Cheeky: Impudent; insolent.
"Cheeky is equal parts bold and handsome. Don't expect him to hold back when it comes to expressing opinions."

The special job that uses this personality requirement is Model for 02:00.

Personality Requirements

Kindness Naughtiness Elegance Flamboyance Toughness
0 400 0 0 900
Bashfulness Cheerfulness Shyness Curiosity Frankness
0 0 0 0 500

Personality Reactions

Level Up

Level 05:
[Student] reached level 5 and you went shopping to celebrate it.

  • "You have brought your savings with you, haven't you?" [Student] is in good mood.
  • [Student] has stopped in front of a toy shop. "........".
  • [Student] looked interested in a jigsaw puzzle, so you bought it for him. "Don't enter my room while I'm working on the puzzle."

Level 10:
[Student] reached level10 and you watched a movie at home to celebrate it.

  • "I don't mind staying at home, but spare me of your pointless chatter." [Student] looks excited.
  • The movie has started. [Student] is very into it.
  • "Hm... The acting was pretty good... But if it was me I would have portrayed the character a bit differently." [Student] looks satisfied.

Level 15:
[Student] reached level 15 and you went to a cafe to celebrate it.

  • ".........." [Student] is staring about.
  • You ordered black tea for two of you. "What's this? Water??"
  • You have explained what tea is. "Oh, so it's the leaves..." [Student] looks interested.

Level 20:

Level 25:
[Student] reached level 25 and you went to karaoke to celebrate it.

  • [Student] is staring at microphone and speakers. "These are..."
  • "Wow! Huuuuh?" [Student] spoke into the microphone and got surprised to hear his own voice come out of the speakers.
  • "Shut up! What the heck is this?" [Student] got used to the system quite quickly and started singing.

Level 30:

Level 35:
[Student] reached level 35 and you went to an amusement park to celebrate it.

  • "This place seems to be cool..." [Student] blinked in amazement.
  • "Hm... I want to try that one...!" [Student] started walking towards the Go-Karts.
  • You rode the G-Karts with [Student]. "Let me! Let me! I want to drive!"

Level 40:
[Student] reached level 40 and you went to a restaurant to celebrate it.

  • "Oh... This place is very suitable for me... I am surprised." [Student] looks nervous.
  • "Soupe.. de... poi...ssons?" [Student] is confused.
  • "A... A... Ah ha ha..." [Student] can't stop laughing. He isn't that high class after all.

Level 45:
[Student] reached level 45 and you went to a planetarium to celebrate it.

  • "How can we even see stars in a closed room?" [Student] is mocking the place.
  • The show has started. [Student] froze.
  • "......!!.......?!......". [Student]'s jaw dropped. Looks like he is loving the planetarium show.

Level 50:
[Student] reached level 50 and you went to a cinema to celebrate it.

  • "During the movie don't disturb me with eating popcorn or drinking. Got it?" [Student] is enjoying the trailers.
  • The movie started. [Student] is very into it.
  • "That was impressive... I even got hungry. Get me some popcorn!" [Student] looks satisfied.

Level 55:
[Student] reached level 55 and you went to a zoo to celebrate it.

  • "......" [Student] is excited to see his friends.
  • "Hey! I came to visit you! Why don't you try to look a bit more happy?" [Student] is chatting with his friend.
  • "A job that only involves eating and sleeping... Not bad at all... But I prefer being human." [Student] got more motivated to become a proper human.

Level 60:
[Student] reached level 60 and you went for a drive to celebrate it.

  • "Don't even try speeding up!" [Student] is nervous.
  • You drove slowly. "I...I told you to drive carefully!"!
  • "Huh... You driving was too rough, I got a bit scared... Careful, or you will have your license taken away." [Student] is trying to calm down.

Level 65:
[Student] reached level 65 and you went to see a horse race to celebrate it.

  • "Hmm... Nothing amazing in watching horses run." [Student] is actually excited.
  • You walked around a courtyard with [Student]. "This place is rather quiet."
  • "Do you think these horses like what they do? I think even I have more motivation..." [Student] feels rivalry.

Level 70:
[Student] reached level 70 and you went to hot springs to celebrate it.

