This personality was released on September 25, 2015.

  1. tastefully fine or luxurious in dress, style, design, etc.
  2. gracefully refined and dignified, as in tastes, habits, or literary style
  3. graceful in form or movement

The special job that uses this personality requirement is Ballroom Dance Teacher for 05:00.

Personality Requirements

Kindness Naughtiness Elegance Flamboyance Toughness
800 0 1000 400 0
Bashfulness Cheerfulness Shyness Curiosity Frankness
0 0 0 300 0

Personality Reactions

Level Up

Level 05:

Level 10:

Level 15:

Level 20:

Level 25:

Level 30:

Level 35:

  • To commemorate [Student] reaching level 35, you went to an amusement park.
  • "It seems like it's completely become a fairy tail
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "tale"
    world." [Student] is overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the amusement park.
  • "Huh? The only deserted looking building.... I'm interested in what is
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "it"
    is. [Student] is pointing at the haunted hospital attraction.
  • You went in the haunted attraction with [Student]. "Professor [Teacher]......? It's dark and I can't see! ...........AHHHHHHHHHH"

Level 40:

  • To commemorate [Student] reaching level 40, you went a restaurant.
  • "An interior design with these kinds of things, the atmosphere..... I understand. It's time for me to present the table manners that I learned the other day." [Student] is a little nervous.
  • "Start with the knives and forks from the outside first......" [Student] is muttering and checking as he eats.
  • "Hmm. How did I do? If
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "It"
    would be nice if I could be just a little bit more elegant..." [Student]'s table manners were really good for his first time. he was elegant, just as you thought he would be.

Level 45:

  • To commemorate [Student] reaching level 45, you went a planetarium.
  • "It's a place where you can see artificially made stars....? Hmm....." [Student] is mystified.
  • The planetarium has begun. [Student] is amazed.
  • "They were beautiful just like the real stars..... While it's too bad that we couldn't see the real stars, it's great that this place was also romantic." [Student] appears to have be
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "been"
    able to enjoy the planetarium.

Level 50:

  • To commemorate [Student] reaching level 50, you went to the movies.
  • "A movies
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "movie"
    playing on a big screen? I can't imagine it....." [Student] is excited.
  • The movie has started. [Student] doesn't seem to be getting into the movie.
  • "I'm concerned by the sound the person next me
    in-game mistake, word is supposed to be "to"
    me makes while eating popcorn.... Please bring me back here again...." ....You think you'll bring [Student] back again.

Level 55:
(Normal) To commemorate [Student] reaching level 55, you went to the zoo.

  • "To be honest, before I thought I wanted to become a human, I considered trying a job at zoo
    in-game sentence, possibly supposed to be "at the zoo"
    ." [Student] is excited.
  • "Ah... That's the zoo keeper, right? I want to go ask him a few questions." [Student] went to ask the zoo keeper some questions.
  • "A zoo keeper and the animals in the zoo seem to have a tight bond with each other. Professor [Teacher], it's just like our relationship."

(As Lovers) To commemorate [Student] reaching level 55, you went to the zoo.

  • "There's also a ranch at this zoo." You explored the vast ranch with [Student].
  • "...? There seems to be a big crowd for some reason. What's going on? Experience....milking a cow?"
  • "Hahahaha, I'm so shameless!! Well, let's go [Teacher]!!" [Student] paid no attention to the cows and walked away.

Level 60:
(As Lovers) To commemorate [Student] reaching level 60, you went for a drive.

  • "[Teacher], to go on a drive with you is quite an honor." [Student] is excited.
  • You put your arm around the passengers seat as you backed into the garage. "You have such wonderful control..... Somehow, I became excited!"
  • "[Teacher], someday when I learn how to drive, let me take you somewhere sometime." [Student] appears to have enjoyed going on drive.

Level 65:
(As Lovers) To commemorate [Student] reaching level 65, you went to the horse track.

  • "What a large crowd of people. So many people are interested in the race." [Student] is excited.
  • You watched the race with [Student]. "Wow, what a great race."
  • "It was a wonderful race because the horse and the jockey had a close bond. We are also not losing." [Student] seemed to enjoy the horse races.

Level 70:
(As Lovers) To commemorate [Student] reaching level 70, you went to the hot springs.

  • "Is this not a kimono, but what you call a yukata?" [Student] is overflowing with interest for the yukata the hotel had prepared.
  • You let [Student] wear a yukata. "How is it? Does it look good on me?"
  • ".....[Teacher], your yukata is somewhat sexy, isn't it..." You walked with [Student] through the hot spring villiage
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "village"
    while wearing yukatas.

Level 75:

Level 80:
(As a Good Friend) To commemorate [Student] reaching level 80, you went to the botanical gardens.

  • "Is that....... the smell of herbs?." [Student] is looking around relentlessly.
  • You looked aroud
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "around"
    the herb garden with [Student].
    "Since there is so many kinds of herbs here, we could drink a lot of herb tea, couldn't we?"
  • "Along witht he
    in-game sentence, possibly supposed to be "with the"
    scent of herbs, there also seems to be the smell of pesticides! I also want to grow like the plants.." [Student] appears to like the botanical gardens.

Level 85:

Level 90:

Level 95:

Level 100:


  • [First Time Confession] It doesn't happen often, but you were called on by [Student] who seemed to be acting strange. How about just a little.....? Professor [Teacher], the whole time we've been together I haven't been able to think of anyone but you ... Somehow, somehow, can't you be together with me?
    • [Make happy] Wow....are you serious? Woh, it's like a dream! I'll cherish you...forever You became lovers with [Student].
    • [Let's start off as friends] Is that so... while it's unfortunate, I believe I can have a great friendship with you. You became friends with [Student].


Special: Valentine's Day 2016

  • "Thank you so very much for coming. [Teacher], do you happen to know what special day is coming soon?" He looks fidgety. What could it be?
  • "The answer is Valentine's Day. I fear I may be a little early with this, but I did make some chocolates for you. If you would accept, I would be most honored." [Student] gave you some chocolates!
    • [I'll take them home.] "Please, take these tea leaves, too. I chose a blend that should match these chocolates most perfectly. ...? What is this? I certainly don't remember putting that in there." Ah! Something fell out of the chocolates! → [Love Cookies]x1
    • [I'll eat them right now] "Let's enjoy them together then. I have some tea that will suit them quite well indeed. ...? What is this? I certainly don't remember putting that in there." Ah! Something fell out of the chocolates! → [Love Cake]x1

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