Quotes from Animal Boyfriend Events for the Elegant Personality. Because this personality was added to Animal Boyfriend on September 25, 2015, event dialogue before then does not exist.

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2015 Events

Summer Camp

  • [Reply] I fear I'm becoming so used to the convenience of human life that I don't quite know what to do out here.
Stage 01:


  • I'm still somewhat sleepy, but I hear that early mornings are simply perfect for birdwatching.
  • Oh my... What an exquisite color of wing that bird is blessed with...!
  • Do you have much of an interest in ornithology yourself, [Teacher]?
Stage 02:


  • It appears we have to pass through these checkpoints marked on the map, and make our way to the goal.
  • Once we reach the goal, I think we should celebrate with a spot of tea.
  • If we continue 100m westward, we're likely to find the next checkpoint. Let's go.
Stage 03:

Mess Kit Lunch

  • We're making a curry, are we? It's been quite a while since I cooked. Would you help me?
  • How fascinating! Truly can we cook a meal with these few utensils...?
  • Hmm... It has such a... rustic taste to it. Not bad at all, though.
Stage 04:


  • I put some tea in this canteen. It's certainly not as good as a fresh brew, but it'll do for now.
  • I'm not one for this kind of adventuring, to be honest. But I'm having quite some fun today.
  • The sun is always strongest when it's highest in the sky... What a summer feeling...!
Stage 05:


  • These fireworks are so beautiful. They seem so much brighter out here, away from the city lights.
  • So people really do gather around open fires like this, do they? How fascinating.
  • Everyone seems to be dancing in pairs. Would you join me, [Teacher]?
Stage 06:

Scary Walk

  • A scary walk, you say? I should always being trying new things, I suppose.
  • A dead end? But... I could have sworn we passed through here earlier...
  • ... I cannot seem to shake the feeling that something, somewhere, is watching us...


Stage 01:

Laboratory Hall

  • A Halloween party... I suppose we'd better find the most splendid of costumes to wear.
  • I don't believe I've ever seen so many Teachers and Students together in one place... It's quite fascinating indeed...
  • I feel truly honored to take part in such a traditional event as this.
Stage 02:

Ambi Hills

  • How about we both enjoy a seasonal autumn dessert while we watch the exquisitely beautiful changing leaves?
  • Simply perfect. Your home-made sandwiches and my freshly brewed tea make for quite an afternoon break indeed.
  • I hear the chirping of birds from over yonder... If only I had a classical piece to listen to in this moment.
Stage 03:

Abandoned Building

  • What a fantastically large building... I certainly do hope it's a castle.
  • The mere lack of sunlight makes the air feel so much cooler down here. I feel we could do with some warm ginger tea once we leave this place.
  • I feel a classical piano piece would be quite fitting indeed for this atmosphere down here.
Stage 04:

Ephemeral Cave

  • I believe I can see a light, at last...
  • Perhaps it was the long, long walk through darkness, but this light appears almost heavenly to me.
  • I feel I can hear the sound of sunlight dancing through my ears.
Stage 05:

Nightmare Town

  • The wines and cocktails of Nightmare Town have the most exquisite colors. I simply must see them for myself.
  • It's still quite dark out, so please do watch your step. I'd be glad to lend you my hand, [Teacher].
  • I received some confectionery from a very kind Jack O' Lantern. Would you like a piece?

Driving on the Moon

Stage 01:

Moonwatch Manor

  • This room has quite the spectacular view.
  • I do so enjoy the chirping sound of crickets. Perhaps we should enjoy it with a spot of tea.
  • Did you make these dango yourself, [Teacher]? They truly are exquisite.
Stage 02:

Moon Ruins

  • I believe we've taken a wrong turn... The atmosphere here is quite different indeed.
  • I think perhaps we should calm our nerves with a little tea... Yes, that should do it...
  • Is that perhaps the Earth I see up high before me? I'm quite sure we were just watching the Moon in its same place.
Stage 03:

Temple of the Moon

  • Such a fantastically large building. And so beautiful, too.
  • I don't believe I see any sign of someone living here.
  • This would make the perfect venue for a tea party, I dare say.
Stage 04:

Moonlit Garden

  • My, what an exquisite garden.
  • I feel in the mood for another tea party... Green tea perhaps, to match this "zen" style.
  • Could that be another building, off in the distance there? Perhaps we ought to take a look.
Stage 05:

Moonlight Villa

  • This house is spectacular. A little dark perhaps, but the atmosphere is breathtaking.
  • Such an astounding view from the window. I could certainly see myself enjoying a fresh brew here.
  • There appear to be a number of other rooms in this house. Perhaps we should take a look around?
Stage 06:

Moonwatch Manor

  • It appears we've made our way back to the manor, thank heavens.
  • I feel I may still be in a dream, quite honestly.
  • I think it would do us a great deal of good to get an early night tonight.

Of Wind and Shadow

Stage 01:

Eerie Forest n/a

Stage 02:

Cavern n/a

Stage 03:

Bamboo Grove n/a

Stage 04:

Way out

  • I'm starting to feel quite a chill. Let's leave this place, lest we catch our death of cold.
Stage 05:

Walk Home n/a

Stage 06:

(EX Stage) Edge of Time n/a

A Merry Night's Work

Stage 01:

Santa's village

  • What an exquisite location.
  • Well I never. I feel quite honored indeed to have met the real Santa himself.
  • I certainly hope we're given the chance to ride in Santa's sleigh.
Stage 02:

Winter Guest House

  • I must say, I'm quite surprised Santa's Secret Door wasn't in fact a chimney.
  • It's up to us to ensure Santa's work goes as smoothly as possible.
  • You can truly feel the warmth of nature in this guest house.
Stage 03:

Sightseeing Spot

  • Such exquisite lighting. It's really no wonder this is such a popular spot.
  • Spotting popular trends... This is quite the difficult task indeed.
  • Please, stick close by me. I wouldn't want for you to get lost.
Stage 04:


  • My, my... what exquisite stained glass windows.
  • This chapel is simply divine... hoho!
  • We'll be writing Christmas cards next? There seems to be quite a number... Well, let's get started.
Stage 05:

Another World

  • What a magnificently magical place we've come to.
  • I would simply love to try some tea grown in as fantastic a place as this.
  • Well, let's get back to work. We have some presents to deliver these wonderful angels and demons.
Stage 06:

Xmas Eve Party!

  • It seems a great deal of Santas from around the world have graced us with their presence tonight.
  • My, there's simply nothing better than a nice warm tea after a hard day's work.
  • I simply adore this tea cake. Really exquisite texture.
Stage 07:

(EX Stage) Santa's Secret House

  • To have the entrance situated at the base of a Christmas tree... I'm shocked, but not surprised.
  • I suppose this must be where Santa comes to relax. Perhaps we should do the same.
  • There appear to be hidden Santa houses such as this all over the world. Perhaps some sort of organization?
  • Santa certainly knows his tea leaves, I must say. Fancy a cup?
  • A kindly Santa presented me with a most wonderful gift.
  • I'm afraid to say, I think it's time we departed.

Alchemy School

  • [Reply] Good day, [Student Name]. I hope the material gathering is going swimmingly.
Stage 01:


  • Do you really think us able to master this art of alchemy?
  • These roses appear to work as alchemy components. They smell simply divine, too.
  • What a peculiar blend of tea this is... I shall have to try a cup myself.
Stage 02:


  • Such exquisite architecture...! I should love to host a tea party here some day.
  • We should take care not to get lost in halls as grand as these...!
  • It seems as if something has fallen to the ground, over there... Perhaps we should take a look.
Stage 03:


  • I just feel like settling down with a warm cup of tea and a good book right now.
  • And what kind of books do you enjoy, [Teacher]? I'd love for you to share with me.
  • I feel I'd quite like to return here, time allowing, to relax and read at leisure.
Stage 04:


  • ... There is truly a pungent odor down here. Do you think it might just be damp?
  • I never would have imagined there were entire temples below ground like this... How incredible.
  • It's so beautiful down here, and yet so empty. How very peculiar.
Stage 05:


  • Such a magnificent garden. I should like to enjoy some afternoon tea out here.
  • These materials are proving quite difficult to find... Perhaps we should try asking the gentleman over there?
  • The setting sun is quite breathtaking indeed. Perhaps we could enjoy it with some tea, [Teacher].
Stage 06:


  • Hmm...? Are those feathers, falling so gracefully from the skies...?
  • I fear there may be a few too many feathers around... I'm having some difficulty seeing...
  • I must say, I'm not entirely sure how such rainbow-colored feathers even come to be...