  • "Saunas are those really hot rooms, yeah? I bet they are no big deal..." [Student] entered the sauna.
  • 20 minutes passed, but [Student] still hasn't come out.
  • 30 minutes passed... "There is nothing I cannot bear!" [Student] overdid it. He will need to drink a lot of water now.

Level 75:
[Student] reached level 75 and you went to a museum to celebrate it.

  • Fossilized dinosaurs are being displayed in this museum. "So you are into that kind of stuff? Hmm..." [Student] looks excited.
  • You walked around the museum with [Student]. "These are too huge! And that one is staring at us!"
  • "Why did we even come here..." [Student] is scared of the dinosaurs.

Level 80:
[Student] reached level 80 and you went to a botanical garden to celebrate it.

  • "It's too hot and humid in this room! I can't stand it, I need some fresh air." [Student] doesn't feel good in the greenhouse.
  • You walked around the gardens with [Student]. Is this called Eucalyptus? It's interesting..."
  • "My Panda friend just loves these. I wonder if it's that good..." You had to stop [Student] from eating Eucalyptus.

Level 85:

Level 90:
[Student] reached level 90 and you went hiking to celebrate it.

  • "This sounds like a pain, but I will go with you." [Student] looks excited.
  • You started climbing with [Student]. "Wow wow! You are so quick! Wait, don't just leave me behind!"
  • "Uh, are we there? Fuh... Finally...! I am starving! Let's each our lunch right now!" You had a very fun lunch with [Student].

Level 95:
[Student] reached level 95 and you went to the seaside to celebrate it

  • "Hey, what does the bottom of the sea look like?" [Student] is excited.
  • You took a walk on the sandy beach. "What would you do if I was in the middle of the sea, calling for help?"
  • "I am sure you would come and save me... You would, wouldn't you?" You enjoyed the sunset with [Student].

Level 100:
[Student] reached level 100 and you went on a calm meal to celebrate it.

  • "Oh, finally a three digit number..." [Student] is stretching.
  • "Now that I think about it, I was so inexperienced, when we only just met..." [Student] is looking straight into your eyes.
  • "So... Uh... take care of me from now on too, okay? ...Darn, this is embarrassing and I won't repeat myself." You feel a strong bond between yourself and [Student].


  • [First Time Confessing] [Student] asked you to come out for a talk. He sounded unusually nervous. "Hey... Listen... I am perfect, right? I don't think a more perfect beast exist in this world... So I thought I would share some of my awesomeness with you and become your boyfriend..."
    • [I would love to] "A! A ha ha! Really? Well, how could you reject someone like me!" You are now in a relationship with [Student].
    • [Let's be friends first...] "H...Huh? How can this... Oh! Sure, I will become your friend if you are so desperate..." You became friends with [Student].
  • [Second Time Confessing] [Student] asked you to come out for a talk. He sounded unusually nervous. "I didn't really get why exactly you... rejected me... last time. I promise! You will not regret it! So you just have to go out with me...!"
    • [It would be my pleasure] "A! A ha ha! Really? Well, how could you reject someone like me!" You are now in a relationship with [Student].
    • [I'm sorry] (REJECTED! LOL... Anyway info missing here)


  • Graduation... Well, I'm an adult, so that much is obvious. ...What? What's with that face? Friends are a curse. You're really hopeless. Crying because of...
  • Crying because of something like this... I shouldn't have come to your house in the first place! If I hadn't done that... I wouldn't feel like this..
  • ...I'll never forget you. That's why you better not forget me!! Promise me this!! ...It was fun. Thanks.

Special: Valentine's Day 2016

  • "You know you're late, right? Tch... Anyway. Do you know what special day it is soon?" He looks fidgety. What could it be?
  • "Valentine's Day. I didn't think you'd know, honestly. Here... take them." [Student] gave you some chocolates!
    • [I'll take them home.] "... Yeah, well. I just felt a little sorry for you, I guess. So be grateful. ... Hmm? What's that? I don't remember putting it in there." Ah! Something fell out of the chocolates! → [Love Sweets]x1
    • [I'll eat them right now] "Go on, try them. I guarantee they're better than anything you could make. ... Hmm? What's that? I don't remember putting it in there." Ah! Something fell out of the chocolates! → [Love Cake]x1

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Event Dialogue

Cheeky/Event Dialogue

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