Quotes from Animal Boyfriend Events for the Elegant Personality.

2015 Events

Summer Camp

  • [Reply] I fear I'm becoming so used to the convenience of human life that I don't quite know what to do out here.
Stage 01:


  • I'm still somewhat sleepy, but I hear that early mornings are simply perfect for birdwatching.
  • Oh my... What an exquisite color of wing that bird is blessed with...!
  • Do you have much of an interest in ornithology yourself, [Teacher]?
Stage 02:


  • It appears we have to pass through these checkpoints marked on the map, and make our way to the goal.
  • Once we reach the goal, I think we should celebrate with a spot of tea.
  • If we continue 100m westward, we're likely to find the next checkpoint. Let's go.
Stage 03:

Mess Kit Lunch

  • We're making a curry, are we? It's been quite a while since I cooked. Would you help me?
  • How fascinating! Truly can we cook a meal with these few utensils...?
  • Hmm... It has such a... rustic taste to it. Not bad at all, though.
Stage 04:


  • I put some tea in this canteen. It's certainly not as good as a fresh brew, but it'll do for now.
  • I'm not one for this kind of adventuring, to be honest. But I'm having quite some fun today.
  • The sun is always strongest when it's highest in the sky... What a summer feeling...!
Stage 05:


  • These fireworks are so beautiful. They seem so much brighter out here, away from the city lights.
  • So people really do gather around open fires like this, do they? How fascinating.
  • Everyone seems to be dancing in pairs. Would you join me, [Teacher]?
Stage 06:

Scary Walk

  • A scary walk, you say? I should always being trying new things, I suppose.
  • A dead end? But... I could have sworn we passed through here earlier...
  • ... I cannot seem to shake the feeling that something, somewhere, is watching us...


Stage 01:

Laboratory Hall

  • A Halloween party... I suppose we'd better find the most splendid of costumes to wear.
  • I don't believe I've ever seen so many Teachers and Students together in one place... It's quite fascinating indeed...
  • I feel truly honored to take part in such a traditional event as this.
Stage 02:

Ambi Hills

  • How about we both enjoy a seasonal autumn dessert while we watch the exquisitely beautiful changing leaves?
  • Simply perfect. Your home-made sandwiches and my freshly brewed tea make for quite an afternoon break indeed.
  • I hear the chirping of birds from over yonder... If only I had a classical piece to listen to in this moment.
Stage 03:

Abandoned Building

  • What a fantastically large building... I certainly do hope it's a castle.
  • The mere lack of sunlight makes the air feel so much cooler down here. I feel we could do with some warm ginger tea once we leave this place.
  • I feel a classical piano piece would be quite fitting indeed for this atmosphere down here.
Stage 04:

Ephemeral Cave

  • I believe I can see a light, at last...
  • Perhaps it was the long, long walk through darkness, but this light appears almost heavenly to me.
  • I feel I can hear the sound of sunlight dancing through my ears.
Stage 05:

Nightmare Town

  • The wines and cocktails of Nightmare Town have the most exquisite colors. I simply must see them for myself.
  • It's still quite dark out, so please do watch your step. I'd be glad to lend you my hand, [Teacher].
  • I received some confectionery from a very kind Jack O' Lantern. Would you like a piece?

Driving on the Moon

Stage 01:

Moonwatch Manor

  • This room has quite the spectacular view.
  • I do so enjoy the chirping sound of crickets. Perhaps we should enjoy it with a spot of tea.
  • Did you make these dango yourself, [Teacher]? They truly are exquisite.
Stage 02:

Moon Ruins

  • I believe we've taken a wrong turn... The atmosphere here is quite different indeed.
  • I think perhaps we should calm our nerves with a little tea... Yes, that should do it...
  • Is that perhaps the Earth I see up high before me? I'm quite sure we were just watching the Moon in its same place.
Stage 03:

Temple of the Moon

  • Such a fantastically large building. And so beautiful, too.
  • I don't believe I see any sign of someone living here.
  • This would make the perfect venue for a tea party, I dare say.
Stage 04:

Moonlit Garden

  • My, what an exquisite garden.
  • I feel in the mood for another tea party... Green tea perhaps, to match this "zen" style.
  • Could that be another building, off in the distance there? Perhaps we ought to take a look.
Stage 05:

Moonlight Villa

  • This house is spectacular. A little dark perhaps, but the atmosphere is breathtaking.
  • Such an astounding view from the window. I could certainly see myself enjoying a fresh brew here.
  • There appear to be a number of other rooms in this house. Perhaps we should take a look around?
Stage 06:

Moonwatch Manor

  • It appears we've made our way back to the manor, thank heavens.
  • I feel I may still be in a dream, quite honestly.
  • I think it would do us a great deal of good to get an early night tonight.

Of Wind and Shadow

Stage 01:

Eerie Forest n/a

Stage 02:

Cavern n/a

Stage 03:

Bamboo Grove n/a

Stage 04:

Way out

  • I'm starting to feel quite a chill. Let's leave this place, lest we catch our death of cold.
Stage 05:

Walk Home n/a

Stage 06:

(EX Stage) Edge of Time n/a

A Merry Night's Work

Stage 01:

Santa's village

  • What an exquisite location.
  • Well I never. I feel quite honored indeed to have met the real Santa himself.
  • I certainly hope we're given the chance to ride in Santa's sleigh.
Stage 02:

Winter Guest House

  • I must say, I'm quite surprised Santa's Secret Door wasn't in fact a chimney.
  • It's up to us to ensure Santa's work goes as smoothly as possible.
  • You can truly feel the warmth of nature in this guest house.
Stage 03:

Sightseeing Spot

  • Such exquisite lighting. It's really no wonder this is such a popular spot.
  • Spotting popular trends... This is quite the difficult task indeed.
  • Please, stick close by me. I wouldn't want for you to get lost.
Stage 04:


  • My, my... what exquisite stained glass windows.
  • This chapel is simply divine... hoho!
  • We'll be writing Christmas cards next? There seems to be quite a number... Well, let's get started.
Stage 05:

Another World

  • What a magnificently magical place we've come to.
  • I would simply love to try some tea grown in as fantastic a place as this.
  • Well, let's get back to work. We have some presents to deliver these wonderful angels and demons.
Stage 06:

Xmas Eve Party!