2016 Events

Gods of the Mountain

Stage 01:

Forest of Ambi

  • The deer promenade through the forest with such elegance. It's truly relaxing to watch.
  • This fresh breeze sends songs through my heart. I should drink up as much as I can.
  • The rightful king of seasonal foods takes his throne... the matsutake mushroom!
Stage 02:

Inari Shrine

  • A shrine that time forgot... Let's enjoy it to its fullest.
  • Great Fortune? How wonderful. I think I quite like this omikuji.
  • That fox-shaped statue just moved... What on earth...?
Stage 03:

Ambi Summit

  • That was quite a walk up here, was it not? Perhaps we should take a small break.
  • Take a look, as the world is stretched out beneath our feet. Incredible.
  • The air feels quite deliciously fresh this high up in the sky.
Stage 04:

Garden Of Gods

  • What a spectacular garden this is. The views are simply breathtaking.
  • The reflection of the trees in the lake is simply exquisite. A truly unique experience.
  • To enjoy a fresh brew of tea in a garden such as this... What a life that would be.
Stage 05:

Shrine Path

  • I cannot even see to the end of this pathway. I imagine it must connect us with heaven itself.
  • The trees surrounding this path to the shrine look simply... divine. Hoho.
  • I feel truly honored to be given the opportunity to meet a deity. A one-in-a-million chance.
Stage 06:

The Mountain God

  • So this is where the god calls home... It certainly is spacious!
  • Take a look down there. It appears to be the mountain we were climbing just earlier.
  • I wonder if this god has any interest in fine teas...?

Literary Works

Stage 01:

Second-Hand Books

  • Are these books second-hand, perhaps?
    • [Look at textbooks] Hmm? I don't believe this area has much to do with literature, you know.
      • [Medical book] I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in this kind of book. They're just so difficult to pick up, you know?
      • [Philosophy book] There do appear to be a great deal of beginner's guides to science these days.
    • [Look at manga] Hmm? I believe there may be more to see on the floor above us.
      • [Stay here] Yes, quite. Let's continue exploring this floor first.
      • [Go up] It seems there are CDs and the like up there.
Stage 02:


  • I must say, I've never been to a store quite like this before...!
    • [Go inside] These books seem a great deal thicker than the rest.
      • [History book] History books, are they? I should like to read through them some day.
      • [Encyclopedia] I've heard these encyclopedias contain a considerable amount of knowledge regarding this human world.
    • [Don't go inside] I wonder where this author hails from...
      • [Japan] I see, then perhaps this is a penname they've chosen to use.
      • [America] America! You certainly know a great deal of information, [Teacher]...!
Stage 03:


  • So, where should we make our way to next?
    • [Bookshelves] There seem to be a number of books aimed at children around here.
      • [Search here] Fufu, these pretty-colored books must excite the children a great deal I'm sure.
      • [Move on] I do believe there are a number of areas left to explore, after all.
    • [Counter] Can we use this machine here to search the library?
      • [Search by genre] I see you have an interest in this genre.
      • [Search by author] I quite like this author too, I must say.

Animal Onsen Mystery Tour

Stage 01:

Onsen Ryokan

  • This ryokan has quite the atmosphere about it, I must say.
  • The owner certainly is a unique individual.
  • It appears the ryokan holds a number of different baths. I simply cannot decide where to look first.
Stage 02:


  • This is quite the large room indeed.
  • It seems we have a short wait until dinner. Perhaps I could pour us some tea.
  • I should very much like to enjoy relaxing by this view from the window here.
Stage 03:


  • No hot water in the baths, you say...? Is this the work of a criminal, perhaps?
  • I was quite looking forward to enjoying a warm soak later on. A shame.
  • We may be better off helping find whoever did this, I believe.
Stage 04:

Onsen Town

  • This town certainly has a unique and enjoyable atmosphere to it.
  • I've been told that all we need is to climb this mountain, and we'll discover the source of the spring.
  • There seems to be quite a way yet to our destination. Perhaps a short break is in order.
Stage 05:

Stone Steps

  • It's so very dark. I fear people generally do not make their way this far up the mountain.
  • Please try not to slip over on any fallen leaves.
  • Do you hear that sound? There may be someone waiting for us.
Stage 06:

Summit Shrine

  • My, you seem to have a great deal of hot, natural spring water up here...
  • He doesn't seem so bad at all. Allow me to pour us all a peaceful cup of tea.
  • I believe the baths back at the ryokan should be back to normal now.
Stage 07:


  • A single missed step could have turned things quite sour back there.
  • All in all, I'm very pleased we managed to find a solution.
  • Well, it appears today's events were unrelated to the mystery tour... How bizarre.
Stage 08:

Open-Air bath

  • My, isn't this just an enormous bath.
  • What a mysterious odour it has. The kind you'll only find at a hot spring bath.
  • I fear the water is likely too hot to enter right now.

The Legend of GIJIN

Stage 01:

(Towns:) Kingdom of Amsha, Sakura Metropolis, Helios City, Chenqian Palace, Temple of Zalaam

  • Intelligence gathering, you say? Very well. We can start by asking the gentleman over there, perhaps.
  • To travel to distant worlds like this in an instant is truly an incredible experience indeed.
  • What a truly incredible building this is. Perhaps we could take a while to have a look around.
Stage 02:

(Battle:) Krizsa Mountains, Forgotten Shrine, Soul Valley, Shanyang Ravine, Ruins of Oscuro

  • Is it truly that scary? Well, I'm certainly glad to have you along with me then, [Teacher].
  • I'll protect you, of that I am sure. There is no need to worry.
  • Would you like a drop of tea? It won't bring your energy back, but it may at least relax you a little.
Stage 03:


  • ... I fear I'm growing quite tired.
    • [Take a rest] How fortunate, an egg lay right where I was about to sit.
    • [Give a drink] Thank you very much. Would you like a sip, [Teacher]?
    • [Give your lap] Huhu, I should like to take you up on that offer.
  • I sincerely apologize. I appear to have misplaced one of the eggs...
    • [Search together] ... You found it? Truly? I knew I could count on you, [Teacher].
    • [Cheer him up] I simply cannot apologize enough.
    • [Tickle him] Is something the matter?
  • Wherever could these eggs all be hiding?
    • [Search here] I believe I've found one, [Teacher]. Please, take it.
    • [Search there] I fear we'll find no more eggs around here.
    • [Just pretend] Whatever is the matter? We should try to hurry our search before it gets dark.
Stage 01:


  • [Teacher], let's go ahead and seek out these eggs.
  • [Teacher], please do watch where you step.
  • [Teacher], please don't forget to take some time to enjoy the beautiful sights, too.
  • You've found another egg? My, how wonderful, [Teacher].
  • My, is that a rainbow...?
Stage 02:

Shopping Street

  • This would have been quite the lonely task to do alone. I'm glad I could be here to help you.
  • Just look at that outfit, [Teacher]. I believe it would suit you quite perfectly.
  • There's certainly a lot of people around. Perhaps you should lend me your hand, so as not to get lost.
  • I believe that cafe there should make quite a nice spot to take a rest.
  • [Teacher], is that not an egg I see before me, over yonder?
Stage 03:

Theme Park

  • There are still so many eggs out there left to be found.
  • Hmm? Is that not one of the eggs, seated in a spinning teacup?
  • You fear the haunted house, do you? There's surely no need to worry, with me by your side.
  • The rollercoaster? My, I do so adore your active side, [Teacher].
  • I do so enjoy to see you having fun, [Teacher].
Stage 04:


  • This really is quite a bizarre place we find ourselves in once again.
  • It appears we're in the cockpit of an actual spaceship. And look, [Teacher]! An egg in the pilot's seat.
  • It seems we have a very rare chance to experience actual zero gravity. Please, [Teacher], hold on to me.
  • There are so many eggs scattered throughout space...
  • The stars are shining quite divinely, [Teacher].

School Festival

Stage 01:

School Gate

  • All of the students here hope to perform in a circus someday. What an interesting school.
  • An English cafe... I didn't know there'd be such a thing. I enjoy a real afternoon tea, so I'd love to go.
  • Oh, a culture festival. I can't wait to see what kinds of culture there will be.
Stage 02:


  • There are so many stands. And I've never seen any of these kinds before.
  • This frankfurter... Do you have a knife or a fork?
  • That pantomime is amazing. It's amazing how the performance is even in the fingertips.
Stage 03:


  • There's a lot of stuff going on in the classrooms inside the school.
  • Hey, running through the hall is dangerous...they're already gone.
  • Is this an English cafe here? I can't wait to see what they have.
Stage 04:


  • They must be starting from the small stage and aiming to be on bigger and bigger ones.
  • A classical concert would be more peaceful than what they are putting on now.
  • There's a bunch of stuff for the culture festival being performed on the stage in the gym too.
Stage 05:

(EX Stage) Circus

  • They look so graceful, but... To be able to do that must take so much hard work.
  • For a single human body to do all that... Humans really are amazing.
  • What an amazing show. I want to give them the most lavish applause.

