General Information

Specific Details:

  • Starting Energy: 30
  • Maximum Energy: 300
  • Energy Recovers 1 minute per 5 Energy
  • Using 01 [Event Boy] will fully recover energy
  • Using 01 [Event Boy Jr.] will recover 100 energy

『Special Stage』

  • Special Stage will appear at random
  • There are some special prizes that can only be obtained during the Special Stage
  • There will be a notice at the top of the Event Page when the Special Stage becomes available

Event Availability:

  • EST/EDT: 06/18 04:00 to 07/01/2015 02:00
  • PST/PDT: 06/18 01:00 to 06/30/2015 23:00
  • GMT: 06/18 08:00 to 07/01/2015 06:00
  • AEST: 06/18 18:00 to 07/01/2015 16:00

Rewards List

Ranking Rewards**: Reach a certain rank at the end of the event and receive

Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Ranks 4001 - 7000
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Ranks 1001 - 4000
Wisteria Style
Ranks 301 - 1000
Wisteria Flowers
Ranks 1 - 300

**Higher rank ranges will receive all lower rank rewards in addition to their current rank reward.

Achievement Rewards: Reach this EP amount to receive

Exchange Ticket
Exchange Ticket
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Event Boy Jr
Event Boy Jr x2
Love's Confession
Love's Confession
Holiday Memories
Holiday Memories
Free Gacha Ticket
Free Gacha Ticket
Dandelion Flowers
Dandelion Flowers
Love's Oracle
Love's Oracle
Stage Reactions



Stage 01 - Nemophila Hills: 1 Energy per 1 EP; 30 Energy to Clear; 1000K on Stage Clear

Gai came to talk to you.
"Have you ever heard of nemophilia ice cream?"

Of course! I already bought some! → Nothing
What's that? Is it good? → 100K
Buy me some, Gai! → Nothing
A staff member comes and talks to you!
"Welcome and good afternoon!"

Hello! → Nothing
What lovely weather! → 100K
The nemophilia are beautiful! → 100K
A young boy is staring at you.

... → 100K
What's your name? → Nothing
Are you lost? → Nothing
A staff member comes and talks to you!
"How about planting some nemophilia at your own home?"

It looks like a hassle. → 100K OR [Stylish Holiday Type 1]x1
Of course I will! → 100K OR [Stylish Holiday Type 2]x1 OR [Stylish Holiday Type 3]x1
I think another flower might be better... → Nothing

Stage 02 - Iris Garden: 2 Energy per 2 EP; 70 Energy to Clear; 10JIN on Stage Clear

The garden's owner speaks to you.
"Have you ever been to the big castle?"

What castle? → Nothing
... Why? → 100K OR 5JIN
I don't really know about that... → Nothing
The garden's owner talks to you!
"Ah, nice to see you."

Compliment the garden. → 100K
Compliment the iris. → Nothing
Compliment him. → 100K
The young boy is staring at you.

What do you want? → Nothing
What a coincidence! → Nothing
... The irises sure are pretty. → 500K
The garden's owner is talking to himself.
"I'd like to see... just one more time..."

Ask who. → Nothing
Ask if he is okay. → 100K OR [Life In Nature Type 1]x1 OR [Life In Nature Type 2]
Say nothing. → 100K

Stage 03 - Flower Park: 3 Energy per 3 EP; 120 Energy to Clear; 2000K on Stage Clear

Gai came to talk to you.
"Could you tell me which flower do you like best?"

Roses. → 100K
Azaleas. → 100K OR [Exchange Ticket]x1
I don't like flowers. → Nothing
A tourist comes and talks to you!
"Um... Excuse me, where is the bathroom?"

Take them there. → 100K
Give them your map. → Nothing
Tell them you don't know. → Nothing
The young boy is staring at you.

Are you lonely? → Nothing
Did you go see the moss pink? → 500K OR [Exchange Ticket]x1
Where's your mother? → Nothing
A tourist comes and talks to you!
"Excuse me... I'm trying to get to the shops..."

What shop? → Nothing
They're over there! → 100K OR [Azalea Flowers Type 1]x1
Let's go together! → [Love Cookies]x1 OR [Azalea Flowers Type 2]x1 OR [Azalea Flowers Type 3]x1

Stage 04 - Restaurant: 4 Energy per 5 EP; 180 Energy to Clear; 50JIN on Stage Clear

An employee came to take your dishes.
"Could I bring you dessert now?"

Please! → 100K OR 1000K

Actually, I'd like some friend
O_o mistranslation?! I think it's supposed to be "fried".
chicken → Nothing

I'm too full... → 100K
An employee shows you a menu.
"Here is our current seasonal menu."

Order from the seasonal menu. → 100K OR [Mountaineering Brown]x1
Order a course meal. → Nothing
Order ramen. → Nothing
Gai came to talk to you.
"That food looks delicious!"

Yeah, it is! → 100K
Aren't you going to eat? → 100K OR 5JIN
Would you like to eat with us? → Nothing
The young boy is staring at you.

Are you hungry? → Nothing
Do you want to eat with us? → Nothing
This flower cuisine is great! → 100K OR [Mountaineering Navy]x1

Stage 05 - Court Gardens: 5 Energy per 6 EP; 250 Energy to Clear; 3000K on Stage Clear

The Queen's knight came to talk to you!
"Hey, did you see that... I mean, the queen. Did you see the queen?"