  • It seems a great deal of Santas from around the world have graced us with their presence tonight.
  • My, there's simply nothing better than a nice warm tea after a hard day's work.
  • I simply adore this tea cake. Really exquisite texture.
Stage 07:

(EX Stage) Santa's Secret House

  • To have the entrance situated at the base of a Christmas tree... I'm shocked, but not surprised.
  • I suppose this must be where Santa comes to relax. Perhaps we should do the same.
  • There appear to be hidden Santa houses such as this all over the world. Perhaps some sort of organization?
  • Santa certainly knows his tea leaves, I must say. Fancy a cup?
  • A kindly Santa presented me with a most wonderful gift.
  • I'm afraid to say, I think it's time we departed.

Alchemy School

  • [Reply] Good day, [Student Name]. I hope the material gathering is going swimmingly.
Stage 01:


  • Do you really think us able to master this art of alchemy?
  • These roses appear to work as alchemy components. They smell simply divine, too.
  • What a peculiar blend of tea this is... I shall have to try a cup myself.
Stage 02:


  • Such exquisite architecture...! I should love to host a tea party here some day.
  • We should take care not to get lost in halls as grand as these...!
  • It seems as if something has fallen to the ground, over there... Perhaps we should take a look.
Stage 03:


  • I just feel like settling down with a warm cup of tea and a good book right now.
  • And what kind of books do you enjoy, [Teacher]? I'd love for you to share with me.
  • I feel I'd quite like to return here, time allowing, to relax and read at leisure.
Stage 04:


  • ... There is truly a pungent odor down here. Do you think it might just be damp?
  • I never would have imagined there were entire temples below ground like this... How incredible.
  • It's so beautiful down here, and yet so empty. How very peculiar.
Stage 05:


  • Such a magnificent garden. I should like to enjoy some afternoon tea out here.
  • These materials are proving quite difficult to find... Perhaps we should try asking the gentleman over there?
  • The setting sun is quite breathtaking indeed. Perhaps we could enjoy it with some tea, [Teacher].
Stage 06:


  • Hmm...? Are those feathers, falling so gracefully from the skies...?
  • I fear there may be a few too many feathers around... I'm having some difficulty seeing...
  • I must say, I'm not entirely sure how such rainbow-colored feathers even come to be...

2016 Events

Gods of the Mountain

Stage 01:

Forest of Ambi

  • The deer promenade through the forest with such elegance. It's truly relaxing to watch.
  • This fresh breeze sends songs through my heart. I should drink up as much as I can.
  • The rightful king of seasonal foods takes his throne... the matsutake mushroom!
Stage 02:

Inari Shrine

  • A shrine that time forgot... Let's enjoy it to its fullest.
  • Great Fortune? How wonderful. I think I quite like this omikuji.
  • That fox-shaped statue just moved... What on earth...?
Stage 03:

Ambi Summit

  • That was quite a walk up here, was it not? Perhaps we should take a small break.
  • Take a look, as the world is stretched out beneath our feet. Incredible.
  • The air feels quite deliciously fresh this high up in the sky.
Stage 04:

Garden Of Gods

  • What a spectacular garden this is. The views are simply breathtaking.
  • The reflection of the trees in the lake is simply exquisite. A truly unique experience.
  • To enjoy a fresh brew of tea in a garden such as this... What a life that would be.
Stage 05:

Shrine Path

  • I cannot even see to the end of this pathway. I imagine it must connect us with heaven itself.
  • The trees surrounding this path to the shrine look simply... divine. Hoho.
  • I feel truly honored to be given the opportunity to meet a deity. A one-in-a-million chance.
Stage 06:

The Mountain God

  • So this is where the god calls home... It certainly is spacious!
  • Take a look down there. It appears to be the mountain we were climbing just earlier.
  • I wonder if this god has any interest in fine teas...?

Literary Works

Stage 01:

Second-Hand Books

  • Are these books second-hand, perhaps?
    • [Look at textbooks] Hmm? I don't believe this area has much to do with literature, you know.
      • [Medical book] I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in this kind of book. They're just so difficult to pick up, you know?
      • [Philosophy book] There do appear to be a great deal of beginner's guides to science these days.
    • [Look at manga] Hmm? I believe there may be more to see on the floor above us.
      • [Stay here] Yes, quite. Let's continue exploring this floor first.
      • [Go up] It seems there are CDs and the like up there.
Stage 02:


  • I must say, I've never been to a store quite like this before...!
    • [Go inside] These books seem a great deal thicker than the rest.
      • [History book] History books, are they? I should like to read through them some day.
      • [Encyclopedia] I've heard these encyclopedias contain a considerable amount of knowledge regarding this human world.
    • [Don't go inside] I wonder where this author hails from...
      • [Japan] I see, then perhaps this is a penname they've chosen to use.
      • [America] America! You certainly know a great deal of information, [Teacher]...!
Stage 03:


  • So, where should we make our way to next?
    • [Bookshelves] There seem to be a number of books aimed at children around here.
      • [Search here] Fufu, these pretty-colored books must excite the children a great deal I'm sure.
      • [Move on] I do believe there are a number of areas left to explore, after all.
    • [Counter] Can we use this machine here to search the library?
      • [Search by genre] I see you have an interest in this genre.
      • [Search by author] I quite like this author too, I must say.

