Student] appears to have liked the church.

(As Lovers) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 85, you went to a church.

  • "The noise outside is unbelievabe
    in-game mispelling, word is supposed to be "unbelievable"
    compared to the quiet inside. I like it." [Student], feeling the moment, closes his eyes.
  • [Student] and I prayed. "...that [Teacher] and I will always be together..."
  • "If we make a pledge on something, I feel as if it really will be true... Of course, I will always be at [Teacher]'s side. We just made an oath." [Student] is smiling gently.

Level 90:
(As a Good Friend) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 90, you went to a mountain.

  • "The mountain, from the base, is not that high!! Okay, let's do this!!" [Student] is enthused.
  • [Student] and I begin our climb. "This girl... is actually... quite fit...!!"
  • "We made it!! It was quite a steep slope... but the views were breathtakingly beautiful!" At the shop on the summit, you and [Student] had some soba.

Level 95:
(As a Good Friend) To celebrate [Student] reaching level 95, you went to the sea.

  • "Wow..., so this is the sea! It really is just a huge puddle...!!" [Student] is excited.
  • Walking the sand dunes with [Student]. "...and the majority of this planet is covered in a deep sea..."
  • "What would you do if there was a completely new city at the bottom of the sea...?" You made small talk with [Student] as you idly watched the sunset.

Level 100:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 100 and you went on a calm meal to celebrate it.

  • "At last, the day has come where i have reached level 100." [Student] is pensive.
  • "That I have made it this far, is all thanks to you [Teacher], and your guidance!" [Student] is looking straight into your eyes.
  • "I really... want to thank you...!! And I promise that I will do my best!" You felt a strong bond between you and [Student].


  • [First Time Confessing] You were summoned by [Student] who seemed prepared for bad news. "Hey. You came! While living together with you, [Teacher], I have started to like you. If it's alright, I would like to go out with you. If you don't want to, you can say no."
    • [I would love to] "Really? That makes me so happy! I look forward to it [Teacher]!!" You are now lovers with [Student].
    • [Let's be friends first] "Alright, I'll give up... but I want us to stay friends..." You are friends with [Student].
  • [Second Time Confessing] You were summoned by [Student]. "Since last time, I tried to forget you [Teacher] but I couldn't. I can't help thinking about you [Teacher]. If it's alright, I would like to go out with you. Please give me another chance."
    • [Lovers] (need information)
    • [Friends] "I've gotta give up eventually. But.... Can we still be friends?"


  • "Graduation... [TEACHER] , when I think about going our separate ways I feel really lonely! But don't make that long face."
  • "Wherever I'll be, I'll be myself. [TEACHER] , the time spent with you was really fun. [TEACHER], you were a teacher and a friend to me."
  • "And that won't change. I want to leave with a smile. Take care! And thank you."

Special: Valentine's Day 2016

  • "Hey, [Teacher]. Do you know what's coming soon?" He looks fidgety. What could it be?
  • "Come on, really? Valentine's Day! So, of course, I've made you some chocolates. Here." [Student] gave you some chocolates!
    • [I'll take them home.] "Honestly, they taste pretty good, if I say so myself. ... Hmm? I don't remember seeing that in there..." Ah! Something fell out of the chocolates! → [Love Sweets]x1
    • [I'll eat them right now] "... Right here? I mean, sure, if you want to... ... Hmm? I don't remember seeing that in there..." Ah! Something fell out of the chocolates! → [Love Cake]x1

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