The Beast Boys

Stage 01:

To the Hallowed Ground!

  • Well then, let's go in. Please be sure to watch your step in the darkness.
  • I have nothing to do with this sort of place. But surely being surprised is good manners?
  • I thought it'd be wonderful if ghosts and demons really existed.
Stage 02:

The Garden of Grief

  • Shh. We must stay quite silent in this graveyard.
  • There are truly palatial graves made completely of marble in this world... I should love to see them.
  • I always admire how humans handle the dead.
Stage 03:

The Room of Swords

  • Oh, now this place has not been taken care of...
  • Ah, an antique desk. If only it had been better taken care of...
  • Onibimaru, are you exhausted perhaps? Would you like some tea, or...? Oh, how rude of me, I should have asked earlier.
Stage 04:

The Room of Shields

  • It's a little chilly here. I hope we don't get too cold.
  • Hey, I just saw someone... This isn't something we could have said but, why are we in a place like this...?
  • The... difference between Yokai and ghosts? Huhu, I wonder what those are.
Stage 05:

The Master's Courtyard

  • Oh hey, will-o'-the-wisps... They're like beautiful candles.
  • It's a well... I think you could make some lovely tea with well water.
  • Huhu, there seems to be quite the crowd here.
Stage 06:

The Endless Corridor

  • We've been walking in circles. What's the right way...
  • Hey, this place feels a little different. Forget it. Let's just brace ourselves.
  • We're in trouble if we get separated from Onibimaru. We must be careful.
Stage 07:

Hunting for the Exit

  • It's fine. We will get out of here.
  • We can't find the exit. Are you tired? Let's break for some tea.
  • The exit has to be ahead of us. Let's keep on going.
Stage 08:

The Room of Gold

  • What a beautiful room. I couldn't help but gasp.
  • Hey, that guy... I see, I'm starting to get what's going on here.
  • Well then, let's take back the hallowed ground.
Stage 09:

The Last Battle with the Macaroni Gang!

  • It appears Macaroni's animal ears appear when he is surprised. I must be careful too.
  • I don't like fighting, but we have no other choice.
  • Macaroni's teacher must be a really tolerant person.
Stage 10:

A Test of Courage?!

  • I wonder how the ghosts are going to try to scare us... I am almost looking forward to it.
  • Why don't we get something to eat after the test of courage?
  • Everything ended happily. This is all because of your hard work, [Teacher].

Invitation to Wonderland

Stage 01:

To Wonderland!

  • Taking a stroll like this isn't bad from time to time.
  • Let's continue forth. We still have a long way to go before we reach our goal.
  • Which route shall we take? I suppose which route we take depends on where we want to go.
Stage 02:

Mushroom Forest

  • When you're cooking truffles, be sure not to turn up the fire too high.
  • Boletus is the epitome of mushrooms. I must say, the rawness in the air has a pleasant smell to it.
  • I must say, that opaque-looking mushroom looks quite rubbery...
Stage 03:

Tea Time

  • A tea party without variation is not an elegant one.
  • I must say, having a tea party in the garden with tables and chairs has a certain je ne sais quoi.
  • Tea time should be enjoyed with grace.
Stage 04:

Palace Gardens

  • The beauty of this garden is breathtaking. However, the painted roses aren't elegant at all.
  • Was Etienne the one who stole the tarts?
  • What a marvelous garden. It appears a very thoughtful gardener has been taking care of things.
Stage 05:

Face the Queen!

  • Well, well. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, my fair lady.
  • What a magnificent room you have. I can see everything from furniture to decoration has been picked out with the utmost care.
  • I must say, the Queen is a captivating person indeed.

Rainy Day Shopping

Stage 01:


  • I feel like I haven't gone out with you in a while, [Teacher]. I must say, I'm quite excited.
  • A lone station, standing barren amidst the fog... Not a first sight, but a delightful one all the same.
  • ... Hmm? Is that a water gun? Somebody appears to be sniping through the rain... [Teacher], you are not to leave my side.
Stage 02:


  • I see the candy factory has some new exhibits. At the very back there is that... Himeji Castle? Simply incredible.
  • Where is it we are headed today, then?
  • I know a fantastic little tea shop over there with the most delicious blends in stock. Perhaps, if we've time, we could pay a visit...?
Stage 03:


  • I don't believe I've ever seen a giant oarfish before. What a peculiar shape it is.
  • That is quite a large arowana indeed... I'm sure the fish enthusiasts among us are positively shaking with excitement.
  • This is quite the relaxing atmosphere indeed. Wherever should we begin exploring?
Stage 04:


  • I must say, i really quite enjoy art of this nature. Wouldn't you agree, [Teacher]?
  • It says here that this samurai helmet was used for the basis of a very famous motion picture villain. How curious.
  • I simply adore a finely painted landscape. They truly capture unique visions of history.
Stage 05:

(EX Stage) Meadow

  • Hydrangeas... Symbolically, they don't carry the most fortunate of meanings, you know.
  • A truly divine sunset.
  • I've seen a great number of the most beautiful butterflies in this meadow.

Life's A Game

  • [EP] That work went well. I feel fulfilled.
  • [Treasure] n/a
  • So I need to handle this. I understand.
  • [Teacher], it may not be much, but allow me to help.
  • Correspondence complete.
Stage 01:


  • [Heart] How are you doing today?
    • Stomach pains? Does it hurt here? how about here?
    • Oh, your face is quite red. You might have a fever, as well.
Stage 02:


  • [Heart] I have a package addressed to you.
    • If you could just sign the package slip... Yes, right here.
    • Thank you for your continued patronage.
Stage 03:

Baseball Player

  • [Heart] (9th inning, two outs, last chance swing.)
    • Huhu... I'm so nervous that I'm laughing.
    • I don't need to think to
      in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "too"
      much. Just swing when it comes. That's all.
Stage 04:


  • [Heart] Hey little girl, what's wrong?
    • So, you're lost. well then, just leave it to me.
    • I'm glad that was sorted out quickly. And I'm glad to see that smile of yours.
Stage 05:


  • [Heart] This is difficult... But it seems I must do this.
    • A failure? No, no, this is quite fine.
    • Sorry, but appears that I have won.

Field Trip!!

Stage 01:


  • Good morning. We've been blessed with some great weather today.
  • Busses
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "Buses"
    are quite nice for moving a lot of people at once.
  • I am quite embarrassed, but I was so excited that I did not sleep well last night...
Stage 02:


  • This kind of strawberry is very rarely grown. I've only seen it in books.
  • I am going to make some jam out of these strawberries when I get home. It would be great with afternoon tea.
  • The strawberry flowers are so small and cute. Just like you, [Teacher].
Stage 03:

Main Street

  • It's so busy. Hey... This shop seems to deal in rare tea leaves.
  • Alleyways are dim even in the afternoon. You be careful too, [Teacher].
  • We'll get to that park after we go through this shopping center.
Stage 04:


  • We sure walked a lot. Why don't we break for lunch?
  • You made this bento, [Teacher]? It's really good.
  • Don't sit directly on the ground. Use the picnic sheet.
Stage 05:

Theme Park

  • [Teacher], do you like attractions or shows more?
  • So this is an amusement park. It's pretty big.
  • The whole park's theme even goes into the staff costumes.
Stage 06:


  • Goodnight, [Teacher].
  • Oh, dinner... I wonder what it could be.
  • Thanks for everything today. I had an extremely wonderful time.