Animal Onsen Mystery Tour

Stage 01:

Onsen Ryokan

  • This ryokan has quite the atmosphere about it, I must say.
  • The owner certainly is a unique individual.
  • It appears the ryokan holds a number of different baths. I simply cannot decide where to look first.
Stage 02:


  • This is quite the large room indeed.
  • It seems we have a short wait until dinner. Perhaps I could pour us some tea.
  • I should very much like to enjoy relaxing by this view from the window here.
Stage 03:


  • No hot water in the baths, you say...? Is this the work of a criminal, perhaps?
  • I was quite looking forward to enjoying a warm soak later on. A shame.
  • We may be better off helping find whoever did this, I believe.
Stage 04:

Onsen Town

  • This town certainly has a unique and enjoyable atmosphere to it.
  • I've been told that all we need is to climb this mountain, and we'll discover the source of the spring.
  • There seems to be quite a way yet to our destination. Perhaps a short break is in order.
Stage 05:

Stone Steps

  • It's so very dark. I fear people generally do not make their way this far up the mountain.
  • Please try not to slip over on any fallen leaves.
  • Do you hear that sound? There may be someone waiting for us.
Stage 06:

Summit Shrine

  • My, you seem to have a great deal of hot, natural spring water up here...
  • He doesn't seem so bad at all. Allow me to pour us all a peaceful cup of tea.
  • I believe the baths back at the ryokan should be back to normal now.
Stage 07:


  • A single missed step could have turned things quite sour back there.
  • All in all, I'm very pleased we managed to find a solution.
  • Well, it appears today's events were unrelated to the mystery tour... How bizarre.
Stage 08:

Open-Air bath

  • My, isn't this just an enormous bath.
  • What a mysterious odour it has. The kind you'll only find at a hot spring bath.
  • I fear the water is likely too hot to enter right now.

The Legend of GIJIN

Stage 01:

(Towns:) Kingdom of Amsha, Sakura Metropolis, Helios City, Chenqian Palace, Temple of Zalaam

  • Intelligence gathering, you say? Very well. We can start by asking the gentleman over there, perhaps.
  • To travel to distant worlds like this in an instant is truly an incredible experience indeed.
  • What a truly incredible building this is. Perhaps we could take a while to have a look around.
Stage 02:

(Battle:) Krizsa Mountains, Forgotten Shrine, Soul Valley, Shanyang Ravine, Ruins of Oscuro

  • Is it truly that scary? Well, I'm certainly glad to have you along with me then, [Teacher].
  • I'll protect you, of that I am sure. There is no need to worry.
  • Would you like a drop of tea? It won't bring your energy back, but it may at least relax you a little.
Stage 03:


  • ... I fear I'm growing quite tired.
    • [Take a rest] How fortunate, an egg lay right where I was about to sit.
    • [Give a drink] Thank you very much. Would you like a sip, [Teacher]?
    • [Give your lap] Huhu, I should like to take you up on that offer.
  • I sincerely apologize. I appear to have misplaced one of the eggs...
    • [Search together] ... You found it? Truly? I knew I could count on you, [Teacher].
    • [Cheer him up] I simply cannot apologize enough.
    • [Tickle him] Is something the matter?
  • Wherever could these eggs all be hiding?
    • [Search here] I believe I've found one, [Teacher]. Please, take it.
    • [Search there] I fear we'll find no more eggs around here.
    • [Just pretend] Whatever is the matter? We should try to hurry our search before it gets dark.
Stage 01:


  • [Teacher], let's go ahead and seek out these eggs.
  • [Teacher], please do watch where you step.
  • [Teacher], please don't forget to take some time to enjoy the beautiful sights, too.
  • You've found another egg? My, how wonderful, [Teacher].
  • My, is that a rainbow...?
Stage 02:

Shopping Street

  • This would have been quite the lonely task to do alone. I'm glad I could be here to help you.
  • Just look at that outfit, [Teacher]. I believe it would suit you quite perfectly.
  • There's certainly a lot of people around. Perhaps you should lend me your hand, so as not to get lost.
  • I believe that cafe there should make quite a nice spot to take a rest.
  • [Teacher], is that not an egg I see before me, over yonder?
Stage 03:

Theme Park

  • There are still so many eggs out there left to be found.
  • Hmm? Is that not one of the eggs, seated in a spinning teacup?
  • You fear the haunted house, do you? There's surely no need to worry, with me by your side.
  • The rollercoaster? My, I do so adore your active side, [Teacher].
  • I do so enjoy to see you having fun, [Teacher].
Stage 04:


  • This really is quite a bizarre place we find ourselves in once again.
  • It appears we're in the cockpit of an actual spaceship. And look, [Teacher]! An egg in the pilot's seat.
  • It seems we have a very rare chance to experience actual zero gravity. Please, [Teacher], hold on to me.
  • There are so many eggs scattered throughout space...
  • The stars are shining quite divinely, [Teacher].