Shouldn't you talk about the queen respectfully? → Nothing
Over there. → 500K OR 5JIN
You don't look good. Are you okay? → Nothing
The young boy came to talk to you.
"... I'm sorry for following you so much."

Leave us alone. → Nothing
You're all alone. Where's your family? → Nothing
... Let's meet again. → [Love Cookies]x1 OR [Exchange Ticket]x1
The Queen speaks to you!
"Hello. Welcome to my garden."

It's a lovely garden! → [Love Cookies]x1
You are so beautiful! → 100K OR 5JIN
Is your work going well? → Nothing
The Queen calls out to you.
"Hm? What's wrong?"

Your knight was looking for you. → 100K OR [White Butterflies Type 1]x1
Tell me the secrets to your beauty! → 100K OR [White Butterflies Type 2]x1 OR [White Butterflies Type 3]x1
Is your work hard? → N/A

Stage 06 - Home: 7 Energy per 10 EP; 385 Energy to Clear; 100JIN on Stage Clear

There are too many shopping bags.
"We bought too much... Oh well!"

Put it all away yourself. → Nothing
Put it away with your student. → 100K
Don't do it today. → Nothing
We still have some time.
"Time to do some cleaning today!"

Clean the kitchen. → 100K
Clean the bathtub. → 100K
Clean the room. → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR [Tulip Frame Pink]x1
"Ah, the chime rang! Who could it be at this hour?"

Open the door → 1000K OR [Tulip Frame Purple]x1
Let your student handle it. → Nothing
Don't do anything. This is too scary! → Nothing
There are too many shopping bags.
"Let's hurry up and clean up!"

Put away the red bags. → [Business Smile 5]x1 OR [Tulip Frame Red]x1
Put away the pink bags. → Nothing
Put away the yellow bags. → Nothing

Stage 07 - EX Stage: Mysterious Castle: 1 Energy per 3 EP; 10 Energy to Clear; [Exchange Ticket]x1 on Stage Clear

A man calls out to you!
"Hey, you two!"

Where are we? → Nothing
Who am I? → Nothing
Who are you? → 100K
A man comes to talk to you!
"Oh ho, it seems I have guests. How do you do?
Welcome to my castle."

You're also the lord of the castle? → 100K
How do I get out of here? → Nothing
I never want to leave! → 100K OR [Iris Flowers Type 1]
A man comes to talk to you!
"There is someone who I'd like to meet."

What kind of person? → 100K OR [Iris Flowers Type 1] OR [Iris Flowers Type 2] OR [Iris Flowers Type 3]
Go if you want to! → N/A
Why not talk to your brother about it? → Nothing
A man comes to talk to you!
"Have you seen the wisteria trellis?
It is my treasure."

It's so beautiful! → N/A
It's so big! → N/A
It looks so wonderful right now! → 100K OR [Iris Flowers Type 3]



Event Gacha(s)/Prize List

Event Item List

Normal Rarity
Nemophilia Shirt Type 1
[Nemophilia Hills] for 300JIN
Nemophilia Shirt Type 2
[Nemophilia Hills] for 1500K
Nemophilia Shirt Type 3
[Nemophilia Hills] for 1500K
Stylish Holiday Type 1
Drops in [Nemophilia Hills]
Stylish Holiday Type 2
Drops in [Nemophilia Hills]
Stylish Holiday Type 3
Drops in [Nemophilia Hills]
Iris Master Type 1
[Iris Garden] for 300JIN
Iris Master Type 2
[Iris Garden] for 1500K
Iris Master Type 3
[Iris Garden] for 1500K
Life In Nature Type 1
Drops in [Iris Garden]
Life In Nature Type 2
Drops in [Iris Garden]
Life In Nature Type 3
Drops in [Iris Garden]
Flower T-Shirt Type 1
[Flower Park] for 300JIN
Flower T-Shirt Type 2
[Flower Park] for 1500K
Flower T-Shirt Type 3
[Flower Park] for 1500K
Azalea Flowers Type 1
Drops in [Flower Park]
Azalea Flowers Type 2
Drops in [Flower Park]
Azalea Flowers Type 3
Drops in [Flower Park]
Mountaineering Brown
Drops in [Restaurant]
Mountaineering Green
Drops in [Restaurant]
Mountaineering Navy
Drops in [Restaurant]
Just For You Type 1
[Court Gardens] for 300JIN
Just For You Type 2
[Court Gardens] for 1500K
Just For You Type 3
[Court Gardens] for 1500K
White Butterflies Type 1
Drops in [Court Gardens]
White Butterflies Type 2
Drops in [Court Gardens]
White Butterflies Type 3
Drops in [Court Gardens]
Tulip Frame Red
Drops in [Home]
Tulip Frame Purple
Drops in [Home]
Tulip Frame Pink
Drops in [Home]
Flower Make-Up Type 1
[Special Stage] for 300JIN
Flower Make-Up Type 2
[Special Stage] for 300JIN
Flower Make-Up Type 3
[Special Stage] for 1500K
Iris Flowers Type 1
Drops in [Special Stage]
Iris Flowers Type 2
Drops in [Special Stage]
Iris Flowers Type 3
Drops in [Special Stage]

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