The Heian Scrolls

Stage 01:

Heian Theme Park

  • I'm quite taken by this kimono, I must say. I do wonder how heavy it is, though...
  • Well I never. To think we had a theme park this fascinating so close by all this time.
  • You can certainly feel the architecture of the time. the color on these buildings is imply magnificent.
Stage 02:

Spring Room

  • My, the sakura out here is simply beautiful.
  • It says here that people used to play kemari in this area I should liked to have joined them.
  • Something smells quite wonderful indeed. Some sort of incense, I wonder.
Stage 03:

Summer Room

  • I would never have guessed that shaved ice was even available back in these days.
  • I believe this area has a summer theme about it. I do feel quite warm already.
Stage 04:

Autumn Room

  • My, I don't believe I've ever seen quite so many cats in one place.
  • This area is quite comfortably cool, I must say.
  • I suppose this must be the autumn space. The red leaves look truly wonderful.
Stage 05:

Winter n/a

Stage 06:

Warehouse n/a

Back to the Mansion

  • [EP] (n/a)
  • [Treasure] (n/a)
Stage 01:

Underground n/a

Stage 02:

Mansion n/a

Stage 03:

Kitchen n/a

Stage 04:

Courtyard n/a

Stage 05:

Laboratory n/a

Merry in Matrimony

Stage 01:

Tropical Island

  • I'm entirely sure I'm the best man for the job, but... I'll certainly give it my all.
  • A wedding? Well [Teacher], this should be quite interesting indeed.
  • At the very least, the scenery here is simply breathtaking.
Stage 02:

Exchanging Rings

  • Hmm... it doesn't quite seem to fit. It's hard to believe something this simple is actually so difficult.
  • Do please lend me your hand, that I may slip this ring onto your finger. Pardon my nerves...
  • That outfit looks magnificent on you, [Teacher].
Stage 03:

Exchanging Vows

  • This is truly starting to feel like a real wedding. I suppose it's time for the ceremony.
  • All it takes is two little signatures to bind us together forever.
  • It's terribly difficult walking in this outfit. The stairs are taking quite their toll.
Stage 04:

Chorus Singing

  • Wherever is this hymn from I wonder? The words seem to be of a different language entirely.
  • Your beautiful voice really does relax me, [Teacher].
  • I must say I haven't had much church experience myself. I do enjoy the way everyone's voice echoes around.
Stage 05:

Outfit Change

  • This outfit looks just as wonderful as the last.
  • Next the friends of the groom give a speech, it seems. Time for a break, then.
Stage 06:

Cake Cutting

  • Huhu, I suppose you could say this is our first act as a married couple together.
  • I do apologize, but could I possibly ask you to move a little more in time with me...?
  • They said we are indeed allowed to eat this cake I'll brew us some fresh tea and we can make an afternoon of it.

Enjoy Vietnam

  • [Reply] If it isn't [Student Name]. It's been a while!
  • [Reply] How is the special Vietnamese tea? I was just thinking about trying some.
Stage 01:


  • Thankfully the flight this time wasn't bumpy. It was really nice.
  • Oh yeah, what were all those yellow marks on the airplane suppose to be?
  • Actually, there is something I am really looking forward to on this trip. But I can't stay what it is just yet...
Stage 02:


  • Okay, I'll lead the way and get the motorcycles to stop, so you just follow after me.
  • ... I could have never imagined this many motorcycles... Okay then, how do we cross the road, then...
  • Hey, that's a strange looking drink. Want to try it when we take a break?
Stage 03:


  • The night view from here is spectacular. I can see light from far away.
  • How about getting some dinner? Eating outside in the busy marketplaces is an option.
  • Are you tired? I'll take care of the unpacking, so you just relax.
Stage 04:


  • Pho is really good but this soup called bun is pretty good too...
  • These colorful lanterns really are eye catching. They'd probably look nice as interior design too.
  • Over there you can sign up to go cruising. What do you think? It would probably make a pretty good memory.
Stage 05:

Lotus Pond

  • We can have lotus tea at a nearby shop. If you'd like, why don't we go and try it?
Stage 06:

Ha Long Bay

  • n/a

Pinocchio's Adventure

Stage 01:

Geppetto’s House

  • n/a
Stage 02:

Puppet Troupe

  • n/a
Stage 03:

Turquoise Girl

  • n/a
Stage 04:

The Land of Toys

  • A land of toys really would be heaven for children.
  • He turned into a donkey. That's called a transformation, right?
  • I'm not a donkey, but I do have animal ears, right?
Stage 05:

Finished Reading

  • Here's some tea. Thanks for reading the book.
  • So at the end he turned into a real boy and lived happily with Geppetto. How wonderful.
  • Pinocchio met a lot of people, experienced a lot of things and grew as a person.

Electric Town

Stage 01:


  • For now, I think it's best if we get out of here and assess out the situation.
  • This is so mysterious... I've never seen this kind of world before.
  • [Teacher], do you know anything about this world?
Stage 02:


  • Is this... a shopping street? It'd be nice if we could ask someone...
  • The glossy balance of their clothes is so beautiful. I'd love to browse a clothing store.
  • Hm... It's hard for me to convey my intent to them.
Stage 03:


  • [Teacher], once we're done here, I think we should move to a new location.
  • I just think I should say that the people here are a bit... active, as it would appear.
  • I will protect you until we get out of this area.
Stage 04:


  • Everyone's gathered over that way, some event must be going on?
  • That's... a dance competition, right? the dancing here is so personalized and enchanting.
  • I'm sensing some theme to the design of this park. The water and light, maybe...
Stage 05:


  • The children are heading to desks... I see, so this is a school.
  • I tried to politely explain everything with diagrams, but the teachers were still cautious of me.
  • It seems like I can pet the animals. I am going to say hello to that rabbit.
Stage 06:


  • All the buildings I see look so streamlined. It must be a thing of the times.
  • What a beautiful view. It would be nice to look out from here with a cup of tea...
  • Finally we can go back home... As soon as we do, I'd like to think over today with a good cup of tea.

Nightmare On Animal Street

Stage 01:

Nightime shrine

  • n/a
Stage 02:

Torii road

  • n/a
Stage 03:

Lost In Town

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Upper Floors

  • n/a
Stage 05:


  • n/a
Stage 06:

Camellia Prison

  • n/a

Nightmare On Animal Street

Stage 01:

Theme Park

  • n/a
Stage 02:

Dark Forest

  • It's pitch black, so watch your step. Give me your hand.
  • I can hear howling wolves out in the distance. We should probably get hurrying.
Stage 03:

Halloween Town

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Castle Gate

  • n/a
Stage 05:

Great Hall

  • n/a
Stage 06:

Secret Chamber

  • n/a

Looking After Teacher Again!

Stage 01:

Convenience Store

  • Heh, to think there would have this much variety of okayu... Convenience stores are indeed convenient... I'll get this porridge.
  • Ginger in a warm cup of tea would do wonders for the common cold, but it doesn't seem to be in stock here.
  • Well, well... I wonder if buying what I need from the convenience store will be enough. I can't help feeling a little anxious.
Stage 02:


  • "How did you catch the cold?" I have no doubt it was from a pathogen of some sort... Are you trying to say otherwise?
  • Although I'm here at the drugstore, I don't know which one to get because there's too much variety. It may be better to ask someone who works here.
  • Hm, this medicine... is it imported? I don't quite understand the English written on it... I see, it's French.
Stage 03:


  • There's no limit on how much knowledge one should process. If that knowledge helps [Teacher], even better...
  • A book about colds... It was my intention to get used to walking to the bookstore... but am I feeling uneasy? ... I need to calm down.
  • There's a book about foods that will aid in curing a cold. This is good, I'll get it and go home.
Stage 04:


  • There's just something relaxing about being in a church. I'll say a prayer hoping [Teacher]'s cold clears up.
  • I feel much better after having talked to a priest. It's time for me to return to [Teacher]'s side.
  • I wonder why I come here when I'm anxious or feeling down...

Culture Festival

Stage 01:

Script Reading

  • (Prince)
    • n/a
  • (Princess)
    • n/a
  • (Demon)
    • n/a
Stage 02:


  • (Prince)
    • n/a
  • (Princess)
    • n/a
  • (Demon)
    • n/a
Stage 03:


  • (Prince)
    • n/a
  • (Princess)
    • n/a
  • (Demon)
    • n/a

Christmas Dreams

Stage 01:

Santa’s Dispatch Office

  • n/a
Stage 02:

Santa’s House

  • n/a
Stage 03:

Reindeer Area

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Christmas Night

  • n/a

Traditions of Kyoto

Stage 01:


  • What do we have here? This is the first time I've seen these tea leaves. May I purchase them?
  • Please try not to stray too far from me. I don't want us to get separated.
  • Something good to eat, huh. As long as it goes well with tea, I have no qualms.
Stage 02:


  • n/a
Stage 03:


  • Hm... this Japanese dish is rather amazing.
  • This food looks like it would go well with green tea. Would you care for some?
  • On second thought, I would like tea. You wouldn't happen to have scone, would you?
Stage 04:

Snack Store

  • n/a
Stage 05:


  • Huhu, would you care to join me for some tea at the top? There's nothing better than enjoying a beautiful view while sipping on some tea.
  • Well, well, are you alright? Let me know when you're tired as soon as possible.
  • This is a view many people would simply marvel at. I really appreciate you bringing me here.
Stage 06:


  • n/a

2017 Events

New Year's Banquet

Stage 01:


  • n/a
Stage 02:


  • n/a
Stage 03:

Shrine (Noon)

  • n/a
Stage 04:

Shrine (Evening)

  • n/a
Stage 05:

Shrine (Night)

  • n/a
Stage 06:

Night Walk

  • n/a

Delicious Fruit!