School Festival

Stage 01:

School Gate

  • All of the students here hope to perform in a circus someday. What an interesting school.
  • An English cafe... I didn't know there'd be such a thing. I enjoy a real afternoon tea, so I'd love to go.
  • Oh, a culture festival. I can't wait to see what kinds of culture there will be.
Stage 02:


  • There are so many stands. And I've never seen any of these kinds before.
  • This frankfurter... Do you have a knife or a fork?
  • That pantomime is amazing. It's amazing how the performance is even in the fingertips.
Stage 03:


  • There's a lot of stuff going on in the classrooms inside the school.
  • Hey, running through the hall is dangerous...they're already gone.
  • Is this an English cafe here? I can't wait to see what they have.
Stage 04:


  • They must be starting from the small stage and aiming to be on bigger and bigger ones.
  • A classical concert would be more peaceful than what they are putting on now.
  • There's a bunch of stuff for the culture festival being performed on the stage in the gym too.
Stage 05:

(EX Stage) Circus

  • They look so graceful, but... To be able to do that must take so much hard work.
  • For a single human body to do all that... Humans really are amazing.
  • What an amazing show. I want to give them the most lavish applause.

The Beast Boys

Stage 01:

To the Hallowed Ground!

  • Well then, let's go in. Please be sure to watch your step in the darkness.
  • I have nothing to do with this sort of place. But surely being surprised is good manners?
  • I thought it'd be wonderful if ghosts and demons really existed.
Stage 02:

The Garden of Grief

  • Shh. We must stay quite silent in this graveyard.
  • There are truly palatial graves made completely of marble in this world... I should love to see them.
  • I always admire how humans handle the dead.
Stage 03:

The Room of Swords

  • Oh, now this place has not been taken care of...
  • Ah, an antique desk. If only it had been better taken care of...
  • Onibimaru, are you exhausted perhaps? Would you like some tea, or...? Oh, how rude of me, I should have asked earlier.
Stage 04:

The Room of Shields

  • It's a little chilly here. I hope we don't get too cold.
  • Hey, I just saw someone... This isn't something we could have said but, why are we in a place like this...?
  • The... difference between Yokai and ghosts? Huhu, I wonder what those are.
Stage 05:

The Master's Courtyard

  • Oh hey, will-o'-the-wisps... They're like beautiful candles.
  • It's a well... I think you could make some lovely tea with well water.
  • Huhu, there seems to be quite the crowd here.
Stage 06:

The Endless Corridor

  • We've been walking in circles. What's the right way...
  • Hey, this place feels a little different. Forget it. Let's just brace ourselves.
  • We're in trouble if we get separated from Onibimaru. We must be careful.
Stage 07:

Hunting for the Exit

  • It's fine. We will get out of here.
  • We can't find the exit. Are you tired? Let's break for some tea.
  • The exit has to be ahead of us. Let's keep on going.
Stage 08:

The Room of Gold

  • What a beautiful room. I couldn't help but gasp.
  • Hey, that guy... I see, I'm starting to get what's going on here.
  • Well then, let's take back the hallowed ground.
Stage 09:

The Last Battle with the Macaroni Gang!

  • It appears Macaroni's animal ears appear when he is surprised. I must be careful too.
  • I don't like fighting, but we have no other choice.
  • Macaroni's teacher must be a really tolerant person.
Stage 10:

A Test of Courage?!

  • I wonder how the ghosts are going to try to scare us... I am almost looking forward to it.
  • Why don't we get something to eat after the test of courage?
  • Everything ended happily. This is all because of your hard work, [Teacher].

Invitation to Wonderland

Stage 01:

To Wonderland!

  • Taking a stroll like this isn't bad from time to time.
  • Let's continue forth. We still have a long way to go before we reach our goal.
  • Which route shall we take? I suppose which route we take depends on where we want to go.
Stage 02:

Mushroom Forest

  • When you're cooking truffles, be sure not to turn up the fire too high.
  • Boletus is the epitome of mushrooms. I must say, the rawness in the air has a pleasant smell to it.
  • I must say, that opaque-looking mushroom looks quite rubbery...
Stage 03:

Tea Time

  • A tea party without variation is not an elegant one.
  • I must say, having a tea party in the garden with tables and chairs has a certain je ne sais quoi.
  • Tea time should be enjoyed with grace.
Stage 04:

Palace Gardens

  • The beauty of this garden is breathtaking. However, the painted roses aren't elegant at all.
  • Was Etienne the one who stole the tarts?
  • What a marvelous garden. It appears a very thoughtful gardener has been taking care of things.
Stage 05:

Face the Queen!

  • Well, well. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, my fair lady.
  • What a magnificent room you have. I can see everything from furniture to decoration has been picked out with the utmost care.
  • I must say, the Queen is a captivating person indeed.

Rainy Day Shopping

Stage 01:


  • I feel like I haven't gone out with you in a while, [Teacher]. I must say, I'm quite excited.
  • A lone station, standing barren amidst the fog... Not a first sight, but a delightful one all the same.
  • ... Hmm? Is that a water gun? Somebody appears to be sniping through the rain... [Teacher], you are not to leave my side.
Stage 02:


  • I see the candy factory has some new exhibits. At the very back there is that... Himeji Castle? Simply incredible.
  • Where is it we are headed today, then?
  • I know a fantastic little tea shop over there with the most delicious blends in stock. Perhaps, if we've time, we could pay a visit...?
Stage 03:


  • I don't believe I've ever seen a giant oarfish before. What a peculiar shape it is.
  • That is quite a large arowana indeed... I'm sure the fish enthusiasts among us are positively shaking with excitement.
  • This is quite the relaxing atmosphere indeed. Wherever should we begin exploring?
Stage 04:


  • I must say, i really quite enjoy art of this nature. Wouldn't you agree, [Teacher]?
  • It says here that this samurai helmet was used for the basis of a very famous motion picture villain. How curious.
  • I simply adore a finely painted landscape. They truly capture unique visions of history.
Stage 05:

(EX Stage) Meadow

  • Hydrangeas... Symbolically, they don't carry the most fortunate of meanings, you know.
  • A truly divine sunset.
  • I've seen a great number of the most beautiful butterflies in this meadow.

