General Information

Specific Details:

  • Starting Energy: 30
  • Maximum Energy: 300
  • Energy recovers by 1 every 30 minutes
  • Using 1 Event Boy will fully recover Energy
  • Using 1 Event Boy Jr. will recover 100 energy


  • You will get 3 [Chocolates] for clearing a stage. These can be used on the event gachas.
    • Clearing Stages 1 & 2 will give you [Bitter Chocolates].
    • Clearing Stages 3 & 4 will give you [Milk Chocolates].
    • Clearing Stages 5 & 6 will give you [Sweet Chocolates].

Event Availability:

  • EST/EDT: 03/04 03:00 to 03/18/2015 02:00
  • PST/PDT: 03/04 00:00 to 03/17/2015 23:00
  • GMT: 03/04 08:00 to 03/18/2015 06:00
  • AEST: 03/04 18:00 to 03/18/2015 16:00

Rewards List
Early Clear: Clear 6 stages within 48 hours and receive Valentine for You.
Valentine for You

Ranking Rewards**: Reach a certain rank at the end of the event and receive

Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Ranks 4001 - 7000
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Ranks 1001 - 4000
Chocolate Hat
Ranks 301 - 1000
Valentine Cake
Ranks 1 - 300
Chocolate Prince

**Higher rank ranges will receive all lower rank rewards in addition to their current rank reward.

Achievement Rewards: Reach this EP amount to receive

Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Sweet Decoration
Sweet Decoration
Valentine Present
Valentine Present
Free Gacha Ticket
Free Gacha Ticket
Chocolate King
Chocolate King
Stage Reactions



Stage 01 - Forest: 1 energy for ? EP, ? Energy to clear

A mountain climber called you.
"Huh? Hey you, there's nothing but cliffs further on."

Really?! → [Milk Chocolate]x1 OR [Business Smile]x1
No worries! → [Business Smile]x1
We're walking our own way! → N/A
Owl called you.
"What kind of chocolate you like?"

High quality ganache → [Bitter Chocolate]x1
Normal chocolate bars → [Refreshing Gum]x1
I don't really like it... → N/A
Owl called you.
"Prince is a very moody person. Please be patient when talking to him."

A spoiled prince? → 100K
Sigh, okay → N/A
Leave it to us! → [Bitter Chocolate]x1 OR 100K
Owl called you.
"If you walk this road, you will reach the gate of the Chocolate Kingdom."

It's really close → N/A
I'm hungry → [Bitter Chocolate]x1
How far is it? → 100K

Stage 02 - Gate: 2 Energy for 4 EP, ? Energy to clear

The gatekeeper called you.
"To get to the Chocolate Kingdom you must jump into this spring."

Are you kidding me? → N/A
Is there another way? → [Love Nuts]x1
It's too cold to swim. → [Bitter Chocolate]x1 OR [Love Nuts]x1
The gatekeeper called you.
"You, where are you going?"

Ask Owl → 100K
That's what we want to know → N/A
To the Chocolate Kingdom → [Bitter Chocolate]x1 OR [Love Nuts]x1 OR 100K
You hear someone humming.

Approach from the back → N/A
Call from the front → [Bitter Chocolate]x1
Try singing together → [Moody]x1 OR [Milk Chocolate]x1
Owl called you.
"Are you ready?"

Wait a moment! → [Bitter Chocolate]x1
Y-yes... → [Business Smile]x1
Ready for what? → [Bitter Chocolate]x1

Stage 03 - Clouds: 4 Energy for 6 EP, ? Energy to Clear

Prince Schokola called you.
"Do you have cotton candy?"

No. → N/A
Don't you want chocolate? → 100K
I have candies... → [Milk Chocolate]x2 OR 100K
Prince Schokola called you.
"Recently I'm into sugar sweets~"

Oh, I see~ → N/A
What sugar sweets? → N/A
What about chocolate? → [Exchange Ticket]x1 OR 100K
Prince Schokola called you.
"Where are you from?"

From the Human World... → N/A
From the other side of the spring... → 100K
What is this place? → [Milk Chocolate]x1 OR 5JIN
Prince Schokola is surprised.
"Huh? Prince who wants chocolate?"