  • Fertilizer has... a peculiar smell to it, doesn't it?
  • Hm? The cuffs of your shirt have dirt on them.
Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • [Planting Seed] Are these the seeds we're supposed to plant?
  • [Using Fertilizer] Sprinkling fertilizer takes a lot of energy.
  • [After Planting] I think we did a pretty good job.
Stage 02:

Tree Shaking

  • [Fertilizer] I'm a little surprised we were also able to attain fertilizer.
  • [Seed] This is how you take the seeds.
  • [Strong Shake]
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] n/a
  • [Item Get] n/a
  • n/a

Winter Wonderland

Stage 01:


  • There really are so many less people here than in the city.
  • I have no qualms with calling the view of the lightly dusted now all the way up through the mountains quite a masterpiece.
  • Seeing the train quietly move through the piled up snow really evokes quite the feeling.
Stage 02:

Abandoned Grounds

  • This is said to be an abandoned school, but some care must be taken because it does not look to have worn away at all.
  • Seeing the snow-covered playground form
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "from"
    the window makes me think that children will start playing in the snow at any moment.
  • Just thinking about how in the past students and teachers would share laughs and perhaps occasionally tears here... just fills me with such deep emotion.
Stage 03:

Guest Room

  • What an incredibly warm guest room. It has a different sort of elegance than a Western-style room. There's a calming aspect to it.
  • This can brew green tea? Is it okay if I try this out?
  • [Teacher], are you good at sitting seiza? If it is okay with you, I could teach you a way to prevent it from being painful.
Stage 04:


  • The snow reflecting off the snow piled up on the roof is quite beautiful.
  • Oh? It looks like there are children over by the entrance making snowmen.
  • I know this is sudden, but seeing your breath has quite the charm to it.
Stage 05:

The Bath

  • Outdoor baths are wonderful. They combine the best of hot springs with forest bathing. I love them so.
  • If you're not used to hot springs, at first it may be your body resisting, but getting used to hot springs is a great thing.
  • ...I do believe that I've been in here for too long. I should probably get out fairly soon.
Stage 06:

The Roof

  • Seeing the stars twinkling like this reminds me of just how small of a being I actually am.
  • I think I just saw a shooting star, but maybe i am confusing things?
  • I got lost just staring up at the stars, but I can't let myself get any colder. Okay, let's go back in.

Chinese Labyrinth

Stage 01:

Shopping Street

  • This whole place is built like a labyrinth... How do people manage to live down here?
  • Oh my, wherever did you buy that from?
  • Perhaps we should explore some of these stores. we might well find something nice.
Stage 02:

The Alleyway

  • There appears to be a great deal of broken glass around here. Please be careful.
  • My, what an incredibly old signpost this must be. I can hardly read it.
  • I am starting to remember the paths somewhat, but... it is likely still not enough.
Stage 03:

Feng Shui's Room

  • Feng shui...? Is it some sort of perfume, perhaps?
  • I've never seen quite so many mysterious objects in one place.
  • I'm quite excited to see how all this astrology pans out.
Stage 04:

Doctor's Room

  • I'm not quite sure what goes on here, but I'm certain I don't want to know.
  • I see a number of different surgical tools, but I cannot imagine why they are here.
  • Well I never... [Teacher], I think we should leave this place immediately.
Stage 05:

The Manager's Room

  • Thank you ever so much for your entertainment this evening.
  • Do you think we should ask this friend exactly how they found themselves down here...?
  • I believe it's about time we went and met this friend.
Stage 06:

The Dungeon

  • It is monstrously dark down here... Let's both be careful where we step.
  • How peculiar... I would have expected to see a guard, at the very least.
  • Perhaps we should have prepared some sort of light source before coming down here...

Minimum Panic 2

Stage 01:

Dining Room

  • Good day, have you noticed? While we were asleep, the entire world seems to have grown in size.
  • It appears as if we have shrunken in size. Now what do you suppose we should do?
  • Why, even the teacup is enormous. At this size, it'll be impossible for me to enjoy a cup of tea.
Stage 02:

Living Room

  • It seems that due to Mole's experiments, we have shrunken in size.
  • That decorative plant provides quite a refreshing scenery from here.
  • The room seems quite wide. I wonder if this is due to Mole's workings as well.
Stage 03:


  • Why, this is quite an elegant room. I could sleep quite soundly in here.
  • I must say, it's a tad difficult walking along this bed at this height.
  • This bed seems like one found in a hotel. It even has a bed throw on it.
Stage 04:

Study Room

  • There seems to be a high amount of literature in this room.
  • If we had a map of this house, I could probably figure out the location of a secret room.
  • I don't quite like it but I feel that we should check the inside of the drawers.
Stage 05:


  • This... This room does not seem like the sort suited for teatime.
  • I think it would be best to avoid touching things in this room.
  • The antidote is already complete, correct? There are so many labeled potions, how do we find it?

Town of the Butterflies

  • I see a barren field just waiting to be planted in.
  • Let's truly do our best to help these delightful butterflies.
Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • [Planting Seed] Are these the seeds we're supposed to plant?
  • [Using Scales] It appears the scales allow the flowers to bloom quite beautifully.
  • [After Planting] I do so hope the flowers grow beautifully.
Stage 02:

Tree Shaking

  • [Scales] I believe these must be scales.
  • [Seed] I've found some more seeds.
  • [Special] Hmm? Well this looks quite promising indeed.
  • [Strong Shake] Luck was on our side. Let's take as many as we can.
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] It seems the flowers have bloomed quite splendidly indeed.
  • [Item Get] My, what sweet-smelling nectar this flower has produced.
  • n/a

Student's Day Off

Stage 01:


  • What a wonderful day. Perhaps I could tend to the garden while [Teacher] is out.
  • I suppose all I need to do is cut the leaves back behind their allocated space...
  • Perhaps I could do the laundry too, while I'm in the mood.
Stage 02:


  • I shall have this study completed in no time, I'm quite sure.
  • ... My, what a fascinating story this is. I should like to learn more about it.
  • Oh heavens, just look at the time. I've gotten so carried away reading.
Stage 03:


  • My, what an exquisite view. There's surely no better place to stand my easel.
  • I should take a step back to see how it's all coming along. Quite wonderfully indeed!
  • Fantastic. This is truly a piece that [Teacher] will enjoy.
Stage 04:


  • Well I don't believe I've ever seen this street before. Let's take a little wander.
  • Is there any finer way to spend a day off than relaxing in a cafe with a book?
  • Is that an art studio I see? How quaint. Perhaps I should take a look inside.
Stage 05:


  • What a delightful accessory this is. I'm sure [Teacher] would adore it.
  • I've never seen clothes like these before... Oh, new this season? How wonderful.
  • Well well, what a wonderful material this is. I could definitely see myself wearing this.

Feeling Thankful

Stage 01:


  • Oh well, suppose I'll take a walk. I'm sure the right gift will come to me when I see it.
Stage 02:

Main Street

  • I see, now this would be quite nice as well.
  • Even after being to so many shops, I still cannot find the perfect gift.
Stage 03:

Station Front

  • Oh me, oh my. How embarrassing of me, not being able to come to a firm decision on a gift.
  • A bouquet would also be nice. But then I'll be flummoxed by which flowers to go with.
  • Perhaps, [Teacher] would prefer some delicious candy after all?
Stage 04:

Animal Lab

  • Well
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "We'll"
    ask 10 different people... In fact, that's an idea. I'll ask someone else for advice.
  • Mayhaps Shion or Yohan would be able to provide some sort of insight.
  • Pardon me, I was wondering if I could ask a question. What sort of gift would be the right one for someone you care about?

Life's No Cruise

Stage 01:


  • The facade of this vessel was extravagant, yes. But to think that the interior would be as well!
  • The crown would fetch QUITE the price on the auction circuit, I can say that much.
Stage 02:


  • Just what is this seasoning here? I've never seen it's
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "its"
    likes before.
  • This galley doesn't have rations the LEAST bit fitting for a vessel of this caliber.
  • We have to perform our information gathering with the utmost diligence if we are to catch this crook!
Stage 03:

Captain's Room

  • What lovely Captain's Quarters. Reclining in his chair, sipping a bit of Port... Ah, what a life.
  • I hardly think there would be any clues hidden in this place... Then again, one can't be too sure, can they?
  • How about this... The Captain is Garuze! Quite the shocking theory, isn't it?
Stage 04:

Boiler Room

  • So this is the boiler room, is it? My goodness, the stench of oil pierces my nostrils.
  • This room is bathed in shadow, that crooked robber could be hiding anywhere. Be on your guard.
Stage 05:


  • What an excellent backdrop. The shimmering ocean surface lit by the setting sun, truly breathtaking!
  • I can't believe that it was Garuze who was masquerading as the Captain this whole time!
  • If we don't apprehend him here and now, he'll surely go after the crown once more!

