This page is still a work in progress. Please keep checking back to see how you can help!

Looking to help update the Animal Boyfriend Wikia? Any help is always much appreciated!

Be sure to have a look through the Format Guidelines before adding to a page. If there are any questions, feel free to leave a message on my wall, and I'll respond as soon as I can!

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New Administrator Edit

If anyone is also interested in taking charge of the wiki, please let me know! Been getting busy with life stuff, so unfortunately I have less time to take care of this wiki like before.

Current Event Edit

If possible, the current event always needs help with updating. Information such as event outcome, dialogue, item drops, achievement prizes, ranking prizes are all useful!

  • Please check the "source" section (Instead of "visual"), and add information there. Check a previous event's code for an idea of how to update the current one if an example is needed.

Uploading Missing Images Edit

Do you have images of past events or gacha? Please check through this list and see what images need to be uploaded to the pages!

  • Please do not update the Shop pages (such as JIN Shop), the new templates for those are still being figured out. Things like the Beauty Salon pages however, are fair game!
  • If the images have .PNG instead of .png, they won't show up on the page. Please let me know if there were any mistake images uploaded and I can delete them!

To add the Ranking/Gacha drops for events, they have specific naming conventions tied to the Event Acronym each event has listed in the Source section of the event page.

For ranked images they'd have to be named something like "(event acronym)1stRank.png", "(event acronym)2ndRank.png" and so forth.

Gacha drops are similar, except they're separated by Normals and Rares, which events don't always have. Usually they'd be sorted into Normals unless there's an event with both a gacha and event drops, then those would be sorted into the Rares and Normals, with a little description blurb explaining that. The naming conventions for those would be "(event acronym)R01.png", "(event acronym)R02.png", etc for Rares, and Normals would swap the R for an N. The images themselves won't show up on the page unless there's a name for it in the code, so be sure to add that in too!

Uploading Gacha item images are similar, please check the acronym the gacha uses in the source code!

When uploading images, please be sure to name the file exactly as the page says. PNG & png are read as different file types!

Personality Socialization Pages Edit

Quotes for the various Personalities of Animal Boyfriend are collected on the wikia. Please add the socialization and event dialogue to their respective pages found here!

  • When seeking quotes to add to the pages, be sure to set both Main Type and Subtype to the same personality for the Socialization pages, while the Main Type can remain as-is for the Event Dialogue.
  • Not all personalities have these pages created for them yet, if they do not exist, then only add the event dialogue to the main pages. These subpages are still being worked on!

Updating Old Pages With New Templates Edit

Some pages on this wiki should be updated to the newest template types in order to keep the wikia consistent. These following pages need to be updated!

  • Gachas:
  • Events:

will be added soon!