It's not you? → [Refreshing Gum]x1
Where is he? → [Milk Chocolate]x1 OR [Refreshing Gum]x1 OR [Business Smile 5]x1
Are you playing dumb? → N/A

Stage 04 - Kitchen: 6 Energy for 8 EP, ? Energy to clear

An unknown man called you to stop.
"Hey! Are you the human called by the prince?"

Yes, that's right → [Milk Chocolate]x1 OR 100K
No, I'm somebody else → N/A
Who are you? → 100K
The knight commander called you.
"This is the biggest kitchen in the kingdom. Feel free to use whatever you need."

Ingredients too? → N/A
Kitchen utensils too? → N/A
Recipes too? → [Milk Chocolate]x3
The knight commander called you.
"What are you making?"

Chocolate Macaron → 100K
Chocolate Truffles → [Love Nuts]x1 OR [Sweet Chocolate]x1
Sachertorte → [Milk Chocolate]x1
The knight commander called you.
"Prince is very selfish, so don't worry if he's harsh to you."

Is he related to Prince Schokola? → N/A
What chocolate does he like? → [Love Nuts]x1
Why is he spoiled? → [Milk Chocolate]x1 OR [Love Nuts]x1

Stage 05 - Sweet: 8 Energy for 10 EP, ? Energy to clear

Prince Chocolate asked you a question.
"Did you use any special ingredients?"

Not really... → [Sweet Chocolate]x3 OR [Refreshing Gum]x1 OR [Business Smile 5]x1
Sincerity → [Milk Chocolate]x3 OR [Refreshing Gum]x1
Love → N/A
The prince is eating chocolate.
""*Chew, chew*..." is it? → N/A you like it? → [Sweet Chocolate]x1
...does it suit your taste? → N/A
Prince Chocolate asked you a question.
"Hmph, you're the humans?"

It's a great honor to meet you. → [Sweet Chocolate]x1 OR [Love Nuts]x1
Please have this chocolate. → N/A
Only I'm a human. → [Exchange Ticket]x1 OR 100K
Prince Chocolate asked you a question.
"What did you make for me?"

Sachertorte → [Business Smile 5]x1
Chocolate Macaron → [Business Smile 5]x1
Chocolate Truffles → Sweet Chocolate]x1 OR [Business Smile 5]x1

Stage 06 - Garden: 5 Energy for 12 EP, ? Energy to clear

A mountain climber called you.
"...huh? You were at the foot of the mountain. How did you get to the top this fast?"

You're thinking of someone else. → [Sweet Chocolate]x1 OR [Refreshing Gum]x1

We used a shortcut → [Sweet Chocolate]x1 OR [Stick Fondue White]x1
Stick Fondue White

Teleportation → N/A
Owl called you.
"Prince was delighted."

Happy to help → N/A
What about the reward? → [Sweet Chocolate]x1

It didn't look like that → [Bitter Chocolate]x3 OR [Stick Fondue Chocolate]x1
Stick Fondue Chocolate

The knight commander called you.
"I will guide you back home too."

In this outfit? → 100K
We would be grateful. → N/A
We're fine. → [Sweet Chocolate]x1 OR 100K
Prince Chocolate called you.
"Uhm... Travel safe."

Can we come again? → [Milk Chocolate]x3 OR [Stick Fondue Strawberry]x1
Stick Fondue Strawberry

Don't be too selfish → N/A
Eat vegetables too → [Peppermint Candy]x1

Event Gacha(s)/Prize List


Rare Rarity
Bitter-Sweet Chocolate
Bitter-Sweet Mint
Bitter-Sweet Berry
Normal Rarity
Valentine Partner Blue
Valentine Partner White
Valentine Partner Black
Happy Valentines Day Blue
Happy Valentines Day Red
Happy Valentines Day Green


Rare Rarity
Sweet Boy Brown
Sweet Boy Blue
Sweet Boy Green
Normal Rarity
Chocolate Trainer Chocolate
Chocolate Trainer Strawberry
Chocolate Trainer Mint
Chocolate Hairpin Chocolate
Chocolate Hairpin Strawberry
Chocolate Hairpin White Chocolate


Rare Rarity
Valentine Ivy Look Lemon
Valentine Ivy Look Mint
Valentine Ivy Look Strawberry
Normal Rarity
Chocolate Mini Hat Red
Chocolate Mini Hat Yellow
Chocolate Mini Hat Green
Chocolate Stick Chocolate
Chocolate Stick Strawberry
Chocolate Stick White

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