Singing in the Rain

Stage 01:

Forest Entrance

  • Oh? Did someone pass through here already. There appears to be a trail that suggests as much.
  • I am positive we ought to go this way. Well then, let us be on our own way.
  • It could simply be my imagination, but I do get the feeling we've been going around in circles.
Stage 02:

Frog Lake

  • I must say, the frogs singing to wake up Rain is most admirable.
  • It would appear that the army of frogs are also uncertain about Rain's whereabouts.
  • Huhu, I have a splendid idea. why don't you try singing with them, [Teacher]?
Stage 03:

Hydrangea Meadow

  • I must say, what lovely hydrangeas. I would've never imagined there would be a place like this in the forest.
  • Picture how much more beautiful these hydrangeas would be if only it rained.
  • Without water, I fear these hydrangeas will wither. We must make haste in finding Rain.
Stage 04:

Mushroom House

  • Oh, my what a rather large mushroom... No, his isn't a mushroom... it's actually a house.
  • What an interesting residence indeed. I am most certainly interested in who lives here.
  • Let us proceed to inquire. Will you forgive my curiosity?
Stage 05:

Outside Shrine

  • It appears we have reached our destination.
  • Now comes the real challenge, [Teacher]. we must wake up Rain.
  • This is not my preferred method, but let us make some noise.
Stage 06:

Inside Shrine

  • Such simplicity. So this is where Rain lives...
  • On that note, let's locate Rain's dwellings.
  • Sorry for coming in like this. I hope you will forgive us in such a time of emergency.

Essence Of Cool

Stage 01:

Adult Escalator 38F

  • Isn't the unmoving elegance the true charm of being an adult?
  • If I copy that style I feel like I'll be closer to being a true adult.
  • How to become the ideal adult... I think I could get better information directly from someone than a book.
Stage 02:

Adult Escalator 45F

  • The sexy charm of adults... Huhu, I've learned quite a bit.
  • I'd like to know what kind of adult you find attractive, [Teacher]. Will you tell me?
  • I am looking forward to what kind of adult charms I'll learn about next.
Stage 03:

Adult Escalator 52F

  • The atmosphere here... I see, the person here is completely different from the people we met before.
  • I heard such wonderful things. I was completely moved.
  • I think I'm getting close to being the kind of charming adult I want to be. Perhaps I should keep listening a bit more?
Stage 04:

Adult Escalator 65F

  • Getting advice from veterans is a great opportunity. I can't afford to waste anything I got to hear.
  • I've got a feeling that there's just a little more to hear to get the answers I want.
  • It feels so relaxed here. Hey, that person... They have this extremely big aura to them...

Wish Upon A Star

Stage 01:

Tanabata Festival

  • I would be honored to hear any thoughts you may have on this situation, [Teacher].
  • Let us do everything within our power to ensure they have a wonderful date.
  • It's so wonderful to hear stories of budding, young love like this.
Stage 02:


  • I suggest you take the time before dear Orihime arrives to enjoy a spot of relaxing tea.
  • I do think we were right to insist they meet among the stars themselves.
  • I do wonder what it's like up there, in the great black ocean up above...
Stage 03:


  • This park even has tables and benches prepared. Just perfect for an outdoor picnic.
  • Do you like this tea, Hikoboshi? You are very welcome to take some for Orihime on your date.
  • I always recommend the park as the most wonderful place for a walk alone or a date for two.
Stage 04:

Night Sky

  • You are meeting among the stars, are you not? Then perhaps a stargazing date would fit well.
  • We must use the remaining time we have to think of a date plan for dear Hikoboshi.
  • I sincerely apologize or letting it get quite this late. I simply got carried away at the park.
Stage 05:

Milky Way

  • We hope above all hope that your time with Orihime goes perfectly well.
  • If you simply let her know exactly how you feel, everything is bound to go swimmingly.
  • This is quite incredible indeed. I cannot thank you enough for this unique experience.

By The Seaside

Stage 01:


  • Why don't we try heading back to where we started? We might find something there.
  • I don't see it at all. It may just be that it actually flew off in another direction.
  • If you'd like, I'll help you search until the very end. So I believe it is a bit early to call it quits.
Stage 02:

Main Street

  • Well... There's not much point in searching without any ideas. I'd like to have some sort of clue.
  • [Teacher], hold on... Sorry. I thought I saw something.
  • [Teacher], what do you think about asking the people around here?
Stage 03:


  • Okay, let's search every nook and cranny of this station.
  • I hope it's not on top of some tree or roof.
  • We can't find it. But I'm not ready to give up just yet.
Stage 04:


  • Well, well. What a splendid gate this is. I look forward to seeing the actual shrine.
  • Climbing up all these stairs means we're probably in for quite the view when we finally reach the shrine.
  • [Teacher], are your feet okay? The stairs keep on going. Maybe we should take a little break.
Stage 05:


  • [Teacher], here's some water. It's quite important to stay hydrated during this season.
  • Someone's coming back from surfing. Maybe we should ask if they know anything about the hat.
  • The chill in the air... Has something happened?
Stage 06:


  • This is bad. All the fishermen have been doing is shaking their heads.
  • You and I both feel the same, [Teacher]. We cannot give up yet.
  • Here's that feeling again... [Teacher], have you noticed? That chill in the air...

Romelio & Julietta

Stage 01:

Petting Zoo

  • A story woven by a human and an animal... I do wonder how it ends.
  • I will wait by the exit and draw their attention away, like a decoy.
  • I understand. I'm afraid I'm rather poor at this, but let us evade these pursuers!
Stage 02:

Back Streets

  • You wre unable to make your families comprehend? That is truly unfortunate.
  • I truly doubt we can continue running like this. Something must be done.
  • If they continue to meddle, it will cause a lovesickness with no cure. Drinking poison is no solution, either.
Stage 03:

City Limits

  • It does seem that Mercu and Ben could become a threat to us.
  • It seems you have become estranged from your friends. You have my sympathies.
  • You won't drink the poison. That would be a very poor choice.
Stage 04:

Julietta's Town

  • It seems we are still being followed. we shan't draw any attention to ourselves.
  • I'm quite impressed by your resolve. We stand by your decision!
  • We're almost to Julietta's residence. Just a little farther.
Stage 05:

Julietta's House

  • I wish you only happiness as you walk your path together.
  • This sensation of being watched. It's clearly not coming from the rabbits.
  • I'm quite worried about Julietta's condition... Let us make haste.

Memories of Summer

Stage 01:

School Field

  • So this is your hometown, [Teacher]. I see, so your generosity was born here.
  • Oh, what a lovely field. And you can tell that it is well tended to.
  • This is the perfect sort of place for just wanting to ease up and relax.
Stage 02:


  • I have never heard this call before. What animal could this noise belong to?
  • This is a pretty rough mountain road. I can't believe you played here as a kid.
  • [Teacher], look over there. There's a deer and its child drinking from the river.
Stage 03:


  • What a gentle ocean. The breeze is so nice as well, why, this'd be perfect for tea time.
  • You caught a pretty big fish there. I should expect no less!
  • Has this beach changed since you were a child, [Teacher]?
Stage 04:

Friend's House

  • This place is so satisfyingly eloquent. I am completely captivated by it.
  • Now this is what they call wabi-sabi, huh. I don't quite get the logic, but... there's a charm to this home that resonates within me.
  • The sky is turning red. The somber sound of the insects seem to be a reminder of the coming night.

Moonlight Date

Stage 01:


  • What an amazing full moon. The lack of street lamps makes it even more beautiful.
  • I've often heard that the pattern on the moon looks like a rabbit pounding mochi, but depending on the location people see a variety of things.
  • The most important thing is that you too enjoy this location, [Teacher].
Stage 02:

Moon Entrance

  • I've never seen a place like this before. [Teacher], do you know anything about this place?
  • A moon world...? I see... We were just covered in moonlight, so that theory makes sense.
  • I have one proposal... Why don't we look around for a way to return safely?
Stage 03:

Moonlight Park

  • There seem to be moon people too. They don't seem very different from humans.
  • Oh hey, there's a rabbit over there... I don't know if it'll understand us, but I'm still going to go talk to it.
  • I went to talk to the rabbit and it seems like they're really focused on the mochi pounding competition.
Stage 04:

Lunar Bar

  • This sis surprising... A bar on the moon. How very interesting...
  • The inside of this place is quite relaxing... I'd recommend this place to we one's whistle and take a break.
  • I can see how refined the barkeep's movement is. It's likely the result of non-stop effort.
Stage 05:

Crescent Shrine

  • There's even a shrine... the moon just keeps on surprising me.
  • What will I wish for? Well... How about I tel you once it comes true?
  • Looks like we can get omikuji too. Let's see how our luck is on this moon... What do you think about that?