Life's A Game

  • [EP] That work went well. I feel fulfilled.
  • [Treasure] n/a
  • So I need to handle this. I understand.
  • [Teacher], it may not be much, but allow me to help.
  • Correspondence complete.
Stage 01:


  • [Heart] How are you doing today?
    • Stomach pains? Does it hurt here? how about here?
    • Oh, your face is quite red. You might have a fever, as well.
Stage 02:


  • [Heart] I have a package addressed to you.
    • If you could just sign the package slip... Yes, right here.
    • Thank you for your continued patronage.
Stage 03:

Baseball Player

  • [Heart] (9th inning, two outs, last chance swing.)
    • Huhu... I'm so nervous that I'm laughing.
    • I don't need to think to
      in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "too"
      much. Just swing when it comes. That's all.
Stage 04:


  • [Heart] Hey little girl, what's wrong?
    • So, you're lost. well then, just leave it to me.
    • I'm glad that was sorted out quickly. And I'm glad to see that smile of yours.
Stage 05:


  • [Heart] This is difficult... But it seems I must do this.
    • A failure? No, no, this is quite fine.
    • Sorry, but appears that I have won.

Field Trip!!

Stage 01:


  • Good morning. We've been blessed with some great weather today.
  • Busses
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "Buses"
    are quite nice for moving a lot of people at once.
  • I am quite embarrassed, but I was so excited that I did not sleep well last night...
Stage 02:


  • This kind of strawberry is very rarely grown. I've only seen it in books.
  • I am going to make some jam out of these strawberries when I get home. It would be great with afternoon tea.
  • The strawberry flowers are so small and cute. Just like you, [Teacher].
Stage 03:

Main Street

  • It's so busy. Hey... This shop seems to deal in rare tea leaves.
  • Alleyways are dim even in the afternoon. You be careful too, [Teacher].
  • We'll get to that park after we go through this shopping center.
Stage 04:


  • We sure walked a lot. Why don't we break for lunch?
  • You made this bento, [Teacher]? It's really good.
  • Don't sit directly on the ground. Use the picnic sheet.
Stage 05:

Theme Park

  • [Teacher], do you like attractions or shows more?
  • So this is an amusement park. It's pretty big.
  • The whole park's theme even goes into the staff costumes.
Stage 06:


  • Goodnight, [Teacher].
  • Oh, dinner... I wonder what it could be.
  • Thanks for everything today. I had an extremely wonderful time.

The Heian Scrolls

Stage 01:

Heian Theme Park

  • I'm quite taken by this kimono, I must say. I do wonder how heavy it is, though...
  • Well I never. To think we had a theme park this fascinating so close by all this time.
  • You can certainly feel the architecture of the time. the color on these buildings is imply magnificent.
Stage 02:

Spring Room

  • My, the sakura out here is simply beautiful.
  • It says here that people used to play kemari in this area I should liked to have joined them.
  • Something smells quite wonderful indeed. Some sort of incense, I wonder.
Stage 03:

Summer Room

  • I would never have guessed that shaved ice was even available back in these days.
  • I believe this area has a summer theme about it. I do feel quite warm already.
Stage 04:

Autumn Room

  • My, I don't believe I've ever seen quite so many cats in one place.
  • This area is quite comfortably cool, I must say.
  • I suppose this must be the autumn space. The red leaves look truly wonderful.
Stage 05:

Winter n/a

Stage 06:

Warehouse n/a

Back to the Mansion

  • [EP] (n/a)
  • [Treasure] (n/a)
Stage 01:

Underground n/a

Stage 02:

Mansion n/a

Stage 03:

Kitchen n/a

Stage 04:

Courtyard n/a

Stage 05:

Laboratory n/a

Merry in Matrimony

Stage 01:

Tropical Island

  • I'm entirely sure I'm the best man for the job, but... I'll certainly give it my all.
  • A wedding? Well [Teacher], this should be quite interesting indeed.
  • At the very least, the scenery here is simply breathtaking.
Stage 02:

Exchanging Rings

  • Hmm... it doesn't quite seem to fit. It's hard to believe something this simple is actually so difficult.
  • Do please lend me your hand, that I may slip this ring onto your finger. Pardon my nerves...
  • That outfit looks magnificent on you, [Teacher].
Stage 03:

Exchanging Vows

  • This is truly starting to feel like a real wedding. I suppose it's time for the ceremony.
  • All it takes is two little signatures to bind us together forever.
  • It's terribly difficult walking in this outfit. The stairs are taking quite their toll.
Stage 04:

Chorus Singing

  • Wherever is this hymn from I wonder? The words seem to be of a different language entirely.
  • Your beautiful voice really does relax me, [Teacher].
  • I must say I haven't had much church experience myself. I do enjoy the way everyone's voice echoes around.
Stage 05:

Outfit Change

  • This outfit looks just as wonderful as the last.
  • Next the friends of the groom give a speech, it seems. Time for a break, then.
Stage 06:

Cake Cutting

  • Huhu, I suppose you could say this is our first act as a married couple together.
  • I do apologize, but could I possibly ask you to move a little more in time with me...?
  • They said we are indeed allowed to eat this cake I'll brew us some fresh tea and we can make an afternoon of it.