Gothic Horror

Stage 01:

Shopping Mall

  • We enjoyed shopping and on top of that got some raffle tickets. This has been quite exquisite.
  • How many raffle tickets should we get? ... I see, there's only a few left.
  • [Teacher], this may sound brazen, but allow me to carry the bags.
Stage 02:

Theme Park (Start)

  • This is... some kind of avant-garde amusement park.
  • We're going back? I'm a bit reluctant, but this seems like a tough decision.
  • [Teacher], watch your step.
Stage 03:

Theme Park (Chance)

  • This is surprising. What kind of mechanics would allow a tin toy to talk?
  • This amusement park has too many oddities. What in the world is going on?
  • Although it's broken, it seems to be a well-made tin toy.
Stage 04:

Ruined Hill

  • I'm really curious if here's something on that hill up ahead.
  • The top of the hill is just as much of a waste as it seemed.
  • While gazing upon the view from the hill, I feel like tea time would be appropriate.

Sports in Fall

Stage 01:

Opening Ceremony

  • So it's finally the season for sports events. I want to get in on the fun of this season too.
  • It's good to exercise now and again. Even my spirits are getting up.
  • Oh? Is that [Teacher] I see over there? That is really encouraging.
Stage 02:

Scavenger Hunt

  • So the note says to bring "Someone you like." ... I see.
  • [Teacher], would you come with me to the goal? The note says... Well, I'll tell you when we reach the goal.
  • Huhu, I'm heading to the goal with [Teacher]... This is just like always.
Stage 03:

Lunch Break

  • You prepared a bento for me? Oh my, I am so grateful.
  • You even prepared tea. You are so thorough. Now I am sure I will perform well during the second half.
  • My... activity? I'm embarrassed to say, but what i have done so far is hardly worthy of any praise.
Stage 04:

Relay Race

  • Ooh, this must be the biggest part of this sports event. I'm going to have to live up to some expectations.
  • This is the last event, That makes me feel a little sad.
  • I introduced myself to the person I'm handing the baton to. Next is the person handing the baton to me.
Stage 05:

Closing Ceremony

  • I got first place. It feels a bit too ceremonious, but I'll happily accept it.
  • Doing this intense exercise on a regular basis would probably be good. [Teacher], will you join me next time?
  • After all this exercise, I just cannot wait for tea time.

Wacky World of Mushrooms!

Stage 01:

Fall Forest

  • So this is a forest filled with mushrooms. I don't recall this place, so where could we possibly be?
  • This is a surprise. I would have never expected mushrooms to lead me to this mysterious journey.
  • Please look, [Teacher]. The sunlight coming through the foliage has a mystery
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "mysterious"
    tone to it.
Stage 02:

Mushroom Forest

  • So this is a mushroom forest. This is the first time I have heard of such a place, but the
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "there"
    surely are quite a number of mushrooms growing here.
  • [Teacher], there's a squirrel gathering mushrooms and nuts. I wonder what they are acquiring them for...
  • There is an air of fun throughout this entire forest. I do believe something interesting will likely occur.
Stage 03:

Mushroom Party

  • A tea party in this kind of forest? Whoa! That's... that sounds all kinds of wonderful!
  • We can join the tea party too, right? If it's okay, I'd absolutely love to...
  • We can join if we gather mushrooms and nuts...Understood. Well, let's get gathering!
Stage 04:

Party Entrance

  • Oh? This place is so lively. There's also a faint, but pleasant smell lingering in the air...
  • This tea is quite outstanding. You can tell just by looking at it. First I'll just enjoy it's smell.
  • Ah, so there's a tea that tastes like that... I guess I have a lot to learn...
Stage 05:

Party Area

  • This tea is quite unique... This tea was made by the organizer?
  • I'm going to go speak with the organizer. I have so many questions about how the tea is made.
  • This tea, this food... all of it is from the bounty of this forest. We must remember the forest in our hearts as we take part in all of this.

Cyber Heroes

Stage 01:

Standby Screen

  • [Teacher], can you here me? The screen has gone dark. Sorry for bothering you, but could you start up your phone?
  • I'm surprised. I can't believe I'm trapped in a phone... I guess fact really is strange than fiction.
  • If I go forward, I'm sure I'll figure out what is at the root of all this.
Stage 02:

Level 1 Access

  • This is... Avant-garde... is what you'd call this, right? The drawing has some individuality.
  • Pictures must be drawn in the proper places. I do not care why, I must stop the person behind these drawings.
  • The stranger went this way? Understood. I am on my way.
Stage 03:

Level 2 Access

  • A mischievous virus? I see, so that's who has drawn all this graffiti.
  • Hearing "virus" doesn't give me a good image of this. What exactly does it look like?
  • I wonder if ridding this mischievous virus will allow me to get out of this phone.
Stage 04:

Root Access

  • If the mischievous virus is taking the form of a young boy...
  • I'll catch this mischievous virus, all right? Sorry for all the trouble.
  • I think it ran this way, but I don't see any signs of it. Is there some escape hatch it went through?


  • If I shower this with love, I'm sure it will grow.
  • Oh, it looks like I can still plant some seeds.
Stage 01:

Before Harvest

  • [Planting Seed] Are these the seeds we're supposed to plant?
  • [Using Ornaments] There being magic is quite whimsical.
  • [After Planting] It appears that the gifts are ripening.
Stage 02:

Tree Tending

  • [Ornaments] This should be enough ornaments, right?
  • [Seed] Huhu, I found a good seed.
  • [Special Drop] Oh...? Something good dropped.
  • [Love the Trees] Without the proper amount of love it will never grow right.
Stage 03:

After Harvest

  • [Harvest Ready] I wonder if this will grow properly.
  • [Item Get] We safely received the gift of the White Tree.
  • n/a

2018 Events

New Year's Vacation

Stage 01:

Tropical Beach

  • Enjoying tea time in the air is quite the precious experience. This air travel was quite lovely.
  • Now this truly is a southern country. Imagine, a warm New Year's Day... Of course, that is only natural for here.
  • [Teacher], do look. the ocean is sparkling like jewelry.
Stage 02:

Tropical Cruise

  • Traveling by boat is so pleasant. Wouldn't tea time suit this free feeling?
  • It seems that food has been prepared. [Teacher], why don't we have something to eat?
  • [Teacher]. did you see that just now? A herd of whales just swam by... There seems to be such power.
Stage 03:


  • What a lovely cup. It has the lovely faint color of this southern country's ocean.
  • With all these kinds of things here, I'm just not sure what souvenir to pick. [Teacher], what do you think is good?
  • I got a souvenir for you, [Teacher]. You're going to have to wait until we get home to see what it is, though.
Stage 04:

Night Lounge

  • We need to make a pilgrimage of the people who helped us throughout the year. So many people helped us throughout this past year.
  • [Teacher], try to calm down and relax. Or I guess you could just act like you always do.
  • I'm going to work hard this year so that we have another good year together, [Teacher]. Which will be the same as always.

Dream Chocolate Town

Stage 01:

Chocolate Town ~Sightseeing~

  • There are an abundant amount of types of chocolate. There;s actually a wide array of shapes and flavors.
  • I wonder what kind of chocolate is popular.
  • Just one bite and you know it's good is the sign of truly delicious chocolate.
Stage 02:

Chocolate Workshop

  • I am surprised... The history of chocolate is so rich and expansive.
  • Usually I just nonchalantly eat chocolate, but this is how it is made.
  • [Teacher], that appears to be an automatic tempering machine for chocolate.
Stage 03:

Chocolate Town ~Cater~

  • Let's go get the ingredients to make chocolate schnitten. We can get everything we need in Chocolate Town.
  • Let's buy enough ingredients so that we can practice. I'd like to avoid running out of something while we're cooking.
  • We can put crushed hazelnuts into chocolate mousse. How does that sound?
Stage 04:

Event Hall ~Lobby~

  • Oh? Is that the famous chocolatier that always shows up on TV shows and in magazines?
  • From the expressions of the people of Chocolate City I can tell jut how important of an event this is.
  • All the participants look so capable, but I just have to trust in my practice and give this my all.
Stage 05:

Event Hall ~Final Review~

  • The curls of the chocolate copeau are quite lovely. Don't you think it turned out nicely?
  • No matter what the results are, we did our best. This was a clean fight.
  • The whole place felt so tense while we were cooking, but I feel like we made good chocolate schnitten.

The Eternal Mage

Stage 01:

Solfia City

  • Oh my, what a busy town this is. Based on the surroundings, this seems to be full of business.
  • There are lots of people here, so be sure not to get lost. Okay, I'll escort you, so give me your hand.
  • First we need to listen to what the young magician has to say. I'm curious about what's being sold, but we have things to do first.
Stage 02:

Winstock Cafe

  • I wonder what the young magician is worried about. Let's listen to what he has to say over tea.
  • We should eat before we search. I think that I'll go with this sandwich set.
  • This cafe has a nice atmosphere. I f nothing happens, I could have a splendid time here.
Stage 03:

Aveda Forest

  • If the god of the forest knows the cause of this, we need to meet them. However, what does this god even look like...?
  • The plants are all withering... This is so tragic. We must do what we can.
  • This forest must have had a lovely view at one time. We need to fins the god of the forest to return this place to its former glory.
Stage 04:


  • An observatory... Looking at the town from here gives it an entirely different feeling. But it's quite beautiful.
  • Bandits ruining the forest, huh... I understand why the young magician is angry.
  • In order to preserve this beautiful view of the town, we must find and stop the cause of the forest's distress.
Stage 05:

Solfia City

  • We solved the forest' problem, so how about some sightseeing? There are some stores I'd like to visit together.
  • The townsfolk are all shouting with joy. Looking at all the overjoyed faces is so inspiring and truly made all the effort worth it.
  • We solved the problem and restored peace. The forest being green truly is the best state.

White Day Mission

Stage 01:

Shopping Center

  • What shall we get for a present...? Even simply thinking about it can be quite enjoyable.
  • What are your thoughts on this bag? Oh. Actually, I believe these flowers would be better after all... Wait, but maybe...
  • Offering gifts to the people you treasure and to whom you'd like to show gratitude... A truly remarkable custom we follow as people.
Stage 02:

Outlet Park

  • What are your thoughts on browsing for apparel every now and then? I'm positive we could find something fitting for you.
  • Professor [Teacher], what kind of clothing do you prefer? Would you mind telling me again?
  • I hope you don't mind me saying, but this kind of thing could look absolutely fantastic on you. I think you should take this opportunity to try it on, don't you?
Stage 03:

Cake Shop

  • Supposedly, this cake shop is held in high regard. What are your thoughts? Don't you want to give these revered sweets a try?
  • I heard all the stories about this place, but to actually experience it.. I don't even have to let it touch my lips. I can tell with my eyes that this cake is positively scrumptious.
  • My sincerest apologies, but can I request your company for a little while longer?
Stage 04:

Large House

  • I must treat this cake I'm holding with the utmost care. Therefore, our pace needs to be of a delicate nature, causing a bit of a delay. Please understand.
  • Undoubtedly, there is a reason for my silence up to this point. Unfortunately, time to reveal that secret has yet to come.
  • One cannot blame you or your uncertainty. But please do not worry. You have my word. There's no need for concern.

Strawberry's Holiday

Stage 01:


  • What a splendid array of shops. This is most exciting.
  • Which of thee shops is the most popular? Hmm... perhaps it's best to just trust my sensibilities.
  • This fruit platter looks quite exceptional. It has strawberries in it too.
Stage 02:

Shopping Street

  • The fruit parlor had the most delicious fruits, didn't it? Those strawberries were truly superb.
  • Apparently the fruit parlor we had the parfait at gets its fruit wholesale from a local fruit shop.
  • Quite the variety of sweets use strawberries. Do you have a particular favorite, [Teacher]?
Stage 03:

Fruits Farm

  • What an incredible view. I would love to have afternoon tea here. Tea sweetened with jam would be perfect.
  • We can go strawberry picking here? Ahh, what a day this is going to be!
  • I see they use quite a grand locale to grow their fruits.
Stage 04:

Nighttime Fruits Farm

  • A fruit farm at night. What a tasteful escapade.
  • The sweetest strawberry in the world... I would cherish the chance to taste it.
  • Look, a strawberry in the moonlight. Its beauty is like that of a gem glowing in the darkness.

Floral EASTER Delight

  • [Reply] Each and every Easter egg is vibrant like a gemstone.
Stage 01:

Shopping District

  • Apparently there is a gemstone known as the Imperial Easter Egg. I would love to lay eyes on it.
  • Oh? there's quite a lot of hustle and bustle going on. I wonder what brought this about.
  • Cast your eyes over here, [Teacher]. It is an Easter egg!
Stage 02:


  • Ahh, a rabbit carrying an Easter egg. If I'm not mistaken, it's staring right at us.
  • Apparently, a mysterious gentleman made off with the eggs. I imagine this isn't a coincidence.
  • [Teacher], we may find answers if we follow the rabbit. It is uncertain, of course.
Stage 03:

The Forest

  • Phew, we've come pretty far now. Are you okay, [Teacher]? Not tired, are you?
  • It seems the gentleman who took the eggs was having a good time. I wonder what's going on here.
  • Oh, look, [Teacher]! There's an Easter egg over here!
Stage 04:

A Cute House

  • What a wonderful garden. I would like for nothing more to enjoy my tea time here.
  • The rabbit and the Easter Gentleman were friends. It all makes sense now.
  • Let's search for the final Easter eggs. I am sure we shall find them.

Rules For Peace

Stage 01:

Nearby Convenience Store

  • It isn't like me at all to leave the house in such a manner. I have to think of a way to patch things up...
  • [Confide > Why You're Sad] After getting into an unfortunate argument with my partner, I then proceeded to storm out of the house...
  • [Confide > Start From Beginning] We were talking about our favorite ways to drink tea then I said something rather harsh...
  • [Confide > How You Feel Now] I do want to go home, but I shudder at the thought of not being forgiven.
  • [Stage End] n/a
Stage 02:

Neighborhood Park

  • Why did I get upset over something so trivial? I undoubtedly hurt, [Teacher]....
  • [Hold Ball > Make Him Get It] I am afraid I do not wish to hurt anyone. Do you mind coming to get it?
  • [Hold Ball > Play With Ball] I remember the days I used to play with [Teacher]. Oh, how I long for those days again.
  • [Hold Ball > Put Ball Down And Leave] Kids are so incredibly pure and innocent. They're able to show their appreciation and apologize when necessary.
  • [Stage End] I would only be interfering with the kids' play. I will look for a cafe instead.
Stage 03:

Favorite Cafe

  • There is no point in lamenting about it now. I have to first think of a way to fix my current situation.
  • [Menu > Order Lunch] Maybe I will be able to come up with something after eating. I'll take the chef's recommended lunch.
  • [Menu > Order Drink] May I have a cup of tea, please? And I thank you for listening to my troubles.
  • [Menu > Close Menu] I am terribly sorry. I wanted to get something to eat, but... is it all right if I come some other time?
  • [Stage End] I hope [Teacher] will find a way to forgive me... I am sure if I am sincere in my approach, everything will work out.
Stage 04:

Back Home

  • I don't know if [Teacher] will forgive me, but I have to properly apologize.
  • [Home > Lights] The lights are turned off. Does that mean [Teacher] went out...?
  • [Home > Living Room] You can tell this letter was written over and over again... I cannot believe what I did...
  • [Home > Bedroom] ...You must have cried yourself to sleep. I will definitely apologize to you in the morning, so please allow me to be beside you like this.
  • [Stage End] I will apologize as soon as [Teacher] wakes up. I will make sure to never bring such sadness upon you again...

Knight's Quest

Stage 01:


  • This town would be right at home in a fairy tale.
  • The spirit of chivalry. What exactly do we mean when we utter such words?
  • It is only natural that we a people reach out to any fellow in need.
Stage 02:
in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "Sacred"
Knights' Academy
  • I see. So this is where the fledglings come to learn what it takes to become a knight.
  • A code is what defines us. I'm sure the students who master the chivalric code will become splendid people!
  • You think this emblem means something.
Stage 03:

Training Grounds

  • Knights must be both scholars and soldiers. Naturally, they need to master their techniques as well.
  • This would be the practice sword... I must say, it's quite heavy though... I cannot be careless in its use.
  • I will be cautious in order to avoid injury. I'm sure anything unexpected can be prevented by just being aware.
Stage 04:

Sanctuary of 12 Stars

  • Ohh, what a spectacular sight to see. Fantastic. It's grand and gorgeous. Fitting for a sanctuary.
  • If the students are splendid, then what else would the teacher be but?! Marvelous, indeed.
  • I will devote myself, day in and day out, to becoming a knight of that caliber.
Stage 05:
in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "Chariot"
  • This would be the king's castle? It sure is glorious... And they didn't overlook functionality either, it seems.
  • I must say, I truly never thought a gent like me could have an audience with a king... Fantastic.
  • While chivalry is certainly not something that can be implemented overnight, I believe I've come to understand it.