Enjoy Vietnam

  • [Reply] If it isn't [Student Name]. It's been a while!
  • [Reply] How is the special Vietnamese tea? I was just thinking about trying some.
Stage 01:


  • Thankfully the flight this time wasn't bumpy. It was really nice.
  • Oh yeah, what were all those yellow marks on the airplane suppose to be?
  • Actually, there is something I am really looking forward to on this trip. But I can't stay what it is just yet...
Stage 02:


  • Okay, I'll lead the way and get the motorcycles to stop, so you just follow after me.
  • ... I could have never imagined this many motorcycles... Okay then, how do we cross the road, then...
  • Hey, that's a strange looking drink. Want to try it when we take a break?
Stage 03:


  • The night view from here is spectacular. I can see light from far away.
  • How about getting some dinner? Eating outside in the busy marketplaces is an option.
  • Are you tired? I'll take care of the unpacking, so you just relax.
Stage 04:


  • Pho is really good but this soup called bun is pretty good too...
  • These colorful lanterns really are eye catching. They'd probably look nice as interior design too.
  • Over there you can sign up to go cruising. What do you think? It would probably make a pretty good memory.
Stage 05:

Lotus Pond

  • We can have lotus tea at a nearby shop. If you'd like, why don't we go and try it?
Stage 06:

Ha Long Bay

  • n/a

Pinocchio's Adventure

Stage 01:

Geppetto’s House

  • n/a
Stage 02:

Puppet Troupe

  • n/a
Stage 03:

Turquoise Girl

  • n/a
Stage 04:

The Land of Toys

  • A land of toys really would be heaven for children.
  • He turned into a donkey. That's called a transformation, right?
  • I'm not a donkey, but I do have animal ears, right?
Stage 05:

Finished Reading

  • Here's some tea. Thanks for reading the book.
  • So at the end he turned into a real boy and lived happily with Geppetto. How wonderful.
  • Pinocchio met a lot of people, experienced a lot of things and grew as a person.

Electric Town

Stage 01:


  • For now, I think it's best if we get out of here and assess out the situation.
  • This is so mysterious... I've never seen this kind of world before.
  • [Teacher], do you know anything about this world?
Stage 02:


  • Is this... a shopping street? It'd be nice if we could ask someone...
  • The glossy balance of their clothes is so beautiful. I'd love to browse a clothing store.
  • Hm... It's hard for me to convey my intent to them.
Stage 03:


  • [Teacher], once we're done here, I think we should move to a new location.
  • I just think I should say that the people here are a bit... active, as it would appear.
  • I will protect you until we get out of this area.
Stage 04:


  • Everyone's gathered over that way, some event must be going on?
  • That's... a dance competition, right? the dancing here is so personalized and enchanting.
  • I'm sensing some theme to the design of this park. The water and light, maybe...
Stage 05:


  • The children are heading to desks... I see, so this is a school.
  • I tried to politely explain everything with diagrams, but the teachers were still cautious of me.
  • It seems like I can pet the animals. I am going to say hello to that rabbit.
Stage 06:


  • All the buildings I see look so streamlined. It must be a thing of the times.
  • What a beautiful view. It would be nice to look out from here with a cup of tea...
  • Finally we can go back home... As soon as we do, I'd like to think over today with a good cup of tea.

Nightmare On Animal Street

Stage 01:

Nightime shrine

  • n/a
Stage 02:

Torii road

  • n/a
Stage 03:

Lost In Town

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Upper Floors

  • n/a
Stage 05:


  • n/a
Stage 06:

Camellia Prison

  • n/a

Nightmare On Animal Street

Stage 01:

Theme Park

  • n/a
Stage 02:

Dark Forest

  • It's pitch black, so watch your step. Give me your hand.
  • I can hear howling wolves out in the distance. We should probably get hurrying.
Stage 03:

Halloween Town

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Castle Gate

  • n/a
Stage 05:

Great Hall

  • n/a
Stage 06:

Secret Chamber

  • n/a

Looking After Teacher Again!

Stage 01:

Convenience Store

  • Heh, to think there would have this much variety of okayu... Convenience stores are indeed convenient... I'll get this porridge.
  • Ginger in a warm cup of tea would do wonders for the common cold, but it doesn't seem to be in stock here.
  • Well, well... I wonder if buying what I need from the convenience store will be enough. I can't help feeling a little anxious.
Stage 02:


  • "How did you catch the cold?" I have no doubt it was from a pathogen of some sort... Are you trying to say otherwise?
  • Although I'm here at the drugstore, I don't know which one to get because there's too much variety. It may be better to ask someone who works here.
  • Hm, this medicine... is it imported? I don't quite understand the English written on it... I see, it's French.
Stage 03:


  • There's no limit on how much knowledge one should process. If that knowledge helps [Teacher], even better...
  • A book about colds... It was my intention to get used to walking to the bookstore... but am I feeling uneasy? ... I need to calm down.
  • There's a book about foods that will aid in curing a cold. This is good, I'll get it and go home.
Stage 04:


  • There's just something relaxing about being in a church. I'll say a prayer hoping [Teacher]'s cold clears up.
  • I feel much better after having talked to a priest. It's time for me to return to [Teacher]'s side.
  • I wonder why I come here when I'm anxious or feeling down...

Culture Festival

Stage 01:

Script Reading

  • (Prince)
    • n/a
  • (Princess)
    • n/a
  • (Demon)
    • n/a
Stage 02:


  • (Prince)
    • n/a
  • (Princess)
    • n/a
  • (Demon)
    • n/a
Stage 03:


  • (Prince)
    • n/a
  • (Princess)
    • n/a
  • (Demon)
    • n/a

Christmas Dreams

Stage 01:

Santa’s Dispatch Office

  • n/a
Stage 02:

Santa’s House

  • n/a
Stage 03:

Reindeer Area

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Christmas Night

  • n/a

Traditions of Kyoto

Stage 01:


  • What do we have here? This is the first time I've seen these tea leaves. May I purchase them?
  • Please try not to stray too far from me. I don't want us to get separated.
  • Something good to eat, huh. As long as it goes well with tea, I have no qualms.
Stage 02:


  • n/a
Stage 03:


  • Hm... this Japanese dish is rather amazing.
  • This food looks like it would go well with green tea. Would you care for some?
  • On second thought, I would like tea. You wouldn't happen to have scone, would you?
Stage 04:

Snack Store

  • n/a
Stage 05:


  • Huhu, would you care to join me for some tea at the top? There's nothing better than enjoying a beautiful view while sipping on some tea.
  • Well, well, are you alright? Let me know when you're tired as soon as possible.
  • This is a view many people would simply marvel at. I really appreciate you bringing me here.
Stage 06:


  • n/a

2017 Events

New Year's Banquet

Stage 01:


  • n/a
Stage 02:


  • n/a
Stage 03:

Shrine (Noon)

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Shrine (Evening)

  • n/a
Stage 05:

Shrine (Night)

  • n/a
Stage 06:

Night Walk

  • n/a

Delicious Fruit!

  • Fertilizer has... a peculiar smell to it, doesn't it?
  • Hm? The cuffs of your shirt have dirt on them.
Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • [Planting Seed] Are these the seeds we're supposed to plant?
  • [Using Fertilizer] Sprinkling fertilizer takes a lot of energy.
  • [After Planting] I think we did a pretty good job.
Stage 02:

Tree Shaking

  • [Fertilizer] I'm a little surprised we were also able to attain fertilizer.
  • [Seed] This is how you take the seeds.
  • [Strong Shake]
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] n/a
  • [Item Get] n/a
  • n/a

Winter Wonderland

Stage 01:


  • There really are so many less people here than in the city.
  • I have no qualms with calling the view of the lightly dusted now all the way up through the mountains quite a masterpiece.
  • Seeing the train quietly move through the piled up snow really evokes quite the feeling.
Stage 02:

Abandoned Grounds

  • This is said to be an abandoned school, but some care must be taken because it does not look to have worn away at all.
  • Seeing the snow-covered playground form
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "from"
    the window makes me think that children will start playing in the snow at any moment.
  • Just thinking about how in the past students and teachers would share laughs and perhaps occasionally tears here... just fills me with such deep emotion.
Stage 03:

Guest Room

  • What an incredibly warm guest room. It has a different sort of elegance than a Western-style room. There's a calming aspect to it.
  • This can brew green tea? Is it okay if I try this out?
  • [Teacher], are you good at sitting seiza? If it is okay with you, I could teach you a way to prevent it from being painful.
Stage 04:


  • The snow reflecting off the snow piled up on the roof is quite beautiful.
  • Oh? It looks like there are children over by the entrance making snowmen.
  • I know this is sudden, but seeing your breath has quite the charm to it.
Stage 05:

The Bath

  • Outdoor baths are wonderful. They combine the best of hot springs with forest bathing. I love them so.
  • If you're not used to hot springs, at first it may be your body resisting, but getting used to hot springs is a great thing.
  • ...I do believe that I've been in here for too long. I should probably get out fairly soon.
Stage 06:

The Roof

  • Seeing the stars twinkling like this reminds me of just how small of a being I actually am.
  • I think I just saw a shooting star, but maybe i am confusing things?
  • I got lost just staring up at the stars, but I can't let myself get any colder. Okay, let's go back in.

Chinese Labyrinth

Stage 01:

Shopping Street

  • This whole place is built like a labyrinth... How do people manage to live down here?
  • Oh my, wherever did you buy that from?
  • Perhaps we should explore some of these stores. we might well find something nice.
Stage 02:

The Alleyway

  • There appears to be a great deal of broken glass around here. Please be careful.
  • My, what an incredibly old signpost this must be. I can hardly read it.
  • I am starting to remember the paths somewhat, but... it is likely still not enough.
Stage 03:

Feng Shui's Room

  • Feng shui...? Is it some sort of perfume, perhaps?
  • I've never seen quite so many mysterious objects in one place.
  • I'm quite excited to see how all this astrology pans out.
Stage 04:

Doctor's Room

  • I'm not quite sure what goes on here, but I'm certain I don't want to know.
  • I see a number of different surgical tools, but I cannot imagine why they are here.
  • Well I never... [Teacher], I think we should leave this place immediately.
Stage 05:

The Manager's Room

  • Thank you ever so much for your entertainment this evening.
  • Do you think we should ask this friend exactly how they found themselves down here...?
  • I believe it's about time we went and met this friend.
Stage 06:

The Dungeon

  • It is monstrously dark down here... Let's both be careful where we step.
  • How peculiar... I would have expected to see a guard, at the very least.
  • Perhaps we should have prepared some sort of light source before coming down here...

Minimum Panic 2

Stage 01:

Dining Room

  • Good day, have you noticed? While we were asleep, the entire world seems to have grown in size.
  • It appears as if we have shrunken in size. Now what do you suppose we should do?
  • Why, even the teacup is enormous. At this size, it'll be impossible for me to enjoy a cup of tea.
Stage 02:

Living Room

  • It seems that due to Mole's experiments, we have shrunken in size.
  • That decorative plant provides quite a refreshing scenery from here.
  • The room seems quite wide. I wonder if this is due to Mole's workings as well.
Stage 03:


  • Why, this is quite an elegant room. I could sleep quite soundly in here.
  • I must say, it's a tad difficult walking along this bed at this height.
  • This bed seems like one found in a hotel. It even has a bed throw on it.
Stage 04:

Study Room

  • There seems to be a high amount of literature in this room.
  • If we had a map of this house, I could probably figure out the location of a secret room.
  • I don't quite like it but I feel that we should check the inside of the drawers.
Stage 05:


  • This... This room does not seem like the sort suited for teatime.
  • I think it would be best to avoid touching things in this room.
  • The antidote is already complete, correct? There are so many labeled potions, how do we find it?

Town of the Butterflies

  • I see a barren field just waiting to be planted in.
  • Let's truly do our best to help these delightful butterflies.
Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • [Planting Seed] Are these the seeds we're supposed to plant?
  • [Using Scales] It appears the scales allow the flowers to bloom quite beautifully.
  • [After Planting] I do so hope the flowers grow beautifully.
Stage 02:

Tree Shaking

  • [Scales] I believe these must be scales.
  • [Seed] I've found some more seeds.
  • [Special] Hmm? Well this looks quite promising indeed.
  • [Strong Shake] Luck was on our side. Let's take as many as we can.
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] It seems the flowers have bloomed quite splendidly indeed.
  • [Item Get] My, what sweet-smelling nectar this flower has produced.
  • n/a

Student's Day Off

Stage 01:


  • What a wonderful day. Perhaps I could tend to the garden while [Teacher] is out.
  • I suppose all I need to do is cut the leaves back behind their allocated space...
  • Perhaps I could do the laundry too, while I'm in the mood.
Stage 02:


  • I shall have this study completed in no time, I'm quite sure.
  • ... My, what a fascinating story this is. I should like to learn more about it.
  • Oh heavens, just look at the time. I've gotten so carried away reading.
Stage 03:


  • My, what an exquisite view. There's surely no better place to stand my easel.
  • I should take a step back to see how it's all coming along. Quite wonderfully indeed!
  • Fantastic. This is truly a piece that [Teacher] will enjoy.
Stage 04:


  • Well I don't believe I've ever seen this street before. Let's take a little wander.
  • Is there any finer way to spend a day off than relaxing in a cafe with a book?
  • Is that an art studio I see? How quaint. Perhaps I should take a look inside.
Stage 05:


  • What a delightful accessory this is. I'm sure [Teacher] would adore it.
  • I've never seen clothes like these before... Oh, new this season? How wonderful.
  • Well well, what a wonderful material this is. I could definitely see myself wearing this.

Feeling Thankful

Stage 01:


  • Oh well, suppose I'll take a walk. I'm sure the right gift will come to me when I see it.
Stage 02:

Main Street

  • I see, now this would be quite nice as well.
  • Even after being to so many shops, I still cannot find the perfect gift.
Stage 03:

Station Front

  • Oh me, oh my. How embarrassing of me, not being able to come to a firm decision on a gift.
  • A bouquet would also be nice. But then I'll be flummoxed by which flowers to go with.
  • Perhaps, [Teacher] would prefer some delicious candy after all?
Stage 04:

Animal Lab

  • Well
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "We'll"
    ask 10 different people... In fact, that's an idea. I'll ask someone else for advice.
  • Mayhaps Shion or Yohan would be able to provide some sort of insight.
  • Pardon me, I was wondering if I could ask a question. What sort of gift would be the right one for someone you care about?

Life's No Cruise

Stage 01:


  • The facade of this vessel was extravagant, yes. But to think that the interior would be as well!
  • The crown would fetch QUITE the price on the auction circuit, I can say that much.
Stage 02:


  • Just what is this seasoning here? I've never seen it's
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "its"
    likes before.
  • This galley doesn't have rations the LEAST bit fitting for a vessel of this caliber.
  • We have to perform our information gathering with the utmost diligence if we are to catch this crook!
Stage 03:

Captain's Room

  • What lovely Captain's Quarters. Reclining in his chair, sipping a bit of Port... Ah, what a life.
  • I hardly think there would be any clues hidden in this place... Then again, one can't be too sure, can they?
  • How about this... The Captain is Garuze! Quite the shocking theory, isn't it?
Stage 04:

Boiler Room

  • So this is the boiler room, is it? My goodness, the stench of oil pierces my nostrils.
  • This room is bathed in shadow, that crooked robber could be hiding anywhere. Be on your guard.
Stage 05:


  • What an excellent backdrop. The shimmering ocean surface lit by the setting sun, truly breathtaking!
  • I can't believe that it was Garuze who was masquerading as the Captain this whole time!
  • If we don't apprehend him here and now, he'll surely go after the crown once more!

Singing in the Rain

Stage 01:

Forest Entrance

  • Oh? Did someone pass through here already. There appears to be a trail that suggests as much.
  • I am positive we ought to go this way. Well then, let us be on our own way.
  • It could simply be my imagination, but I do get the feeling we've been going around in circles.
Stage 02:

Frog Lake

  • I must say, the frogs singing to wake up Rain is most admirable.
  • It would appear that the army of frogs are also uncertain about Rain's whereabouts.
  • Huhu, I have a splendid idea. why don't you try singing with them, [Teacher]?
Stage 03:

Hydrangea Meadow

  • I must say, what lovely hydrangeas. I would've never imagined there would be a place like this in the forest.
  • Picture how much more beautiful these hydrangeas would be if only it rained.
  • Without water, I fear these hydrangeas will wither. We must make haste in finding Rain.
Stage 04:

Mushroom House

  • Oh, my what a rather large mushroom... No, his isn't a mushroom... it's actually a house.
  • What an interesting residence indeed. I am most certainly interested in who lives here.
  • Let us proceed to inquire. Will you forgive my curiosity?
Stage 05:

Outside Shrine

  • It appears we have reached our destination.
  • Now comes the real challenge, [Teacher]. we must wake up Rain.
  • This is not my preferred method, but let us make some noise.
Stage 06:

Inside Shrine

  • Such simplicity. So this is where Rain lives...
  • On that note, let's locate Rain's dwellings.
  • Sorry for coming in like this. I hope you will forgive us in such a time of emergency.

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